The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 17, 1918, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    Tl lnlM. III I Mm ,.
The Evening Herald R
w. o. SMITH
Kin i uu
Published dally csnept Sundayby
Tho Herald Publishing lompan.x of
Ki.11n.11h Kails, nt 115 Fourth street
2.1 L
mtiik iinri.uiiiis on i.m t. inii'iiMii
amomi Tiir people or iinsi'irv ami vicinity
(oincm and comini.s or inni, coi.ks
Jultn V Stexon I- a leretit nntx il
from Chlco, California '
Entered .it tUo postolllco nt Klam
nth Falls, Ore. for transmission thru
tlio mails as second-class matter.
Subscription torn, by mall to any. Mis, Nellie IV 1., Mater is N re
, iii Hip United State-.: I for .t short xlll from Malln.
One xonr
otu month
.80 ! S. ". t'arditer Is In town fur a fexv
'da) a from Fori KUmnth
I'd Mrlimom ,i ittlcmnu from VI"
Mill In Kastotn Kin in ii Hi Coimtx l
In the ltO for n few dn)a on matter
of buslneim
Mr and Sir tl T InKcrsoll ire
county seat visitors today from ir.e
liairv district Thoy aro kiioU tit
the Hotel Hall
di Dirrjim map
- mmccrnmnimv?
vv LLUumumi ?
: ; ; .; ;. ; ; .; ; ; ; : : : : : : .;. ,. .
426 Main Street
Klamath Falls
Mriitlier of II"' A-MM-lateil I'rr" j
The Aui.Mintr.i l'ress l exclusively' Charles C. Duncan and C O'Cou
entitled to the use for republication J cn .m, n town from Merrill.
of all news dlsp.iUhen credited to it
nr not otherwise credited In this pa-
per and nUo local news published . vjnor t0lia) from Jacksonville ' carar- In yesterday afternoon to l.vxfe
hi rein I after business Interests here
AH rights of republic it'on l t-po-: y j. orr canto In on the trnlu lat
1'Oinl.ANH, p. t: M.Si- u"
Postmaster Uonei i Hurb-iMill. sluee
assuming control ir telephone uml,
telegraph lines, put Into effect
Urlff mntvrlall) im-ieaslng lhlr re
xenuem, he linn not Inaugurated n .
measure tending
I , i i .
e nave fust receiveu cui Apress snin-
ment of fresh
r muru iiowop wnn oponupv a
II ilnriliw.n I a linmnf tlw MiV lttrfd IttQrh In thf Tlaiintll.k tllAtlk! atitlit itwiiiiir.i f ..ti.tlttt tit I tultU 1
It MOIUIIV) tviif !. J " " --. ., . v -.,..,-.,. -..-. ..- (iHipiii' iiivii(Ti " i-iinf i ....,m T,v
their nperoiliip xpensen, accordlliK i ,4
to ndmlaloiiH drawn from J C No
...,, .. I,..ultfl.. ,.!..
, IU,.,lln lmn.,11 :irn .lts.l re.1 . ,. ... .,-... .. ' 1. ..! M 1 n 0..1.I.1......I... ... 'll. hH'Ul in.llini.ei mi I .int . i ..
. i... ...,,-....-., .. - - oveninc irom i loxcmaie, i (uicoruin ...... ..., v ..uu,m..uv ...v
fcfrt ' -l ! down Tor nhort visit In Klamnilt
r i Mw. Im Ashworth Is vUltlnp In jn, trtm ,be, Modoc .omucr rtMn.
ritni. ihn..Miii.u i.. mm -Klamath KalN today from Pine
IKiny at Chfloqulu. They nro tOiplun
nt the Whltp IVHean
Herald's Classified Advs. I j
A. .1. Manning and son came in
tenia)' on matters of buxkriu' thh marnlne for Ponlaiul whom l
from AlRoina. exMt. to apnd eome time 'vUltlnt
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Heppo xve-- In,
POU KK.NT HouseVeepinc room., lown buxini; supplies )cHerday from
Third and Main Phone 349 16-1" j ,
i J II Hockley was nmoiiK tho Klatu-
roit KENT Kurnisluil apartments
In brick buildmc corner ThlrJ
and Main 16-3t
phono S Telejunph xmpnnx hy An
mist int Attouiey t'! iieral Hallo) lo
(In) ot the henrltiK on the'
appliciitlou before the piibllc Hurxlce
commission for an lucre.iie In lt
Mm tloorgQ Hum loft on the train Oregon rntxi.
AIstn tit Attmne) Ceneriil llaller
cllrlleil the Infiirmiitlon under crosti-
ber daochters-ln-lnw, .Mrs. Will Hum examination, after Mr Novll had
tiHflCil the romputix- xotibl Mismtii
a deflrlt of llS.tmi In the state next
joor. miles Its rate xero lni're.i
and Mnt. Kalph Hum.
Mr Ouy Mnnnlnt; returned Inst
night from an extended xlslt with re-
ath Kail, xloltors 4oday from Port-' '"V ,n ,h' 0Ml Sn,, U,' ,,orp poatedl)
I July sstu and has visited Itt Knna
Ulluols, Indiana. New Vork ami Mi
ami It rnme n a mirprle. for re-, v
ledl) I'oatmnstor ileneral Hurlo-
C. Curtin came In ye-deri!"? after- chlgnn. The Mannings reside nt the
10 Helgian hare, cheap, noon from I.akevtew. He is stopping Toxxnseud Klat.
U A. Will. c.rc- postolllce
lT-St'iat the Hotel Hall.
roil SALE House, partlx furnish
ed. on 3th and Hrmil. Railroad Ad
dition. See A. F. Tis-chler, at Klam
ath lje Works. 14-3t
KOK SAKE Several used pianos;
terms as loxv as ST 50 per month;!
second-hand organs. J 10 to $20; buy)
Ik fore Christmas. Shepherd's Piano
Depot, next door postotlice. H-U
Federal officers J K Ft3nders of
Portland and Prlco Kecob of Taronra
jcame in Inst night on matters of of
' flelal business.
I P. Tabor a former reIdent of
this city. no residing at Dorris. is
lookiug after matters of business
here. i
.son Imi assorted in the pr- thin he
has iuaugiiratcil muisures since tuk '
Ing oxer tho telephone and telegraph
romimiiles that reduced their evpen
Mr. W K. Itnrkett, pratuiaster at "" "n'' alta "r,,,J the efflclMuy
nixlde. Oiegon returned lo nor Ifome ,,f tho "l, The . ro.-examlmiilon
today aHer two xxeekn 5Pent in this ' "f, 'e nMnnt attorney geuenil als--
uiixeiopeu mat tne rtinipnnv niipar
clt) cat inp for her ton, Carl Ilurkef
and family, uho have been sick with
tho Intlueni) Mr, llurkett Is much
lilearatl with the city and It pioplo
Mr. aud .Mrs J McKay wore among
the visitors from the ouulde toxvni
yesterday from Algoraa.
eutly doe-x not anticipate that iti)
eeoimniy steps will bo undertaken b
the noilmnsler general for lt. est I
mate of next year' operating rev on -ucs
and expunges doe. not take them
Into nreount. I
FOR SAKE Planer aud matcher,
Hermanse No. 15. size !x2t inches.
double surface planer and
weight 5.000 lbs. Moore Pros
doei. Calif.
KOK SAKE Five room modern'
house on xxest side of river, price
$1,600; terms. Enquire ot Leslie
Rogers. First. National bank. 1 1 7t!
wm FEW
and If xou like. I'll write hor n little' ' ' " 1
nute too. telling her bow well you're j Ttie Honlov Red Cnw will hold an
Iroklug." all day meeting at the IhMey high
That will bo nice." said the nrlv.iebnol Wednesda) December l.sth
me He counted out the money, o ;ul ''' " - M 7
generous amount. Still ht llnsereil.j ,r' """""'
and It nras evident that ho had some '
Packed in beautiful decorated boxes, suita
ble for the Holidays. See our window.
Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuti, Filborb, Pecinn ntul
Peanuts, Cluster Raiaina, Surdctl antl Sce.ilc Rninins,
Citron, Orange and Lemon lrecl all Fresh, New Goods.
Daily receipts of Fresh VuRctablca and Frtiiti,
The Best Creamery Butler, the pound G5c
MILK AND CREAM Wc have changed our mi') man
no more high-priced milk nt this store.
Milk in quarts , 23c
Milk in pints 20c
10c allowed for bottles
Friday wc will receive evergreen Christmas Wreaths.
FOR SAL13 Cheap. 1.100 acres yel-j
loxv pine timber, xvith new 40,000 1
capacity sawmill installed on tauie. f
Address S. C. Hamaker & Son, Lan-i
Eell Valley. Ore. 3-121
"II "
thing else on his mind.
"Anythlns eto I can do for jon" i
sked tho wntnan.
"It's like this," began tho prlxite.
hesitatingly. Ho stopped, swallowed. ,
I xxlsh to thank the people of
Klatn'ith Fulls for kindness shown
my son. Carl Hurkett. rid family
f lip
PARIS, (HY Maili He wanted lo
buv a Christmas nresent for his girl
LOST Starter crank for Hupmoblle. , . , .. . , , . ,.
i.t-,n hMii-i ,r,.i mni,n r' back home so that she could show It
Return to
Herald 'to all the other girls, and destroy i
16-21 I.
and startod nil over again. "Please while confined t their home with In
bo careful what vou tay In that note. 1 lluenm. Sclal thanks to tint Indlci
won't you JIa'amT You see my girl
she's funny about some things-
their peace of mind because It had
LOST One doctor's grip, full of come from France. He knew Jut
auto tools. Return to 22S Main i what lie xvanted too.but every time?
she might think well, you know
how women are " finished the private
"I'll toll you xvliat," said tho Atner.
of the Lllirnr) Club for the nlc
ixx-urm lunch" brought to im Wlrn
W K Hurkett Divide. Oregon
426 Main St.
Phone 34
Klamath Falls
- -. 1 1 ! !
street aud
receive reward
F T.
he thought of going into the shop and)
ESTRAY Came to my place In Octo
ber, red coxv, about 9 years; buckle
brand on left hip, owner can have
tame by paying feed and expense.
Wm Greene. R. F. D No. 1. 16-3t
Iran woman, I'll tell her I enjoyed
tr)ing to ask in French for the thing ' meeting you boennso 1 have a run in
,he wanted, he got red behind tho ' iho Tmr reir Will that do"
ears. He had gone oxer tho top In . "Th'u wl" be noe-'" Hal'1 tno Prlv
the past, unafraid, but he couldn't do ,l bWly "I wouldn't have men-
jjjj , iioneo u. ouiy you Know now women
At last, when his leixe xas all up.
he weut into the canteen 3nd asked
the Y. M. C. A. woman there to make
the purchase for him. He gax her Seven hundred portable, houses for
ri.r i.s on Tin: wani:
You can do your shopp'ng now
safely, and nlille you are about it
stop In and let us xhow you our lino
of Airtight heaters, from $250 up
Wo nlso have good bargains In i .i .
ll ARIAN Hill X Us -.1 Is
i.itrT i.iitxiw in Mm i:i
are He smiled at her understand
ing, .saluted, turned and wont out.
STRAYED Coming 2-vear-old heif
or, red, xvith fexv white spots, cropi the address and hoped it wouldn't be x-arlous uses xvcro sent to France by,11"011
anu bpnt in eacn ear. eanaeu - too much trouble to send the pack- the Red Cross,
connected on left hip. Notify Joe
Koesel. uair)'. 14-3t
The Red Cross hns sent 2 ITU wo
men xvorkers and 2.921 men workers
1 to Franco for specialized work Most
of them nro volunteers, but highly
. !
"Of course It won't," said the Y. M
?200 Phonograph and Edison disc, C. A. woman xvho buys; dozens of suh
records to trado for piano, or gifts each week "I
cneap ror casn Shepherd Piano De
pot, next door postolilce. 14-4t
..see Hut the package
yK dozens of .ii-h SKV5BBI K
" enJOynU ,!"" IP! ,
;e goes till riglr. i'SR.Vt V l
I :))' ;ip .i-t:ui Shoo, Hi and Lotx
i ut-t. Ilii-j xi car ami xx ear and xi car.
As), some of the muii) Imijh xdio lire
uc.irlng iIkim. Kxdusixely ut
C tf J. K. K. STORE.
Send Your Mail Orders to
K. K. K. Store
myn is
wv :zz
If it Is impossible for )im lo roine
to (mill to do our A' shopjiliig,
! L.....1 .. ..... II ....I...... It'.. ..Ill .1..
We also have machines for sale or """ "' '""' " '""" '" "'" ""
rent. A Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet or'our ""it l pli'.isc in selections,
u .uuum Cleaner would make herjand xxlll semi gooiN sulijcd to )our
happ) Nmus, and )OU well know It. aiiproxal. If not .itlsfa( lot), rcluin
We also are agents for tho Sweeper- ., . l)Ur ,.vp.11,. W(. ..j
Vac Ask your neighbor about the . . , , .
Sweeper-Vac and our Cedar Mops 1'"-UK-. express or frelglit .barges,
JOHNSTONE FL'RNITL'RE CO "", guarantee sail-faction. (,'ooiN
" Jslilpped the Mime ilu) orileis lecelxeil.
,K. K. K. Store, l.e.nlliig Cliitliiers and
. K&S
EL PASO, Dee 17 -(Jeiieral Felipe
Angeles, former Artillery Chief for
Villa crossed tho border reiently xvith
five othor chlef3 to Join Villa. Ho ar. I
rived disguised fiom New York. It
in believed tint a group of Mexican,
polltli fans Intend to ktart a moxe-i
incut ulmiit .laiiinry llrbt and to do
elaro Dr. FiniuJsco Comcz
J'l f.Hlilen t .
Ten thousand pounds of other wero
uhljiped lo France by the Red Cross,
ho our soldiers might have relief from
WImi Imiji-i.s ill xlslt
Klamath Truck Co.
Has I'ixo-Tou I'.uknril Triuk
i'lioue lllt.M
XiT. r" f - - -
St.. j . . . - --5ii ri
ra -jr rr fei
f..A.X' 1SL.J
An Inside Bath
Makes You Look
and Feel Fresh
Says a glass of hot water with
phosphate before breakfast
keeps Illness away.
18 HUf Si
i.w.w.u.s. i"lra im .xi- ,,,, t. ihiv. ihm tin nnnnnn . .. ..
elated Preasi One London banker would roror erbl' lou. and n like Tho llavnrlan leadrr u .. UmIUI
ustlmut'' that (Jurnmny xvlll hit to un would probably rolmliurso Bug- Hla oppnunuta bs lum-'f
nay lo the Allies for r naratlon unit ,ttn'1 u'r AmBm rnasod hy air raids iirnhablT would be Or .... . i. in In
i.m UK
uniuwnl ul I sun OQii.eini
V Hi n-ifrtrd to Kr,ne be ?
r,n rui.iii.l rt-rkun tho lois iu(7ermt,
'lint ri.i.Kiilerlns that tb war baa tl"NICII. IW-i- i; " x-
l""" '" '"' bP miMit port an rj tod Pros If D.., r. erci
F.nrh i.rniory and In thi center , Bll cn0',, u I t i -sH
of h-r in.lustrlal arra. we may put r,rniany will br.oi..- i Jr
th. ftKiir at mocmtlc rounir, in t-. - t m.i)
imi) s oamns" U ctrnpuHid at n,irt rjuner. IUnri..n irf in
II ', looooo The miiio amount la ronrludlns nn Infi.tmu n '"
set an Ifiiiianla' bill, inriudlns tho rMpondent made a i . .tl M
U of (tuantitlmi of foodstuffa and wifo'a Inalvteut v..l c ...n.i I. i. d' or
damnee to oil wclU and othor proi- rotnlndltig him that it .- i . to
This excellent, common-sento
health measure being
adopted by millions.
restitution nbout $7,6O0.0Q0.u00
Calculated mi n ' per cent basis, with
I'lnu Willi li Repairing a
i-lH Alain Slnel.
The Car's Weight
prc-cs 1' e V. turn Ceps tightly
C(,.'-'')t ti." p nemmt, A vacuum
U Inn furmH. Ilip tire roll
f rjrd,i.rif'-.rf,iliocuptde-wiie,
cr J ret.-abis tlio suction
nt vmV.i t n'Tdiaiitlieipecil.
'fhnt'j ! Vacuum Cops ara
IJjraultrJ n t lo bUiti oil wet,
''', i-ry puxncntt, else return
oMe at p rtlii'io price, alter
rcisoi.jt,'. tiiJ,
ore cuaraiitu ' per xvarronty
tug fur
6,000 Milea
..Ucllllll ,W hlllllV.III
llli ft, noil Kliiiiialli inc.
Ixlamntli Calls, Ore,
tho blood (ituslng III health, whllo tho
pores In the ten yards of bowels do,
i Men and women are urged to drink
ojch morning, before brenkfast, a
g!as3 of hot water with a tcnspoonful
of limestone phosphate In It, as n
harmless means of helping to wash
from tho et'imach, liver, kidneys nnd
'iiowcls thu provloiiH day's Indlgcstlblo
material, pnlsons, sour bile nnd tox
ins; thus cleansing, sweetening nnd
I purifying tho entire alimentary cannl
! before putting more food Into tho
Just as soap nnd hot wator cleanse
nnn boiuimrdmonu n,u world o deny the i "
Hhlpploc lyiaaM ore then dlaeuased. friends call him "the gr.-.i
'I catimatc." ho soya, "the loan iiC fionnnnv." Inn hi mi
a 1 per cent sinking fund, this would ahlpa In flsiirea of tonnage at' iiarently nro liin.Wi.,K i-
meaii an nnnual charge on the der- ouon, and tubing tho averagn value ilorliro tbni ho l "nn im i
man rextmuo of $150,000,000 Ilo 1' 200 ! tU! would (I;uro out Ircminltiis Idnnllsi "
says tlmro can bo no iuosllon or (for- at iwa.aui'.OOO AdditiB tlio total -
..... . W..I..H ... .......... u .AA
many a anility to muei tins uemand - s"" ". "y. iu,uuii,. Thirty. two thoiisun.l
It Is Impossible, ho sa)s. discuss- UUH- wo nave tno mini of $3,700,000,
Ing tlio subject In a newspaper nrtl- 00v for Oreat llrltntn nlonoi The
do, to arrive nt any approximate fig- "''Ipplng losses or tho Allliis'l entl
uro as to damagcH and robhorlns la ",n, l l&oo.odli noo
the Invaded termor). "For Hel- "' no"u beard un catlniatf whl.h
Kliiiti," tho article continues. "I would flare iho tola! of the bill against
put Hie amount of Indemnity ut $1.. Oarmnny nt $10,000, OOO.ooii. which,
400,000.000, of xvlilch sum luvloii on '""e my own calculation. Is of mmm.
Helgian towns account for something t0 sorao '"tent hypothetical Hut I
llko $r.oo,ooo.Ofiu I know of anoih-,wo"'tl l"'t "'e flguro m)m-'f ut $7.
which dofs nut, of
I mull In
li lil
I n jrtj
II- ll Mill
Thirty-two thoiisnii.i ii...i "i"
ilren In tho aclnioU of l ri- l'f re
colvlug regular IiiihIh fi " the ",,'
Cross during Mi.' pi-t ir
ruysiciaiis tho world over recom
mend tho Inside hath, clalrnlng this Is
of xastly moro Irnportnnco than out
side clennllnesH, because the skin
pores do not absorb Impurities Into ,,r f.tImto for Helglum which Is ua 600,000.000,
high us $2.oiio,)i),oiiii, mid n llo- course, Include nny purt of the cost
glan of some authority e'ttlmates the tll war."
lleennlliiR Oormnny's llnaures, Im
cnlla rttlonllon lo tlio last pro-war
44t444444444.M-V-H4-54-VHf .budget presented In iho rolchstiii;, '
I OPEN NOSTRILS! END i w,,,ch 8l,owm' " 'vo "' ts7r..-
A COLD On CATARHH i "u0, rr02, r !,,' "ri,,y1
j'.xvns $2UJ,r00,00o, und for tlm navy
How To fid Kellef When Ilcail 5107,500,000 mini $100,000,000. I
and Noko are .SlulTtsl Up. $ "Ellm imtluj tho cxpuiidlturu for
Ml ftTTT! I
WITH OLD "Sl .H("l 'SI'
4444444-H-5H'tltVJ- ,,n'"inu'-'"." Iho nitlclo goe
ComiunrH pitln- iiexer fads
Huh Hoothlni;, pen. ir.iiinB "l
Jacobs Llnlmeiit" right .m 'lie ache
'. or pain, nuil mil 1111 ibe m-uraiK'
(inn wouiii uiiow (iiinntiny In pay ap mimire
cataMh1 u!!.,Ur y!;!,;" !Zlo,l TV" "! "'' " -"nklnn- Ho (','h n Joyful ox,.,, l W
fittui 1 disappears loir dodged rn, lho .7,500(oU.,,ooo coinpuii- , ,., I trial botil" from our
nus(riiB xviii ojiuii, inn iur passagoH n.ii'.n, n, nn ,1 1.. hum
1 . .. .. .., . , . ... ..... - -- - ,' .iu iruiuii'u ill ifivfi. .I........r..l . .....ih .. IIIIIK 111 IMII
1 , iiii iniHi nn roa u.,,1 ,, mil .w ii,,,r .. ....... ,......, .., ..,.. u ...... ...... .. - . -
I " ..,... .,,w a -, ....v ...w. ,,, yuilj IIU1III V 1 J 1 UIIJT UIIU Oil L'llll
i and llmestono phosphate aU on tho breatho freely. No more snuff IIiik,
jellmlnatlve organs. liawldng, iiiikoiih dlsehargo, ilrynus'i
i 'I hone who get up with a bad brenth or huailachu, do struggling foi breath
i coated tongue, nasty taste or hnvo a at night.
dull, aching head, sallow tomploxlon, ) (let 7i hiiiiiII lioltlo of Ely'rt Cioaiii
acid stomach; others who are subject Halm fiom your diugglst uml upjily
lo bilious attacks or conttlpatlon, a llitlo or this fragrant antiseptic .
should obtain n (unrlcr pound of lime ci cum In )our nostillM. II ponelratos '
l.l,l,lia ,tl,,.afll,(. I.i nt llin llrill' Bf fir A III, II ,,t.,l-(r Imvuh r,. ., f ll,.. I, .,,..,..
-...-.,., I'M-'ajillM.U M .,.w ...... h.w. w, .,,, ,,,,,, j 'nrl," t , .l v 1 1 ,H( l , RWII III - ' . --- (1 1 1 1 I H II II I) I 1 1 1 1 I " I
This xvJll cost very little, but Is Buffl. , Ing and beiillng tlio mwillon or lii-i"1"1 l'im"uy would liiivn to muii-' rB am ,mi f nil klii'l" l,llhl'r '
kicnt lo ilcmonstrato tho value of In- Hamad iiiikoiih membrane, giving'1"""1 lm'"'l,,lt "f IiUiuohi on lior own t), f(U,0 K,il(. miH or any l",rt
u.l,.. .ri...un ,l.r. .,,.llni,n ll i,..i Ixulnii. . ,.1 l,.f II I ,..!.! I XVilT lOUIlH I llllll'l H1IV ull, -,iii1,l .. . . . . .....I.. I UllKll 'e"
nmu uubiiiiih, I iiijdu ,w vwt,.,Mw ,k jitit ion,,,,,, ioii.i. ih-iiii iifiun null - "'' .--' ....u.ii till) bOIIV IS IIISIlllllI l't."
ii.miiirnii I'ot'i''
,l,-ni,i,l.l . Hour ll Utile III )r
iiii... vl-r-uvcr ll mtglit 1m, u. meet nm, ,, ' RllMiy ,in. ocli!n
... i-usi ., conmirrnK the empire ,u,,.v,., and h.ifoio you rcull"' "",
and piolng tho luletest on hor loans, Jum1 m,i puln uml ,u,a
.which amounted enrly In lho piiihoiiI K dlHiippear, It's nlum"! 'l,l,slc ,
I year to $27.000,01.0.000, a mini but tlm Joy Is, lhat the'O "'
which Iiiih, of comae, hcon Hiihslan-',., i i, mi 'rim in'r'' ""
tlally liiui.asQil bIiro." L i iimi Is relic"''1
. nwuiiM)ii linn i 1'iin'""
In order lo ino-il the Allies' hill of .,,,, P11L,. u oxcrconi"
iIllliuigOH, tho wrltnr iiavs. "II nwiv I -........ ..... .......Iluss I"'"'
.,,, , ,, ., ' i mop nuiioriiiBi " " ...
eatli rnoinliiK uro assurod of pro-' culiirrh yield llko iimglc Don't at iy " I'uinaio tins piiiigntioii
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