The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 24, 1914, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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State Wide Union to
Protect Oregon Game
PORTLAND, Feb. 24. Plans for( It Is the plan of the sportsmen to
tho forming of the Oregon Sports- ,!olso an equitable system of dele
men's League will bo made at a meet gates mi that the league will not be
lng of tho committees at luncheon Jdnmlnnted bj one or two strong clubs,
todar at the Oregon hotel. Tho or-(leaving the smaller elubs without a
ganlzatlon of the league will take, voice lr the lmllcy or control of the
place Monday, March 16th, in the as-'league,
acmbly hall of the Commercial Club. A number of prominent sportsmen
The purposo of the organisation Is throughout the stite hare- been In
to protect the flsh and game of tho lted to address the meeting and a
state and unify the forces of sports-.special Invitation has been sent to
men to gain greater strength In ad-'State Senator Hean of Kugcne, who
vancing their common Interests. was eh Irman of the Joint game com-
A great deal of Interest Is being 'mlttee of the house and senate, to
manifested In the meeting and reprc- make in nddnss. Representative
wntatlvcs of many gun, anglers and i Lowell:, n of Albany and Bruce Hen
other sportsmen's elubs throughout nls of LaCSrgndo will likely respond
the state are expected to be present. with short speeches.
The organisation movement has For tho entertainment of the deU
been fostered for a jear by tho Mult- gates, It Is planned to have a trap
nomah Anglers Club. The Portland shoot on the Portland Gun Club
(3un Club and the Portland Itovolvor grounds at Kenton on Sunday, March
Club are-taking an active part in ar- 13th. A tly casting tournament will,
ranging for the meeting. .also be staged. j
The $20,000 Bonus
Smile of J. Evers
upper lake is AoDeal to the Supreme
V&P V "Wjr
Invitation niul 'I'liivo llmV
HiiMt foe Kiitrnmv tit the Dixie
IMuto nuil riiture llip Other'
Xevvn Note of 'Hint Sit lion. '
IVr- lio l UhmWIiik P. i'l l'l.tlt- ti
IllWlt A IV lll'llIK Pii'luil t' fi'iupli"
lion, hi Unlit In t.'lio llio .Miulnei-
mi llMili Mult In siI.iiik.
Court by Labor Head
Nobody will to admitted to the
turning Dixie Diiiuk nl Stut Cloud
unless they luivo n written and swilod Wlckstrom. thp eiiturprUlnK hlp
luMtatlou from the master of the wrlRht. has the steamer Modoc about
house. Tickets for this, a well a rutdy to launch The steamer Hits to
nil future datuv.i ut St. Cloud will be'ts all planked and caulked. It I Mr
thrve dollars. Wlckmrom's Intention to tv tlieo
I . i boats in the mud tnuto till eiiim.
Wo nro told that titling up tho Pel-
lean Hay Lumber compauj's mill, j t'nr Klsuimtli lko I pnutteatl)
'preparmory to starting tho season open No Ico i In x1e from llusit.
'run, will iH-gin lu n few d)s. !Vtstiv lletful.
t nllKil l'ies 8TVU'
WAKIIINilloN. I ' l' 2
A petition fur rtvlew of innvlitlnii of
(tiemlil .SHtUt fiilm Protldent Prank M Itynu Indian- ,(, 1( ,U,, ,
StllPPINUTON. IVb. 31 Ciittnlit!nWi ami iwrttiy-thrrp oUt-r iihhipij t( federal li
irUIH'il ll) the frdtirni
npinnvU at I'likuKo
l()HII itllll tho llMlt',
With IHllllll) III lro
I Johnny Ever may well smile over
.the recent deal which makes him the
'hlshttit-prlccd ball plajer 2t),000
bonus from tho Chicago "Cubs" and
UlO.QOO a year tor four jeara from
I tho llostou National league Club.
iKvers U tho last of the "Cubs" fam-
tous trio that gave the fans tho sue
Iccis slogan of "Kvers to Tinker to
It Is rviMirtitl that the Algoma
Lumber company U atsembllng Its
mill ami woods crews, making read)
for the summer work.
Tho big stem wheel steamer Wine
ma will be ue J. ucaln thl season w
tin eteuwUm boat.
"Hlll,orrll.OIrte.P' etldr-t
IlKUl and MeNnmitra
"Mrt oj
tier of the Undue- nd Htrurtuml wM of n'"le r
!... U-rkn In Iho dBWlle tM.e ''' ' COIlVllled l, ,
was prrulwl to the nriH routl
Tliev akl the litfih cmitt lo e
wide the Jail lenience rwullliiB from !
ranfpjMeU iDuawlIltlB of tho !. An-, A lld Ihh for .i .
Selr Ttmrs niul other ntllrnKe li' " fumllUr ilnHm f. ,
Uitti MeMtiulKHl anil Jsuiiwi U MeN-,1" dllrlbul haiuI under
in am. tilX'ent Klililltifi. Im. i ,,R,H
If the iuiirm court refu.e to fV.h -UeiuetU line.. ..
view Hit) re. It)an and hU alleged! -1
f-coitplrntor mtmi t to Jail Hv- a tn.nili n llttlr u
rtl tttx Itlivt servlhK jail nellteliltu, l mute lpel urd III the
Ultable to Kfl tHVlt pelldlnK the Uppetll uf tili4 than l alt the
A French vtltago has sl
whose ages total 157 years.
i Mr. Calkin Is preparing to over
sisters haul his mall boats, the tfpraj and ,
'curlew, to net them read) for their1
;bny ruus.
jrtletl today
Contlrllon of all result) u
f(iitotli- In tho world
(f,i.ltir- aImiiii I .ti.lii o. o PKbt
u4 in
of !(
IUlUa Americans Miy Homage to the i Propliellc Conference .Start at looly
Father of Uie Country by Celebrat
ins Hi Uirtbday In Far-Away Italy,
Somewhat Itelaled but KnUiosiastic
COSENZA, Italy, Feb. 24. Up
wards of a thousand Italian-American
citizens celebrated Washington's birth
day in tho city hall of this city
During the past year 16,122 mar-
Itible Institute, and Will Continue fringe licenses wore Issued in Phils,-
In Ssloii During Tlirw Ia: IK-l-aoI,l''a-
eKatc-. from Alt Over Armrlca. ' ... 0 , pi, v..,.., i. ,,
HM MM IWtVUiU tVtbVt . V
only woman practicing lawyer in Phil
United Press Service
CHICAGO. Feb. 24. More than
600 leading protectant churchmen.
representing thirty states In the union
today. Although the celebration was and Canada, arrlvevd here for tho
somewhat belated, much enthusiasm j prophetic conference at the Moody
was shown, and a deep interest in 'Bible institute, which opened a threo
thlngs political In the land of their 'day session today,
adoption was manifested In the reso- AoonR tho promlnent churchmen
lutions adopted by the gathering. exptcted at the sessions are: Presl-
Among these wj one which starts 'dent Robert M. Russell. Westminster
the boom of Colonel Roosevent for College, New Wilmington, Pa.; Prcs
presldent of the United States Incident William C5. Moorehead. Xenia,
1916- .0., Theologican Seminary; Rev. C. I.
Resolutions were also adopted en- Scoflelf, editor of the Scofield Refer
dorslng Oscar Strauss. Glfford Pin- ence Bible. New Vork City; Princiial
chot, Hiram Johnson. ex-Senator Bev-iT. R. O'Meara, Wycllffc College, Tor
erldge and other prominent progres- onto, Canada; BUhop H. B. HarUler,
alTe. Harrlsburg, Pa.; Dean R. A. Torrey,
Frank Yui of Walla Walla. Wash .,tho Blb,c Institute, Los Angeles. Cal.;
LOST White Fox Terrier, scar on
left shoulder. Notify F. 11. English,
Light and Water ottlce. 24-2t
Subscribe for the Herald,. GO cents
presided over the meeting.
CaUle for Market.
Chat. Horton, cattleman
per, left this mornings
look after a bunch of cattf
paring for shipmenL Mr
Rev. W. B. Riley, First Baptist church
of Minneapolis; Rev. Peter Alnslle,
j Baltimore; Rev. C. E. Nlsblt, Kansas
,City; Rev. W. L. Pettlnglll, Toronto.
ship-' Canada, and Evangelist "Billy" Sun-
lalin to day.
' Is pre- .
nnlv Mnt i. .,,h t.U n-i.i-..J"",'n lias .yew joii.
where he had gone with ft. large ship-' Harry Benson has left the office of
ment of cattle for the Oakland Meat deputy circuit court clerk to accept a
company. position in the county treasurer's
Trewddfa Mountain, near Morris-1
ton. England, on which the Swansea XIoro than 42,000 births were re
corporation has spent several thous- corded in Philadelphia during 1913.
ends of pounds in providing municipal i
houses for workers, appears to bet Eleanor Gates, tho authoress, was
'gradually sliding toward the river. brought up on a Dakota cattlo ranch.
White P
No Gems No 'Cold Storage Taste Nothing but Good
It Is Good for You Even if It Does Taste Good
As the Pelican Says, "It Fills the Bill"
Stil Water in 5-Gallon and 2-Gailon Carboys
Charged Water in Quart and Pint Bottles
Phone 22 1J and Have Some Sent Up Today
Notice, of Account
In tho County Court of the State of
Oregon, for tho County of
In tho Matter of the Estate of Ira C.
Johnson, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that O. C.
Applegate. administrator of the es
tate of Ira C. Johueon, deceased. ha3
rendered and presented for final set
tlement, and tiled in said court, his
llnal account of his administration of
said estate, and that tho court has
fixed Wednesday, tho 25th day of
March, 1514, at the hour of 10 o'clock
In the forenoon of said day, at the
court room of the county -court, In
Klamath Falls. County of Klamath. J
Stale of Oregon, as tho time and place
for hearing objections to said account
and tho settlement Lherenf.
Dated this 24th day of February.'
AHmlnlctrfitnr tt f!w. Putntr. nf !.. n '
Johnson, Deceased.
W.S. WILEY. Attorney.
24-3-10-17-24 h
Selma ligerlof Is the only woman
who ever received the Nobel prUe for
The steamer .Manama ! bltiK at
her duvk. ready to lake up lnr old run
to Wood Itlver point Jum a noon a
woman condition Justify thl
Uruguay ha appointed
to Its diplomatic corps -
It In rumored that the ktiutner
Old papers for starting fires. Ten, Hooligan has been sold to Portland
cents an armful. Como and get a parties. This, however, has not bru
load. W. O. Smith Printing Co.
j The Herald, 50c a month
To boo-it Klamath county send
j Thd Herald to your Eastern
As a result ut a quarrel which end
ed In an ttM4Ult rase, a Jtnln.t lu Chi
cago seuteuced the one who be can It
to take the other one and hU family
tu the theater, with a supper after-
Dainty Refreshments
Ihm'l jou llml It very lllrelui: when isltlui: n rty or rrteptli.n, lu
linve your refrt-.limcnt pnlMil In Imlr-lieiiHetl iiuiiiiht'.' The
way to avoid nil v.ltillltlf uf iuli mi riiilianiwlng .lumtlon U to
luive your Ue Cream, MierU-K Water Ice. Piimfn-., Illr., preporetl
li tin. Sugar Hon I, vvlier eHTienriil nileret, pine liiumllriil ami
lu-uprr farlllllcH roiiihlno to glvn aUolule ti.faitlun. Wo mke
sierlalt- of Mipplyini; refri-liiiiriiU for pirtle, ImiiiU( niul rer
Hon. Our price am MirprUlnKl) rvnw.nable.
The Sugar Bowl
. .,.
Oct a small package of Hamburg
Ilrragt Tea, or as the German folks
call it, "Hamburger Uriint Thee," at any
pharmacy. Take a tablrapoonful of the I
ira, put a cup oi Miiim,' water upon
it, jwiur tlircuL'h a sieve and drink a
teacup full at any time during tho
day or lefore retiring. It is thn mot
rlTectiie way to break a cold and cure
grip, as it opens the pores of the skin,
relieving congf-stion, Alo loosens the
bowd, thus driving a cold from the
Try it the next time you suffer from
E cold fir the isrio. It Ik inrancnalva
and intircly vegetable, therefore safs'MID dai inirp
- i j n mw "
-w. . WMIVIi-SW
.j. VvassssBP?? ZM -07 Sm mBzttr-ZTi
?2iKKrLSftt f .$i B Bv"F?i
-wztzfmw -; i-i m. .hiwb.iiiiihh.l
Ill P;i f
kBsS SsBsB "Jr HBsBsSVH '
r-i" W- sY- lIKllllHH ) 'W
' kBsBsH "
I - 4Ui -
Manufacturing, the Basis of a Prosperous
Town, Realized in Klamath Falls
In the pnat hundreds of thousands
of dollars went out annually for
clothes, and as a result, the country
hecame constantly poorer and poorer,
money became scarcer, and people
were leavinx lle town.
The ladies of Klamath Falls, to
whom this appeal is made, can rem
edy this calamity by patronizing local
industry, and getting their clothe
made to order by J. A. Goldsmith, the
Local Tailor.
He keeps an assortment of over
600 most beautiful fabrics, is thor
oughly posted on Fashion's dictates,
keeping the only authoritive Fashion
Journal in America, and his Suits and
Dresses range from $12.00 up.
By patronizing him you enable him
to employ more people and help the
material prosperity of the town.
J. A. GOLDSMITH, "The Ladies Tailor"
Corner Third and Main Streets
. aCJttyWrftiJa m M
Capital Stock, 100,000 Surplus, $11,0001
"Just like Home used to be"
The Oregon House
Klamath Avenue, Near Sixth
Board and Room, $7.00 per week
BoardThree Meals per day, $6 per week
Two Meals per day, $4,50 pr week
Single Meals, 35 cenU
and harmlets.
To distribute the banks asseU In cucli u vray as to maintain under
any conditions anil at all time as umplu reserve to meet the demands
of IIm ilcpoilturs and take care of Its liornmiiiK iwlomcni.
s " J
!i . i
White Pelican
Springs Company Jg
Pain and Stiffiieu away with
a small bottle of old honest
St. Jacobs Oil
When your lack Is tore and lame
or lumbago, viatica or rlicumatlNra has
jou stiffened up, don't suffer I (Jet a
23 tent holtle of old, honest "St.
Jacobs Oil" at any drux ntori, jxur a
little in your hand and rub it right
into the pain or ache, and hy the time
jou count fifty, tho soreness and lame
ness is gone.
Don't utay crippled! This soothing,
pemtratlnj; oil needs to be used only
once. It taki the ache and pain right
nut of jour hack and ends the misery.
it i iuaK'cui yei aosomieiy Harmless
niul iloemi't burn the (kin.
Nothing elso stops lumbago, sciatica
and luino back misery so promptly!
Cuscrlbe for The Herald, nftjrj
enu a monin.
:'J Trn iy -v
IDiogenea gudpecii -
- - i .
You can iz&e
some oP our
delightful perfume
What alout if?
1 Sin TIIK OUNC'i:
Underwood's Pharmacy -
Comer Main niul Till Hlreots, Klamatli I'ulU, Oregon
Strictly Fresh Eggs, per doz. . . . . $ .20
Fine Smoked Shoulders, per lb 14
Dill Pickles, per qt ,15
Prunes, 3 lbs .25
Canned Pineapple, per can, 20c, per doz. . $2.00
Oranges, per doz. . . . . . 25c and 30c
Lemons, per doz. . . . 30c
The Ashland Fruit Store
phone 282J