The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 09, 1912, Image 2

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r-'. ,-Ju:
SJ i1
It. aVfRUAZ, 4 D.
WUM 01 tVKT, U. D.
nm: Oflaafl" RaaMaaaa III
m.o.1 tuaao,
All U OuniMM.
"0M Fallows' Building .
AwUmmi aatriattadeat
Wt w Mm, I will do
Uaraat. OBoVAaaaticaa Baak
aad Trust building. Phoatmi.
a v. KirnDHONUL,
Ammkf it tap
oaoaarWaKa-lfaddo BMs
431. Klamath Fall. Or
, M.9AX,mturr
nummd'runni m km
- BBlldtBgt a'Baadaltr
Room 101-104, Odd FMrtfld.
D. 1
I ewtt whera others tail. Cor
asr nrtfrtad Walaut.
- Maascara aad CUropodtota
Cur corns, bnnlots and In
vtrowlBf toaaalls. Mae. Tlmms
stops hair from falling out In
Are treatments, and a perma
nent euro (or dandruff, aire as
a call.
No. B17 Kbuaatb Aw.
J. H. Oamtt J. U
Boalaesaalocks and other
coastructlon. OSee, American
Bask aad Trust, Co. building.
Phoae 1381.
ir BxrnwBa
- U rou want your stuff mored
aad mored quick, get Ramsby's
Bxprees to do It. Ooraer Bereath
aad Mala strata Pkoae BIS
Call at COMBTOCK, 118, U
jaa jraat aay klad of HELP.
Haajatiraj tk OOMBTOCK If
IM vast amatajiaat
Feel lasguld. weak, run-down?
HcadaCheT Stomach "off"? Juit a
plain case ot laiy liver. Burdock
Blood Bitters tones liver and stomach,
promotes digestion, purifies the blood.
Ourlag hi year 1111
wa supplied groceries for
ai largo number of cua
tawarsj Wa gave them
lh atat goods and the
bast service at the lowest
possible prices. Let us
treat you this way during
Van; Riper Bros.
Phone 851
Good Goods
Courteous Treatment
Prompt Service
Rignt Prices
Home Builders
Are Recognized
In every community &a mon of
Integrity and stability. It's
proof that they believe In them
selves and the future ot their
town. And every homo that Is
erected In a community makes
It Just that much better place In
which to 11 vo and Invest your
money. To moit homebulldcrs
It moans something to llvo for
a real object In life an ac
quisition that once attained Is
n Joy forever. That NOW IS A
without question money Is
plentiful for legltlmato Invest
ment labor is within reach
and our stock of lumber was
never more complete.
ncmembcr, "He who hesi
tates," etc. better start today
come In and talk It over with
us maybe our experience In
the building line will make It
easy for you.
Saviije Bfos.Ltiiber Co
Phone 1341
6th St. at S. P. track
Good Slab Wood . .- BB.7S
lS-lnch Wood ...,-.
. . Delivered . .
Leave Orders at .City Bakery
Phone Ml
W.E. Seaborn
E. E.Thompson
General freight
and Transfer
Leave orders at Kob
erto fi Whltmore,
Phoae 1381
Oregoa JBatbaJaati
Day aM NfsJkA
OBlce aad Obaaal Oh
aa4 Piste Bta.
W. O. SMITH, Kdltor and Proprietor
J. M. BTOWKLL, City Kdltor
Published dally except Sunday at 116
Fourth Street
Entered at the postofllce at Klamath
Falls, Oregon, tor transmission
through the malls as second-class
Subscription terms by mall to any ad
dress In the United 8tatea:
One year 15.00
One month 60
KllllUV, KKII. U, lUlU
AY unprejudiced person ntter a
rnroftil perusal and study ot tlio
opinion of the city chatter In regnnl
to the proposed amendment to the city
charter providing for 11 commission
form ot Rorernment for Klamath
Polls cannot help but be Impresses
with tlio eildctico ot bins on tho part
of the attorney against the charter
Tho city attorney was Instructed to
report on the legality of the submis
sion of tho petition, and while he ad
mits that tho law In this regard was
followed, a great portion ot his report
li confined to n discussion ot tho mer
its of tho proposed amendment. He
Intimates that tho only objection to
tho present charter Is that It does not
provide for u sulllclcnt bond Issue,
This may be the opinion of the ma)or
and city attorney, but wo bellevo that
there are several thousand voters In
Klamath Falls who are opposed to any
ncw- charter that will ennbte tho ad
ministration to further burden the
people with additional debts. The
opinion of the majority ot voters In
this respect Is tho only opinion neces
sary, and will havo more force than
tho opinion of the city attorney.
The city attorney also Intimated
that tho presont charter Is Illegal
This Is n matter that cannot bo set
tled by any opinion, but In 0110 for tho
supremo court to decide, but we
would like to Inquire, why Is tho
mayor trjlng to amend an Illegal
charter, by drafting ono of his own?
Some men have n mania for spending
money other people's money nnd
It would seem that this Is tho trouble
ot the present administration. They
havo run out of money, and now want
the people of this city to give them
more to spend, but It Is possible cton
In a city as rich an Klamath Falls, to
pass tho limit, and wo believe that
that tlmo has now arrived and that
the taxpayers of this city will not
consent to continue being tho "goat."
Mr. Sanderson cannot weaken the
support ot tho proposed commission
form of government, and If ho thinks
that tho opinion, attempting to ills
credit tho proposed amendment, by
his city attorney, will gain any sup
port for his own pet charter, ho will
And himself greatly mistaken. On tho
contrary, It will he tho means of
awakening the people to tho necessity
ot a s stem of government that will
recognlzo tho rights of tho voters to
a say In all matters of public Interest.
Mr. Sanderson has had prepared
and Is having printed a new cliarter,
at a cost of several hundreds of dol
lars, and as n matter of curiosity It
might well bo asked, who Is going to
pay this expense? Tho city council.
tho representatives of tho pcoplo, havo
not authorlzd this expense. Is Mr.
Sandrson so sure of the futuro actions
of his council that ho feels safe that
they will pay the bill, or does ho In
tend to foot tho bill himself? A man
drawing a salary of l,000 a year can
not afford to dig up $100 or $500 out
of his own pocket for an oxpenso of
this kind unelss ho has somo means ot
getting It back.
Thoro qro many Interesting things
about tlio conduct of tho affairs or tho
city that may somo tlmo ho revealed
to tho pcoplo, hut on tho matter of tlio
proposed amendment for commission
government, this petition, Irrcspcctlvo
of the actions of tho council, will bo
presented to tho peoplo to ho voted
upon at the next city election.
Friday night for luck. Thnt is.
you'll bo lucky If you attend tho dance
given by tbo whlto Pelican orchestra
Are you Interested In KLAMATH
COUNTY? It co?aae tbq Stephens
Hunter Realty Co. They have soma,
food bargains.
Temple theater, Matinee dally, 2:30
p. m. Evening, first potfonnano,
7:15, continuous.
Cheapest accldont Insurance Dr.
Thomas' Eclectic Oil. Stops tho pain
and heals the wound. All druggists
sell It.
Employes ot bos factory at Ship-
plngton, plearo take netice: Factory
will start up on or about March 1st.
Machine men please send In written
application tb ,
-t Klamath Falls. Ore.
LVIcmImI IttxlMi'lwr In (iohh'ii (Info
Hnmlct ltccee Telephone Men-
mtsjw That Ho Is Hootiud, Willi h ,
IanmN IIIiii to lllv-lulm All Toug"
SAN KHANC18CO, Feb !'. - Wong
Hock Yue, editor ot I ho proiticnUe
Chlueso dally paper, Young China.
tins covered Chinatown with handbills
containing n halftone portrait of him
self and tho hlerogljphlcs iiecenno
to make known that ho Is neither a
nop sing nor 11 sen roicj (. "'"h M
Wong, though editorially untie mil
Itant prUately Is i man of peace. He
became visibly excited when ho an
swered a telephono call to hear his
doom pronounced by n nostrrloui
Hop Sing, whose nlro declared Wong
belonged to I ho hated rlal. Sen Sue I
Ng tong, and therefore must die, for
tho Hop Slug did not Intend for nil
enemy to escnpo In tho present war
The editor Immediately called up
the headquarters of the Hop Slugs,
and elerod mi earnest disclaimer. To
make doubly sure, he alto apprised
tho Sen Suey Xg tong of the fnct that
ho belonged to no tong at all. Still
tho fear persisted Hint he might be n
marked mnn among tlio warring gun.
men. Hence tho handbills
Ho File Keiliinitbm uf liiti'ullon to
Hun for Kt-jt In t'nngr. Wliite
lp"'r llrnmli He Sa) l' l.lke the IIoiim nf 1-onN, I m'Ici
United Press Servtco
HAUK.M, Feb. 'J. Abolition of the
United States senate Is the iniinlii'nt
plank contained In the platform ol
Italph C. CI) do of Portland and mem
her of the stnto house of representa
tives, who llled his declaration of In
tcntlon of becoming a candidate on
tho republican ticket for congress
from thu Third Congressional district.
Clyde sas tho setmto Is like tho
house of lords, and Is useless.
Ho dcrlnrcs himself In faur of gov
ernment ownership of nil public util
ities and government ownership ot
Alaska toal mines.
iiy pkhmissiox oF.iiix;i:
United Press Service
ttuef, hero from prison to testify In
the lichmlti case, was permitted by
Judgo Lawlcr to visit his mother.
horn of Her Crown ol Utility, Loite
In Lovt and Msrrlsgt.
Hair li certainly moM iKsi-.i.H.iry tu
noman. Who could Ime 11 ml uiiirry 11
bnliMicniled WMimiiit UI1.11 i-tmrnw
MUld one urray to offset sue li a distil
A womtiu'n goal Is usually lore ami
marriage. Her crowning glory Is hvr
anlr. The lots of Iht hair murs her
beauty, h.-ipplnes. nnd sutci-w Yet
Ibero nre tboiisntids of women who art
neglecting or Injuring tlu-lr linlr 10
such nu evli nt that It N only 11 mutter
of tlmo when It will lx utterly ruined
Many woinxn destroy the benut) of
their hair through thotightltxtnex ur
Ignorance of certain fnctt. They .un
curling lrms otcr-hented. or to i'IO-m.
which ilitilroyit the It lllirnl oil uf the
hair. -ntnlii' It to split, uod
mmo out They do nut sIi.iiiihi tlu-lr
hnlr often enough, or too nficn 'Iht-y
ue xoaps or preparatliiii-i nlildi ru.i
tn I rs Ingri'illents jiohMIi i-Jy barmfitl to
Siu Hcnlp mid hnlr.
,h 11 result uf such trc.itiurar. d.i,i-
druIT It ireiiti-d. thu hnlr Iuu-vih. 1u-.i-h
color, fulls out. nnd h:iltimi rum
inpuces, unless prupvr 11 nil pruiupt pre-
cautions are taken In time. Tlu-n
again, microbes nnd n-rtnlii llciseH
bring about unhealthy wain nnd hair
Almost any woman may rid herself
of dandruff and diseased scalp nnd
balr If she will but ui the right rem
edy, Wo have thnt remedy, and wo
will positively gonrunteo that It will
either relievo dandruff nnd bnldncus or
It will not cost the user unytlilng.
That's a pretty broad statement, hut
we will back It and prove It with our
own money. We will return your
money If yuu do nut (I111I Hint Itoinll
"03" Jlalr Tonic Is an entirely tuitls
factory remedy that will promote hnlr
growth ami overcome Hcnlp and linlr
troubles; that It will grow linlr even
on bald heads, unless all llfn In tin
balr roots has been extinguished, the
follicles closed, nnd tho sculp Is glazed
and shiny. It gets IU numo from thu
fact that It grew hnlr In m nut of tno
cases, where It received n thoroughly
bard, Impartial, and practical test
We want you to try llexall "u:i"
Pair Tonic nt our risk. You surely
cannot loso( anything by doing so.
while you have everything to gain.
Yon had belter think this over, 11 ml
then come In, and see us nhout this of.
tor. You wlf bo well repaid for yuur
visit to our store. Itomemlwr. von enn
get Retail Deqedles In this community
anly at our store The it is 11 ninm
Star Drug 8torv
political ANNoinywvrs ,
Fur ProceillliiK Allium)
or District Attorney for Klanmlh
and l.nko rounll-'r. Oregon, on the
Heuubllcnn ticket JOHN IUWIN.
subject lo tho primal y nomination
to bo held on April 19, 1I3.
"hoioby tcspectfulljr nnuounco my
self a candidate for tho republican
nomination for Prosecuting Attor
ney for Klamath nnd l.ako coun
ties, subject to thu will of the vol
ers nt tho ptlmnry election to he
held on the I'.'th ot April, l!M3.
For fi'iiiily TrniMircr
hereby nnuounco noslef as n inudi
date for tho uomlnallon for Trea
urer of Klamath Count) on tho Ke
puhllenn ticket, subject to tlio will
of tho pcoplo nt prlmnn 1 ledum
to bo held on April 19. 1913. JAY
hereby nnnounro m)self ns a candi
date for the nomination for Treas
urer of Klamath County on the
Democratic ticket, subject to tho
will of the pcoplo at prlmar) elec
tion to ho held on April 19, 191S.,
c 11. DAOoirrr. I
Fr Assessor
hereby announce ui)self a candidate
for tho nomination for Assessor of
Klamath county on the Democratic
ticket, subject to the will of tho
people nt the primary election to
bo held on April 19. 1913. J. P.
L' ' 1 '
For WierllT
I hereby nnnoSnco m)self a candidate
for tho ltepubltcan nomination for
Sheriff of Klamath county, subject
to tho will of tho voters at tho pri
mary el Jllon to bo held April 19,
1912. OSCAR I., CAUTKIt.
I heroby iiiiuounce ui)svlf a caudl
date for the nomination for sheriff
on thu Id publican ticket, subject
tn the will of the voters at tho pri
mary ettctlon to ho held on April
19. 1913. C. C. LOW.
1 hereby nunounri- uoself a cnndld.iie
for tho democratic nomination for
Sheriff of Klamath county, subject
to the will of thu voters at the pri
mary election to bo IipIiI April 19.
1913. cin:sTi:it avi:uy.
I hcrcb) announce mtself n cnndldate'
for tho nomination fur Sheriff of
on the ticket, subject to
tho will uf the toters at the prl-,
mnry election to be held on April
19, 1913. II. S (lltKIHIIY
For Coroner
I hereby nnnounro ui)s-lt n candidate
for the Democratic nomination for
Coroner, subject lo the will of the
voters nt tho primary election to be
held on April 19, 1912. KAItl,
I hereby Minounco myself a candldato
for tho Itcpubllcan nomination for
Coroner, subject to tlio will of the
vitcrs at tho primary election to
to hold on April 19, 1913. U It.
For N1I100I riil-rlnti'iidcnt
I heroby nnnounco tn)solf n candldato
for tho nomination for County
Hchnol Superintendent of Klamath
county on tho llepuhllcaii ticket.
subject to the will of the voters ol
tho primary election to bo held
April 19, 1912. FIIIJI) I'lITIIlt
BON. For County Clerk
I hereby nnnounco myself a candidate
for tho nomination for County
Clerk on tho Hepubllcnn ticket, sub
Jcct to tho will of tho voters at tho
primary election to bo held April
19, 1912. C. It. IJB LAP.
For Jiisllto of the I'ej
I heroby announce myself n candldato
ior mo licjiuuiKan nomination for
Justice of tho I'enco for Llnkvlllo
precinct, subject to tho will of tho
voters at tho primary election to ho
held on April 19, 1912. V. II
For SI11I1, KeiuUor
I hereby nnnounco m)nolf ns n enn
dldato for tho olllco of State Hen
ntor In tho Hntcntccnlli Honatorlnl
District, Including Klnmnth, Crook
and Lnko counties, 011 tho Hepub
llcnn thket, subject to tho will of
tho voters nt tho primaries to bo
hold on 19th day of April, 1912.
. unui J IIUMI'HO.V,
For Htato ItepTi m-uHiiITo-
Ihoroby iiunoumo mmt I1H u ,,.
Into for tho olllco of statu Hopro
Htntutlvo In tho Twcnty-Plrst Hop.
losonlntlvo District, Including Lnko,
Klnmnth, Ciook nnd (limit num.
ties, on thu Uopubllcnii ,ket, uh
Ject to tho will of t,0 vdiora nt tho
primary oleitlou to ho hold on April
19, 1912. WK8LKYO. SMITH
)IIX J. I'MWAM'i 1'ir.minl
HI ur I Win
Klamath County Abstract Co.
Surveyors nnd Irrigation Engineers
m.iph. plixm. w.iimiiNiH. Klnmnth Falli, Oregon
: WPf X
First Trust and Savings Bank
M l I II -'Vll.s, UIIU
A box of Selected
touches top notch
Seventh 6 Main
PHONE 1221
Before having
your Plumbing
First class work
at low prices
The World Moves So Do We Move
Baggage Passengers
to and from alOrainsJand boats
and QuickService
Household-Heavy Freight
A Specialty
Blacksmith Shop In Connection
Are prepared to turn out all kinds of Flrat
Class Work. Shoeing special attention.
0. K. Transfer Co.
Dpy Phone 871 NlghTPhone 873
I , M. Iltmil, Vlifl'Mi, nnd Irv,
UHm IN'tretury
1,1 npl to make )ou sigh f nil
tli. inuim) )oi might hntii cat
id Juit think of what a titer,
sunt )itii would limo If ion t.uil
put what you havo spent nrrd
tisaly In thu I'list Trust ntul
i Halug bank. Hut stop rrin
lug nnd begin sating Htatt no
iiiioiilit today nnd tewilir In
mukti It grow. It will, with B'tr
prising rapidity, If )ou sat as
ton ran and should
Chocolates that
in candy making
t '5TCi - li