The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 23, 1909, Image 3

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To the Public:
As an introduction to the trade of
Klamath Falls and Klamath County
I have inaugurated a Great Sacri
fice Sale. It will continue until
further notice.
The Boston Store
O. M. HECTOR, Proprietor
HIIT ' Mtlll
fill; lU-llir IjiiIh, II, .ni ur IM V
iitiu:ii-' ii ii:
i:ishi.i:ii a sin in
i-iii:. in it
MltllMIII.SH Ml'lli
XMI lb-.l hrriliK l l ii.liniMr. Is M H
iii.i.i.'ii ntoii
A few plots of choice land for tfnrdcn; Potatoes,
Cabbage, Celery or other truck, under
Irrigation and convenient
CAPT. O. C. APPLEGATE Fifth Street near Muln
Has some Lot Dorgulns for you
The Herald
A Hold-Up?
come to us, and see what fair treatment we give you.
Good Furniture at Fair Prices
for News
Well, I Guess Not !
Of course, we make a profit on our goods We
are in business for that purpose but the steady
stream of customers coming to our new store in
the Mang Block, Sixth St, enables us to turn our
money so fast that a very reasonable profit is all
we want. Furniture can be sold on close margin,
. as well as other goods, and that's the way we sell
it. When you want anything in the Furniture line
i tin: si iiaiii ic wiiiii.ii
II. I. .III. .t ililtniii') In llif v.crl.1
Mur riieiitl) nii Imu service it tlii'l
Ifii' kin. Mini: wcirku nt ir'it I'iiII
Mm I litre it will serve tit earn off
ilu i:um Ifum III" greater . ft r t of tin-'
large plant Tin rliliutii', Hlilrlt In I
imiIIi of drlrk, la tor, (tit In li Ighl '
nl,.." tin. ground It I, 5 tVc t In i
lutiteter at tin- tup, ami Inrrc-u' .
i. c .i 1 1 i 1 1 v In diameter tit llio ln ,
ric (J .- ItrlujM n ilutt rhamlier In
l . h tln ri'tlkall) I ting wires scrv
i i tiil.e nut thr iluit from thu miiiilci
II iimi It ri'inon'.l (nun lln lri-
lit i nklns inrc-haiilitii nml fntU In
I . 1 1 ti. In tin- lliMir. fnint Hlilrli It li
I., i.l .1 Intii ran In n I'll lieluw.
riMtrincotliMi n( tlu (iruml Trim It
I'ii, 111 rullKB) (rnnt tin' Kt ljirinr.
UK i to Miinrklnn l liclni; uiinlil
r. .1 wnlir .iit flic cnimlilu uf
it. ti. rniini: upwanl uf 1 linrnc
kiit. ercitly In nri'ii uf lln rc
lulH'm"nl. Iiai ln'cn imIicIimI nl
lliniut I'ii I la cm Ilu HI Jnlina tlnr.
timrl) Miiillitant froni thu twit
(.iiliilii IhIkci'Ii ulilcli tlcdtinrntliin
A iii'M ii' fur liallounit I iniiicil
Ii) II, lluri' nl ClilrnKn. ln
ill..'l rcrvntl) (ur Katt Africa In pur
nil u( mill ica n ii. I Mi; enmr. ultlrli
tn will hunt nut with the rlhV hut
Hip iimirrn III hli'.i U tit attract
nidi niilm.ils III Ihi'lr n.ilhi' lintint li
a lull ii'rtHi''.i iriini n n.iiiociii, uii.i
1 1 ciluKiaph them In muh natural HUr
niumllMin d HiKlillithtH.
The Kcncrntliin uf electricity In
.ii i Minium ur "wlml lurMrn'H." iih the
call t,-iii la mnkliiR Krciil proRti'iiH In
1 i:i.i:liui.l. ni ahoun ti nn exhlbll (it
tlir i'cntlitli annual nl uw ur tin
lli'tul AKiliutliirnl not kt nt tllnu-
chIit Thi' ohllilt liuluildl n -'4-
roul tuihlnii tin a ilO'fout att't'l temt-r
.rllnK ii urla!ilr-eicoil Keiii'rntnr.
Midi tuinl'leralili' nun (inracu-tiiil
i-r rnimtlly In ircihlo (ctr rnlinn
t'tirrt'iil aa Kiippllcil fur nn t-loctrl
-rill. ItittliH, Ilium ninl (ana, an well
ii u htillir churn, a rri'iun aipnrntui, a.i nnd a dccp-wi'll puni
i ilhlaltui uf ilu' HtnniBO hatlt-ry In-
In tun pnrli It la iiiisallilo to uo 60-
oil ciirrt'iit (ur tlrUInK lhc murlilmi
ml L.'i-mlt ciirrt'iit (ur IlKhtliiK, lit"
inn.,,-'...rniliiliiL-tin. us., nf nu'lalllc-1
tllaineut laiitpi
A (liofiilnln darkey uii'l lila "yolli-r"
Klrl were walking tilling lm lliir.
It- BXicriil mux Id ikf, It-iatin '
"Wl ni mil o ku ri'il nli, woman""
' lite i.kuri'il )ii'ko gwlnu lit kl.
tnc "
"llitw klu I klaa yn' when Iimi koI ii
J ' Inn ki t on inn Imlil, u wnuli pot In tine
I. mi mi' a turkey gobbler In do nil
$ J lilip'"
"Oli, will, )i,' fool, I win llilnkln
Ki' iiiiiM ml ilu luirkit nli watnli mi
ilu groiui,' put ilu turkey down nn'
turn ilu Ywmli pot ovnli lilin, dun net
urn on ilu wash pot, Irow i' ulmm
iiiounil nli- an" dm lii'p ju'mf."
mm in:
HI" Himi,i:.MI'..NT
I I.N'Ali All OI'.NT
NOTK'i: In lii'ii'dy given Hint Aid
Mm tin Jr , iiiliulnlatrnttir of t tin ea
liiti' of limine) H llowi it, diccnaed,
litis lllnl with Hut Com ly Court nt
Klit unit Ii County, Ongoti, for nettle
luenl lila Una I account In thu admin
Intuition of Hie mild entitle; nnd that
.Morula) . August OOIIi, lit 2 00 p. in.
nt the lourlhoimK In mild county nnd
Klnle la thu limit nnd plnco fixed for
ilu Inuring of nny and nil nlijiolona
to raid II n n I in count
tui'iit thereof, and in
cHtcil limy iippcnr nn
mid tlin nettle-
ny peraon Inter-
d tlin exteptlona
mild account nnd content to name.
ItiilnUtrntor of the Cutiitu of Hod-
ney K How en, licit ascd
8-2 8-2K
Yukon AM'tiui' la ono of the many
wi&& l & j2
jr 19SHMHi
i-.tvjrCLrCJo x-yrryaiytfiWBB BBB
of thu Aluika-Yiikou-I'acinc Kxpoaltlon. It leada from tbo Cascaded
down tn unci uf tho many entrance? to tbo Pay Streak and directly to tbo
"cafe", cenlc r" of the Fair Orouncii.
On the left of the picture a facade of tbo Kuropean Kihlults IlullJInK
ahowa. On tho rlKht la a corner of the I'alaco of Agriculture. In tbo
dlilarce. and ncroaa I lie Cnacadea, la to ho aeen tho Oriental llulldlng.
All of then.' alruiturea were completed before December 1, 190S.
They nre of the comentlunal expoaltlon t)po of conatrucllon platter
lad hut heavy wuojen framenork.
It Apptara That Thit Organ Can Ba
Clequrnt Even Whtn Sittr.t.
1'riiiii I lie iil.scnntl..iii nude by a
I'li.t'l'igiiouil't II iippt'itM that the
tuiiKUe iihi'li iiille atlll tun lie ua elo
HUeiit In glUiitf ll iiniier hwiij ua
nhen It la .lk'lllg Mlltill I" the
doxeu. ThU It il II ird filet for u llent
man tu auullmi-lii alleine. Ill mily
rt'imtl l t ltvi t'H "o a" I" "I" I "e
the iietl'iour.t llljlllietlen uf the doctor
to put hl tonuue out. for l Itil
thnut oul algn the ilHtor ali.ill kiion
'I he loiigue of the talker lill ob
inn!' il Iih Illicit to the right aide of the
mouth, we lire nkitl to lielce. nhere
ua Oie M'ldoin u-eil toligue gntiltutea
to the left aide. Orator, pteiilllela
iimi Ihirrl'tera arc eiidimetl with right
aided tongue, let lull) iarhiionliiu
Ihtkoii hale lefl i lilcnl tongue
, rurtlierniore. "Hie luiigue that
al ta out atralghl vtllhout turning or
wmi'tliii; Imllcalca n millcl, reliable
tii.iu of nlTiilr." Toiigue that turn
un Indicate luprui'tluil nature. A
.Ion tin aril, drooping tonuue belong
tu a 'rou born to Herty and a
read) t')e for the bo'lea aide of
'I he iruel tongue lluttcn and hro.ul
en when ei tended. The delicate
apeakl'ig organ vtllli curled up edge I
the roH-rty of an Imiiglimtlie nnd
artUlle Mdng. When the tongue la
me forlb ii If grlplMtl In n denial
lf II aiguille u loe uf life more
than ordinary.
riimlly we lire mimed that the In
illtldual nho thriiat forth hi tongue
to It eitri'iiiet erge I ii 'ion In
whom no n-cret should ever be coil'
llded, for he la nn lrreKulble cbut
ter.T. I.0111I1111 Chroulele.
A Sin ol Omlitlon.
Knowing Child Miuiiiiin puiilh-il
me for aomelhliig I lunln't tlone )e
inrciiiv Aunile TluH' ml her unjiil
Are jimi aureT Knowing Child Yea;
ahe punlahi'd me ltaile I Hadn't dona
my li'ou-llulruletl HIih.
"I aupnoie jolt are glad to be free
ngiilur . .
The cx-cont let alcleatepin-d a trolley
car, dodged nu auto nnd looked uerv
onaly towiinl ft clnnglne nmbulauee.
I "Oh, of course, of course," lie aaiu.
"Hut lei mo tell J " mf,n ,n Pnwn
fcela inlght) wfe'-riillndelpUU Led-
Chlrio:. Chief Feast'
Three chh'f fi'i tliirlii! which l'u
Clilifw I "I"' I """I " lllllvl nr', "u''"
of the d.igo:i. U.e tnoon ni'd the jcir
Good Red
Cedar Shingles
Building Materials of all Kinds
and Prices
Our Prices are the Lowest, Quality Considered
We can Furnish Everything Tou Need in a Building and the
Best to Be Found in the Market
The Big Basin Lumber Co.
C. . Evans, Manager, Weed, CaL S. P. White, Gen'1 Agent
aa leading to the Court of llonov
Making Hubby Appreciative.
A tit lor tell of n note he received
from n nomau n)lng thai bcr bu-
Utiid. who mi pImiiii to make blm a
profti'FloiMl pall, found eomtnnt fault
tilth the dinner alio prepared lor him
She nH'.ilril in the hylcl.ui for aid
The diH'lor I'SiimliiccI hi patient, who
had n alight nttnik of Indlgixllnn. ard
told blm In cut out lum boon, to eat
nothing but n allce of toaat and a cup
of tea The wheme worked excellent-
1.' At r1,r.. iiiii.i.v rc'turn home In
y. Of course ubti) re urn mne n
the I'teiilug. eat ettr) lltig In algl t
nnd mica til wife cooking even bet-
ter tbau mother uaed to make. Beaton
A Seotamiti nnd hi wife were trar
ellns from I.ellh 10 IjuhIoii by liont.
When off the Yorkshire const u great
atorm nniM'. mid the eel hid aev
cral narrow fnmi foundering.
"Oh. rUtuly," moauctl bl wife. "I'm
tin nfennl u' deeln", but I illtina tare
tn div nl tin."
"Pinna Ihluk o' deeln' yet." answered
Sniiil.' : "bill when )i- do. ye'd lielter be
ilrtiiiid nl mm than anywhere else."
An' wb). Fniid)" nkil bl wife.
Wh) " t" l.ilmcd Simly "I5i'nue
)e woiildnu ttist kiio mtickle ! bury"
. "s? i X. aalHl
fl vCsqE- vs if'' f. 'T'IHl
Immm aff"-"5ENfc FB9IIJIJ
SF?ffliS '
PWl iiirFiW-lP ' V -!
L - -'iiaK:'' -x-- i:F
lllllft)& jsHHhEi
California's handsome building Is one of the very striking atructurea
on the grounds of tho Alaska-Yukon-Vaclflo Exposition. It la In the old
Spanish Mission type oi'.a'rchltecture encountered so frequently In South
rn California, and the detail of Its front baa attractod th attention at
artists and arehltecta from all over the country.
in the hulldlns every county of the golden ntn'o will have an exhibit.
California, from Siskiyou to 8an
tor the Exposition as has waimngiou
Th. Ui to Which Iht Old Man Would
Put Iht Grun Bird.
! We arr all Mrlrlnff for two tblnga
untta and bnpplnraa. To get theao
tunny of ua art- utriiEgllnR for n third
fortune. In tlrlrlng to attain our
dfalrea many of ua tuvd a Krrrn par
rot. In a Utile limn In Iowa, In the
mlilt of a (Treat airelrh uf timber and
ineiiilnw. n matt built n enatle. Hoiue
1 hi US over ir..iIO he apetit In bulldlne
a home. Il noa thilnlieil within with
the tlnemt (miIMiihI nuoda. The founda
tion naa of bmwnttinp. the nlnduni'
of Frentb plate, and erery detail wan
'tarried oul lit the beat manner. He
Iliad crown to lie un old man He bad
alwaya lived In a modem cot Wee of
all ruoma. This man." Ion bad fifteen
On un tide there waa a macnlflrent
atone th orcr the pared drive that
led up to the bouae. lie bad uat coin
nlele.1 abowlne a friend urer the
I'lare nnd reached thU point wben the)
1 l-llna urflrt lrrul a
"Well. John, you ought to be bappy
Thi I a inagnlHeeut borne., Her la
everything one could wlah for."
"Wnal." replied the old man. wbo
waa n rattle buyer. " fellow alwaya
wanta anmetblng else."
"What on earth could you want?"
-at the query.
"A green parrot to banc UP thar In
the drive."
"Why a green pirrott"
"So every morning afore I drive out
be would uy. 'John, you'ro a darn
fool.'" Cleveland I'reta.
Wliercai. judgment waa rendered
and entered on tho SCth day of April,
1909, Id an action in tho Justice
Court for tho I'rcclnct of Llnkillk-
Klamath County. Statu or uregon
buforu A. 1). Miller. Juatlco of tl
lcaco for aald precinct, between II
W Hecate, plaintiff, nnd J. E. Sulll
nn, defeudant. In favor of plalntll
2nJ "f"1"1 c(?n,da?,ir'? JEhlh?!
Soi'nt)-(lo dollnra (i5) with Intel
thc'rcon at tho ral0 of gu (6) pc
ct,nt , from ,he ,6th day 0
A,,rHt 19o9, and the further aum o
Thirteen nnd Tent)-flvo One-bun
dredtha dollara (flS.SS) costa ant
disbursements; nnd whereas a tran
script of said judgment and proceed
ings had boforo said Justice of thr
peace In said caso has been filed .In
tho offlco of tho County Clerk of
Klamath County, Oregon, and whlcl
said Judgment was duly docketed In
tho Judgment docket of tho Circuit
Court of tho State of Oregon for the
County of Klamath, on tho 13th day
of May, 1'JUU, and tno sum 01 Devon-ty-flvo
.dollnra ($75), with Intorest
thoroon at tho ralo of six (G) per
cent per annum from the 26th day of
Aurll. 1909. and Thirteen and Twcn-
ty-flvo One-hundrodths dollars
(f 13.25) costg and disbursements of
Diego, has sl.o-n m much enthusiasm
.00 Per .
kjI1 action la now duo tl croon; and
by lrtuc eif nil execution limed by
o Clerk of tlm I'd cull Court of tho
rjta of O.iKii.i for tlm "mmty of
iHrnalh, on
ill, torn-
indlr r.
at, I. to
kiCLl i I.
tf!0 Hi
nt if-
ttflo .
.in 'j-vi'
.i r.
" '1 j
Of Will.
, 'lj ,11.
u l .
I of I
. to-wl.
I,.W .
',- t
I dll
our c .
V n ' MM
. . vn '
l fvr DMr l
1 ' rIVtcf
.1 . i-'rf -
' ti '4
'-" ' . '
. - t r
I .-' 1
la 101
"i on,
For an up-to-riato whr
uet a Kambler, on s.ile at
The Gun Store Tents and
Guns for sale or for rent
We carry a full line of
Sporting Goods
rtione 393 Opposite Am. Hotel
Four Foot Dry Slab Wood
$3.50 a Cord
Opea Day
Private Dining Parlors
Oysters Served in Any Style
1 1 aBsaai ,
; ; 000 acres, to miles BouthwtaH, ; ;'
; ; of Klamath Falls. Will Mil aa 1 $';.;,';
. wnoie or in pan larni, 1 ,
; , part down, the halanea la de- ;!
; ; ferrad payaseota.
at Mm raat isW
tftf tMIaiM
m '
'I ti&MI
H t i
II 4 , j
I v
'i .
it' &