The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 18, 1909, Image 1

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t RlanUIll rmi" s-irai
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i aim ucai wny.
Our AdvertJMr Qtt
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MgHIH I I I """""""""" "-'
puD Ykaii. No. 880
Pbici 6 Cent
jrtlond and San Francisco Limited Will
Not Ctirry Expressafje, Mail or Passen
gers from Local Points
fl, )f a lllulli'd Irallit
II 111 begin iTlllu
Hairamciilo Hi.. )
Tin- Jubb'.rs' Association It to linvu
luiviinr Kliliin the i,i,i uw dna to
nnoiim- an irtirilnti i,.-n rnuiitli tu
Klamath Palls whirl, the ,B whole-
ale llitrri hauls haiu l,i 1 1, i,i, for
aiilne lllni'
Tl.ii imriiou ill the tllp It o Klu
the JoLbut u i!ix u.x;tluiillx for
will pirvitiall) the Oclhlty of
Ulamtitb Pall, and Southern On gun
Thlt It n iiuii:riiiit arid (ml .level-
uplne iiuti hi ( 1 Intc about
, midway between Portland ami Sac
wo uiuit ot ikip iiiip.'ioniii. ainl ron-4uviitl bringing
hi !wfrt mi. rniiiparliiiMit tr incut, will mm, from .tbisn.l and "'" ioleilHa ol llio two clllvs Into
its.coR.b ballon boflu and numr in Uuiu (,, ,.. ... ,.,, competition lor lit liitrcatlu hul.
fir Only thiuuati pasionsert 'tarno delar u f.,u,i 1..1.1. ... nttt
UtsuM V at jo m i bo rutilcj, ( Tl"' "I"1"'! '" ihl. city to build
Tli km r i. (.arncuUrl lor tbr Mill hat. to la iLmi. until .iv
.., .l,,,u,M,l. .1.. a,Mlt ,)U.
between ill laic in llm -.mi,,, afie, Mn Hi.
rtUtJmd IUh l-.ali.l.n. in. Ituii.,1,.,, hue., on the .uad and tl.rn have
Tie la.i.t will lra iflrli m, i i. , ,... nouf, oui,f t
klorlwl in lir inln and ai ,lbi .an b ufUml lo il. i,ui.i.r n.
.ttWd II- (nlUiHlng thai I lino murh ..I il,. .-i. . ....
V ! t miIPmI i (inn 0(biMi
cir ifcc dliiin al. tint-., itaial. t'tuiu not
up n flourlsbltiK ttadw with tbla lo
cality bat been latltted upon for
weeks by Tlio Dao. aid Itt testimony
tlilima In with jciru of trarullriK
muii fiom (lilt city bo have porional
aiiuwIiilKc of the Klamath Falls
It la on th .i)o advla-a that tbo Job
bora liavu plnnnii) an cztiloratlon Juat
otir tho northern boundary of tbl
Hlatv. Thty hopu lo wl a aumclonl
iitimbi-r lo laleo tho trip o that they
may tratvl on u aocclal car and bv at
llbvrty to do about ai they like In tho
ay of aiiilnc the country.
Moit of thu bvadi of Sacramento
nt.olctalu flrtni liav yet to ace the
Klamath Falla country with
own eyea. They bavo beon Rolna; by
lucond-faani) Information In tho put,
and II baa held out to them audi cn
couraielnK promltca that they think It
worth whllo to make personal ac
quaintance with tho aoctlon, and find
out bow ureal an outlay of money and
energy ! Juttlfled by the proipect of
The I'ortland Jobber wcro out In
force at Klamath Fall on Railroad
The local Jobbers conaldercd mak
ing a trip In order to be preaont tbero
on Railroad Day, but decided that It
would be better to tako In tho place
and Its vicinity when the peoplo woro
dlicnitaKod and able to giro more kt-
On Fourth of Julv-Could Make Round Trip
and Have Eight or Ten Hours to Spend
at the Famous Springs
matter away from around your Ore.
Never leave a flro until It Is out.
Don't burn your slashing In tho
close season without a permit from
a Are warden.
Don't operato an cnglno without
spark arrester In tho close season.
Put out any flro you find If you
can. If you can't, notify a nro war
den or other public officer, or the
their tentlon to a carload of visitors.
jd;it.llli liul of Circulation
, .ImmlluK lo Aullii-rillr Report.
aocvdtliuD ol the tlrl In andjllir nptt aflrrboou, an.) will
lit Son Fair and put uu'nurb f.sln uuu (,, b K tj ,
ftlltu He i.irtrnl htavy Haul
llltt II and li Ai tar at ICUm-, , ... ., ,,,.,.,
. .... ..., ...-. I..,,.. ,
rait la un..irii.l llr nm irn - - -
. Onr ol llm mott niluut problims
.III u,t u a Unrnt lo any (n.i n. wlr urtl WrSn. 011 ;
l Fa.i... ...mine .tralahl Fou.lh and I'm. ,.,.., . nc.rli.. ! , .., ..,,.
Mrnil frunt I'urilaml nr lUn Flan- ruinnlHiun and will b i.oJ. d.r i,r. I
. turanri- rompanif tirain oui oi on-
KV 1AI L Bljta 1,1 iBkrli lin kml. .....K. I... ! .... ... . . t ... 1
r- -- -- .- .n..-,...n.,. i vi'.yi i ui I v u.i ui uri.iri jir. ... w. ... .
i . ai.i w.ur ai. nn .i..,i..i,m.i, . . .. .
..... .... , ,. muni arc
ll'l'tlt LAKE NOTKH.
Thu eitcntlon wlnga aro being Hlrlkera In Hawaii Await Reply to
built onto St. Cloud, ou Ducna Vista j Cabled Appeal 'to Ambassador.
Ililchtt When completed the build-
.k.l ll It..... .1. ... ..- .. aft-
..... i.. .,, ., u.. ..u- ... ...- .,,.. u Hlu, toluUM commit-
fln.l Lorn., in lh city Tbr r-, ,,,., Kdi. r .bow, that after deduct
i.nt.mvut of the inurlur I. pailleu-!, , hlclj Wl..t. MatBti
l.rl) Mra.lriK and runienl.ot The ,,,., (Jf j,,,,. ,., nlJ iMivoit
upitalrt cvntaln. fool hlc-ly at-,.,, .. ht,,A... . ..... ,,,, nu
j ran, Urir.on was (Miorrr by IC.STO,-
inotlnc aorne of Dan Orinith'a effects
from Odetta tu Kaclo Cape, where
will be built Mr. Orlfflth's new re
tort The great whlto sulphur springs
M Ihlt i' a.r iut tprt f rum In
twillalii iaint will In Ui
tt Wtvd a. at I'li-trnl
Itllltat-U lhal llila train will nut
III ipmir ..r hiall. and a quirt
Hllt in tbll linn It on., i.f tbr lautft tullet ul b.ltoomt
klMl .l. Mtt lt.M 1 !.... I. ..... .... !...-... .
r"" " " ...-..........- iir woii-niruiru oruiui"- I n- ,,u T. ,. ...,... ., ....... ........
(..r .. v.. ..w....wu -u.M .-' ki ini-capo are aur in uiaau inn uvw
..r ,,.r ,., ,,. c.i, air .... r.,ii u.niatn. a i.r nan. uuu..ll.d,.1- ..,.. Utrcuu-. .irrulalloc I
JU to alln ll.n niUlakr Ibrt Mv wrlor. OlLlhc iimui. kltrhvn. ,..... .fc i . ,
lit HI" IllUlk I'V'I IVK ui ttv ;mhi hmu
!.Ib attlbt- lb- .Ur.,0 nf It.. Iih.uiIi and a-Mant a tunm The hmjrrnl , , rilllk,.r tnIch wealthy
lltln in ll.n arhrOul. will I,, l.ralv.1 with hIiaii. Iioiii a fnt- .. Vork.ia It It claimed, and
run nun in. i.ii.lh air imw l.rl.l n.(r liwatid III tbc bairincnl I
'd ficn. iirlnrk In II.. mil. '
till : ibr nrli .tat arl It lakr M. and Mia Alrt ilartln Jr
Ing will be il feet front and 4C feet, HONOLULU, Juno 17. No reply
deep; will hate four towers and an has boon received by tho Japanese
vinbatlli'd fromondo on top 24 feet strikers hero to the cabled appeal
long An obxirvntory and burnlihcd which tho arretted editor of JIJI made
In contemplation, but of to Ambjtsador Takabira at Washing.
this latiT on .Ion. The appeal claimed that the nu-
The steamer Hornet Is employed In thorltles entered thu officu of tho
a arar., iw.nn (nur l.i.un In Mr and lr William llubb nf Muun-
KlamaMi I'allt tintii lb. ll.n. talntl.w and Mr ami Mr lllthup
I srrh. at Wnil will m in Mr lllthup
tJir th. old itliiMuli. fiuttt abJ th. I'pper taxlit In-liiorruw fur a f.w
lititl.t liiptu from Hairomintii ,A) outlne Hi') "HI alt.. ltll
tU aflnniMii. wuulil r.ach her. Hpiine Cn-ek
lolluwlng iukjii, and iiMilil I., pm - -
lul and ia;tMr.l nf ihal rt.nniii Order )nur Ic. from O K Trans-,
place popular
About a week ago thcro waa an old
je'llow, dun-colored, one-eyed horac
ttrujr.l away from llucna Vlata ad
dition The owner auppotcd he'd And
blni In llm ittv nound. but an Inaulrv
Ihlt mime) I. ..tumid here In loans. htmtd ,hat thogente-el pound matter
I l.ul It mi. I l.i' inteii'tt on aueh loautnew nothing of thu old thing, and
' pfubabt) Irulhfull) to, that tome of
It nli tint ntl ami lurnl.l.w n
furlb.. drain nu Oniton'a finances.
Il Is qulto probabto that there will
bo an excursion on tho Fourth to
Shasta Springs'. Some of tho c!t!ian
have taken tho matter up with tho
Southern Pacific company and bare
been practically promised a special
train on that day If 160 excursionists
aro secured. Shasta li on of tb
prettiest spots In California, and tho
possibility of spondlng eight or ten
landowner. Remember that any lit-. hours there of the Fourth of July
tic flro may become a big oao If left
at one.
CHU FOUND FOR SAOEDRCSH. u tlilht I.A3 Th. nwfl.r.
ni thu Itinrfnr.. wlitiL'd mo to write!
l-'""1' " , 0.-n..-i .. - .cl her., chlr.1, "'?T: 1 ' .r. "-LS
in p...iit Ihlt drain Iron, becoming r.l0 , Tho crn,j Btld , wou1j nol
lamer It I (iinductiil l mc-u of iiimc on the editor. Hut I told him
hlKb nilllKT. mid m-elut preference I would try to describe the horse, so
if nun On gun's mutt careful butluess hen goes
l ll.n wet. still find Nnw frr Cntupany.
It It ul llnl Interest In ewry
thuuld bo mude
Tr4 J
.. ........ ..... ,. .I.....I.I 1... ..i.i.ti. n
i tiiepumaii n i. i.wu. w ...mmv
' permnnl matter so that OreKun men
e be kept It. Orifon, and attltt In
lb. upbulldlin: nf a greater Oregon.
Thlt la the aliunde! kind of boot!-Ina
newspaper without dun process ot
law, and thereby violated tbo treaty
lights of tbo four edltori now under
arrest. A letter to Takahlra setting
forth the steps taken by tho Higher
Wages Association, and reciting the
acts ot tho authorities complained ot
In the cabled appeal to the Ambassa
dor, will be sent by thu Alameda,
which leaves this port to-morrow.
In response to appeals cabled to the
Jnpanesu of San Francisco and Seat
tle, replies hao been received by the
strike leaders promising financial and
moral support. All four messages
mid that subscription had been
The strike leaders dcclaro that tho
arresta havu solidified thu sentiment
of tho strikers und The whole Japan
17. Observing that no fruit troe
pests wero to bo found upon sage
brush, tho Idea struck Ed Hartman,
foreman of the Pat Mullins ranch In
tho Sclah, that sago tea might bo as
effective a spray as any to apply to
tbc trees. He boiled up a quantity
of tho sagebrush with water and
sprayed It on tho orchard Instead of mornjg.
sulphur or arsenate ot lead, with ap
parently satisfactory results. Tho
trees, Mr. Mullins says, aru free from
apbla and codling moth.
strongly appeals to many of the peo
plo here, and the opinion la exprttaad
that fully GOO peoplo would rnak. th.
trip It a special ratu I. secured.
Mr. Thompson, tho Southern Pa
cific agent, states that h. believe.
that a special train can bo ecnrd,
and promises to take the matter op
with tbo officials ot the road tt bt Is
convinced that tho people of Klamath
Falls would desire an excursion. Tbo
special train could leavo this city
early In tho morning so as to arrlvo
at Shasta about 8 or 9 o'clock la tbo
They would have all day
Hie Hit with a Pedigree and a guarantee
Some new, anappy itylea juit received
The Hi' Company will present the
.Itunmlliatloii nf J. M. Ilurrlo' "The
il.lttl. Mliiltter" to-night nt Houston's
Open. House Thlt It til" play In
whl.h Mnudo Adama made such a
succett us llabbl.'. and II is said llml
Mnigaiet Ilea handle thu purl to per
fection l-ddlc Mitchell will be seen
as "Thu l.ll.le Minister "
The loyalty on this play umounls
in as much for olio performance as
It Is expelled lhi' receipts will be 111 a
l heater nf the slut In Ihlt city, hut thu
management nf the Company decided
In present I hi' play as n sort of treat
in the people of Ihl clly. on account
i. .r in ceiie.oii iiulionaKo given
jlhem during their slny hero. Special
imenory will bo used in each act. and
'llm workmen havo been busy all day
' under tho direction of tho stago man
ager preparing for to-night's performance.
Tho prlco tor admission for to
nlgbt will remain tho samo at during
1 1... nrnvluu uerforuiances, and as
the peoplo havo been anxiously watt
Ing to see tbla play, tho prospects aro
that thoro will bo a packod houso
this evening.
High behind and low before
A...I .in til., linrk n .r.nt 111. sore.
He' good to ride or pack or tow community. The Japanese Re
llehlnd n wagon; but he's slow, tall Merchants' Association has re-
And Itu't worth but half the fus considered tho resolution favoring a
return to work, and now favor tho
prosecution of tho strike. It Is al
leged that many of tbo Japanese are
buying revolvers with the avowed
purposo of resisting what they term
unauthorised seltures.
That'll made about tho darned
old cuss,
If nny one should find such a borso,
please report to tbo Commodore.
Orgaanlied for the Protection
of I he lluyer wnd Seller of Real
Properly and the promotion and
Impmti-ment of Klamath County.
SEATTLE. Juno 17. A gold cord
long enough to encircle the earth and
moon at thu same time, and atlll
have enough to tlo around the baby',
neck, It has been figured out, could
bo made from tbo $1,000,000 In dust,
bricks and nuggets In tho gold booth
at tbc Seattle exposition. Tho virgin
gold Is lo bo seen In the Alaska
building, and Is from that section.
to spend enjoying the beautlta of
Shasta and leave there about o'clock
In tho evening and arrjva bom at 10.
It theru aro enough peoplo bore to
lerated they ahould .notify Mr.
Thompson at once so that bo would
have plenty ot time to make th boc
cssary arrangement..
Mr nnd Mrs. J. E. C. Peddcr ar
rived In tho city this evening from
Charleston, S. C. Mrs. Peddcr Is a
sitter nf II. St. Gcorgo Bishop, and
she and her husband will visit with
Mr. Bishop at his summer homo on
tbo Upper Lake.
u'nntsiA dace to work on
ranch. Homo more object tban wage
Relatives going away; muai aan
pluco In tbreo or four day.. Call mo
up. phono B 4, W. W. Maiton'. ranch.
Transaction with any ol the
above dealer, towm protection.
Mr. II. W. Hcrron ot Portland and
Mr. W. E. Greene of Vancouver,
Wath., are In tho city visiting their
brother, W. E. Bowdoln. Tbaee la
dies were former resident ot Ibla
city and removed from here nineteen
years ago. It haa been eleven year.
etneo either of them have vlalted tbl
Tho little two-year old baby of Mr.
and Mr. Henry 8mlth of Keno bad
a very sorlous accident Tuesday by
being scalded on the bead, ear and
right arm. Dr. Merryman waa called
In attendance.
U-Need-a McBride'a U-Eat-a Sandwich
Made from Cream. e For Sale by all
Sugar, Nuts and Fruit
Confecttoaer Stores
Tho Oregon Stato Board of For
estry has set forth a number ot perti
nent facts regarding timber resources
nnd flro prevention In a leaflet and
also In a notice ot sufficient site to
bo posted In tho woods. Tbo season
ot forest fires Is almost horo, and the
peoplo aro reminded that timber
makes many pay checks, whllo timber
that Is burned ovor pay no wage.
On every 1,000 feet burned, tbo
stumpago owner may loso $2, but the
community losos 18 in wages.
About 1,000,000,000 feet Is de
stroyed annually In Oregon, whtcb, If
manufactured, would bring In $13,
000,000. This is a loss ot wealth
that must bo mado up from other
eourcos wbon the tax collector come
around. Tbo board ot forestry warn
ings contain the following character-.
Istlc don'ts for the guidance ot camp
ers and all who go on vacation:
Don't toss any burning match, or
Don't make a campfire. In leave,
rotten wood, or against logs, where It
may spread or you can't be sure it Is
put out.
Alwaya clear all th Infanmabl
Package Candies
When you want a nice package of Candy and one that yoa
can rely on to bo fresh and In prime condition, coaae to aw.
Wo have Nnnnally' the beet Eastern candy
preeeed direct to ua from the factory. We also carry
famona Coast Chocolate In package froaa Be ap.
" targe line of FRUIT TABLETS, troe to fruit fbmn.
Use ROSE CREAM for Chap and Tan.
Star Drug Store
"They Have It"1 u
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Mrs. Addl. BOamtiMr.
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