The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 10, 1908, Image 1

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Mostly Kcntl I'"l,,;r '"
Khinnth FiiIIh ....
Our Advertisers Get
the Best Results . . .
Vkak, No. G2G.
Price, 6 Cents.
Y.M. 0. A. Tramping
Over Mountains
hcurionifttft Will Be Mel by
Committee from Local
nn Irliil lii.l.i'. ii,. wh found cull
mill Piilln. .ImiIki. I..WHIII Impimed
ii line ut It;, nr tii-vi-n ilnyn In Jail
Milium I:iiiim. fur Hie defenduM, '
iiki Hun Hi,. Ilii" ln imiilii $2n mi
Hum i hi') ii, uiil ink.' mi uinul In the
.! lilt Court 'llii. Judge denied (lie
lri'iiii'iil iinil Mr liiinliiiiii will have In I
pii) lila llni' '
Wiwu Alfalfa llii).
Iiiilnuiiiiii ui ili tin,,. atl. iimt
Ii i.' Kill hi. ii nl tuiiK demand lor
nll.illu lut In Hi,. Kluinuth hnalii thin
)i"ti Htiiikiui'ii uri. already mi tin
liMikniil fur I I iiml T I' .1th, nr
Titiiiniii. Wimh , la In I hi' murkct fur
welcome, mill for kiicIi I assume to
i.ay, no man ever tamo here whom
wo consider moro entitled to tho wel
ironm of lettltiK tilm alone to puraue
'llin pleasures and business bh he sees
fit, and without the obtruslvcncss of
In fulsome or noisy welcome.
And on behalf of such citizens I
. . i j t . r a ii ,oHiimii to sar, he will receive their
Contract Includes the Construction ot AllUiad support m an Ms undertakings.
which will not extend to the point of
tunjuit taxation or Improper obstruc-
tlon ot any plan lie may propose for
It ho betterment of his railway system
name to boom the county If you want
hut nt leant let blm como and go
Roadbed Except Across Marsh
Resting in Klamath's
Cooling Shades
tun led nut While the lull through
rhimhfr of Commerce I"1" " '""i" " "' ti-r timu
.rof,,r,M..',lTl'ny!r,,H,'Vi,;,,,"Confirms Mr. HarrimanS Statement That Klamath rails ln "-'" ?DY ' "V,,!!
ii) hi Meirlll lie la offering $, nt ,o pergonal, either abont the gentle-
Ju.lte (leo T Hal
it city laal nlKht
ittrr lie him been ililtlliitllu: the el-
rtrltii In Ihla niiitily lie left Port
Usd Friday nlghl with lh V M c
(iow.1 hn nr now hlkliiK fiiini Mell
aril In 1'rnter ImVi: He mine .i
fir si Medfnrd Kith tin. crowd und
titbit place lin wan a spcilnl giie.l
It i dinner tendered to the putt) li
thf Jli-dfurd Chamber if Commerce
After lunch tlni vlallnra were taken
form iitiitiiotillii trip HiruiiKli a Mir
tlon i.f ItoKUit river valley and pre
u eipeitid a fiw wei'ka before liar
teit bi'KUii It In Htlll eildenl thut
dwln urrheil In I there will he no siirplua and that hay
from rortlnnd. '" ''ilnit ' l'r lrli durlnit tho win-
Will Have Rail Connection Early in 1909-Work to
Be Prosetuted More Vigorously
Newspaper Men
Likely to Come
While ill I'nrtliitid Judge lliildwln
detuteil m in It of hla time to the pro
tiintlnii of the Oregon Press Asaoeln
tlnu iiiiiralnii to the Klamath riiun
tr He met tunny of the writers and
nil were in) etilhililuatlc liter the of p.iyliiK thl section a vis-
Klamath I'iiIIk Ik nboiit to exper
lenn. the iiitual results from the up
proaih of the nil I road. Heretofore
nil lonalrmtliin work done on the
California Xorthcnatern has been too
remote from thin city to britiK any
direct heni'llti to the hualnexH men of
Klamath Knlla, but now comes the
nmioiimcmenl by the railroad otllc
lata Hint the mntrnit for the con-
rtrticllnn of tl n tire road to I bin
illy, Including the Dorria tunnel and
the IiIk cut north of thin ilty.hua been
lit 'I be mill MTlnua drawback to
rlrrn a atari on their HIM- our llmln,,. ,., matter la the Inleralate
Bountalna, (Kiininerre commiaalnn Newspaper
The party l compoaed of ten of j met. aeldnm pay ah for tranaporta-
'I.... ..a.. I III., , .il.llllla.llLH It M (t tlllt It
l-ortland'a reprraenlallx. )miiiK men I' """ " """" " "
iuii...... , ainii tn the r iravi- ni! from one atate
Tlir h- a waitoii to haul H.elrl( ., ,,a, Ttl, w,
lamp equipment and their bnmtnce l(. ,h ,.,ttll iu pay tnrtr way
They will apeud a few day at Crater from Xalilnnd to Dortla r.flica some
Uke and lrlnlly and will hike to other nrrnnitcmenla can he made.
. . , ... , Ibe Klamath Chamber of Com-
th Asency land UK where they will ,i, .. ,,,,
' I merie baa, however, taken the matter
I met by a boat and brinish! to IM( ,,,,,, nllll it u .r)- prhalile that
city aa the Kueala of the Klamath H,, n, mbialiiiinry work dune by
dumber of Commerce The) will Judi;e llnbUlli and with the apiilnl
lpad the day III tbla rlty and wlllilnd meiila offered by laltlnK the
lkn be taken to Odcuaa from where jlnke la Klamath Knlla It will he mi
tkry will lilki'lirioaa llmlillli I" Aali iiirtaiiRiil Hint the preaa aaaoclatlon
Und where they will board a triiln will ben the Kiieata of thU lounty.
tor Portland I he p.iiple of Wood rher valley
The parly will belli iharjteof I'll)- j will dn their ahare tnwarda entertain-
ileal Director (Irllley of the Portland nK iiml trninmrtlni! tne ianor anu
umclallon and at thnontael the trip If the railroad transportation ran be
meant for rely n walk from 'allfnitorll) nrraiiKed there will be
no illlllcnll) In Kellinc pniiiamy mir
hundred of Hrenon'H newapaper men
to lall Crater Uke na the KiieatK of
Klamath uiuiit)
Mail) l.lll-IIM-a laalll-ll.
Hlme the llrat day or AuKiiat Iho
iiiunty rlerk'H offlco baa taken In
$13h from buntliiK llienaea. Thla
mornliiK Hiree California partlea took
out llcenaea ia)liiK Hie forelfin fee,
fin. Klamath county hiinlliiR l t
traillliK attention and the llcenao fi
ahoiild b" Hiiluclent to Biipply flrat
iIiihk ciiiiin priitertlon
Unlfurd to Crater Lake and li.n k. hut
lirllitliiua were recelMil by Hie aaao
rUtlun to liae Iho pari) In mine the
runt a of Hie Med fold Chamber of
Comment, while In that illy and
JmUe llaldwln wna aimeaafiil In In
durliiK tin. rrowd In lomii on In thla
(Ity to aen the benutlea and iidvnn
tca ot the roniliiK inelropolla of
Kautheru Oregon.
Dunham la I'lniil.
K. A, llunhnm, who wax nrreated
bturday for apee.llliK hla nutoiuohlle
lthln the rlty llmltH, waa kIwii a
HHKmmw v'""rT,'T"
First Showing
man or hla methoda.
Why not run a newipapcr anyhow,
and leave to Mr. Rooaevelt and Mr.
lirjnn tho exclualve bualnet of mold
In); all public opinion.
Tho Kreateat railroad majnate ot
tho world la n gueat of Klamath coun
ty for aevcral wceka, and as between
liont und irueat our dutv la nlaln to
on the heela of the announcement of .u,)l(crbo lo hu YerleU wnm ,n(I not
.Mr. Hnrrlmun hlmaelf that the road ask him lo accedo to our.
not riii'iOiIiik. Inn knew the exntt con-'
dltloiiE I
The leltliiK of the iiintriiit (iiinlns
let to Krltkann A I'etteraon and with- prom-cuted
will be built to the mivlpilile water
thla full ami to thin city next aprlnK
kIvi-h the peopln of thla aettlou re
newed hope and eniouraKement and
will hnM' a decided bearini; upon Ren
enil lonilltlona. It la positive evl-
ilemu Hint work on the road will not j. )', Kimball has returned from a
atop, but on the contrary, will be itrlp to I'okccama where he met Geo.
Make Increase
In Fire Patrol
Business Matters Consume
Much Time and Keep His
Operators Busy
In u few weeka a portion of their
larKe outfit la to be bronchi to thla
end of the Hue lo make the IiIr cut
and to uae the tilt t In flllliiK In the
)arda mid in tint conalruttlon of the
rondhed betneen thla city and the
marah. Crlikroti : I'etteriuiu uiu the
rontiartora who lime built moat of
more vlKoroualy than
heretofore. So fur na can be learned
It la tl.e Intention of the contractors
to hrlnu one of tliolr larce steam alio
vela In here nt tin early date for uae
on the blK cut.
The exact lonilltlona of tlm roil-
K. Lone, the vlce-prealdent ot the
Wejcrhaeuaer Timber company, to
discuss local Interests with him.
There Is considerable uneaalnaM
amoni; the timber companies on ac
count of the dancer ot forest Ursa
and they have Increased the patrol
und are keeping a very close watch.
While In the vlclnltv of Pokecama
trail have not ct been mad.! public I Mr Klmbal, went over the land leas
hut It la the Intention of the South- lt-( in Dave Kdler for crating purpos-
the road and the awarding of iliiiein l-nclllc to rush tho road to thlales. Ilu was accompanied by Mr. Ed-
illy and In order to nwilil tho delay "r w,l "" wlln " lo ln, W
on tits way to uonanxa. ins laaoa
leased by Mr. Kdler cover the Span-
on the marsh the third dredKC la to'
bo added at once. An order baa been (er crock( Agpcn ,akCi Rock crMk
(ontrarl to them of the remainder of
the line, with the exception of the
marsh work, allows thut when K. II.
Ilarrlman In hla nddrcsM a few days I placed for the machine und it will and Klamath lake sections. Wm.
neo stated that the ro.ul would reach I he put In operation iik mhiii na It nr- Smith, of Illy, who had leased land
this city In the early spring ho wna rliea. alonB lH0 uPPer ln ,ounB "nPOT-
! slbto to bring hU sheep through and
I tho lands have been leased to J. A.
Itrown, of Cornell, Cal.
Merely Coming to His Home for Season
of Rest and Recreation
Karly Closing In KfTecl.
New Fall Hats
All the Seasons New
est Stylos and Colors are
J Stetson Thoroughbred Brands
"The Best Place to Trade"
Mr. Ilarrlman was In Klamath
county for two or three weeks lust
summer und gae tho residents of
Wood river valley a thoioughbred
stallion and keeps It, for tho better
ment of the homo flesh ot that sec
tion, therefore, why la ho a stranger
within our gates, uh the "Morning
Express" heads Its Sunday artlclo of
welcome (?).
In a country which owes so much
to Mr. K. II. Harrlmuu as Klamath
county, most any kind ot u white man
would think he wero entitled to that
beat of all hospitality to bo left
alone, to bo allowed to como to his
own prlatu properly, which ho hus
done so much to Improve for his own
pleiiHiiro and that ot hla friends, when
It has beeu heralded from one end
of the country to Iho other, that ho
wuh out for a season ot rest and re
creation, and that of all places on
earth ho had selected Klamath coun
ty for this purpose advertisement
enough lo satisfy moat localities.
Hut no, ho muHt be met ut the wharf
by u lot of people he does not know,
after a hot, tlresomo trip by rail,
stage and boat, and must bo asked
to alt upon a platform, In tho early
part of a hot afternoon, listen to a
few speeches and bo asked to make
one himself, wbloh by the way he did
In his usual way, and handed the
county their earnings of a few hot
ones, just as readily as our honorad
President has had his.
Now besides this, he has had to
put up with the affront of newspaper
articles of welcome, which no well
minded person would us lu welcom
ing a convict. In what way would
the editor of the "Morning Express"
appreciate a wslcome about like this.
which la not dissimilar from hls.whon
he should happen to return to his old
home, souiewhcro down San Quentln
wuy, "W'hun tho train canto to a
pause, u small, slender, long-haired,
sallow, dyspeptic und tin-bespectacled
gentlemen hopped off, and anyone not
knowing tho Kcutlemaii would scarce
I) Imagine that the smull quiet man
was tho famous ed'tor ot the Klam
Fulla 'Express' ".
For delicacy and the glad hand tho
editor of tho "KxptesV and tho
Chambor of Common o would tuko
the boohy prize any w hero on eaith. t
Now that )ou hne done so well,!
I suppose )ou ure only watting for,
tho railroad lo got to Klamath Falls ,
In order to recommend "soaking" It
tho limit In order to nil so sulllclent
tax to build those roads Mr.Ilurrlmau
told us wo needed.
Ilnu'evoi-. Mr. lluirlmun need not
bo concerned, for this was tho same
welcome accorded (he Klamath Cunnl ,
Company, which came, hero to put In j
an litigation canal after no had tried ,
for (11 tit' n or twenty yearn to get
Bonie otto to do It, utid through this
same coterie ot editor nnd others,
they were obliged to abandon tho
piojecl nnd turn It over to tho gov
ernment, which began soon after lo
see u grout light out this way
This compntn proposed to put In
the canal and In ten years turn It
over tu tlm water users for fifteen
dollars per acio. Ah tho government
canal will coit two or three times
this amount, uuyoue can nee what a
great benefactor has come Into this
county to mold public opinion.
For the average cltUeu of Klamath
county, I think someone Is entitled
to extend tp Mr, Harrlman a decent
If you happen to go to a store after
7 o'clock tonight and find It closed
don't swear, but Just remember that
the merchants and their employees
are getting a well earned rest. To
day Is tho first day that the early
closing movement Is gencraly In ef
fect und It you arc In need ot any
thing for jour breakfast get It before
the clock strikes seven.
E. II. Harrlman Is enjoying the
beautiful scenery, the fresh air and
the cooling shade at Pelican Bay.
Ho arrived there Saturday night af
ter a very pleasant trip op the lake
and has established himself In hla pa
latial summer home. Much ot his
time la taken up In attending to bua
lnet matters that come over the wire
for he I kept In touch with all tho
Important affairs ot thenatton. What
ever business demand hi attention
I transacted over the wire and the
operator are kept quite busy receiv
ing and despatching message.
Mr. Harrlman' two sons, Averall
and Roland, accompanied by tho
guide, left the lodge thla morning
on a hunting trip of a few days. They
are going back Into the mountains
In search ot deer and bear. 'It I not
knowa whether Mr. .Harrlman will go
out on any lengthy hunting excur
sion. HU time la occupied In busi
ness matters to such an extent that
It may be Impossible for him to go
on any extended trips. It Is, so far
as can be learned, his Intention to
go on some ot the short trips with
his boys and the guides.
The ladles belonging to the Harrl
man party will arrive here tomorrow
evening and will be taken to the
lodge on the following day. It Is not
known how long the distinguished
party will tarry In this section but it
Is understood that Mr. Harrlman will
remain at least two weeks.
Ice cold drinks at the Monarch.
Wo also handle a choice line of to
hnrcos and cigars. -8
8ilas Obenchaln, Dr. Wm. Martin,
Bam Walker and J. 0. Smith return
ed Saturday from a few days trip to
Buck lake and to Spencer creek. They
made a thorough search for the man
supposed to live ln the woods In that
vicinity, but found no trace ot him.
Going Camping ?
We have the best guns
and ammunition. Let us
outfit you for a trip to the
mountains. We have the
goods that hunters need.
Going Fishing ? ii
Our rods and tackle are
the best that are made
and the stock from which
we invite you to select is
very extensive.
Roberts & Hanks I
Hardware Merchanta
' .