The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 24, 1908, Image 1

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Mostly Keml !PP '"
Our Advertisers Get
the Best Reaulta . . .
Klimnlh 1'nlln
Second Vi:aii. Uihtm.
Price, 5 Cents.
g, K. ( ommissionsr
and Promoter
Ihe Visit of Col Forbes to this
iw:,..i l.iv Min More
II..10 It. Annarpul
(1,1 p A I nbei, one of the bil
loom riiHiirn in Nurllteru Callfor
tilth! Il.r owner ol newspapers at
Yicka, Cli i"l Maryivllle, arrive)
allirll) li night ami la spending
tht dtr here He Is eccouijiariled hy
Ui nn, l w ill g l Adams ranch lu
tiilt for lew weeki, anJ by A.
('. Irani, railrua.l commissioner o(
Cilihrnis, riicjr litre been It Norl h
tmCiUI"tii4 Mr Forbes It looking alter
b.i Inlnrtlt and Mr. Irwin on business
ndhkIoI llio California North
"IV j'lii had an off day," taltl Mr.
urlilirn aknl II ho wa litre on
time nal liiitlnrM, "and 1 Induced
Jlr, Irani in come In Klamath Falla
tlih m to luuk uvcr Ilia country ami to
liiit t nutni-er ol lllae who UN to go
t) school lo in, amurm them Frank
Ward. U' are not here on aujr but I
ita, hut later on In the season I am
mmlrif-back hero lor a limiting ami
Mil( trip I llkn the country, that It,
dial I have neu of It, and when I come
Utk I tin yoing In morn ol It."
Col lurhi't promoted tlrctrle rail
i)i in llir jcriirnto taller nd '
i(ull dredging proposition on the
Klamath ntrr. Illtrlill to thl section
tut; mean mora than It apparent for he
lit uiiii olio repreienta considerable
ripitstaii.l In- would not oarlook an
c'irlunin lor a good Investment, lie
an-l Mr. Irwin will tlart for Sacra
mento in Ihe morning.
' Will Locate Here
K, II, Milihill, who hit been here
from MtMoiiri lor the past several
vm-ks, stalled fur hla home thli morn
Inj He wit to favorably Impressed
wllli tlil tecllon ha will return hero
!tli hit tamlly.ihl. i'lill ami will make
Milioiiieliilhltcjiiiity. Ilehai leeii
shilling In brother, Horace V., In Ihe
stock Ijinlin-m time he caino here.
1 1 Xt ,ij
For Ladies' Khaki SulU. SkirUand Leggings. Outing Boots
n.l CM m .11 ., .. w . t..ln anil Kllftki SUitB, 11818,
Gloves and Leggings, Walkover and Napatan Boots, Straw
and Outing Hata of evary dweription: Tents ? Hammocka.
Pialiing-Tackle, Moaquito Netting, Blankets, Quilts, Duck.etc.
Snow CloiiiK Off l;nst
I'ark Hanger II. I Moni)i-r hat re
turned from a trip IhrniiKli Culi-r I aki
National I'aik lli'dld not yoatlur in
Ihe rluiol Ihelakcoiiaccouiilnf tin-snow
At ihe station ol li superintendent
mot I ol the innu hit yon off, hut then
are ttlll runny lr lltn that an- several
liel deep, hlnce Ihe warm weather hat
let In t hi' mow i going i.ffvi rv fait ainl
already teams an- (orning nero tin
moufnaln patting hy tlm Aranl slMloii.
Indications are lliat the n ut'iii will
riien earlier litis jear Ihan II Lai for
everal )eart. While the early part ol
July It a hiil lime In make, the Hip on
account ol the lln-i ami moulto, ttlll
many local parllet ate alieady planning
lo go Iheri'hiimeillately after Ihe I uiirth,
and It It very hkel) that a number of
Ihoto who will attelul the Indian I 'oil l III
ol July celehiallon will go on to the lake
bufore reluming hnitie.
Eastern Star l$itiHuet
Meiuberi ol the Order al the Ktiterii
Hlar tendered a banquet to Mrt. I'., II.
Ileamei latl nlitht at the Mitoiilc Hall.
.Mrt, lleaiuri wat elcctelUrand Worthy
Matron at the letcnl tirand lndge
meeting held at 1'ortlautt and the frit
Ivillci nl latt night were in honor of her
home coming.
A uiiiilial and literary pn-giam nan
tondred and Ihlt wn followed hy the
liaiiipiet Jiidiie II. I.. IVntoii acini at
Inatt mailer ami among Ihote who n-
ondcd were V A Oelrell, Hun II.
V. tlatea, A. I. U-atitt, Ky Taj lor and
Mlu Lulu Mraw. Thehlge pretcnled
Mr. Ileamei with n l-eaiitiful tiUcr
lierrydl.h, Mri. II V. Miirdoeh unk
ing the preieiilallon i-ech, Mri.
Ileamei retp-indivl, thar.klug the lolgn
for the Qjany homiri the had rcveluil,
and riprriilng her hearty appreciation
ol all that the Older of Uatlerii Mar ha.
U-ttowed iihiii her.
Thaetciilngwatoiie of the grjiidetl
etenli In the hlttory ol the local Iwlge
and all nhe were in nttendaiu-e partici
pated lu ouuof the leading loclal event"
nl Ihlt aeaion.
An alarm of lltu wni inmidetl Ihlt
inonandlho fire ilepartiiirtit turned
out. A Hue In the City Hakery ilarU-d
on the roof, hut More the lire gained
any headway It m cxtlnguninM oy
meant ol a garden hora. Tint lire coin
naiilea did not turn nu the hiiIit.
Oiio-f.nirlh off on all cut k'u" and
hand palnUtl china for len diijiouly nl
Wtnlcn Jewelry itore.
Mcnil- The town without a boom.
: IF SO :-
Grover Cleveland Dies at His Home
Princton. N. J., After an Illness
of Over a Years Duration
(Hjcltl to Ihe Herald)
I'riiiietini, N. J, June 21, Orover
nrtelaiid,e 1'icclilenl ol Ihe United
Glutei dlnlal H:tU thlt morning. For
Ihepatt lilli-in monlhi lumortol lilt III
ne Imte indicated that the fatal dil-inn-
from whhh he hat In-en a lufferer
fur mi long wat grtdually hallllng the
llllol ihe moil rx-ert ph)tlelam nl
the country and that It wit only a mat
ter ol a thort lime hefore the great Dem
ocratic tta'eiman would niccomh.
i:ili time thete rumora were emphat
Icallv dcnlisl liy theattendlngphyilclini
and memheri of Iho family and recently
ilnlrineiitt were made that the dli-llnKiil'hi-d
patient wat rapidly recover
In hit old time ttrength. Hit death,
then fore came ai a itirprlte.
At hit L-e-lfl'le at the time of lilt death
were Mrt. Cleveland who for the put month hat licen molt devoted
in her attention refuting to iermlt any
one hut hertell to care for her huihand,
and only under the rtrictett orderi of
her doctor retiring for hriel ierladi of
much ncivlnl rett. All of the children
gathered to hid farewell to their dli
tiiiKuMie I lather. Tueiday afternoon a
coutultallou win held and the unan
imous opinion wai that death wat but a
mailer of a few liutirr, although every
effort known to acieuce nil put forth to
ward off the fatal hour. At timea thete
effort would reem to Bucceed, hut Ihe
ex I'reiiilelil gradually failed until thti
morning when he tank Into a coinatoio
from which he never rallied.
Telegram of condolence arc pouring
In from all parti ot the world, one of the
tint received being from 1'reildent
Hootevelt who expreiteil to the be-
r.avcil widow Ihe deep aorrow he and
the entire nation felt over the loaa of
one ol tla molt valued cltltem.
Many from Portland Will
Visit Klamath This Summer
"Many of my friends In Portland will
visit the Klamath country this Summer,
to spend their vacallont," said U. licit
kruiier, Jr., when asked about his visit
to the Mato metropolis. Uo continued,
"1 met many people who are Interested
in this section and who talked strongly
of coming here to look over the country
wlthii view tolnvestiugat well at for
tho purpose of visiting soino of tho re
torts In this section. Portland people
are very much Interested In Crater I-ako
Park and many of them were very much
disappointed that the appropriation for
this year it such a small amount, and
they will work for a large sum next year.
It It considered a direct tlap at Ihe en
tire state ol Oregon that the appro
priation was cut down lo S00O. The
people ol Portland are fully
aware that Crater Lake la one ot the
world wondert and large delegation
from there- will visit the park during the
next few raonthi."
When asked about the business con
dition at the metropolis, Mr. Heltkem
per stated that from talking with tome
of tho largtit dealers In the city he gain
ed the impression that conditions were
Improving nd that In the past fsw
ThU we followed by one from W.J.
Order were limed directing the
placing of all flagt throughout the
country at half matt. Princeton and
all New Jeraey li In mourning, for dur
ing hit retldence in this city and itate
Preiidt-nl Cleveland lint endeared him
ell to all of Ita citizens.
Arrangement! are being made for
the funeral which will be one of Ihe
moit noted ever held in America.
Grover Cleveland wai born In Cald
well, N. J., March 18, IU7. Hit father
wat ltev. Klchard K. Cleveland. He
received a common school education
In Fau-ltevlllo and Clinton, N. Y. Ills
first -oilllori was as a clerk In the New derived Irom a few business men and an
York Institute for Ihe blind. In JW5 effort Is going to be made to get every
he went to Buffalo, N. Y., where he be body to lend their support and financial
gan the study of law, being admitted to
thebarln 1803. That year he was ap-
pointed assistant district attorney ol
Erie County. In 1805 he was defeated
for district attorney. In 18G9 he became
member ol tlie law nrm ol l-annlng,
Clevelaud A Foleotn. In 1R70 he wai
elected ilierifl of Erie county. At tho
end of his term he became a member of
the 11 rm of Han, Cleveland A lllm-11. In
1KS1 lie was elected major of liuffalo,
which office he administered with brll
llant success. In 1882 he was elected
governor by an unpiecedenled majority.
His record in 'hit office secured for him
the nomination lor president in 18S-I,
to which office he wat elected. In 188M
he waa defeated for re-election, but was
iticcctsful In 1892. At the cloto of his
term ho retired to Princeton, N. J.,
where he baa since resided. Since his
retirement he hat betn much talked of
as a candidate for a third term, bat each
time the question wat broached he em
phatlcally declined to be so considered.
month business ol every kind had pick
ed up considerably.
In speaking of tho political tltuation
Mr. Heltkemper said: "Chamberlain
will be elected United Stales Senator.
All oi the Statement No. 1 men hare
been Interviewed and every one hat said
that the promise and pledges made dur
ing the campaign would )e fulfilled. The
sentiment In Portland It strongly In fa
vor ol Ihe election ol Governor Cham
berlain, although the Statement No, 1
men did not think that they would be
called upon to elect a Democrat to the
United States Senate."
Quests of the State
Sheriff Silas Obenchaln and Deputy
Sam Walker returned last night from
Salem where they took W. II. Blttner
and Clarence Getter, the horse thief
and forger, who were sentenced to the
state penitentiary by Judge Benson.
They delivered their men to the
authorities of the Institution, and while
there took occasion to visit a number of
Klamath men who are- guest at tho
tate Institution. Sheriff Obenchaln,
lay most ot thmare looking well and
the life Mem to agree with them.
Many Inquiries Coming In
The Chamber of Commerce, Is recelv
I Ing many iriqulrjea Irom parlie looking
for hornet on farms, Thete are coming
I not only from thecltle; and agricultural
, districts of the eait hut many are com
ling from Washington, Oregon and other
western slates. An eastern Oregon
rancher wrltei asking Information con
cerning this country. He states that
1 he has a .100 acre wheat ranch which he
expects to tell. lie rays he is tired of
.raiting wheat and wants a -10 to 80
acre farm where he can grow alfalfa,
hogs and chickens and probably keep a
few dairy cows.
From the number of Inquiries being
received It looks as If Klamath county
will have no trouble In settling op ita
urplus landt. The Chamber of Com
merce is lining good work in helping to
advcriltH this country and Is tending
nut literature and answering correspon
dence as well as they can, but the di
rectors reallre that a more extensive
plan of advertising is necetiary In order
to get our share of the homrseekeri.
Other towns and counties are spending
more money with greater success.
Every dollar spent is bringing twenty
Into the country.
The entiro rupport of the Chamber It
asiistance to carry on the good work. If
every clllien will.get In and dohia part,
be that ever so little, the thing will be
easy, and there will be no trouble In tet-
lllng up this entire valley In the next
two years.
The Arant Case Still On
What it becoming the famous calf
c re Is ttlll the main drawing card In
court circles today. The protecuton
completed their evl lencc at noon, with
the exception of ono witnest who wat
III. The Jury, Judge and lawyers, ac
companied by about thirty men, went
to the barn in the east end where
thecal! it Ix-lng kept, and made a
thorough Inspection ol the calf, which
Mr. Aront claims Is tho one in dispute
and belongs to Harris, alia of the cow
and the hide of the calf, which Arant
claims belongs to him and which Harris
At the afternoon teislon, Mr. Grltgby
was the first witness. He was followed
by W. K. Arant, who was (till on the
stand as the Herald goes to press. The
evldenco of both the witnesses wat
mainly In identifying the two calves,
and no further facta have been dis
closed than were submitted at the pro
llmlucry hearing.
The court room has been packed all
day but the main Interest teems to act-
tie on the battle which the oppoalng
Uwyort are putting up rather than on
the evidence us lo who nvvnt the calf.
The proof of
the freezer
The White Mountain Freezer
makes more cream, better cream, and makes it easier
ami cheaper than an other freezer on the market
Shortage of Beef in
Eastern States
Range About Same as Last
Year With Prospects of
Average Hay Crop
Stockmen of thlt taction feel that this
la to be a protperont year for them.
While the scarcity of beef In the Last
hat nu direct hearing upon thlt country
yet in an indirect way It will effect the
price of Klamath county stock. Horace
Mitchell, in speaking ol the situation
"The shortage In the beef supply In
the East will have some effect upon the
local market, and I think that this la
going to be a good year for the stockmen
of this eectlon. Much of the beef In
Nevada and Utah that has beretoforo
been going to the Western markets will
go East because of the shortage and It
will retult In an Increase of the price of
'I Western beef. It Is also very prob
able that stock will be shipped to the
northern market thlt year ami this
will also make an Increase In the price."
In speaking of the range condition
Mr. Mitchell said, "I think the range la
about the tame aa it was last year. Stock
la looking pretty good and unless some
thing unusaal should happen the bay
crop will be np to the average."
Preparing For Reception
Pelican Lodge is being fitted up fcr
the reception of the Harriman party.
A large shipment of furniture was taken
to the resort today, and the many Im
provements and changes In the place
are nearing completion. Col. Holablrd,
who ha charge of the work, ( has had
several men employed for the past few
month with Ihe result that the Lodge
Is equipped with all modern conven
iences. On of the last thing to be done it
tb wiring of the resort for electric
light. R. J. Sheets, of the Midway Tel.
A Tel. Co., h it gone to the Harriman
resort, and, assisted by J ml Low-', will
do th electrical work.
It I not known at what time th
Harriman party will arrive, but there
has been no contradlct'on ot the report
that the time 1 fixed for about the mid
dle of July.
The latest novelty in hatpin njade
from real flower a In nature, no two
alike. G. Heltkemper, Jr.
is in the