The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 18, 1908, Image 1

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Mostly Kiwi Pnpcr In
Klamntli FH
Our Advertisers Get
the Rest Results . . .
Second Yi:ak, No. r,81.
PnicE, G Cents.
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E. H. Harriman Will Bring Eastern
Friends to Klamath
UblifiquiahcHl Party Will leave New York on a Special
Train, Coming Direct lo DorrK-Pluns Ueinq
Made for lluntinq and lishinj;
' Yuik, June t H. I!. II, llarriinan
llli-ri.. mil IfM Until two month In
Ihinllliiil l'.r Klamalli UVo tlit
hummer. Ilcrclofiirr tht lnluruiiilliiii
iiyirmoiil lhal Im Mould remain lint
i l.w wrrli nl hit mountain home, IVII
ran Hay jtlf, the umn as lis did lal
jrtf, dill III now atate-l that Im will
Ktonlj accompany Mr. Harriman ami
tlilrln sons lit Oregon nest munlli,
Ut lint he will bring ii special train
!oJ of Nrw Yorker and irniiilnriil
nilirii oi wllh Mm, alwi flint he
alll throw Ida game preserve on In
Mi Kluirud gurale anil will supply Iheut
llli launch! boats, ami will, suit
U tacU gHfcf M Ashing at III.
tort. (Uiut ot nmfwil abound la
tbt lurnli surrounding 1'ellcan lUy,
ami thr lain and III muuiilaln stream
ill fumlali rmllrM sport (or Ilia dis
rl.lr7of tsase Walton who all! m In
thsllsrrliuan paity.
IUW. II. Ilolablrd, of Harriman'.
rsnnal italT, ! Ikiii on tlic ground
lor some tliiH-, anil nmlcr lit supervision
aorknitn have overhauled Ilia odgt, Itt
ilalVI electrical equipment and other
iereiililf f r the comfort ami luxury
il llin litliiriiUliK. visitors.
The parly will leave hern aoaa In at
rltsatlVllcaulliy atml July II, ami
Mr. Ilirrlnim it n arranjlnx lilt
bililneas affair so aa lugrl lliiiu iImiiI
tint llinr.
Fwcll fr ll bring tin party In
I i-urris, l. rrnni Ilicir u Ii a uuiance
of eleven inllra to lln l-unl landing,
where thr strainer makra rotiiiertlonfnr
KUmalli Falls. Trlrphune ami trie-
graph line arr being elahli.ied fur the
um-iiI .Mr. llarriinan ami the parly Hill
tairy with Ihrm a complete cor of up
eraloia anil alengrapliera so lliat nr
ktrnl liualnn may be attended In.
Ilarrlman'a ronal atalt will accom
pany lilm, a will tl.r family pliyili-iin.
According to tellable iulorrnatiou Mr.
llarriinan wll luugh it until, rVptemUr
lilfUaaVrvT lauitly will probably rrmalu
Amonj lb pa'M-ngrie who wi'iit out
on tlie boat llila morning were Mr. and
Mrs. T. W, Hephens ami dsughtrr ami
llie Mlast-s Una and Minnie, llarnuiu.
I- K. Wlllltt returned lait night (mm
I'urilanJ where lie hrlxd I-j1 I lie
Klamath country during the How Car.
nival ami alto attended tlie Masonic
(Iraml if.
II. V. flatra, lliu president o( the
l.illlit and Water Com ny ant alio ol
tbe Midway Tel. A Tel. Co., will arrive
in Ilia city tomorrow nlitlit.
MA gk
V JaVaaa"atKlll
I mmK A
lavors Tnrilf Revision and Contains Plank Asking Courts
to (mo Labor a Hearing Before Granting Writs of
InjunctionPermanent Currency Advocated
Clump), June Irt Immediately ((! TliiMilore Ilurton, o( Ohio, who deliver
Ion Iiik tlie nil.ipllon n( tlie pliitform tlie ed I lie nomination peech (or William
roll of atuteii iiai culled (or nomination , II. Talt. Following Talt'a nomination,
(or I'tinident. Onii ol tlie lliat utatea
tuiliiiiltted ll pritllvkl) lo Coiitfremnu
- WE ARE -
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Joseph G. Cannon was placed in noml.
nation liy CoiiKresiman Boutell, o( 1 1 1 i
Chicago, Juno 18-William II. Tad,
nfOlilo, naa nominated (or Preildent
tlili afternoon on the drat ballot. Ilia
nomination wat conceded alter (he re
Hirt ol the credential! committee teat
liiK alt the conteated Taft delegate.
Tad had out teven hundred pledged
T(l received 703 votea. The iiuui
ber necessary to nominate waa 491.
Tho nomination o( Taft was made un
antmntis wllh the consent ol the other
candidates. Tlie convention adjourned
unlit ten o'clock tomorrow.
The other candidates received tho (ol
lowing votes: Knox, 01: Hughes, 03;
Cannon, III ; Fairbanks, 40; UFollette,
SI: Fo raker, in.
Chicago, June 18. The Republican
convention convened at 10:17 this morn
ing. Tho committee submitted their
report and dralt of the platform. The
majority report ol the committee on the
platform was adopted by tho conven
tion. The platform contains an anti-lnjuiic
tlou plank, asking courts lo give labor a
hearing before granting writs of Injunc
tion. Favors the immediate admission
ol New Mexico and Arizona as separate
slates. Advocates permanent currency
system; amendments to Shermaj anti
trust law; enforcement railroad rebate
laws; extension' rural delivery; con
structlon ol roads at publio expense;
equal rights (or negroes; conservation
of natural resources and establishment
of a mining bureau.
The platform contains the follow
ing plank on tariff revision:
"The Republican party declares une
quivocally (or a revision of the tar riff
by a special session ol congress Imme-
Waters of Mysterious Tule Lake
Are Gradually Receding
Indications Are That Water Winds 111 Way to Some River
Through Subterranean Channels Reclamation
Service May Experiment Next Year
dlately (ollowing the work assigned to
tli appropriate committees, and coin
mends the steps already taken to this
end In Ilia work aolj-ncd lo the commit
tees of the two Uouies which are now
investigating the operatioua and effect
of existing schedules.
"In all tarrifl legislation the true
princlplo ol protection Is beat main
tallied by the Imposition ol soch duties
as will equal the differencs between the
cost of protection nt home and abroad,
together with a rcaronable profit to
American Industries, and the benefits
that follow are best secured by the es
tablishment of maximum and minimum
rates to be administered by tho l'resl
dent under limitations fixed in the law-,
the maximum to be able to lie available
to meet discriminations by foreign coun
tries against American gords entering
Ilicir markets, and tho minimum lo rep
resent the normal measure ol pro
lection at home, the aim and tho
purposo of the Republican party being
not only to. preserve, without excessive
duties, the security against foreign
competition to which American manu
facturers and producers are entitled,
but also to maintain the high standard
ol living of the wago earners of this
country, who arc the most direct
beneficiaries o( the protective system.
"Between the United fc'tatcs and the
Philippines, wo believe In a free inter
change of produc's with such limit
ations as to sugar and tobacco as will
avoid damage to domestic interests'"
Resides advocating revision of the
tariff, the platform endorsed President
Roosevelt's policies anil declares Ihe
Administration fearless and praises
the president (or curbing tho criminal
trusts. The history ol legislation under
the republican administration during
tho last (our years I reviewed at con
slderablo length.
I. Frank Adams is in tho city from
his ranch, He Is Inspecting tho work
being dono by tlie dredge on the experi
mental (arm and Is also completing ar
rangements (or the construction of a
dredge scow on the Upper lake.
Recent measurements ol the waler
flowing through tho Tuta lake outlet
show a decrease of a fuw second feet.
Several weeks ago the flow- was S3 sec
ond (eet, but at the last measurement It
was nlnteen (ee't. Thedecreato in. the
flow Is explained by those familiar with
Ihe conditions as being directly dun to
the (act that the take is getting lower,
and as the water recedes tho stream
through the outlet decreases.
There Is at this time no Indication
whatever that the water is running Into
a cave or cavityjlhat is likely to (111 up
but those who have been watching the
phenomenon are liecomlng convinced
that the water Unds its way through a
subterranean channel into some river
In California.
Engineers of the Reclamation Service
are kept informed a to the condition ol
the outlet, and it Is very likely that,
next Kar a considerable mm will be
set aside to enlarge the opening so that
It will bo ol practical use In the recla
mation of the Inundated lands In the
Tule lake basin.
There has been no work done on the
outlet sinco early in the spring, and it la
thought that the flow could lie again In
creased to 23 second (eet if a channel
were dug from the deeper water to the
opening. The lake is gradually getting
lower, but this is due to a measure only
to the outlet, for at this season of the
year the evaporation Increases and the
Inflowing water decreases, causing a
gradual receding of the lake.
An Excellent Performance la assure1
Saturday night when Francis Travlsty
Company will bo seen in Houston's
opera house. Three comedy sketches.
"Tho Seal Skin Saquo" MM Dcplomacy
and "Papa's Roy" will be given, besides
high class specialties, Illustrated sing
and animated pictures between the acts.
Reserved seats can now be secured In ad
vance at Dunhams Candy Store. Price
CO cents.
In Ihe divorce case of Aina Campbell
vi. Frederick Campbell a decree was
granted by Judgu Ilenson jestcrday eve
ning after hearing the evidence.
it m-
The proof of
the freezer
is in ihe
The White Mountain Freezer
make more cream, better cream, and makes it easier
anil cheaper than any other freezer on the market