The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 01, 1908, Image 1

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&y Ittwl I'niwr In
.Our Advertisers Get
the Best Results . . .
KlinwtK Ki'll"
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fll LBJi,
DdYkak. No. Ml.
y Nominees De
pend on friends
Jte Ncarnct of Election
Ikeye Is No Perceptible
Stir In Politic
I (i only f' tnutr day until llio
ribcik). '" appioaen l mil !''
tr iiyl'Mil campaigning. Tlif
atrial not wurkliig openly l'r
Moil of th" wtrr feel that
laJkVt un nominated aie well qualified
,tt-ltl'(" lo which they aaplre
ajaenqiince ru lakli.g little
lejMSst. Tlity Irrl that no lustier
salts ij 'be lcrlloii " ll will !
lUrcf tlm cauJIJat4 fur Mayor
Maakltf a tiling campaign ami Willi,
INBVM i '' """" haw refialnrd
IjMsiSMklng ")' proinlae ir ptedgra
Itrffltulrlvclliii. Th campaign
jMcln tin) ii it llili time all
aajsaalltl bats Uf n. sroidrd.
Itettsctitmoivur on next Monday
salts polls will on at nine o'clock
(.sad will clow at four o'clock p. in.
Us Hist ward lll vote In Ihe Wllklm
I Mir tlio bildge, thsKocund at
I III lata lull, and Ilia Third at Hander-
ItaMkeU. According lo th elljf chr
avail who ire not rejlalcre-l cannot
awtJt It will bo useless for anyon to
Darlii hl vMm. tfr"
Stwlni Lumber For Plume
It-lee Lt l.ko Lumber Company
WWlnMlliii Contrail lur aawlng tlt
rlutllix t,weiiimcnl Hume, U
IU iMntlnti of the odrra mill
ilaje e,ro ami ha already
Tttrl aoincot the lumber ao that Ilia
leonlurtoii Cinl.l ImuIii mnVlf nrf.
About Your Summer Suit
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laaaaaaaaB BBBBBBbW
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We will not charge you a cent
and Satiff y You
, -
Another (lood Play
The Moiig Company (ilawjj a largn
audlenc laat night with the pnnrnu.
lion of ilm lmiiKul iliama. "Until
Death do u part." Tin- play was on
ill thn lirtt mcr irvnvnll In llilt clly
atnl Ilia auillrnca iwiiil well Mllnllv.1
with tlir iiuiiiirt In uhlrh wn ,n,.
lurol. I.'cry iikmiiUi nf tlm iiiiiiiany
knii hli or hrr .tl irt iliotmlly vtrll,
ami a a cuiii(-.innu all of iho ihancl
era ware amlalnvl In a miniifr tlmt
lrarl Ilia ctumlril Ikhip Mr, JIoiik
m lr Janiln, watln til plrnn-nt anil
inaila a tt'lulll .vincr, Thr
ilealh tviii wai very nallille ami H.k
l-oit tliruugliout tr Mr, .Mijiigarhuiiiv
lo iliotr hli (UM)ilur talent a mi actor
Kwryone u( Ilm actor ili-H'tvi n.-cUI, (or without triiiii, l,c
lay alhuruiilily iiiiUliitd hi every
arlanil iliarartxr, ami k tnu liu-
ir.c.n that rrtnaln with Uhw) who
ultnra a vtrll rulurl ilrama.
Thoa" nliu vter.t rarly In -r Ihn
actura aily thr kk-am- ixli.ta an I ut
on III niak uu Ut Ida tliaractr tlm
'i" lu rrirM-nt In lla'.ly nllneatuil
n InUrcttliiK 'iliiriniirc. '.M4tliiK
il"ianatt In llwll, on lh actor
uiuit thoroughly iin.lcitlaii.l M.tin he
ran apx,ir at hi Ivl.
Thanks to I'lrcmcn
Tlm Ijint IjIib l.uinUr ('omtuiiy !
lit loralrnl ll; thank to the Kla
matli Kalla Vulunlrrr Kin- IK'aitriiviit
(or Id ( vlco irn Ivrol at th rrrcnl
lira. Tho irouiliif i, tlm ilvail
in nl ainl tho carneilnri of tint men
ilUI much loirarili lavliiK the hjlMliiK.
Tlia work ol the lira !) I iloicrvln ol
the lil(hl ciiuiinrnilatlon ami irlr.
' 'r"T.' "W.'O.-llui.os,
Manarr bind ljke l.umlxr Co,
Auction Sale
A. AiiioM mIII fell at imlillf anrllon
on, Mny I'lli, at I , in,, nl
the lllnl Unli'y lar-, i.r-ar Hit tiinnrl,
the followlii llrmit
TniaKon, harni-i, one ilow, two
liarum'i, all KlnJa of IioiihIioIiI k"'1
and olhir article. Tcrina rarh.
There are poor, ood, bet
ter and beat makera of
clothea We repreicnt
the latter. : : : :
Our Invitation for you to look
oyer our choice selection of Tans,
Browns, Fawns, Blues, Grays,
Mouse colors, Pencil and Shadow
atrlacs Is an Invitation to see
Quality that Justifies" the Price
When placing your order
with ua you take no
chancel on getting juat
what you want, becauae
mtfT '
avHw vim
K-Jt.1' JTilaBaaBaa!
h 4 fzAMaKBL
J'Veaf' aUMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Will Make Brick Soon
Wnrllrr A. WatlrnliiirK will rccelretliv
machlnny for Ihrir hrlrk manufactory
within a few !a;a arjl fll! brgln
)uratlng the plant ax anon aa they 'can
Kft It ftahll.hl. It will U locateJ 6n
Ihe lluena Vlala aiMItlon near llio
U'r fjike
Not Ready for Business
The alramer Wlucina will not U rwuly
loj.icin the irgular ruu on the Upper
lake for "etnal werka. All ol th tral
lie on the lalo la now carried on by tho
atranirr llnrnrl ami tho nuinernaa
if we do not fit
County Court Business
County Court will convene in rvgular
feaalon next Momlay. The tnoat Impor
tanl uiatlcm that l. Hkely come up,
willhaadtclalon on tne brMfoacren
lt rlerat the upper gap, an.! Ihe ap
inlntment of a health otllcer to All the
vacancy created by the death of Dr. O.
W. Maalon. Dr. Wlillo ha Iwen men
tlinel iu cnanectlon with the appoiat
ment ami It I very probable that he will
u apiwlnted by the Court. The bridge
In question I nut which the Court ha
been trjlng to crack for aonielimc, but
haa not determined upon a mean of go
ing about It. The bridge aa flmlpro
pocd ia too expenilve to warrant iU
conatruclion at thla lima and the Court
I In quandry Mto what action to take.
The Judge and the commlaaloner will
likely the bridge aile before taking
any definite action on the matter.
Improving Pelican Bay
J. K liolablrd, brother Of V. II.
Ilolabird waa in town thla week from
IVlIcan Day getting iiipplle and labor
to carry on tho work ol inatalling
pumping Hani, complete hot ami cold
water ryatem, and cold atnrage plant, ai
Ihe llarrlman reeort.
Looking for Land
Several partlm era In the Wood river
valley looking over Ihe country with a
view to buying atock laud. The partiea
are from Caraon Cllyllowa, and are
looking for a large area ao that they can
engage in Ike atock luminous on an ox
tenklve acalc.
The Weed Lumber Comauy ha
hipped a'carload of lumlier lo Dorrl
for Ihe large warehouse (or Ihe Mclntlr
Tranaportatlon Company. Moat of.lU
lumber to he used In Dorri heyeafuw
will be (applied by tho Weed Company
a Klamath Fall mill cannot compete
a long a they have no railroad Iran
The Klamath country needs no refor
mation. Tho city and county jail have
been vacant (or everul wooka, aave (or
an ooeaatonal drunk who i locked up
long enough to become able to navigate.
Thaeellaotthe county JallMiave beta
unoccupied ilnoa the but oeiUon of the
Circuit Court when the criminal cae
Police Court Revenue
The Police Court haa contributed In
round number about tlOO lo the city
exchequer in tU paat two year, or
rlnce A. I Uavltt went Into office.
The police Judge draw a aalary of 1400
per annum, and it will bo noticed that
In Ihe twoyeara thp flnea mlltiled tg
Kitgated approximately fiOOiii accecaof
the salary paid. Judc' UavlK atate
that there hag been practically no bull
nea In hi court for the pnat two
Will Export Boxes
eial large ihlpmeota of ho lea will
le exported thi year by the Long.Lak
Lumlwr Co. Th flraj ablpment will be
Marled about May Ifith, and othera will
follow at regular interval. Tho com
pany haa contract enough at fcUn Fran-'
ciaco. Han Joe and I Angtte to util
lie 2,000,000 feet of lumber. Tho ahlp-
inent will bo mado over the California
Northeaatern, and the Southern Pacific
haa granted a commodity rate to tho
manufacturing concern.
Working on Power Plant
Moore Uroa. Mailed a crew of men to
work on their power plant thi morning.
The heavy machinery which arrived a
few day ilncn will he Installed before
the building I erectod. Thi la done be
caute ot the aize of the large piece. A
won a the machinery I put in place
work on the building will I retained.
The line to llonania will he completed
In about alt weeka, and Juataaaoona
It la nnlihed the crew will begin build
ing to Merrill. The plant will be ready
to furnlab power before the Aral of July.
'Hello QirJs" Resign
The Mlm Kit Smart and Edna
Houston, who have been employed ae
"Hello glrla'Mii the office of the Mid
way Tel, A Tel. Co., hava reilgned their
pofltinna, and .Mil lloujlou accom
panied the ihow troupe lo LakuvUw
where abe will visit with friend for a
few week. Mlas Cmari will go to Mer
rill tomorrow lo visit with her friend,
Mlaa Haul Uurrla. While there ihe
will accompany a party on a camping
trip to the Lava Bed. The familiar and
cheerful "hallo" ol the girl la miued
by the patron ol the telephone ytem.
Off for Frisco
Mr. and Mr. K. B. Hall will leave lor
San Francltco to wltne the Incoming
of the fleet. Mr. Hall wilt return home
(mm there but Mr. Hall will go to Lo
Angelc (or a brief visit. From there
he will go to Colorado, returning home
by way ol Fortland In time to take In
the Koae Featlval. 8he will lo met by
Mr. Hall at Fortland.
,Vse the-
Irfor TnTut. I
Pbicb, 5 Cents.
t '
Many Passengers On
First Cars
Klamath falls ia Represented
By a Small DelefaUee
Of Travelers
Dorri, Cal May I. The fir at regu
lar train over tbenew railroad left thla
(own at eight o.clock thla morning.
There wn a number of paaeeeigar
from Klamath Fall and several (roe
tbl town and vicinity. Rvery rwldent
of Dorrl waS out to tee the cart mora
away from the depot lite aero) the
level Mgebruah plain. The car asored
awayalowly a the track la not yet
ballasted, and It would be unaofetorua
at a high rate of ipenl. The track 1
absolutely ttralght (or about 15 alias,
and the train could be seen several
mile out of town.
Tbehlatoryo( railroading into thi
town begin with today, (or heretofore
only contraction train bare pulled In
and out at Irregular intervals. The ess
tire population ol thi town will tarsi
out to witness the arrival of the tnt
train at 4 o'clock thla afternoon.
Homesteaders at Home
Parties comlnaj In from tbVwosd
North ol Bly state that saost.ol the eob
In that were built last Fall darix ibe
Die r'Vr;-c-ii.-.-
somber of !Btaac neral srtaMavej '
reetdlng on- the eame quarter seetlea. A
number of the claims that bad three and
(our settlers on them hut Fall show no
Jgn of Hie now, and the clsisas have
long ilnce been proved npoanader'the
timber and atone act. Many of 'the
hotnetcadr realise that it le an ex
tremely difficult matter to hold " claim
In the timber belt as a hoeaestead asxi -comply
with the lawa In every ssstss of
of the word. To avoid any chaste of
losing the claim through a contest they
haw' relinquished to the Govenssaent
and placed timber and atone SMaf
themselves or else they hare allowed
some other party to place Um lllng.
Arrived From Wyoming
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hum. tether
and mother of W. O. Hason, ei Uai Lesag
Lake Lumber Company, and T. A Jlreat,
brother-in-law ol W.O., arrlredkere
last night to asake their bam. The
(ormer casta (ram Clearmoat, Wyo.
and the latter from Basin Clly, Wye.
Hooka, nica, TroUa;
Sptonera, laela,aWlk
and Linen T.tnaa
& cANt routs:
& Hanks
r (. $
u, -.
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jw. l
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were dlepoted of,
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.. y.
v , s. r.
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