The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 22, 1908, Image 2

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Ut I I'J
i dallr, umit Sunday, fcr tti
""""''U pr cem.Wt.bte mlt. Kl.m.,th-a ' P" " l",w"l, " T"M-
IJ.llT.WlUn, rr. . . . .
IIaIIv. h null ala nrnnlha. . . I.W
&llr, br malt, thnm monllvi, . l.ti mall. man In, ... .W
Sail,. dNwwl by earrWr. wM, .15
How to IUiilT,-8d rwtiiflW monrr wur.
tpma ordw. irrnnal chack on jrwir total li,
umpa, win, or currtncy.
Hnnrim I.AW or Oaroow.-JWtllon Sa of
Ik laws of Oraton rwrkla that lwm any
Mam mlralllna- a tiaarauaiwr aliall Inatl KUCh
mtM lo any iwnon In IkU Rial, wllhuut
Hnl rMvlvtn an tjnlT tharfor. Uf h nvwvpapt-r n
ahallWdatoaHaanrfnod.Mibna. .WnxlilllKtOII TVrtltmy,
wU nwpirr U nvclTwl r in ?mm w wnoni
n u wni or not.
MARSH LANDS ltfotfs richest WL
Timber Land Notice
UhltPlt PlttlM l.l"il Olllci', LllUUmV
Ofii;oii, IVbriiary IS, MW.
Notion U lioirliy itlvon Hint In com
plUnoo with tlm imivl'loiw tit tho net u(
I'uiiiirvaa ul .lime 3, 1S7S, rntllliM "All
art lor Itie att nl tlmW lamia In tin
th ol California, Ort'Kiui. Nt'vaila ami
' an pxtciuliil to
all tin I'ulillc IjxuI Ntatr-s by net ol
AtiKiiot 4, IS'.il', Chartt'a It. DoU, ol
Klamath rails, Comity ol Kl.wiatli,
Stall- ot Oregon, lia tlliil In tlila otllco
lit tnorn Mati-iiii'iil No. 4012, tor tln
iiircliaio ol llie w'4niU, nn'i'w'i, ol
w !l, tp. :W S. miiko U K. V M ami
will offer priml to alioar Hint tlio laml
roiiKlit la inori xaliialilo (or 111 tlntU'r
or Mono than tor tiiiciillurivl itrMv,
..! ,.. ..alrtltlUK lit. i'IaIih til mill 111 flat
A Colorado man hit his moth.ijr,0,?!,,V,,,"!Jwul,ii1,Ttu
, , , , , . . .County, at liU ollliv at Klatnatli rail",
er-in-law with a horseshoe, hop-l0wBim V, il.o i:itl..tay ol
ing it would brinjr him jrood - mv mis.
luck. She has the horseshoe Homum-a. vtiin..: i. t. .n..h..
nailed over his cell door now. ti LZXTZvZ
1 "' " , llt.-Bi.ll.
A Kansas fanner of the name . Any nml nil n-rana l.iitulm a.K-a
of Thomas Catt as hit by theJy Hi.aio.iwnU.mii.u.iri-rism.-M.
piledriver attachment to a mule'"' ",,,M ,l",r!?,r ,Mf '! 'T ""
j i ni i tit j e ..'' M.iivmM ISili .lay t Maj I'.KtS,
and killed. His wife and four, lMi j. N. Vu.m, ,.M.-r.
little Catt's mourn Tom Catt's1
untimely death.
An Indiana editor complains
because the poets are trying to
force the beautiful springtime.
I suppose this fellow's winter
overcoat is just as good as new.
Crook County has let the con
tract for the completion of their
Court House, which was com
menced last year. $57,000 will
be expended in completing- the
building, which is to be of gray
A Chicago man claims to have
perfected a chemical
which will transform dead bodies
into metal. He assarts that de
ceased husbands and wives may
now be kept in the parlor as ornaments.
Petition fur Liquor License
Tit tin llonorAlili- Comity ('unit (
flip S'-lalt OriMin lor Ktniimtli ('.unity.
V tin- llii.lrralKiiiil, rt-,ilrlil an-l I.--i;nl
volrm of tin.- I'lccincl of .iitnciii'
llivi-r. In tin- County ( Klainnlli nnl
retail- nl Orvpm, nml ti-nMi-ntii
, tin-nil! ami w lio Iitin- ai-lnally rvatilol
lluTi'ln for iiion. tliun thirty il.i im
, nicliatt-ly prritillnK lh-' "' altfiilitir
ami lilltit; thin our nlitlon, tin hi'ti-hy
. tpfiKitliilly lH'tlllnn onr luiiioinlih'
prOCCSS 1 1 uly t,trtil nml li-fin- In J. U. IMrnll
nmlT. M. KMmII.oI Hit- linn nl l.ilrall
llnw., a Heme t.i n-ll iltilou, vltinin.,
fiiiiriilel or limit, li.juurK In 1i"h tiinn-tllli-8
than nm- K'nllmi, In the irctiiu.t
nfontiatil for a jwrlo-l of one jear, from
the Clh .lny of May, A. I. lt0S.
Notteu in lii'ichy clwn that thi a
tltlon lll Ik- ireetitiil tit the County
Court of tin-Slain nf )rei;i)ii, for Ihe
County of Klainath, nl the couit houre
In the lily of Klamath I'nllii, on the ilh
iUy ol May, A. I. l'H at lln- hour of
nneoVlnrk I'. M.or an imon lliciciltit i
u M petition ian lie hrunt. . thin 23lh ilay nf Manh, A.D. I
ItOM. i
O.T. Amlvii-nii. I.. I.. O'rlllin, I. T.'
W. W. Kin-1
A country editor of Nebraska
complains about the superstiti
ons because, while rubbering for
a white horse to associate with a
red-headed girl he had just
sighted, he stubbed his toe fell
into a coal hole and broke three'
ribs. ,
C.Mkt. . .i-,iiAitilfoii, 1'. A. Camiiln-ll,
. .CHV... .. KWiWlifl(ti)) A W yAMtli J
by the senate committee on I M. .,,, . w,,,. ii.tjancti. K.l lti..).n
poatoffices and
postal aavings
M. Haawr. Win
On Iiii-ratiin. John S. 1'ntbor. II. J. Uiik
bills, the! lam, Kom W. Kinley, W. V. Kmllli, i
n.mak.lni.MKni.nil tn "Pnalnl JlllUM I'lllllllx. W. II. ''litter. II. I'.
n I-, , i, i r ' Courlriisht, II. I.. AinlerNin, C IS.
Savings Depository" and a few M.irlu. Am.- Lnmly. Mat Iry-.J-A.
minor changes of text being whw.1. k Kreeinan, rpratt. Wriin,
j m. t i- 0. K. lierit, J. H. llnlil, Jntiien M. -e.
made. The measure embodies Kraut oi-.-m-i.ain, l- a.
nractir-allv trie views nf Prwtmns. kii. (leorite ltl.-jtiiliifc:uni. Q. M. An
T r, i, lilerioti, Tom Ivory. Jame Hell,
ter General Meyer. Isimmiiy. j. a. Vatier. s. i.
I Charle Trtiii.
A t1l t. I . I 1 t
a uiii ntu Lwen iniruuuL-L-u in
the legislature of Oklohoma by j
Senator Landrum, a Cherokee
Indian, making it a misdemeanor'
to use the Indian figure, no mat-1
terof what material, as a signi
for cigar or tobacco stores. The I
bill is practically certain to pass.
The penalty for violation is a
fine and twenty days in jail.
Senator Landrum says the Indi
an is always angered when he
sees one of these signs.
Leaving aside the patriotic
motives which should cause every
voter to lend all support possible
to the National Guard, now n line
of National defense, the economic
aspect of the Armory bill should
Orry it at the June election alone,
At present Oregon has rented
armories for local companies at
Buch points as Salem, Albany, J
Roseburg, Pendleton, Baker City.
Eugene and six other cities. '
These armories are not suitable '
for the purpose to which they ,
' are put and they cost the State
exactly $5000 per year.
During recent months there
has been much talk about good
city government. The time to
secure that good 'government is
at the nominating conventions.
The ward nominations were made
this afternoon and the vote cast
does not indicate that all citizens
are interested in good govern
ment Tomorrow the city nomi
nating convention occurs. Every
citizen has a duty to perform. He
mutt, if he claims to be a good
citisen, participate in making
nominations for the city offices.
In! the convention is the placo to
begin good government and not
in in indignation meeting.
Klamath Lake
la Connection With
Stage Line
From Klnmath Fall- to Fan Fran
clco ami all jiitn ln-liu-en
Thrall ami tame.
Leave Klumuth Fulls -1: A.M.
Arrive at 8M!iicer 7:30
U-uM- tipem-crd 8:
Arrive at l'nLei;aiiia 11 :
lavn l'okeKama,k-.iK.U :ir
Arrive at Thrall 1:15 I'-M.
Uave Thrall, H. f. mi,
Haiti No. ir at il-.'i'i
Arrlvo at Han FranclHcn U:L'8 A. M.
Z hours ami 28 mlnutec, Kluumlli
Fulla to Fun l'raiitlcn. Train No.
l!l on H. I. leavi-a Thrall G:.1 p. in.
arriving at Kan Fruncltco 1 1:28 a.m.
Klamath Fulls to 1'orihiml
l.eave Klamath Fulls an almve.
Leave 'I hrall,.S.J train No. 1(1, l::i2
l. in. j arrive at 1'iirllaml 7:Via.m.
27 hours anclM inlniili'd, Klamath
Fulls to l'ortlnml.
Fun Tianclpco lo Klaumlh Falls
Leave Fan Frauc-isco at 2:20 p. in.
arrive at Thrall at 11:01 a. in.
Leave Thrall at 0:20 a. tu.; leave
I'okvgama at U a. in.; arrive at
Klamath Falls at o p.m. Dinner
ut Spencers, leaving there at 1 p.m.
Khortest time ever. 2U hours ami
40 inlii. Fan Fraudsco to Klainatli
Fulls, No other route does It. This
Is the cheapest ami heat wuy. Fare
$5, either direction between Thrall
and Klamath Falls.
Get the Habit-Use Chase & Sanborn Coffees
You'll bo pleased with it. Those who have
tried it say it's the best. We always aim to
keep everything of the highest grade and want
your grocery trade.
Van Riper Bros
Phone 310
Heavy Frelhtln4 a Specltlly. Batfdatfe Orders Are
Given Prompt Attention
O. K. Transfer S Storage
Having up-to-date piano
trucks we solicit your PHONES
fine piano moving
Of tlCC NT i
Darn tin
KrilJciwr (143
The American Bank and
Trust Company
Coital Slock $100,000
Open lor buslnesj every day In the year ..xcepl Sunday and
li-tfal holidays. Intern! I'ald on Savlnda Deposlti
A.M. WOltllKN
Ana't (,'ailllrr
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 401
or KKK Store; Phone 174
J L FIELDER Wood Yard and Office
O. Ea, !MUUUXiM Near Gty Hau
Phone 84
The Eldred Company
F. C. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Oregon
Saddles, Harness and Supplies
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Snaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Par
ties. The largest and best arranged eating honse
In the city. Open day and night.
Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
from B. St. George Bishop I will be pleased to
meet all his old friends, and also extend a cordial
welcome to the many new residents of Klamath
County. Our line is complete, and lots of goods
are on the road from the best supply houses
the cities.
Successor to B. St. George Bishop
Incorporated November 28, 1900,
Ststencat of Condition
of the
Klamath County Bank
Klasuta Falls, Oregon
PIC1MBM 31, 1907
bans and Dlscountu S340.53o.uo
Bonds and Securities .. 03S'nni
Ito.l Estate, Building and "
Gush and Sight Exchange
Capital Stock, fully pntd.
Surplus and Profits ..
Due Other Banks . .
$585,041)..'-, I
I, Ale. aUrtw. Jr., Ca.hUr uf lh.. aKlVl ,Mn..
bank, tki iwMr that tlm nr .,. '
mrnt la tru. to th. U.I uf my Mi.lUn.f
AI.KX MAKTIN, Jit., .l,r
uf Jan!tsll,,, '"0nX ,U M"" '"" """ '"' ,u
ISralf ' C. II. Witiiiii
Notary ruhllr fur (i,y ,
Am'I Cushlcr
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
are Advancing in Value
When blocks in Mills Addition were (iin-nil
ft bargain prices a number of shrewd nm
tors bought; since that time values have
increased materially.
These Lots are Bargain Buys
st preacnt prices, and there i every rvawin
to anticipate an advance in pricr.t. Heincm.
bcr these lots are FIFTY feet in width nml
deep-more than double tho area if mo-it
town lots offered to Investor.
27l9: 9: APFIXOATI Office tin Klflh Stmi
Lasd Salesaes.
Plumber and Steamfitter
lOainath Falls, Orego
Strictly Firat-clau Work
Ettimatet Furnished
Fhoses: Bsslsess, 396; Residence, f-04
Bennetts Feed Stable
Next to Martin's Mill
Now Open for Bualness
The Chute System, of Feeding which pennila Stock
getting their flill, has been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
"" n
East End Meat Market
CRIILUt S STaTS, Proprietors
Waif Beef, Veal. Muttoi, Fork and Poultry
frtah and Curad Maata and Sauaafc-ua of all MniK
Wa bandia our maaU In tho moat modern wuy In ln
Mnaaa and aurroundlnga. Try ua and wo will bo n"
PPy to have you for a cuatomer. Free Delivery.
liMJ , V at