The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 17, 1908, Image 4

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Get the Essence of Satisfaction
By Dealing with Strictly Reliable House
When it's Jewelry, Wntch Repairing,
Optical Work or kindred lines you
want, come to the Leading Estab
lishment in those particular lines,
where you get your money back if
you are not satisfied
Our reputation is pretty good, too, as
the old saying serves as proof, .
"Imitation is the Sincerest Flattery,"
so it don't make me mad to have
others copy the simple and upright
business methods I am using
Leading Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
P Wlntcrt lor Jewelry.
Men I'anania ll't K K K I'm-.
Dr. Gto. II. Mf rryuimi It till! '
Now bracelet at Wlulcr.
rjMtPUnnnl hahv atiawl Friday 3rd. crlainlv HI
Flmler pfrai return loKKK ttore. I j.or U,H,r uk Mnt by launch call
0. T. Oliver lia returnol from trip j on 0. I Urry . Hon.
to tho Wood HUer valley In the Inter-, j.ovcn,, Mk, ,,.,, nrihed lu the
et of llio Matcot Implement Home. iv.t.,.,,,. khI.v.
For Kent r'uriilaiieil room to rent
rvatotiaule. On Filth Street llow Wal
nut Acnue. Mr. Cox. MO
County School Superintendent Wight
returned lt night (rout Fort Klamath
where he had ipent a lew day looking
lie r the tclniol and alio hit pulltleal
K. H. Hall can evil oua lino ranch in
lln Klamath liiialn at rtMMuiiablttlliSiirr
iind mi riny term. OilW, 2nd lloor,
J. II. Anton mid wife will leave Mnn
day (or Lnk.'vlnw where they alii make
thIr home. Mr. Autvn hat made
w s
ttM 4tM
fart Mat
ngunenti to engage In the hard. i,n, hIiciu he It employed
city from Polonium today.
M your eyo are (allinit, f.lattea donl
lit, ero Winter.
11. It. Iitiiilup hat returned Irom Itlver Valley where he prnl tev
eral day Irnklni: alter hit cattle.
To net a h.imeUlk to K. It. Hall aUnit
the Siuiiiiiera-Klniiey place. Olllce.Xnd
llmir, Itiildnln block.
X. ('. nimii and AlU-rt l'atlerton
ciuie in (rum Lmgrll Valley )itterday
to 'nd a lew day In town.
Udlet and Children Straw Halt l
eery dewrlptlnn at K K K ttore.
C. A. Jenten arrived hete Irom Uke-
TORE Box Suits are "Dummy" Suits
all rltiat m load a restled quietly upon
the "dtiamy" that doesa't Btove atascla
all nroatl wkea pat oa a lire. aioTlait,
active mm, for nhoa they were aot audi-,
and who qalckly briars out erery dlarlnji
For clothes that fit your forta, follow
erery MOTeatent of yoar body, aad retala
perfect shape, hare aa talc yoar meatare
aad tend it to Bd. V. Priced Co., faatoaa
m BMrckaat tailors who mate clothes to
order eiclattvely.
Fabrics No. 4404 L. 4398 K. 4189 J,
4368 J, 4S6IJ. 4158 J, 4S20I, 4106 1,
oat of 500 magnlf keat patterns for Spring,
aad deaitfas 486, 489. 490, 491. 491 from
oar aw fashion plates, will be of service
la helping yoa choose a nifty salt.
Made la either direct or modified style, i
m cnlt will mat von '
7 m f l. .11 r l I
oat us to u aere, ana it win enooay
high class workjaaashlp, permanence of
shape, aad service yalae only found In
clothea for which small tailors charge
twice the money.
Try one aad he convinced.
lulaafta Im! rfatmtif of U. V. Frit & C
Mtrcfcui Tadan, Ctltaga
Wcc.m..i.fII The pantatorium
ware bnlnei
New lino o( litucy Sntvcnlr ons nt
The timet car did a nulling Wines
last nliiht. Thecarwat chartered by
W. II. lUrnei and everylKxiy wat Invit
ed to get on the tlauie land wagjn.
Wanted Gtil for general hnntowork.
Inquire at Hit ntllce.
Spring line Panama ami Straw lint,
at tho KKK More.
Three locglni: learnt were started to
I i:atnlner, to make tlutl prool on a tlin.
vr rtnttn .
I can locale you on a homettcad. I
enn ell ou a Kl ranch ol 4W acre in
l-angell Valley, at a price- that will utl
vou. H- W. Keenee. II.
II. V. Mitchell it In town today to
attend the primaries He ieirU the
e iiidllliiii nlhlt Ini)- eiy innch Im
proved, i'.vervtliiin: goaianleed at Winter.
Five acret 2 ndlrt Irom Klamath
Kallt; good garden liH-atl.ui. Will wr
llrav thlt morr.Ing to bring In the heavy nl.h fencing material to the parly who
t II . ... I J.ak ll,. .!. Irt I liat
in4chincry for .Moore llro. Hiwer plant
There are three large pleeet, one uelgh
ing I.Vkt und mid the other tno 130)
will fVnro and clear the place for the
lle of the gniund for the pre.ent ramn.
AddrcM, I'. O. Il.i II
The railroad dredge bloke .loan am!
i. .1 - i ..i - .. .u...
.11 a rruu lite rir iiij'ij-.i w ir .
It it not mt'eit.tiy In leave your ., . . ,. ,
. , , . ,,.; . . ' . iac on. T h pnreol the one ma-
walclict o long nl Winter. e are, '
i-owpreparcltodoyour work prompt, U-en icrv l.m ami In
ly. All work guaranteed for one year, jorder to complete the dike thlt ear ad-
. . . dillonal dmlgva mint l addr.1 at once.
tn r&iin nrKD .iiiiiiiciii 111 nun.;.- .
Iiockcriulta ami extra pant for I Tho Women Club lll ghe an egg
the llnMon Slnrv, hunt at the libiary iikimk, Monday
Kor the belt rig In town call at the leaning. April Willi. A pnuram. rgg
Mammoth Stalile. II.W.Htraw, I'ro- hum amlllgnlliiucli. tome ever) iwy
. i ...... .
Kiirnlilie.1 hou.e for rent. Apply at
the MclnlltcTrantportatlon Co.
A. Helming A Co., fur merchant,
pays hiheit cath piicet for all kiudt of
hldei and fur. Headquarter Ameri
can IluteU tf
Beginning April 15th and Lasting Until May 1st
S& Mm
yT&i limt
.m T JmmmmmmmmK SaaaBBBamC ,
m tWTE&
tm a Baaa: its 1 s.ibbbbbbT i
i nal'BBW Mi V iBmWaBT' mwmmm
ImMI m
laaaaf 1 ' EiB X
H ' i 1
aaml k-m -
M If
w ir '
.. aw Vwaaam nifc. r
A HAT with every suit of
"Apparel for Men and Boy nui table
for this joyous season, in unstint
ed varieties-Styles to please the
most fastidious-Prices to fit mod
est purses.
We are well stocked in the latest
Dress Goods in wool, silk and
wash fabrics.
In Ladies Waists we can show you
a swell line of up to the minute
Admission 'iVf.
Try Zlm for plumbing. I
Safes Free
The Firtt'Irif t A Having! Hank hat
received lOOmrlal .ale which Ihey will
loan to anyone opening an account with
a of (I or more. Thcie talea
can be kept at your hnmn to put your
ihaiiiro in. When full they ran be
bronchi to the bank and the money will
1 placed to your credit. The bank
pay 3 rfr cent on the-e depottt. In
terett paid einl-anniially. Htfri on ex at the bank mid at the Itepnhltcan
Palace Restaurant
Hunsaker & O'Conell
LtcwolJ. Soloir.on and nitenJratlt
C lilcar..
The largest and most up-to-date line of
Shoes, Slippers and. Oxfords for Men,
Women and Children, can be found at
our Store.
aama amai
inc DU
ston Store
The Store That's Doing the Business"
BBBBBaammVAt "' ' 1 9t 'Vl!'
Time to Dye
Easter Eggs
ratiteli Tranifer dye Acta a pkg,
Butter Brown Trauftrot Sets a pkg.
White Rabbit Tranafara,
10 colon flcti a pktf,
White Rabbit dyea.8 colon,
100 ahadea Acta a pkj
Also Nice Line of Easter Cards
and Novelties.
Star Drug Store
The Store that laves You Money"
invented the phonograph,
lie made it an entertainer
for nil. It is manu factum!
at a price which everyone
can afford, and we sell it on
tho easy payment plan, so
no one need bo without it.
Have you heard aad ttca
the New Model.
We Waat Yoar' Trade
- Pharmacy
aatlsfsctlsa flastaawMI
Klcajath ralla, Oregoa
Tou should Buy you
Watches from Ut
W have lac Urtfcat uUctta a
Watches In Southern orcaas
Baytag Watches a wc do la Ur
aaaatHUs,we can DUcjosut
UtrtM Market rrlec lor
Oood Good i
Ws am sa Katabtlahtd Baai
ai atrt io nay. II jm
Wauaiocs vrrond joo hUI
kaaw where to rind m
H. J. Wintcn
Leading Jeweler,
Watchmaker and
Elvvood Steel Fences
We are in recent receipt of a carload of
the raiaoaa Uwood Steel Fencing and
Poultry NettingXall widths. Wo stand
ready to gwraatae every rod of Elwood
Fence we send out
Geo. R. Hum
Subscribe for The Herald
The 19th will be
Easter Sunday
and the man who it figuring on blossom!!
out In the new Spring Colors will find tint
we have made great plans to meet his ex
pectations, from the elaborate showing of
novelty neckwear to the newest shading! i
Spring garments.
In our clothing section we are making a special display
of Friend Made and Alma Mater Student Styles at
I15.00 to $50.00 for Suits and Top Coats,
Our display of neckwear la larger, handaomer and more attract
ive than ever before.
Portland Clothing And
Shoe Store