The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 14, 1908, Image 2

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bawd dallr. umI SundaV. br Ui
HeraM Publishing Company
W. 0. SMITH, CMer
BUwaurnoN rates
UaRr. by aii. a raar. i&ra
Daily, mU U month. . . . J.M
Datlr. tv mall, Mifm month.. ... IS
Dallr. hr mall. month, . . .M
Jallj. aWMwul br fmrrwr. a wk.
How to Rnrr.-8rd fMtrtfe memr orar,
MPNM ontor.
iwraonal cheek on mir local bank.
lamp, coin, or nnaqr.
Ntwararaa Law or Oaaoow.-Sattlon SSJSof
lUknof Oraton prorata that wlMiwnr any
pnmiCMitralHnc a nwpapr ahall mall urh
fitwupapar to any vtraon In Ihia SUM without
Ant iwtitatt an onto thmfor. uh ntwtrarrr
hall h daamol to N- a (1ft. and no dtbt or Ulire.
tun ahaU aetro aialnat inch pvrann. whrihn
afcl iiawapapar U milnd by Ih swraon to wrwni
It U aenl or not.
en .. , -h..m- m-f.r'i driest b.irdalns at S20 per acre and upwards. Easy Tcrmt. lJJ
uv rrwa kMii. '-ov' .-.. . . - o -" L I I Mil
The Surpriitd Mliar.
"A certain old inlaw, tlioiisu a mil-
llnnalm" I.I n Wnahlnctoii man. "Ill
Uted on wearing the ahabblcat .lud of will oiler proof to alum
clothca. An old family frleud endear- aoitRht l more tatiuiMi
Timber Und Notice
United Sfatei Land Office, Ukevlcw
Oregon, February IS, 1WM.
Notice li lierrby litven tliat In com
pliance villi tlm proxlrtona o( the act of
Conyreao( JtineS, 1878, entitled "All
act lor the lo ol timber lamta In the
slate ol California, Oregon, Nevada anil
WaohliiKton Tvrrltoiy," at extended to
all the Public hand Stairs by act ol
August -1, 18tr. Charles It. IVtjip, of
Klamnth Kails, County ot Klamath,
State of Oregon, ln HUM In thlt olllro
hit sworn (taleuient No. Wl, (or the
purchase ot the swne'i, nJie'(, ol
sec. 3, tp. 38 8. range !:. W. M and
that Iho laud
o (or It tlniWr
ored one day to pwiuadt the miser to
dreii better.
"'1 am lurprlaed.' be said, 'that jou
abould let yourself become to shabby.'
"'But I am not shabby,' said ttis
"Oh. but you are,' said the family
friend. 'Itcmeiutier your father. He
was altraya neatly, eteu elegantly,
drvMed. Ill .clothes were tery hand
"The miser care a loud laugh.
"'Why.' ho shouted triumphantly,
'these clothes I'vo got on were fn
ur stone tlun foragiicultural purpovt,
and to establish hi claim to raid land
Ufoie the Countv Judge ol Klamath
Couidr. at his olllce at Klamath Falls,
Oregon, on Wednesday the 13lliday ol,
I Mar IM.
lie name as llnrf0: T. F. N'UicM
Us, I.. I). Itltcliisoti, Tiuell. Drljip.l
. A. M. J.unl'on, all of Kl.tnuttli 1'iills,
lOttROII. j
An) and all pcrsoni claiming adverse '
, ly the nbou deserilied lands arvreiiiivst
ed to tile their claims in this otllt.ii on
I or before sntd 13th day ot May UVS.
hl.VI1 .1 V UfitBi,ti. rn.lklr.
Inolish Coal In tht Old Days. L - .
In former times England did not hes
itate to regulate the sale of coal In the
Interests or tue poor, in io.v, wnen , ., . , ,, . .-. . ,
the duty on coal In l-ondou was 1 .Ml ,To the Honorable County Court of
lln (85 cents) a chaldron (generally ' ' "'0 'on or Klamatli County,
thirty-six bushels), Cromwell grauted I We the undersigned, residents and le
the city corporation a llceure to tin J gal Toters ol the I'rvtfineJ ( Sprnguv
port 400 chaldrons duty free every !tlcr, In the County of Klamath and
for the poor cltlxen. At the same Mate of Oregon, and aitnal rri.lenl
time It was provided that the cllj , thetrln and who have actuall) resided
comnanU- ahould lay up store of coil ,ltle for mo. .mn thirty daj tin
in summer (rroni tnree to i.... cim- njiatelv preccilng the date of signing Aai llmH aA.a oalitiil t'B lul (-.ttlll. I . .
UiVU. Hrj ;iV MWIV, IV hm lllllll
Petition for Liquor
ed In the winter In small quantities
And lu order to prevent extortion, con
and filing this our petition, do hereby
rcsfectful'.y petition our ImnniaMe
.ni.. ....I ,.,., ill M.n I HOOT locrunt mm isr-ne m J .. i.nrau
were prohibited under penalties from and T. M. Edsall, of the Drm ol IMsall
.-ontracttng for coal or meeting the coal ( lln., a license to fell splrilous, vinous,
rrsself before they reached London, fermented or malt, liquors in less qumi
The Black Cap Judge. jitiiee than one gallon, in the precinct
-.mite Hawkins, an English Judge of ' aforesaid (or a period ol one )ear, from
i,. i..t nnr .hn -.. . hmr the Cth day ol May A. I. IPOS.
aao, waa reminded even on the race
course of his reputation as a hanging
judge. Uls friend. Lord Falmouth,
wa running two bones. In the same
.ce under magpie colors, and to dis
tinguish the second be ordered Archer,
the Jockey, to wear a black cap. But
s black cap was nowhere to be found
at the moment when the race was due. ,
At una moment Judge Hawkins emerg
a from the "bird cage" and was rec
ognised by Archer, who shouted out to
Fordham: "We are all right now.
atei come Harry Hawkins, and be
I ore to nave a black cap In his
The Three Laws of Motion,
fbe three laws of motion are: (1) If
body be at rest. It will remain at rest
'jnleu It Is compelled by some external
force to change Its state, and similar
,y, If It be In motion, It will continue to
more In a atralght line and at a uni
form Telocity forever unless Its state
of motion be affected by some external I Charles trupi
body Is proportional to the external
iorce that causes It and takes place In
the straight line In which the force
acts, (3) To etery action there Is al
ways an equal and, .contrary reaction,
or the mutual action of any two bodies
are always equal and oppositely direct
ed. Thlt law Is often briefly stated
thus: Action and reaction are equal.
New York American.
The Word Journal.
Is It a loose application of language
to apply the word "Journal" to a publi
cation lwoed every week or month T
Probably not, since the Idea of the
word teems to have been that the newe
beet waa a diary, a record of day by
day events, rather than that It appear
ed dally Itself. The very first regular
newspaper. Indeed, la considered to
nave been the Frankfurter Journal,
wblcb appeared-In IMS as a weekly
pubileatloo. If newspapers were com
pelled to adhere with literal accuracy
to their titles all "gazettes" would sell
for a cent, alnce that la what "gazette"
originally signified. The Venetian Ga
actta of the alxteentb century, the par
ent of all the "gazettes," took Its name
from a coin of about that value.
Made Her Feel Old.
"I suppose I am past what my moth
er call the first flush of youth.' " said
the bachelor girl, "but I think I shall
never feel older than I did one sum
mer evening about Are years ago. And
now the girl I was In those days seems
absurdly young to the woman' I am
notjr." And the sighed and waa si
lent .a moment under the burden of her
It was that summer at Lake
George," abe went on presently, "and
we were at the Greenes' cottage for a
eeunle of week. Jack Greene wat
home from college, and as be was the
only man and I the only girl we nat
urally -were thrown together constant
ly. Be waa Just at the age to feel
biBaaolf vastly superior, somewhere
about nineteen. He had been growing
sentimental In a patronizing sort of
way, and one evening after a semi
trader passage or two he abruptly ask
ed my age. I told bun twenty-three.
He teemed stunned for a moment, and,
looking up, be studied me carefully la
the lamplight, then," shaking bis head
adly, pronounced bis verdict:
"aly, but you are well preserve It"'
waturday Evening Post
Notice is he'eliy given that llil -tltion
will bo presented to the County
Court ot the Hate ol Oregon, fur the
County of Klamath, at the court home
in the city of Klamath Falls, on the Mil
day of May, A. I). 1"03, at the hourol
one o'clock V. M. or as soon llieirallrr
as said petition can le luaril.
Dated tills day of March, A. 1).
O.T. Anderson, I. I.. OrllTlii, I. T.
Anderson, F. A. Campbell, W. W. Fin
ley, E. W. Whetston, A. W. Evans, J.
M. Passer, Wm. II. Garrett, Ed Itloom
ingcamp, John S. Furber, II. J. Lang
kam, Koss . Flnley, W. W. Smith,
James Phillips, W. E. Sutter. Itr P.
Courtriaht. II. I.. Anderson, O. It.
Morltz, Amos Lundy, .Mat Lawry. J. A.
Wilson. J. K Freeman, Spratt. Wells,
C. E. Berg, J. II. Boyd, James M. Fer
ran. Frank Obenchaiii. 1- A. lilrhard-
son. Grume llloomingcanip, Q.M.An
derson, Tom Ivory. James Hell, Frank
Shamley. J. .. rarker, u. u. ia:,
Klamath Lake
In Connection With
Stage Line
EFFECTIVE Al'KII. 10, 11)08
From Klamath Falls to Sau Fran
cisco and all points between
Thrall and same.
Leave Klamath Falls 4: A.M.
Arrive at fiieiicers 7:30
Leave fipencers H:
Arrive at Pokegamn 11 :
Leave Pokcgama,K.L.R.ll :l!i
Arrive at Thrall ltlfi I'-M.
U-ave Thrall, b. p. nu.
train No. 15 at . 2:23
Arrive at San Franclico9:'.'8 A.M.
29 hours und 28 minutes, Klamath
Falls to San Francisco. Train No.
13 on 8. V. leaves Thrall 6:Cj p. in.
arriving at San Francisco II: 28 a.m.
Klamath Falls to Portland
Leave Klamath Falls at above.
Ua Thrall, S.P. train No. 10, 1 :32
p.m.; arrive at Portland 7 :fi' a. m.
27 hours and So minutes, Klamath
Falls to Portland,
San Francisco to Klamatli Falls
Leave San Francisco at 2:20 p. m.
arrive at Thrall at 0:04 a. m.
Leave Thiall at 0:30 a. m,; leave
Pokegama at 0 a. m,; arrive at
Klamath Falls at 5 p. m. Dinner
t Spencers, leaving there at 1 p. m.
Hhortett time ever. 20 hours and''
40 min. San Francisco to Klamath
Falls. No other route does it. This
is thechespeitand best way. Fare
(5, either direction between Thrall
and Klamath Falls.
Want 'em in a hurry
That's the case nine times out of every ten when
you need groceries. When you ijet cnutjht in this
predicament Just call up 5 10 you'll tJct 'em
In a hurry.
Van Riper Bros
"Get the Habit"- UscChose fi Sunborn's Coffees.
Heavy Freighting n Speclclty. Bngfjiiijc Orders Arc
Given Prompt Attention
0. K. Transfer S Storage
Having up-to-date piano
trucks we solicit your PHONES
fine piano moving
Office h7l
Jlarn 1171
hv&ldcticc 04. 1
The American Bank and
Trust Company
CflDltal Slock $100,000
Open for bualnes. .very day In the car xcept Sumlavs on J
legal holidays. Interest Paid on Savings licpoilts
Asit't ( ashler
I I . , '
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 461
or KKK Store, Phone 174
Wood Yard end Office
Near City Hull
Phone 81
The Eldred Company
F. C. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Oregon
Saddles, Harness and Supplies
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Par
ties. The largest and best arranged eating house
in the city. Open day and night.
Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
from B. St. George Bishop I will be pleased to
meet all his old friends, and also extend a cordial
welcome to the many new residents of Klamath
County. Our line is complete, and lots of goods
are on the road from the best, supply houses
the cities,
Incorporated November 28, ioqq
Statement of Condition
, f the,
Klamath County Bank
Klamath Falls, Oregon
DECEMBER 31, 1007
I.OJU1H anil DIhcouiUk $340,530,110
Honilrtnml Securities . .. 03,525,(14
Kent Kutalo, liuililinKu und
Fixture Mj.lfi.lft
Cush itntl Sl,:ht KxchniiKu 100,2'17.on
Capital Stock, fully jmltl. $100,000.00
SurpliM nml I'rofUa 2 1,703. 1 1
Due Other IlitnkH .... 32,000.04
l)oKUltM 431,205.40
I, Alex Martin, Jr., (Wiler nf the aUvi tatn.,
hank, ilu auti'iiiiily awrar thitt lh nlxiVi' .Lie
liK'lit U 1 1 in- to the Iwat of my hernial.',. niulUlirf
AI.KX MA11TIN, J(. (a.hir
Sulisrrilxil and swum tu U'furn im this t, ,bu
of Jniuinty, HaH.
IS. nil C. II. Witiiiii.vv
Notary I'uhlir fur (Initun
Ass't Cusltlcr
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Oasin
are Advancing in Value
When block In MIIIh Addition were oiTVrcvl
nt Imrk'ain prices n number of hrevvil mvra
torn UniKht; hi nee that time value Imve
increaKeii nuiterinlly.
These Lots are Bargain Buys
at prrsent priced, and thero in every rennon
to anticipate an advance in price. Iteimtn
ber thexe lot arc FIFTY feet in width nnd
tleep- more than double the aret of moat
town lots offered to investor.
Land Salesmen.
Office on Fifth SttttJ
Plumber and Steamfitter
Klamath Falli, Orego
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
Phones: Buslncis, 396; Residence. r04
Successor to B. St. George Bishop
Bennett's Feed Stable
Next to Martint Mill
Now Open for Business
Tlie Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
getting their ilill, has been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
East End Meat Market
CRISLER & STILTS, Proprietors
Prime Beef, Veal. Mutton. Pork and Poultry
Kroih and Cured Moat nnd Sauaagoa or nil l
Wo handle our moat. In tho moit modern way In clJJ:
Jlncaa and aurroundlnw. Trv'ua and wo will 1 "N
tppy to have you for a cuatomer. Free Dellv'T