The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 13, 1908, Image 2

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Herald PuWishina Company M -- t..i.i . iri--.-- .(M.A.i h,.,i,.i-,c ,t S20 uer acre mid upwards. Easy Terms. -- - ASJ.l
W.O. SMITH. IUf QW H" wuu ,CBC"U",; wiaiiuimo B''' ""'Q " " '
Uat)j, tT iratl. ir. ...
Dall. tnr mall alamonlha.
Dallr, br Mil. thrw manll
Uatlr, br null, month. .
amvr. a .
jlall. daltvaral bv rarrWr. ft VfrL
HOW TO KKIT. rw iwwmca monrj pwrr,
kprftM onlar, iwreonftl check on four local tnk.
lamps, salt or (umnnr,
NswaraPH Law or OMoow.-Sctlon SSM of
tlx law. of Omui prortlM that whenvr anr
iM-twnronlitklllna: ft naw.tarar .halt mall such
nw.rPr to an traon In thl Stata without
flrat trrrlflnc ftn enter tharafor. w h n. papr
.hall l dfvmoi to to flft. and no or oN in
law .hall actrua asain.t uch rrtaon. whether
.akl itaarvpapar la nvrlwd bjr tho paraon to hum
It U pent or not.
Timber Land Notice
Untied Pottos l.itml 0tllc, l.VcU'
J'Urrson, February I, 1W8.
attlice it norrtiy kimmi inrti tit com
itiitnrr) with llm irla'oiu u( llm net ol
CoiiiitvssolJiiiie.'t, 1878, entitled ".Mi
net (or the snlo ot limber lamia In tin
ntntes ot California, Orv-oii, .N'cMiiln ami
Washington Teriltoiy," m rxti'iulrd In
nil tlio Public I.ittl States ly net o(
AiiriisH, I'V-. ChntltH li. UeUp, of
Klamath 1'nlla, County ot Klnmnlli,
S-tato ot (irt'inn, ln lllnl In lhl nltliv
his snom statement No. 101'.', tor the
mirchafo ul the an'inr.'i, nwJi'e'i, o '
frr. 3, ti. 3S J, raiiio V K. W. M., ami
Ksap Tham In Ihs Mo us. anj You Will will otter proof to show tlmt tlio Utul
a Havt No Roachss. sought is more ahisble tor Its tliuU'r '
Jit U too bail n itmiiy eoile are,r atone than for aKiltfiiltural iiirixr, '
prejudiced npilnat il.lon," sal.l thB to establish his claim to saM In ml
men who alwajs tlmls nut curious .fi. the, Countr Jinliw ot Klamath
thing. "If tlicy could stand It to ( County, nt lilt villi c at Klamath Fall, '
have spiders around, tticy vrotiM oon Orryon.mi Ve.lneilay the 13lbrln ot
get rM of rockroiclir. In tlio ypMer snx l!M.
tlu cuckinnrli lin an oiieniy Hint pur- lie iinnua ui williim: 'I. I". Nulio
u lilm wltU more malcrolvuco ttiau li, I.. 0. i:liclilon, Tmo II. Id-tap,
tlooa tlio cleanly botlsvutrc AuJ uot A. M. Jjtuion, all ot Khin.tlli lull,
only la till lintml wore ilcvp rootcj; It Oij-rihi. .
. i i... j,i Aii nnl all ixwona clatiiiini: mheno-'
li more ileaJly. All tlilus couMcrv.l. . . ... , ,',., ,....,.
tbe cocUnucb abona mltfbty little tfl'V, , '
. ,.. .1.. ,t- . l to tile tl.elr clnlma In tills ollln. on
that, .-llll.ouet. I... 1. ..nail", ho t. el.orW or Mo tM VMU ,U' "' Ma" ,WS
full of Invenllvo ireulus, anil be laiiti
lusly tcorua the futile attempt of men
ami noiuen to ctrciimteut nlnl ilcstroy
tkJ lone has lie Uh-ii tmttllns foi To the Honorable County Court if
life rlnt arls crecn. ily npor, bot tbe State Gregon (or Klaumtli County, i
water ami wire cage tbat lie ha, Wc tbe uiuler.lisneM, renUlvnU anil le
Karae.1 to aiuntcr tbrotiKb prH-n lanes pmi rotor ot tbe Fnvlnct of Sprapnel
of polion nnJ waile river, of flue Kler, In tbe County ot Klamath nml I
without a much aa aolllnc bU toej. tNt0 ,lf 0n-s and actual rrM.lent-
nn.l wlicu II icomeMo the aruMlne Uith ,m.jn nm w, ,au. actually reMe. I
be awlma blithely out ntul rt;r his ., , , .. . ,n.,.i.J i... I
m.i.. i if.i ., . it, ...... , there n for mote than thirty tin) iiu-
vtnll.ers In iterl'loii nt ula wotiil lie ... ,, . , , I
.i.. n... i. .i. . .... ..... tnisllatelr invcnlltie the ilate ot riitiilmri
pMer llh uch illnlalti. In fait, he J alllnit tlI our petition, .lo hereby
docan't haio n chance, for the apMcr respecttul'.y titlou jour bonoiuble
outdoes even the cockroach In cunning loily totrrant an. I lsue to J. C. IM.ill
and nalat him nttbout tbe least cen and T. M. Kd.all, of the tlrm of IMi-ull
ony. jiro,,, n license to rell apiriioun, vinous,
"Still It would I hardly advisable, ormalt, liauors In lets qmiu
to rtcommend ralslnca crop of spiders , , , ono 0 , 1P lnel
aa a aura preventive of cockroacbe, ' m , . " ., . , .' ,
for In most people", mind, the ester.'?M,fer 'r'' .' .?a.' '
mlnator I. more objectionable than hi. i the ulh day of May A P IW.
Tlctim."-Clevcland Tlain Dealer. Notice Is be'cl.y uheii Hint this j-
llltion ill U" pteseuteil to tlio Louniy
Court of the blatn ot Orrunn. for the
County ot Klamath, at tbe court boii.e
Ha Caustd a Commotion In a Suit In 'n tbo city of Klamath Full-, on ll.uflh
Chanetry. iday ot Mnv, A. D. 1WS, at the hour ot
It tru a suit In chancery, and there one oYha-t 1'. M.or as soon thcrealter'
aa a sreat catberlng of deceased's as said petition can lie lieunl.
"rt5.J .1 N. Watson, rriiister.
Petition for Liquor License
family, quarreling, ns relathes ntll,
over tbe division of tbe spoils. Tlio
lawyers ensajed chuckled, for tbe suit
seemed likely to be prolonged and com
plicated. There were mauy lawyers, too, and
tbe Judge marveled at the Immensity
of tbe deceased man's family as law
yer after lawjcr rose In rapid succes
sion, Introducing tbcinschc with the
usual formula, "And I, my lord, aui
for the nephew, or nieces or fifteenth
cousin removed, ns tho case may be
of tbe deceased." Tbe procession seem
ed Interminable, but at last It caue to
an end. Then a small voice w as heard
timidly saying from tbe back of tbe
court, "May I be allowed to speak, my
lord?"' There was dead .Hence a. bis
lordship adjusted his spectacles and
asked rather dejectedly, "Who are
The answer was, to say the least,
unexpected.' "1 am tbe deceased, my
Ion,' said tbe modest voice from tba
back of tbe court. That ended tbe
Quit unknown to hi relathes the
deceased bad turned up from the wild
of Hbodesla. Obttously a man of hu
mor, be must hare taken a delight In
watching bow "tbe best laid scheme,
of mlet) ami men gang aft ngley."
English Paper.
Dated this S-'ith day ot, A. D.
O.T. Anderson, I. h. Grillln, I. T.
Anderson, F. A. CnmpMI, W. V. Fin
ley, K. W. Whetston, A. W. Kan, J.,
M. fcasser, Win. II. Gatrett, Kd llloom
inucamp, John P. Furber, II. J. tan-'
lam, lloas W. Finley, W. W. fmlili,
James I'lillllps.'W. K. r-ulter. H. I. ,
CourtilKlit, II. I.. Anderson, C. It.
Motiii, Amos l.tiiidy, Mat tary. .1 A.
WII-oii.J. K Fireman, f-pratt. Wells,
C. K. Iterif, J. II. Ilojd, James M. lei-r-n,
Frank Obenrhain, I- A. ltlcliitrd- (
fn, George Uloominvcnmp. Q. M. An
derson, lorn Iory. Jaims Hell, Frank'
fchamley. J. A. Talker, G. G. Dews,
Cliarlv Trupp.
A Cordon ilsu."
A woman cook In France I known
aa a "cordon bleu," tbe tltlo having
come down from the days of Du Barry
and tbe profligate King J.oul. Tbe
Ling and bis favorite one day bad a
dlscuulon a. to the rclatlro merits of
men and women cooks. Tho king con
tended that only a man could cook a
dlsb lit for a king to cut. and Du Barry
upheld tbe skill of her sex. Tbe result
was a dinner git en by Du Harry, ev
ery dlsb cf wblcb bad been prepared
by n woman. At tho conclusion of tbe
meal tba king acknowledged bo nu
wrong. lie sent for the cook and
placed around her neck his own rib
bon of tbe Order of the St. I'sprlt.
known a. tho cordon 'bleu. Blnco tbeu
a skillful woman cook In France has
been known a. a "cordon bleu." Lon
don" Times.
' The Dangerous Fly.
Although tbe mosquito specialties on
allow ferer and malaria and Is uni
versally recognized a. an enemy to be
fought outright, scientists havo come
to regard tbe common bouse fly as the
more dangerous. Tbe mosquito will
spread only one or two diseases, but
the' house fly's only specialty U tilth.
Typhoid germs, tuberculosis germs and
a hundred other germ are all tbe
same to It. It U a scavenger tbat
drops Its load of refuse In the butter
or the milk. j,
j An Invitation.
" suppose," ho ventured, "that you
would never speak to me again If I
were to kiss your
"Ob. George!'' sua exclaimed. "Why
don't yon get over tba bablt of always
looking at tbe won side of thlugs? "-
Klamath Lake
In Connection With
Stage Line
A. M.
V- M.
A. M.
From Klamath Fulls to au Fran
tlsco anil all points betueun
Thrall and tame.
Leave Klamath Fulls 4:
Arrive at Spencers 7:"X)
Leave Spencers H:
Arrhe at l'okeyama 11 :
LeavoI'okegaina,K.L.n.lI :1
Arrive at Thrall - 1:15
U'avo Thrall, n. v. iir.
ttalnNo. 10 at 2:25
ArrHo'at San Francisco 0:28
20 hours and 28 minute, Klamath
Fulls to han Francisco, Train No.
13 on 8. 1'. leaves Thrall 6:M p. in,
nrrlvlng at San Francisco 11:28 a.m.
Klamath Falls to Portland
l-eau Klamath Fulls. us above.
Leave Thrall, S.I', train No. 10, 1 :32
p, in.; arrive at Portland 7 : a. m.
27 hours undCS minutes, Klamath
Fulls to Portland,
San F-anilaio to Klamath Falls
Leave San Francisco at 2:20 p. m.
arrive at Thrall at 6:04 a. m.
Leave Thrall at 0:30 a.rfiT.; leave
Pokegama at 0 a. in,; arrive at
Klamath Falls at i p. in. Dinner
at Spencers, leaving thero at 1 p.m.
Shortest time ever. 20 hours ami
40 mln. San Francisco to Klamath
Fulls. No other route does it. This
Is thecheaiest and best way. Faro
$5, either direction between Thrall
and Klamath Falls.
Want 'em in a hurry
That's the case nine times out of every ten when
you need groceries. When you jjet cauijht In this
pr-dlcament just coll up 510 you'll tfet 'cm
In a hurry.
Van Riper Bros
"Get the Hnblt" Use Cluisc G Sanborn's Coffees.
Heavy Freighting a Spcclclty. Orders Arc
Given Prompt Attention
0. K. Transfer & Storage
Having up-to-date plono
trucks we solicit your PHONES
fine piano moving
OlllfC A7 I
Ikint 071
Hrslucnce 015
Incorporated November 28, 1000
Stotcmcnt of Condition
..of the
Klamath County Bank
Klamath Falls, Oregon
DECKMBKH 31, 1007
bums mill Discount- $340,r'lO.II()
Unmix uiitl Scciiritiun
I'oal Instate, HiillriiuKn ami
Cuitli " ml Sif-lit IaXrlimiKo
i3,5'.!5.!l J
14.74ft. I U
i rrrsliUiil
TheAmerican Bank and
Trust Company
Capital Stock $loo.ono
Open for bualnes. ..very day lit the jcar .iccpi SunJa). and
legal holidays. Interest raid on Sdvlnt' Deposits
I CM) m MM lot K
l l atii r
2 1,75:). I I
Capitul Stock, fully pnltl
.StirpltiH ami l'rofltit
Duo Other Hanks
$585,04 0.ft I
I, Ales Martin. Jr., (.'ashler of tho nl-ivrium, i
lank, do aoli-innly swear that the above rln
inriit I true tollin Im-i of my 1uhi!.iIl'o aiidlvif
Al.KX MARTIN, Jit , ('nh..-i-SuUwill.fil
and smoiii to before me this tltb '.
at Jumwry, Pw.
IScslf II Witiiik.w
Nutaiy Public f r Orr-- r
Ass't Cushlcr
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
Wood wood
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 461
or KKK Store, Phone 174
Wood Yard and Office
Near City Hull
MlO-it M
The Eldred Company
F. C. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Orcjlon
Saddles, Harness and Supplies
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
are Advancing in Value
When blocks in MHIh Addition wore oir ml
nt Imrk'ain prico n number of nlin-wil imcv
tow houKht; since that titm viiIik-k have
incre-uH-d materially.
These Lots arc Bargain Buys
at present pricet, and there Ih t-vi-ry rc-thftt
to nnticipate an advance in itrict-tt. lti-iniin
her tliwitf lotH arc FIFTY fwt in width nd
deep more than double tho tiren of in-t
town lots oirered to inveMtora.
CAPT. 0. C. APPLEGATE Office on Fifth SUtd
Land Salesmen.
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Par
ties. The largest and best arranged eating house
In the city. Open day and night.
Plumber and Steamfittcr
Klamath Falls. Orego
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
Phones: Business, 396; Residence, r04
Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
from B. St. George Bishop I will be 'jilcaHcd to
m?et all his old friends, and also h extend a cordial
welcome to the many -new ''residents of Kin-math
County. Our line is complete, and lots' of goods
are on tne roau irom the best supply, houses
the cities.
Successor to B. St. George Bishop
Bennett's Feed Stable
Next to Martin's Mill
Now Open for Business
The Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
getting their fiill, has been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
East End Meat Market
CWSLER 6 STILTS, Proprietor!
Print Beef, Veal Mutton, Pork and Poultry
ii una Cured Meats nnd 8ui-gei of all kind. -Wo
liandlo our moats In tho most modern wy Incle"
linos and surroundings. Try us and wo will b ro0 (
wtppy to havo you for a cuitomer, Free DellvOT',