The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 06, 1908, Image 2

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1m i Br, umI Saadar. W Ik
HtraM.PiiMsMiig Company
uaiCMraoN tuns
T. hf ate BBOtUb.
h. B thnm mnnl
W- E MAIL . Tfllfc
t, Ktimil by cwnyji wwh.. . ..!
a. ! Rawr.aid CfWBet mmmqt orar
mm iraar, pmooai imihihi loctu mux,
Han fc w euiTtr.
WawaMraa Law or ouooh.-BmMm tatt el
tha few tt Orana prorata tkat wtanmr any
liimm lllltlti nmtv thall mall rach
mfHt la iw (mtcm te IkU Rut without
tint iwiIiIm m ertar tfctnfo', Mch iwwKtr
1 10 B tin. anfl no mm or own-
UtllUt MNh !. kMMT
I iMhrW b Ihrpamn l kn
... . .... u.-i t sinner acre and upwards, fcasy icraw
cent, vegetable matter. luamsins Bremen t r-
50 per
An OM Tailor own.
TO Vcatum ha two flounce aktrt
wttu lone aktrtcd coat. Tbo lower
daaa ot ach nounc arc decorated
with embroidery done. In delicate pa
lei thadea. The coat haa a reat of taf
fat faatiaeJ acroa with three allk
The underarm portloaa an
3500 Acres Free
The Lakeside company ha 2500 acre
of land under the Adam ditch that It
will giro RKNT FKEE lor one jear.
Thli IncltMtfi tho uio o( the land and
water. The renter mint clear and
place the land In cultivation. The rent
er geta all the crop but we reaerre the
right to paitnre the itubble.
The Lakettdo Company,
J. Frank Adam, Manager,
Merrill Oregon.
Pasture For Rent
C. C. Low ha Icasod the Hot Spring
patlure, compriiing SOO acre, and will
take a number of Hock to paiture at per month.
aaawrf 7 II h i wi
lata. Wide aaaped rerera, which nar
N to a potat at the belt, , are eav
anUered Uke the aklrt and bordered
wttk a narrow band of embroidery.
Ta alaaraa an plaltad tarougta tha
Tinker Land Notice
17 n i led 5 latei Land Olflc', 1-aLrWcw
I Oregon, February 18, 1P0&
Notice I liereby cin that in com
pliance with th prutliloni of the act of
Comtrciiol JutieS. 1878. entitled "An
'act tor the rale of tlmlwr land In the
I ttatra ol California, Urrgon, Nevada and
Waihlngton Terriloiy," a extended to
all tho I'ubllc 1 and State by act ot
I Auguat 4, 1802, Cliarle It. IVUp, of
Klamath Fall, County of Klamath,
Slate of Oregon, ha filed In till office
hUawornitatement No. 4012. for the
purchaae of the w.'Jr1, ntJiw.1. of
ec. 3, tp.MS. range 0 K.iW. M., and
will offer proof to ahow that the land
ought 1 more valuable fur it tlmlwr
or atone than for agricultural purport,
and to ratablith hi claim to aald land
I liefoie the Countr Judge ol Klamath
County, at hi office at Klamath Fall,
Oregon, on Wed nceday the lHthdar of
May 1.
HenameaawltncK:T. r. mcjio
la, I.. D. Kltchlwm, True II. Do Lap,
A. M.Jamison, all of Klamath Fall,
Any and all pereon clatmtnic advene
ly the above described land are requet
ed to file their claim in till office on
or before raid Uth day of May 11)08.
2-26 6-13 J. N. Watton, regiMer.
Purpl tiaim Ah.
To Judav by display la tha aallllaarr
aa4 trr gooda akopa Joat now tUla
la a t a "parpla year." Tkat cator
la aU Ma varylM abaaia U practleaUy
aH,oaa aaaa la the ahopptag dlatrlet,
aad already away of tbeae new hat
an ta be aeta worn In the atratta.
TJwt tfc toad of department atom
do at taka atnea atock la hard da
tort la ahowa by the fact that oa
ttotr atolve. la preparation for tto
ariater trade, tto baie pUetf araffa,
acta aa creel d chine, that are tick
eted at pricea ranging from $TX0 to
U a yard.
When Vu Suy Wlntoe Qwa.
VV... .jut ! man biIh wvaweak aaai
ood BsatactaL good workmaoaalp, cot-' Court ot the Btatn ol Oregon, for the
Petition for liquor License
To the Honorable County Court of
the Hate Oregon for Klamath County.
We the undertlgned, realdent and le
gal voter ol the Precinct ot Sprague
River, in the County of Klamath and
Htate ot Oregon, and actual realdent
therein and mho hate actually rcilded
therein for more than thirty day!m
mediately preceding the date of tinning
and 61ing thi onr petition, do hereby
ropectfully petition your honorable
body to grant and lime to J, C. Edtall
andT. M.Edaall.of the firm of Edall
Dro a license to sell iplritou, vinoiu,
fermented or mall, liquor In leu quan
title than one gallon, in the precinct
nforrald for a period of one year, from
the Oth day of May, A. I). 1009.
Notice I herchy given that thl pe
tition will bo presented to tha Uounty
ttag dwa wspaaaaa of trltailaa aa)
faaay fnU tkat an avr aicttaary
aadatldta tocoatlag.
Tto taodera draa of wcaaaa la baa
tttaL coavealeat aad arttetic.
Tait' atnn an'Ja tto grata txaggiua
Hot) of toautlful faaaloaa aad la coaa-
grand Id aad cheap mat-
X Plata drtaa wtU atada la watts
half a'ateata elaborat oaao aadly cat
- aad afeaabfry put together.
' Tho "Dandy HrM.M
Tk father of tto bicycle tribe, tto
Vaadjr aorac." waa laventad la 1818
by Baroa von DraUe of Pari. It eoa-
- akted of two wheel about thirty Inch
oo la dlaasttar running one In tto wake
at. tto ottor and connected by a beam
of wood, upon which, half way from
oacB ead," wat a akddle or perch, aa
arm ratt In front completing tto ma
ctlne. It wat propelled by kicking the
'ground with tto right and left foot al-
temately. It waa from audi a crnd
afalr that tto modern blcycl waa
, atowly aroC-od.
Taking N Cbane.
Tto conrt appointed a young lawyer
to dofand a Georgia darky, but after
tto prtoar had looked tto lawyer
ovtr to. aald:
"Noallater Jedge, 1 reckon not Do
laa Mm I got In de peultentlary I bad
a aian dat look de lak blm to defend
aa, ao da lav hlin out d caw en
ajtotM n yeartr'-Atlanu Coattlto
County of Klamath, at the court houe
in the city of Klamath Fall, on the Oth
day ot May, A. D. 1908, at the hour of
on o'clock P. a oon thereafter
aa Mid petition can be heard.
Dated till 25th day of March, A. D.
O.T. Andeuoii, L. I.. Griffin, I. T.
Andron, F. A. Campbell, W. W. Fin
ley, E. W. Whettton, A. W. Eant, J.
M. 8aaer, Wro. H. Garrett, Ed Hloom
ingcamp, John S. Furber, II. J. Lang
kam, Rom W. Finley, W. W. Smith,
Jaroe Phillip, W. E. Kutter.- R. P.
Courtrigbt, H. L. Anderaon, O. It.
Moritz, Amo Lundy Mat Lawry. J. A.
Wilton. J. E Freeman, ripratt. Well,
O. E. Dent, J. II. Boyd, Jamea M. Fer
ron, Frank Ubencham, L. A. Richanl
on, George Blooiningcamp, Q. M.An
ileron,Tom Iory. Jamet Bell, Frank
Sliamley. J. A. Parker, U. O. Dea,
Charle Trupp.
ii in usual i nine.
. Mr. Wlckwlre If you go flrt, you
twill watVfor'm on tto other tbotc',
i woat you, dear! Mr. Wlckwlre-1
f aafpOM ao. I navtr wtnt anywhere
I yt .without having to wait for you.--
ItaatNtod Bit. '
z t ,
feminine Sympathy.
MIm FyrteWo'haf heard that my
fenttor In Auttralla bat been nearly
drowned. They only juat managed to
aar bla Uftl- Tto VUltor-Dtar me, I
aa aorry to hear thatt-PblladelphU
lanulnr.r' '
y l II I A I 'I I
If ttoa takatt'ttai lota thy alaln
K will auay aad arraagaUl
Klamath Lake
U CoaatctfcM Wltk
St44e Line
Uave Thrall at 3 P. SI.
Arrive at Pokegeraa 6K P, M,
Liave Pokegama at 7 A. M.
Arrive at Klamath Fall C P. M.
Leave Klamath Falla every morning
Connecting with Klamath Lake
Train wbicb leave Pokegama
at 6 P. M., arriving at Tn'rall
at 8:20 P.M.
Want 'em in a hurry
That'a the case nine times out or every ten when
you need droceries. When you tfet caught In this
pr-dlcament Just call up 516-you'll rtet 'cm
In a hurry.
Van Riper Bros
"Get the Hiblt"-Use Chase 6 Sanborn's Coffees.
Heavy rrelShtlng a Spccltlty. Batffjattc Orders Are
Given Prompt Attention
0. K. Transfer & Storage
Having tnrtoHlate piano .,,,-
tracks we solicit your PHONES
fine piano moving
Office N7 1
Darn 071
Residence 1143
The American Bank and
Trust Company
CaolUl Stock $100,000
Open for bualacs, every day In the year xccpt Sundays and
legal boUdaya. Interest Paid on Savings Deposits
Ami't t'flhlcr
attsay J5WKrP
t-fjeyi' aaaw
Incorporated November 28, iqoq
Statement of Condition
of the
Klamath County Bank
Klamath Falla, Oregon
DECEMBER 31, 1907
Imiift nnJ DlHcmintri $34O,5;K).U0
lloiKlriiimlSmiritlvfl .. 03,525.(14
Honl ICntnto, UulldiitKH und
FixturtM . . 14,7ir..ia
CuhIi umI SlKlitKxchniivo . 106,247.00
Capitul Stock, fully pfld f 100,000.00
Surpltm and Profit 2 1 ,75:1. 1 1
Duo Other llunka . . . 32,000.1)1
IK'jmwIU 431,205.40
I, Alex Martin, Jr., Cashier of tdv ln,'i,.im,
bank, do olunnly awrar that the aliuve !(
mrnt l true tuthe beat of my khowKnlce ntwltriitf
AI.KX MA HI IN, Jit, Uil.i.r
SubM-ribnl and tworn to before me (In, C b Jty
of January, IWW.
Seal J C II Wltlllt. w
Notary Public fur Or,t. i
Ass't Cushlcr
Pioneer Bank of Klamalh Basin
t " HfS( I - "
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 461
or K K K Store, Phone 174
Phone 84
The Eldred Company
F. G. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Oregon
Saddlei, Harness and Supplies
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
are Advancing in Value
When blockx in MIIIh Addition wt-rv otlcm
nt bargain pricea n number of nhrcud .nw-
turn bought: since that time valuta imvo
increased materially.
These Lots are Bargain Buys
nt present price, and there is every reason
to anticipate an advance in price. ltcmrm
ber these lotn are FIFTY feet in width and
deep-more than double tho nret of mm
town loli offered to invctorn.
CAPT. O. C. APPLEGATE Office on Klflh SMI
Land Salesmen.
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dlnnen. Par
ties. The largest and best arranged eating house
In the city. Open day and night.
Plumber and Steamfitter
Klamath Falla, Orego
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
Phones: Business, 300; Residence, r.04
Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
from B. St. George Bishop I -will be pleased to
meet all his old friends, and also extend a cordial
welcome to the many new residents, of Klamath
County. Our )ine is complete, and lots of. goods
are on the road from the best supply houses in
the cities.
Succciaor to B. St. George Blahop
Bennett's Feed Stable
Next to Martin'i Mill
Now Open for Business
The Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
Kcuing tneir ntu, has been installed
Plenty of Watfon Room
East End Meat Market
CRISLER & STILTS, Proprietors
Prime Beef, VeaL Muttoi, fork and Poultry
Prcah and Curad Meata and BauBajrei of M
Wa handl our mata In.tbo moat modern wy in'1"
llnan and iurrouadlnfa, Try ua and wo will b
hsppy to have you for a customer. Frio OeUvT-