The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 03, 1908, Image 1

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Our Advertisers Get
the Best Results . . .
Klainnlli I''"11" I
Lcosi. V':a-No' fil(l
Price, 5 Cents.
Agency Schools Still
Going Forward
Improtiiiuiitx liegun Last
Year NN ill Completed
During Summer
U, kl.malh Indian Training Fchool uiiin m l'i Im.iiI, "'l w
,Mi iiim H" foif'"1 ,,",u"
,fc.J jf r I'" N cu highly ui,'ll. U'VIO are IMIpuplleon
-. .ii. ....... k..
Iht full T" W" " ""'" ""
ln t.ry ' i.lriiiiy to ! othclale In
ihirff. i"l ll'" """' li"ivriiiiin
m.llaitruimiirr wrltud great bene
(It the ichwl lutein, rho mining
Ijrir tll llnj ' n"ipleiln '"
may ol the i"lnn linpr.netnenla lw
w lot Kumme' Tim water ami n
ati)ileiut '' l completed, rlUli-
,lw .d m'.ui will I'O lon on H ol the
H.ol IrtiinliiiK, ilm in.cklrery (or
.lrtnttaiili) will Ihj In.talled by July
M, ltirr lnl will I flnlehrd,
al ll tupltal ImiiUImk la In be filled
tip In . ihnroughh itxxlr rn manner.
tt i.nuiill vtiil lx) orlcl durlhg
rb Htm an.l Kt lit Klv employment lo
itajiUrol I bo ln.ll.ii b)t, aotoeot
armm lake to wood work ami Worn
bit (! ratThtrr ll ha. l-rn dent
UitntM that the Klatnatli In.llain,
lth.tip-r initiuclioii, tellreedily lo
U aliltP man'. intllii.l" of doing
itlnj., and lemal of Ihe graduates of
ihe Klamath kI.ioI ati iklllrd median-
ci, one dI tli ho)i hating dcalgned
lallullta modern frame Iioum near
bi Airiicy landing.
Ir,i farinm; ill Ni done by the
eliOdlllii. jiar than heretofore, tliat
', l If m Mtrn Will v cultivate! to as
the the Iii.llant shelter idea ol in-
mM fumitiif. Mucli nl the tluis
illl U .pent in iesvding Ilia Agency
ti.un.lin bull.linit new walks loir-
IUm ll, .,. dilapidated onet. The
biny Im.oumnit to Ihi mailo on llie
alMlngi a. on llm will take
ipraoitol il,r Hummer, tut when the
xinf, Indiana ei.uio to achool lint Kail
IU ilirltnr.1 In buildings that
and will hara
to farm liitclllKrntly, Imw lo mint .lock,
and tliy aloo learn aoinn ol llm,
tied aa ('ariffilriliiK andlilaikiinltliliiK,
Tim liiitirovrtiifiile Ix-Iiik inadn will rn
aids lliu cliool to do Uttrr work In I do
ndiicallunal llnw, and will ltii.riivi tlio
aanllary eondltloiK of llm kIiooI liiilld.
nt an1' Ufoilii'la,
Alinllirr linivi lui'lit of ((rat IiiiimitI.
mice U Jiut IwIiik ttailrd on tlio Klatn
atli Itr.rnnlloii, U llie eitalillaif
iiirnt of day ncliixda. Tlirini Klioolt are
'Ilia forerunur-rn of tlio ( acliool
ayitfm whlrh will I") liiauxuralrd alien
tlio allotini'iita am (oniilrtvl and llir
ianratlon thrown iio to tlllrmtnt.
Ono of Ihi'.o c lioota I tiow maintained
at Yainaa and another la
lllhvl lirarll.n Wllllaniron tlor church.
The hiiltdlng lor thla ahod will be
ervctrd at mire at a ilnt out milt toulh
oltlmchimli, Theie I. iUite a Mltle
Drill In thla liimirdlato vicinity and the
rchool will liavo an enrollment of (.rob
ably eighteen or twenty .tlila.
Mayoralty In Demand
Now that tl.a end ol the raniitfO lor
too nty ran'dl.latrt la hear al hand the
iuratlou of who will I I lie neat mayor
of thla rily la lej.i.liid Into the lime
llilhl. John Htllli and (leorgo I). (Irli
ilo hato declaifl their intention ol
being-randl'lalra, and the name off).
llrllkoiur an. I J. 0. I'lerca havo been
iruilnrntly mentioned in connection
with the oince. Uthera will doublleaa
U brought to the front, but It would
arern that from llil. Il.l a competent
head of the city government could lie
The name of Mr. Ifrltkemper teema
to have the beat ilrawimjr iuaiiure.
Whrreter It haa Uen mentioned It haa
been rc-celu-1 with cordial Irvloreemenl,
and that he would make a atrong run la
undoubted, lie la a man who haa done
much for thla city during hi) realdcnce
heir. Iking one ol the largeat builneia I
men In thle clly and having other In
lereat) ol n.ial luiioitaiici he haa
all to Induce lilin to glie the people
of thla city a model administration, If
any Inducement were nrrea.ary. Iltlt
hi. woll known ptnblly and high Ideata
ol clll-emhli warrant the ilatrment
that If lm were choaen aa mayor ol Kla
math r'alle hn would gln what alt
claim ol cltliene demand, an honeat,
lmartl!, economical, moral adnilnla
I ration ol the aRali of thla onti-e. It la
thll that Klamath Fall nceda at thla
time, and ll Mr. Ilellkemmr cannot I
prevailed tin to accept lha houor, a
man ol Ida calibre ought to 1 aelected
and elccleil to the lmrtant (oat.
Link's Turbulent Waters Will
Support Large Popula
tion In Near Future
Association Members Satis
fied With Existing Condi
tions Under Project
Kipvrla have ilatcd that the lalll of
I.I nk Itltrr rouhl (urnlali motive power
to run (actinic, to give employment to
40,001) iieople. How would the people of
Klamath Fall, tiku to we. a pay roll In
thla ill) ol 40,0007 Wo take It for
granted that thore would he no objec
tion, yt however akeptlcal one may be
the lact ri-malm that It la poaalble.
Klamntli Fall. It going to be the aecond
clly in Ihe italn of Oregon, but how
aoou thla ia to lie aitomplithed reinaini
entirely with the cllltvna of llila aec
lion. Tlii-rw I. no other clly In thu
atale outal.le ol I'oitlanJ with the ad
vantage. 1. 1 Klamath Fall.. Thla la not
hot air but a fact which cannot be de
nied. There are llirvo thlngt to be comider
) In -lablihiiig fartoriea; material,
l-awer and markela. Wo have the ma
tcrlal and the power and the market
will be aupplled by thu railroad. The
road will U hero liefore any factories
can be etarled and now it the time to do
a Utile work lo Intern I capital. With
our billion, ol fret ol the lineal
timber on the coail, Ihi) eecllon
will anon bo one of the largeit lumber
manufacturing polnta ol the weat. It
la alan a goal point for box and match
factoriea, woolen milla, packing liouaea
and condcn.ed caam fartoriea. Theeo
latter and many morr we cau gel hy
The Chamber of Commerce haa al
riady alarted llmgool work, but they
need the tupporl and aaalalanco of
cery cltlaen who want, to teethe city
grow. If jrou arc In favor of progrtat,
It la your duty to Join In wlili llie
Chamber and It will bceurpnilng what
the nutlet elTorta of oOO men can do.
Don't alt down and let Ihe other fellow
do tlio work, but get Into the harneee
and work for a greater Klamath Falla.
It'a eaty when you once get atarted.
Will Leave at 4 A. M.
The annual meeting ol the
ytfra' Maoclatlon will coneno at 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and Indica
tion! are that tlio attendance, will not l
very large, and that harmony will pre
vail throughout the entire aeatlon.
There will he, ao far aa can be learned,
no conteets, for any of the dlrectorihlpa.
It aeernt that Ihe vatt majority of the
member) are well latlified with Ihe
work of lha pteient board, and that ill
member) will bo re-elrctel by a unani
mous vote. None of the members haa
refused to aerve ll Ihe aaaoclatlon de
cide that Ida aervicee are wanted for
another year. There are no new candi
date), and consequently the election
will cause no excitement.
The project Ii moving along smoothly
under the pteient board. Indications
are that a Urge amount ol work will bo
lose this year, as the association is in
harmony with Ihe Reclamation Service,
which la ears) to result In a aubatantlal
advancement jl the irrigation system.
The directors of the association are
representative men of the county, and
they have throughout the past year
been ooufrotted by several (jucatlona of
Importance Which (bey have handled in
attends and speaks in every Institute
and ia recognlred a, one ol the leaders
in educational work. Ilo is not a tran
ilciil school teacher. Mo haa a home
here, haa InverteD all hla earnings In
thla county and haa an Interest in farm
property at Merrill. He ia an active
member of the-ClrVmber ol Commerce,
and ol the Water Users Aaaoclatton.
Through his influence several people
hare been Induce. 1 to settlo here. Dy
I them) means ho hat thoroughly identl
Water De1 ,nitf with the county, and la
thoroughly Interested In lis Kchooli and
other Inlerc-tts.
Prof. Swan was educated In t.lnn Co.
lie taught In the country and town
ichoola of tliat county. He worked hla
way through Albany College, where he
has an excellent record for scholarship.
Upon graduation he was offered a post'
lion In the Albany jxxt office. There
he war soon promoted to Assistant Post'
master which position he resigned to
come to Klamath. He holds a state
life diploma. Proft Swan has always
been a Republican at ia his father who
voted for Lincoln and served with Sher
man during the Civil War. During the
lint year of his majority, Mr. Swan was
a member of I.I on Co. He publican Con
vention. .Mr. Kwan has a family and le
a young man ambitious, and with the
best years of .his life before hlra. If
elected tlio people may be confident
that he will do hit duty, and do much
for the schools.
Farm Lands Are
Big Demand
A. H. Naftzger Says Maay
Catiforaiaas WIN Visit Us
Big Crowd Expected
The performance of David Oarrick tc-
mnrrfiar nluht will nnrlntlhtmllv llrAW a
a way Inst uaa resulted in guoj wr me i M mmd ,nJ w lhI, enJ Manager
Vf tausht
fclexciliriitruol., and
pre vltioM at dumoitira t"
l. The )ouug men aro taught how
Clerk Chaetaln U getting
Iccllon. He haa been dig
ballot boxce and getting
lor primary duty.
apecia ma moiui c,.v,
i'ya. He Intends taking
some long trips this summer.
IfU'aahat or shoe you
nro thinklns of-visit the
'Htoro that carries the
largest stock-that keeps
standard qualities. See
our Spring lines of Walk
over and Napatan Shoes,
Stepson and Thorough
bred H ts.
entire project, They are now thorough
ly familiar with the duties ol the board,
and alao with lit nee-la of the various
portions rd ! reclamation system
which will enabks them to do except
ionally good work during the ensuing
year If re elected.
Ttie fact that the water usere are
satisfied with the preaent board and
with the manner In which the service
la carrying on tba work will keep them
away from the meeting, while a
number of others are too busy in the
field lo leave the ranch for a few days.
The most important matter to bo con
sidered at the meeting will bo the
amending of the by-laws so as to cliange
the time ol meeting. It seems that the
movement to chang the time to early
June Is to encounter some opposition.
There are those who think that June Is
too late in the season for the annual
meeting, for the year'a work will be ao
far advanced that no suggestions can be
made bv the association. There are
others who think that it would be bet
ter for the association if the time were
changed lo January, ao that the plana
for the ensuing year might be talked
over before the Reclamation Service
Tho machinery for Moore Bros, big mkea all necessary arrangements for
power plant it now at Dray, and will he (ho season. The strongest argument in
lleglnulng on April 10th theetagee
over the Mclntlrc-r'traw stage line will
i.j ii.l.iliv at 4 o'clock a. m., and
will make through connection for Thrall.
This will do away with the lay-over at
Pokrgama under Ihe old Winter sched
ule, and will make a difference ol over
twelve hours in reaching Portland.
Power July 1st
Houiton has placed a number of extra
chairs so that all may be accommodated
with good seats.
Mr. Mong says he has a very Una
company and one'he believe will
please our people ; he clalraajto haren-
caged Ids people not only for their fit
ness as dramatic players, but haa taken
ins lo secure people who will give
good account of themselves in comedy
as well as the heavier plays. Whether
or not the new company will shine In
comedy remains to be seen and on Sat
urday night our people will have an
opportunity to Judge lor themselves,
(or David Garrlck Is a comedy that re
quires for Its interpretation, actors and
actresses who are experienced In
comedy work.
Between the acts some new specialties
will bo offered. Miss Merle Lewis,
vlvacous young woman, will bid for
favor with some new songs and dances,
Jack Grnndiu will present a novelty act,
blowing bugle calls and Illustrating
them on the moving picture screen!
while Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harvey will
ins the new song "I'm Afraid Te
Come Home In The Dark."
Miss Leta Nickerson our talented
musician, will be musical directress for
the company which is an assurance that
musical numbers will ,be well played
and heartily received.
A. U. Naftiger arrived in the city yea-
teriky from Loa Angeles to remain lor
a few weeks to attend to boshseea mat
ters connected with the Klamath De
velopment Company and the Hot
Spring Improvement Company, b be
ing president ol both ol thM companies.
In discussing the affair of thee com
panies, Mr. Na!tagral-
"We have no plana fur aay big lm.
provementa tbl Summer. Of course,
we w ill do more or less work. The town
site ol Midland will be subdivided, aad
w wilt also lay out the town ol Wotdeo."
He saya that financially condition
are very much Improved thronghowt the
country and that there l a a de
mand for farm laud. Klamath U becom
ing well known and many CaliforaUaa
willviiit u thla Summer. No excur
sions have beta announced, It being too
early la the season tor that. The travel
haa Increased gain and meet of the
people aeem to have money. The Sect
of the panic are yet visible In may
places, but the acute pain oaaaed by the
money wring ry wMt1ayta mmn
Mr. Naitiger think that the deaaaad
for farms I greater today tanakatu
been for twenty year, lie any Iks I
largely due to the fact that waswaaiag
farm lande le a fad that I rajlag
time. The recent panic baa perhap
augmented the demand, a a number ol
renter are now in the market lor cheap
He It still very optomlatk regarding
the Klamath section and think that ia
due time this city will te the distribute
ing center lor a Urge portion ol South
era Oregon and Northern CalUoraia.
All that ia needed U transportation fa
cilltlee, and the. California Nortaeaet
em will provide these within a very few
month. He think that immediately
upon the arrival ol the railroad a num
ber ol Jobbing house will te ettabtiabed
In this city.
tirounht In here al once. The workmen
will begin on the building In a few days
and Ihe Installation of the machinery
will begin Just aa soon a it arrives. The
line to llonania will be completed while
tho plant I being P"t In and by July
1st llonania will bo getting electricity
Irom tho new plant.
' Allotting Resumed
Fneclal Allotting Agent II. V. White
will resume tho field work on tho Kla
math Reservation Just a soon a he can
get about with hit assistant. It has been
Impossible lor him to do anything out
office work throughout the Winter, the
now putting a stop to all oatalde work,
Mr. White will continue the field
work during Ihe Summer and by the
close ol the oaon the allotlng should
be wall advanced.
J. A. McDonald wa In the city today
enroute to Dorrls, where ho will reside
In luture. Ho waa accompanied by
Mr. McDonald
Ho far not many rancher have arriv
ed in tho city to attend tho Water TJaar
favor ol June ia that it is a good season
lor traveling, and that It is an Idle timo
with tho farmer. This matter wlllte
thoroughly discussed tomorrow.
Geo. North will leave la a lew day
for hla homestead north of y. He ex
pecta to remain there throughout the
entire Summer and will cultivate a con
siderable area thia Spring.
Swan for Superintendent
Prof. John G. Swan, candidate for
County School Superintendent, i a
man thoroughly qualified and compe
tent to fill that position, and by his
work In organising and building up the
County High School, and hla efforts to
build up Klamath County Interest, he
haa merited by hi service, tho con
sideration ol-tho voter. He came Irom
iTlnn Co. about five year ago and al
though condition seemed far let favor
able than Bfw, ho decided' to make his
home here spd devote hi energle to
building up a High School. When
Superintendent Ackerman -last ipoke
here he stated that he wa holding Kla
math County High School up a
model ot a.nrogroetW school, and that
the school wa doing much to advertise
the county.
Prol, Swan has always nanileeted' an
interest in our nubllo schools. He
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r yyu The Most Perfect
tkfflAM& of Floor Palnte
Makes floor easy to keep clean the home sanitary and attract.
Roberts & Hanks
ttone 173, Emm Block
j i
meeting tomorrow