The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 18, 1908, Image 1

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lostlyftaul Papur in
Our Advertisers Get
tJio Best. Results . . ,
Clumnlli Fulln ....
)N Yi:an, No. -177.
I'ntcE, 5 Cents.
:ision in contest
Is favorable to
ttlcr Make Substantial
iprovements and Show
Good faith
rry lmjoilant land drclilou Iim
len tendered by Hip Comtiilaaonr
lie (Irnerat Uml Office, wlilch will
rl liilrn-altoiiiany Klamath inuntr
rtlradrre, who have had ronteate
I egalntt their clallna, Tin how.
Jrr a.t favored, where it waa proven
I he had ahoan (11 I lib by mile
riili1aiillal Improvements, even
In the Idol wee inure valuable lor
on C. Meery fllrd an affidavit
sntral egalnal ll entry of William
Pryn on a oillon ul arc. 'J. T. 17-10,
dine, In auhalanrr, that defendant
failed In rraldr mi, cultivate and
tuve lli Unit at required by law.
lis drclelon rrade :
flier are tome clrcumelaiir ahoan
It rate that, du not Imllalo good'
on Ilia part ol the ilefeadanl in
king tald entry lor a liaeaeatead.
i U town evidence tending In lion
I ! ib-.lrrj It rliially for Hi timber
Hi fact that be hat furnlehed ii
, 'that lie eeuMJibed a rraWUrx
l anil remained enatlnuoiuly lor
at moathi aaaTlaaa MaitaaavMawit
rlroat for a much aa all jmmtht at
mi llmr, taken laglhr with IliP
, that Ihe entry wa mail let llian
jeart before III ronleal we
fill, Indiratr K"l fallti on hit ri.
tittering It lor a Iioiup.
lie evldenrp at a whole lull In ealab-
I plaintiff' chargee. tfald cnnWat U.
trior, dletntrtpd, ami Hip rnlry hrld
all eiek highly ol lilt work. Till end
nl IIiii enmity In unruly i-iillllrd to tome
thing and aa o runny nl llio atplrauta
for the nuinlnatloii am retldenlt ol Kin-
inalli I'ullt, ami aa Merrill hat no man t
In Id field Prof, llnbtit thould win
liainli down. Merrill llrcoril,
A telephone ronimiiiiicatiuii today
slated Hint I'rnf. Ilnbb liml i-onscnled
lo makp lit rare, ami lliat xttlllon
' wn Mug i Imitated,
Clood Words for rloljgatc
Harry L. Ilolgate rotdrnnl t til Iioiik-
In Klamath County, Thuraday, alter a
wrek'a vlll among CVr vatlla rrlatltca
' ami .ulnc leaving Hi 'Invent
I uirrit arrvlre, three, or four yrara ago, li
liai Ukrn an active part In the ilvrlo
mriil ol tint progremlu-, proaprrnua
trctlmi ol Oregon known aa Ilia KUin-
alii country. Iln la now conducting n
liank at llonania, a rapidly developing
loan about V-l iitltrt from Klamalb
Harry It nun nl Hip tactful, brainy
young in an ul llm atate nnJ r air glad
to Irani tint Iip la doing w ell. A recent
itltpaleh loTlirdrrgonlau alalea lliat tip
will baarimlMalpfnr Joint aenalor (loin
Klamath, Crook ami lake Counllr.
II It (V)iular anil a huMler ami ahouM
niak a fowl ahuwlng In Hie coinlni iri
marie III familiarity with the nreda
ol Orrgon rou0ai i It I hie uiiuaual ei
rtlrtrr In lb irrparalion ol lawa nn.l
the banilllng ol Irglilatlon make him an
exritonally well iiiatlf1rI twrami lor
Hip lar. Ilrahli'l llil Iip haa a atalv
Id arualnlanie among men ol itaml.
Ing ami Intlueiirn which Mould I ol In.
I revenue, nml other important maltera of
inlrrcft to the city. Tim commilleo
npioInlnl nt llio mart merling to
'rrrmeilnlinn obtninlnic city watPr, will
rrmkr lln-ir rrfort Hilt t-veiilng.
Admit Johnson's Declarations
As State's. Evidence
Widow and Several Others Testify Johnson Was Rational
at limes Before Performing the Operation
for the Removal ef the Eye
rVnnlor l!ouriif letler to -volera
I nml (MmliiUtr for olficra In Orcxon lire-
nu iliprn toitaml by lalernent So. I,
Hill not rany ruiirh forn- if tin; preilic-
, tiont of tome nl llinui':iolitiriniit aielo
j ! fulnilvil. Tliry nrKiif lliAt the ."rna-
J tor lint been nwuy from tlntnto fo long
that bo it not in touch uith the real sit-
' imtlnn, ami fot tlil ri'non hit letter
will In a inrutuiu -. lnuieil bv tbr
rank and flleol tlm parly ari'l nlro the
party IrAdrrr In .Multnomah county
not half a iloen rnndiilntct (or the fen.
mtr nml l(ou' uill plnlp llirrnpvn
i in of tatrmeiit Nn. I. .
Should Present the
Matter to the ,
Staqes Carrying Mail Should
Leave Pokegama as Soon
Train Arrives
with Hip bull eudol n cue ami krirckcil
me dawn. While I wat down Frank,
- - - - j t. f0pl o'( Klamath Fall have) an
A.J. Ilale. uliulmt Ln-n tltlting K.opjrtunlty of receiving their mall I J
J. Murray for cevcral montba left for'houra eirller than at preaent if they
han Franrivcn on vctterilav'a boat. He . .!.. I lt it,. ...rln... rl,iU .a.I a..
'nipanlni; CorpronUlu- big bartender w111 llnt l-o Ant'il.-t U-forr till re- Kaniitlgnt of Hilt city Intend to remain
Jabbed the email end of a cur In my eye.. ,,,,n ' lnctle, or will they win the pralaeol
i our cltiient by doing aomethlog toward
Then I got up and got nut ol tbr door, '
When com I convened at nine o'clock
Judgo Denton aniiGUCrd that lie Inul not
la-en a bio tit-reach a decitlon aa lo the
ndmlaiability nf tin- atatrmenl of John
mti relative to Ida di-alh or recovery. He
..... . . . ..... . . ..
accordingly fcn--l tlir Jury and had I when Peleralelner hit me Iwlci-.' "y'of"-" '' ' K""0' Improving our mall lervlceT
eubporiia for lira. Merryman, Whlli-j At the lirneof Hip or.itioii I a I n'1 C K' t"',n H'" cimlMaieelVir! The poetolTice department liaa ahowa
and I'arkrr. j preaent at llm lima )r. Matlon opera- ,U "nlni" '' iro.ecullDg attorney I . ,i,fl0,ti()n l0 accommodato the peo-
Mm.Jobnton, Mr. Hlxon. Mr. I'hlll- led on him and aw thp doctor remove a ' "" "" 'P,"'n nu iwmocraiic . , M M - jm,,! ,battheli
Ipa, Mr. Itrnnle. Mr. Caaey, 5lr. Hattle j tlhcr of woo.1 from Hip eye. iWllnet1 '
Wilaou, A. I., l-4-avitl and Mr. Gentry I here identillnl tin- r-livcr and it wat'
.. . in. i i . .1 I ,. . . , . , 'he linger, ol the Klamath county
were callnl and gave additional teall-l marked fur Identification) ,,.!,,.,
. .. .. ... , ., , ,' bank will act a deputy county trraturer
iniiny aa to llm rendition of Johnaon "llclwi-en Hip time I rame and the ,,.,,,.'
i . .i .. . . i. .i . ........ , during the. IIIii-m nl Tiiaturer Alva
prior to bit death. The court took operal inn he waa rational about hall of I. .
the matter under adviaemtnt' and the llmr. Allrr Ihe operation he had
at II nVlock court took n rereea until leaa lucid interval, hut rcvernl limp he
I ft. referred In ihe fncl that Iip would not
Thermit! convened at 1 inland Judge reroter.
II. J. Winter, tlio J--rler, returned
'I--. - !.. , - .
l ii rti-ning iioin iiirrir, wuere ne naa
valuable aid lo hlniNn rcuriiig Irgiala- trnm ilecldiil that the ttatrment to On rroaa examinatioii HUon t lad-!
live aatfon. Ilimii and Mia. Jolintun by Johnaoa oa .y inltol tip nn two important olnl I
At br It an old Corvaltia ly and a ritimlay morning pi lr lo Hie lime ol the I that of what waa actually raid and what '
graduate of lb OAC, bla many Irlrmlt i,wratl"ii lor Hip n-moval nl hla evr, W'occnred nt the door ol the raloon. (In
barn will anainitlv watch hit ramnatdi admitted. T-i lln llm U-liftie entered Croat eiaminalion he ttated that John
liren titllini: tilt branch ttore.
Hntiinlay a Hip tenth anniversary of
the dettruction of the battlerblp Malue
1 in Havana harbor.
lur the nomination and earneally hope i an objection on Hip ground that It
tut lilt Mtccr. Cortallia (lairttp.
Ha, a Candidate
liu many ol I'rni. J. II. Hold
Ida place are trying In perauade lilui
liter llio rare for Ihe nomination for
inly Kchool rSnperinlendent. Ml.
iib U a genial gentli-maii well liked
HI who kmm him and bat been very
rettlul in aehool work In till cjunly
rell aa In other part el Oregon. He
lioen lit hla pieaent iioalllon for
le aucreaaive year, am) Ida patrone
Looks Like It
II. I. Winlrra I tiled Itorrit Bunday jneee eejla).
and lomr ol hi Inlimalp Irienda patted
out the Information lliat he bad gone
tin-IP lo l-ilii Hip l-nrdlrt The lacl
that In- hat tlnrehrru patting out rlgar hla dpalli ten ila
to all nl hit Irienda alio have calletl at
hi Jewelry ftoro ruakra It appear that
the report it not manufactured out ol
whole clolli.-
ami on
Iho tldewalk;!
ulatril that
hla mind aremnl perfectlyclear. Tliea
. i riloila wottlil In- ol varying iianuwn.
Aa there waa not a iiiuiniii I'nljutHrn from ten uilnulea lo hall an
the city council did not hold ita tegular i jnur
ml-montlily meeting latt night. There 0 aatlitY ivcember SW. an
tuade in view nl Impending death, at be
ing Irrelevant and Immaterial.
)M Hltona laborer aa Ihe flrtt alt-
He raid:
"On Clirl-ttnan morning Mra. Johnaon
tent (or me toatii-t litr In caring for thp blow In Ihe eye by Corpron. He
her butband. I niunimil tbeie until finally admitte.1 that inott of bit teiU-
Inter, llurlng inony or, tliit point w tuppotllion.
that time be wat rational an.l ir A to the convertation held prior to
rational. Win n rational be neemed to the operation he wa doubtful a to the
be noaetiuiiol all hla factilllea and exact word, and wat uncertain a to
whether Johnion referred to the dla
figuration nl hit (ace through the Iota ol
hi eye, rdiould he recover.
ift the blow alruck by Peter- . , , . ........
. ... , '" oau game win ue rriuay
kprewnaaar uuUIdu nl, . " '
1 V.nifl II. la tral. In.luil l BalLa
Ini.r anil nn llm tl.lraalr? " """ "' "-'""7-
.1,1. blow knocked Mm down in-LILtNSED TO TEACH
aide the door, and wa there fjllowed by "
Applicants Are Highly Sue
cessfid in Passing the
i Mra. J. M. Johnaon waa next called
'On Sunday IVccmber SU, an opera- and Mated that Chritlma morning, be-
will U no meeting until the flrat Unn'' on aa performed to remove bin eye. ' tween 0 and 7 o'clock her buiband came
day in March itnUta a apecial meeting la ' .at ninrrtlias when 1 came into the mom , home. He waa muddy and bloody and
called by the Mayor
W. It. Davit, the alago man, con
ducted anexrnrilon veaterday toTetefa
Landing on tf atramer Klamath. Quite
a number nl the builnett men ol thn
city wont along.
we talked about the operation and John- hla head wai tied up. Ho undreed
eon aald, 'The operation will do no good, ' and went lo bed, complaining about be-
(or I am too badly Injured ' We talked
about Ihe trouble he had at Ihe time
he waa Injured and he laid 'When I
reached Ihe door, Petcnleincr hit mo
Do It Now!
, ' Whm ih. Mniai nxwt-nr to chlrn and the flowert blOMom and the iun
! iuit wan MiMtth to raaka vou aatlifled with life theB ! When you wlU wait
to get Intra wlthiitmrt awl tog up with a nice amit or two. DonH wait too
loni. Coa aad the JlMery, aaappy aatteraa we are ahowlngta our
tprtng tvlUaga.
are ready to fill yomr every whin at the aame pricfe.
Ing cold. He toon went toaleep. He
aaa rational and teemed to know what
he waa laying. Ho waa deliriou about
hall the tlmo until bo died. Sunday
following Chrlittuaa Dr. Matton re
moved a all'ver of aood from Ida eye and
later removed the eve.
"On Iho morning of Hi nieration I
had n conversation with tny huibnnd
relative lo the amault that waa made on
blniChrlttmaaeve. Heaaidthat Peter
atelnerhlt him on Hie head with a bil
liard cue and knocked him out thoioor
on to the tldewalk and that Iho bar
lender Jabbed him lu iho eye with the
mall end of the cue.
"He protected agalrm tlm removal ol
Iho eye, lor ho aaw no reaton why it
liould Ui taken out (or he might na well
die with It In aa out. Alter tho opera
tion lie expreaaed n with that he waa In
Portland, where he could go lo a hos-i
i pltal and receive proper care and atten
tion. Though I told him he would get
along all right, ho believed he would
not get veil."
ThetUte. brought out, by Ihe nit
Mil, the (act ol Johnaon' death and
burial. The defence then took then li
nen in charge (or croai-examlnatloh.
Prof. Dunbar ami II. F. Murdoch
have completed the examination of
teacher (or ttate and county paper.
Three gentlemen Hale that thli hat
been one of Ihe atrongeat claiao that
hat been examined (or tome time. The
average grade of the entire clans waa 90
percent. Following are tho ancceaaful
applicant: County paper Edith New
ton, Sarrah Gritllth, Rarbael Applegate,
Lulu Wllkeraon, Nellie Wood, Ruby
Nlcholat, Archie Kirkendatl, C. Lam
bert, T. H. DeLap, John Irwin, C. E.
Mulkey and T. K. Gritllth. State paper
Ilyron Hall, Ella Callahan and Anna
pie at toon at they learned what their
withe were. Klamath County hain't
Ihe only mall line in Hie United Bute,
and Uncle Sam li not going to order any
change, a long a tb people, by tbeir
apparent dialnteretledncea, appear tat
iafled with the prwaot tetvie. Poet
matter Murdoch itatee that be ia ready
and willing to endor any recoeaaaeada
lion or titioni made by the comaaer
cial bodla of the city, tending toward
the improvement oj the tenrice. Uader
the contract the department can order
the mail contractor to leave Pnkagjgajia
wltn the mall imaediately apoa lit ar
rival at that place.
II thla wa doee-Uf anil wwli iitn
here early in the rnoTBiBg aad Ut pat
roni ol tho oeBcw woald have all, 'day to
aniwer their corroepomdeace. TbU
woufd alto In a great oonTeoktac) to the
local office. Under tb achedol the
entire roalli from Pokegama, Fort Kla
math,' Bonanza, Lakevlew and way eta-
tioui, arrive here within (w hour ol
each other In the evening. Ttila neceet
latel working a gratr part ol the
night and lometimei, on account ol the
balk ol malt, it ia not poaaible to get it
all distributed in time to make op tb
outgoing mall in the morning. Imtead ol
the ontatde mall laying over at Pokega
ma, it ahould be here being distributed
during the day, and there woald be only
tho eait mail to handle at night.
C. D. Arthur, ol Lakevlew, cam in
last evening from the railroad en route
home, having In cuitody Ellli Wllbelm,
whom he apprehended in Eugene on a
chargo ol horae stealing In Lake county.
I .on It Qerber and I. D. Applegate left
this afternoon for Merrill.
leeting Tonight
The Chamber ol Commerce will hold a'
regular nttetlng tonight. The City
Council, uiembeis ol the Civic Federa
tion and the public hai been extended an
Invltatlonlo meet with the chamber for
the purpose of discussing extending the
boundaries ol the city, so ai to get more
' I
Attends the Fisherman that
Fly Hooks, Spoon Baits, Keels.
Lines, Steel and Bamboo Rods.
They are constructed for sclea
tift fishing and no.matter how
unskilled the fisherman sttccess
will attend his efforts If he uses
our tackle. .. .. .. .. .
Roberts & Hanks
Phone 173, lama Block
" & ,
$ "S.
-. Ti'ii
i . A-cr:--'
- "iv'f :