The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 08, 1908, Image 2

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Herald Publishing Company
w. e. SMITH, rtor
50 per cent, vegetable natter. Klamath'a greatest
ana aasaswaw wmmmm a w a a mmw
Oregon's richest soil. .. A "
bargains at 920 per am aid upwards. Easy Terns. lilrfiV .47X..1V I
nunscRirnoN iwrra
, br imU. a rr. ... .
r man mi moni..
p nalL thr. manuik
pattr, br inu. a nvxiih.
uaur, uwmw ny ntrtwr. . w-..
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How TO H"T.-(it rlflW mmwr wlr. I
aipia.. wr, rrvrtn.! rrk nn rmir Kv.1 tank,
tampa, cadi, r cutrmcy.
Mmnm Law or OiuwoN.-SrtWi 3M3of
UwkMr of Ornron mUn lht mhrrrrr n
Potmi rmlrrUrtc ntr,rr bn mil mrh
m .ail to anr lfwi In thi. Hul. without
rrt ffilUi an nlr thrfor, ttKh rrrr
. i mi qit tin, ! n o cr onut.,
imi tell tctru Mlnl uS mn vlSf
rtMmwi l rwMtwl W ltlrl tovfcnm
It It wnl or not.
That tho corrupt practices bill
to be submitted to a popular vote
of tnc people under the initativo
and referendum, is in direct con
tlict with that section of the Con
stitution which guarantees free
dotnof speech is belie ved by
many who have read the meas
ure. The bill makes it a crime
for any person to ask. solicit or
in any manner try to induce or
persuade a voter on election day
to vote for or against any candi
date or measure. This would
I lie rvbjr announce my candidacy (or
FOR COUNTY CLERK , reelection to tin. iitllro of County
I liercbr announce iiijrell ai a candl. jTrvavirvr on the Itrptiltlicnu ticket -date
tor nomination mi the Heimbllcan iH llif 1c"lln i. the irllurle on
tlcVrt, lor County Clctk, nl tlie ciMtilnit April 17.
primary election J I.. Al.VA I.KWIH.
C. K. llitASIiKNItUiUI.
I hereby tlcclaio uiyiell a candidate j I heichy declare iityreli a onnllititlp
for the nomination lor County ClcrK on . lor t lit nomination ol County Trrniurr
the Itepublicau tlclct, ubjcct tn thede 'on the Itcpiihllcau llclet, ulij.vt lo tin'
cltioti ol tli olcnnt the primary dec ronilderaiion ol tho oter at the pri
tlon. C. U. IVIap. , mat) election. T. V. STKl'UKNS.
I lierebr announce tinted a. a candl.
i I liotoliv nnnoiinro mi tell n. n lAiull
tiale Mr mo nouiinition on uir iiepuwi. , .-. ,l)r ...,. 11... !,,,I.II.mi.
t toapectlullv announce, myttill a
i'sihIIiIIo lot tli olllco ol tlniln on tlir
IMiiHcintlt' tlckrl, tnblo'l lo Dm will ol
I tho volet, tit tho nlmry elrctlon.
It. r-T. MIX.. IIIBIKll'. I
I hfioliy nniiouut'p in) wit mmlliUlp '
on I lie tWinivmJIi' tlokrl, (or the
nation lor ihrrifl, lor tfw rviitltlrtttlon
ol tho otrr Hi tlif ptlnmry rlrvllnu.
l n viinuv iiiioiinri mjcii .. n
rnillilrito lor tho olllir ol Cntoutr nl
East End Meat Market
CRISLER & STILTS, Proprietors
Prime Beef, Veal. Mutton, Pork and Poultry
Troll niwl Ournl Molt aih Sntitnccn of ull l.imli
V hiiJI our men It In thomott inoilrrii wny Inrlmn
lino ntul tirrounJlnt. Try lit Mini mi will Ih t t
hniy to livt' you for it nulniniT Krtt' Dollvcty
- run tlckrt lor tho olliff ol Mirtin ol,,i t . , . i',,.,.,... ol Klu.mlli ., ., , . i
ci- .i ... . .i !.. ...i - ii i itunt, lori-own) .m- .nor.oi MuiiiMii t, Coiiulv, Orritoii, on tho lOciit
- KUm.tlictiunty tubjt to tho tlKi.ion Comr. ...t., , , llw,lU I ,ho ,.,, lcUt, ,llllj., ,',,, .,,,,
. . ol tho .minK ,..l,u.ry clrctio.,. xotr M 0 lf,llwjr rlrc11B. ' m
! Wll. IIAK.Nr. HKUTK.WITIIIiV. ' A1,n ;, Wk.
.. . . , ... ' t A II.WII r .(0K.
1 hrri'bv ilrcUip nivxll n cnIMatr
lor the oliic ol .hriiH lor ll.c i-ontlJ. , ") niiouiuv my iuill.luy Mr
era tlon ol the iri-ubllcan volrra at U.e I Atwtror ol Klamath County, uihKI to roN COUNTY AMSSSOR
lit .it... .. It 1.1 1 -at
primary elation. ' " ,,r,,""""1" ." , " "' I hnrhy .KUie .nKll a c.hIUI.1. ,
I. t. .. ,!.. t tlm nrlifimtv'lhl t of Atitll 17 I'tH. ..... t
ii. .. it ii iu? n ). i -i - ; ' ' . lot llie noiulimtliin lor County Aatrtwor
' ..... , w ontheVinftU'tlr1irt,.iil.Jeclto III
I hereby announcv my camlMacy lurj l"rella. reli. 1, I. ,,,on ol the totrtr at the primary
the nomination ol Sheriff ol Klamath ) - - 'elretloii. J, , I.KK,
County tlblect to the action ol the rr-, I OR DISTRICT ATTOKNKY
ment on election day and there
is doubt whether it would be
April ITlh nw.
.... i .. .:....... ...
oar me Use Ol any Kind ai arpu- puunn oi.-r. i me t r.marr eireiion. , , hrtrh ,,.. ,,M.i ,, Mn,. ' cn llMaau-H
. tl.MAKTI.N. ,e,m H,e IJepuhllcan t.elrl lor Ihel ... , ...
lAominalioil..rlheoltlo.ol IhMiict At- ' '" W '". '"" r,, ,or ,",
tornev lor Klan.tth ami Ule rountier. ! """ "n,, " I"? '" l"
tubt to the .Irv-i.ion ol the tot.rt at ho int.ll an.l lirne.l my ttoieon th.
liil'llllUK Ol wwil'lHf mill.
I, Alva l.anin.
The Washington Post editor
ially criticises tne Oregon initia
tive and referendum law, sayinn:
"In Oregon with the initiative
in full blast cranks flourish like
tt Green Bay Tree. They are
joined by cunning and unscrup
ulous manipulators who endeav
or by indirection and concealment
to aecure legislation that could
not stand an hour of honest pub
lic discussion. And this hodge
podge of freakish and crooked
legislation proposed by undesir
able classes is placed before vot
ers for their offhand decision.
The initiative and referendum,
one of Mr. Bryan's pet policie.--.
is an iridescent humbug.
I hcrenltli announce tut aril a tandl
il.lonr iolnt .,ntr Iron, Klamalli. ." P" ' "
Uke ami Crook countle. on the lie. lltKI. II. .Mil I.,
publii-an tlrlet. tubject lo the tleeition i
ol the primary rlettion. FOR SCHOOL SUPIRINTINDINT
I.. I . WII.I.IT;. , , , . . .
t I here!')' announre niyrell a c.inonUlt' l
I hereby rubmit my name to the He- '"' ,'"' ''"'"inatl or County r,.N.I
publican votera for joint renator from Soperinlen.lenl. toi the ronrMetalioii ..I
Klamath. Uke and Crook counliea at republican voter, at the primary rW
the primary election to be held April ,lon J. tl. HWN.
IT, lK
Harm faithfully repreaented thia, I reaprctlully announce my
dutrict in the Hit aeaaion of the lesia- 'or re-Utlon on the Cepubllcau licit t
lature. and imce the aenatorthlp haa. lo h office ol County Vho.l Xiiperlh.
, it,:. ,.-- . t-. .n --.ll ... VI.-. i tubjectlo the will ol the toleir
: "' r T- aaia t - aa.- .., V Ifl1)ll.
j.ii. wicnr.
ath, I again iik for the favorable cor..
suleratlon or tho volrra of this Sena, i
lorial district. Itetpectfully. .
I hereby announce myaell a candidate
tor re-election to the olliceof County
Surveyor, aubject to the conrideration nl ,
. , .... . 'o licpiiblican oter at the primary.
Senator Borah, of Idaho, has e,ion. ,..,. williamk I
introduced a bill absolutely re
pealing the timber and stone law. I
He offers no alternative method
of disposing of public timber, but !
in conference with Secretary
Garfield and in drafting a bill
which will provide practicable
means of disposing of Govern
ment timber on a fair basis and
shut off all possibility of false
entry 'and at the same time slip-;
ulate that moneys derived from
Government timber shall, as now
go into the Reclamation fund.
G. Helming 6 Co.
Fur Merchants
AAtrcM Marahrkld, Oregon, or
Rts Hi Falls, OrefjMi
We Make Little
Hut there is always
something doin at
our place in the House
Furnishhtf line. We
cany the largest stock
of House Furnishings
in Klamath County.
See us for a Square
Ai Uk BrUSc en Mata Stmt
Statement of Condition
,. of tint.,
Klamath County Bank
Klamath Falls, Oregon
DKCtMBUI 31, 1007
IKitiK and Discount $340,530.80
liombi ami Smiritiivt (J3.S26.84
Itoul IvHtnte, ItulldliiKH uiul
Fixture l4.74!i.lU
Cash und Sight Krh ungc 160.247.69
Capitnl Stock, fully
SurpltiH ami i'mtUa
Due Other Hunkn
I, Ale Martin, Jr ,Cahlcrof lh livc
lank, do toli'iiinly awrar that the ubove ttale
mnt It true to the Iwat of my know Slj; nmlllicf
AI.KX MAltTIN. J II , Cailner
Sutcrilrd and atvorn to U-forr rne Ihlt Oth Uy
of January. llM,
(Seal J C II. WlTIIUiiw
Notary I'ubllc fur Oregon
Ass't Cashier
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
Thomas J. Cleeton. of Portland,
a close friend of Senator Fulton,
is slated for United States Dis
trict Attorney for Orgon. Sen
ators Fulton and Bourne and
Congressman Ellis united in rec
omending him; tho recomenda
tion was placed in the Presidents
hands, and it is expected that
Mr., Cleeton's nomination will be
sent to the Senate at once.
In spite of winter weather, I
work on the E. II! Harriman rea-
ideace two miles east of Arden,
N. Y is being kept up. A large I
force of men is engaged on the
work. The monthly payroll
reaches $19,000. The house is
built in the style of an old Eng
lish castle. Its total cost, it is
said, will approximate1 $1,000
000. Representative liar I let t has
vigorously denied the published
statement that he kissed Con
gressman Burleson, of Texas,
oa, the brow last district day.
"I tried tokiss him but he
dadgtay' said Mr. Bartlett.
The Land Where Things Grow!
Reprtcantatiyes Jones and
Humphrey appeared before the
naval committee and urged that
an appropriation bo made for the
ctustruction of torpedo boats and
submarines for the defense of
Paget Sound and Gray's Harbor.
Tab up with the times one
swat be within the political rug.
The fellows who have not entered
aia lnaiaf gteaad.
I I Jfm,f
li! I iZ-A2Ul
i IjVrr' a--
i -ni "nrnt3 V
! b3hibnrd
frr7Wfir:nl & - wv
CaJUwJL.JUM-i;J ,, w -A
' '.-1 bSCTfecfci .
S ' mt J4rr?jv trrr. ; ' . -
j. , j rrnrjr ,v t. .
K L"ETIjn "' ' mm
. ff(nse fierce) Wrotf i ' '' SSv. f "'
: .. - .m . . . ,s-U ' ' -
f i j A ,i ..' v s , " hN" .
" i .; V '-r .-v. fy . r "
I i. -.: ... i ,.- ? T i-
Buy Lots in Mills Addition
Whea Decidlag
UfMi a Home
or Making an
You Should Choose
the Best
Opportunity la Knocking at
Your Door
Pay oac-ilfth Cash
S 10 per Month
Until paid up
and you can own
Choice property
Mills Addition Lots Are the Bargain Buys
of Klamath Falls
Particular attention is vailed to the location with ref
erence o the Yard location of the California Northeast
ern Railway; pejvot location, tho Macadam Road, Main
Canal, and soil and physical situation that mean good
streets, splendid lawns, unfailing water supply for irri-.
gation, and easy accessibility. '
It Is Your Chaace to Make Money
Call and make inquiry of A drive over Mills Addition
Frank Wirt. Streets will cost you nothing
Cap. O. C. Apaltjalf, but a few moments timo and.
MlM Ithtl MtjQaalfy. convince you of its advantages
Flftti-Strcet Side American Bank & Trust Company Building
Incorporated November 28, 1000