Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, November 13, 1903, Image 1

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Vol. I
Jacksonville, Jackton County, Oregon. Friday, November 13, 1903.
< ounty Court in Session three Dey• mid
Adjusts Votin<| Precinct» R<»<id Peti
lion* Acted on and Kill* Allowed.
No. 27
Geo. I-’. Brady, who owns some cop-
ja r claim*, in the Blue Ledge regoil, antl
wli<> wliellt some week« there at the time
Patriik Clark was investigating this
projerty, s|x rit a day this wack with
Ju« ksonville friciwls. Mr. Brady* was en
rout«* to California.
J. V. fiedeton. a pioneer prosjiector
im«l miner of the Elliott creek mining
distric t, has la-en in town this week get­
ting supplies ami renewing old acquumt-
aticcs. J Ills is Mr. Ei’deton’s first visit
to Jacksonville for 11 years and In- was
much impr« sm <1 by the improv nient
that has taken place in that time.
t’s<-those fancy oilcloth rugs under
your hcutmg stove, |.7.'> ami J|.«H), at
C. W. Conklin's.
The court of County Commissioners
met Wednesday, Nov. 4th in th« regular
session, Judge Prim, Sheriff Rader,
County Clerk Orth and Commissioners
Rllev atld Patti rsoll la-ing pre-ent.
R«q«ort «d county officers were reviewed
and approv« <1.
'1 lie Bill of Welch Lumber Co. for him
fa r was disallowed.
Prof A. P. Armstrong was grant« <1
right of way to lav water pi J*- across
county road near his farm
In mutter of ih tition for county road
presented bv Asbury Beall and other it
was ordered that County Surveyor Jmn s
The Ashland Preserving Coin; anv,
and W J. l-'rcem.in and Grant Rawlings wbi b has 1» en <>|>erating an ext« nsive
the ap|M»intrd vii si rs to lav out road.
caiin« ry in that city th«- present s< awm,
In matter of ioa«l petition presented by will close o|M-ratioiis for the v<-ar this
J. W. B< man and others r«qx>tt of vi- w we- k Tin- segMin has I m en longer than
« rs was a< ceptedaml r«»ad ordered o|K-ncd usual in d there have I ecu more jieople
The following expense account was employe«! than ever 1» fore, the avetage
audited and allowed
i . iiiii I m 'I of «>|M*rativcs la'iiig Ix twe* n ♦<)
I3X imi ami 50 Manager Charles Pi« rc< reports
County Court..............................
2»i IM) that «luring the four months’ run th«-
Circuit Court................................
Justices Court..............................
5H 95 plant has canned 15 t«.ns <.f Bartlett
Siu riffs 1 >!!«««■
333 33 1» <rs, 21 ton- of |x-.«ch«-», ID tons of string
Clerks ()fT»< c ..........
252 .'MI beans and m ven tons of blacklx-rrii s,
III 3*.«
Rrconlers < Mhec.........................
E. G. Sjmlding, wh<> is operating a
Treasurers Office.........................
X3 33
h- -of bnpt. (»t f i< «...................
M3 33 placer mine on Forest Creek came to
25M 33 town this week to me t J. R. Goble and
\Hscssots Office .......................
Current Exp...............................
I2»i 20 T. E. Sturg« <«n both of New York, who
Court House Exp.......................
34 12 ar«- >«|s<, inteiestcd in tin- pr<*|>ertv, The
Jail I xp ....
23 75 latt, r g< nth m* n arrive«! Wednesday and
191 40 that iifteriifMin all three were driv« n out
Care of Imligent................ — _
20 oo to tin- pro|K*rty, where thei will »pt nd
90 imi several dai * in examining the progre**
Reform School Commi'nu nt...
Road* and Bridges.....................
2011 34 of the work air* adv done and in making
plans for future operation*.
Ferric», Julv I«» Oct ..................
It was or«l< red that the county la? «li-
While looking tor presents don’t over
vidcd into 32 voting precincts i with look thi—e li.iiidsoinc- rugs. Over 40 dif
Ixiunduri»« as fo'lows: (the bollini.ini » fereiit design*. C. W. Conklin*«.
for the two Jacksonville precinct» were
A. Johnson, a business num of Kansas
print«-«! m last weeks Sentinel).
Missouri, who is on a western tour
Wntkins. No. 2*.« — Peg at m - cor tp 41
s r 3 w, w to sw cor Jackson co; n to iiw of p|< astire ’lid business combined and
«•or m -<- Dtp I! s r I w: v 4 mi tosr cor se<* w|i<> is i • ‘his M<*non <if Oregon looking
34 tp 41 • r 4 w; e 2 nil to s< cor sec 3rt tp into the industrai up-, ings aliti Ii< itile
3'« s r 4 w ; n on tp hn< s to ne cor «•<• 25 abvautages, sp« nt wvi ral dues in Jack
tp 39 » r 4 w . e •> mi to lie cor -ec 2’» tp 39 sonville this week. He ex;« -M-tl bini
s r 3 w . on tp lines to 1» ginning. Polls «•If as highlv phased with the «limati«-
and other f, attires of Southern ( «regoli
W itkins sch«aii lions«
l'in«.n. Na. 2M — B« g s<- cor we 21 tp anil .will proliably r turn to the Roj<ne
39 s r 3 w, w <» mi to se cor sec 21 tp 39 s river vallev loreside. He said Missou-
r I w; ii on tp lines to nw cor sec 30 tp 37 riniis must I k - ‘ shown” so took a conple
sr 3 w; e 4 mi to sc c«»r *ei ’J2 tp 37 s r 3 of jK-ars from the Sentinel’s col lect ioti
w; a to quarter »ec cor on line lielween for exhibition pur)» sen in bis homc
sei s III ami 11 tp 3M s r 3 w; e to tp hue cily.
Frederick Friedeger. accompanied by
at <|uarter sec cor sec 12 tp 3X s r 3 w; s
on tp line to cor sec 24 tp 3' 19 s r 3 w !«» his son William, was a visitor in Jack-
The gentlemen
Polls Drake «cll«»ol house sonville WediiC'dav.
Appli gat«-. No. 2 — B< g at sw Cor tp w« re in the city simply to get acquainted
!«• s r I w ; n to nw cor se«- I9tp 37 » r 4 w; with the town and country, thev having
«• to ue cor --ec ’_*<• tp 37 s r 4 w; * 2 mi to
se cor sve 29 tp 37 s r 4 w, e to tor sec 25
tp 37 s r 4 w; s on tp line to se c«»r tp 39
• r I w; w to se «‘or m - c 34 tp 3!« s r 4 w ; s
G mi to se cor s c 31 tp 10 s r 4 u , 4 :ni to
l-<-giniiii g. Polls Rose’s Indi
Sterling. No. 25— B< g. at sc cor tP
II s r 2 w: and running w to aw cor of
s.inl tp, ii oil tp lines to nw cor sec 30 >p
>x s r 2 w. e to lie cor m - c 25 tp 3X s r 2 w.
s on tp line to bi gmning. Polls at Sterl
ing Mine.
Foots Creek, No. 12— Beg. at sc < or
s«c 2-5 tp 37 s r I w am! running w 4 mis
to sw cor sec 2* tp 37 s r ♦ w: n 2 mi, w 2
mi t<> w line of Jackson co; ii on w line
4 4
4 4
* 4
of said co to Rogue river, up meamlerings
of sai«l river to point where s.ii<! river
4 4
4 4
4 4
inters«-« ts«- line of s<c 24 tp 3G s r 4 w . »
on tp line to beginning.
Polls, store
room at Bolt.
Meadows, No. 17 — Beg. at sw cor sec
31 tp 34 s r 2 w ; w to sw cor si c 22 tp 34 s
r 2 w; n I mi, w I ini to sw cor sec 30 tp
31 s r 2 w ; n on sec line to n boundary
of Jackson co; in an easterly direction on
ii line of sai«l co to a point line n of se
mr of sai<l M cik I ows precinct; s to sw cor
sec 23 tp 33 s r 2 w; e to quarter sec cor
I k tween secs 23 ami 211 tp 33 s r 2 w, s 0
mis; w S tni; «to la-ginning. Polls at
Meadows schtxrl house.
Talent. No. 2fi— Beg. at se cor tp 41 sr
I w; w to sw cor same tp; n on tp line to
sw cor sec 19 tp 3H s r I w; e to e I mhiik I-
arv line of Woo«lfor«l Realties D L C; ii to
line between secs 15 an«! 22 tp 3H s r I w;
«• to quarter sec cor between sees 14 and
23tj)3Xsr I w; to quarter sec cor between
II and 14 tp 3H s r I w; e to quarter s«-c
cor between secs 7 ami IXtpBXs r 1 <•;
s t«> quarter sec cor between secs 19 and
39 tp 3M s r 1 e; |w to W M; s to begin
ning. Polls at Sherman’s ha’l.
Concluded on page 4.
i he best stock ever brought to Med­
ford and the cheapest to be had in
Jackson County for the quality is at
I lie Pioneer Hardware Dealer.
The Charter Oak and the Acorn both
both heavy steel heaters, guaranteed airtight
and to last a dozen years. Sheet planished
Steel Heaters of our own make, the best low-
priced airtight stove on the market.
Anything in the Hardware Line.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
but recently mine to the vallev from the
state of Ohio. William Friedcger came
out last spring and «las la-til employed
jiart of the tim«-since in the Voorhees
fruit ranch near Phoenix. He was so
favorably nnpres-ed with Oregon tlia he
sent for his father and they have pu re li­
as« d tll< Merlvy 4O.ii re r...a ll near Med­
ford. The ranch alre ady has quite a good
orchard, but the new owners will con­
tinue to enlarge the on hard.
The County rock ci usher has sus|iend-
ed o|»-ration for this season
II haslieeu
woiking recently at Phoenix and a large
[ < rtioii of t:-<- mck worked up «luring the
last run will I»- used on the roads in that
vicinity County Judge Prim says that
the crusher is not an unalloyed success,
as it lias cost nearly JCMl.i «.lay to o J h rate
it and the .urn unt of ivork accomplished
lias lieen fir from what was « kpecenl of
it. '1 he crusher was lamglit supjiosedly
under a guarantee that it w arid grnul up
from ID to lx tons of rock an hour into
pieces of from I inch to 2'j inches diame­
ter. It is said that during the run this
summer it has been able to crush but
little l»ett< r than !<> lolls of the 2'j indi
rock per hour, the minimum limit ani
even th« ti h is given trouble.
Oregon All Wool Blankets
75c per pair
Gold Seal Hip pure Gum Boots.
Parker’s Hip Leather Sole Gum Boots.
Boston Rubber Double Sole Gum Boots.
Men’s, Boy’s and Ladies’ Knee Gum Boots
Fish and Mermaid brands Oil Clothing.
Our Stock is the Largest.
Prices always the Lowest
Christian Arnold Dies.
Christian Arnold, a native of Baden,
Germ it.y, agt <1 «Ml years. die«l at Salem.
Saturday, Nov. 7. l!MKJ. The funeral
sei vices were belli at the residence of
Mrs. E Ho< kenv-ts, in Medford, last
Tuesday forenoon. Rev. W. F. Shields of
the Presbyterian church of that place
of ', «ting, and the interment was in the
Jacksonville cemetery*. Mr. Arnold was
a well-known citizen of Jackson county,
having rt sided near Medford for a nvmlx-r
of veaas and was highly re-|> cte«l by a
wide circle of acquaintances.
acquaintances A!x>ut two
•reeks ago In- unfortunately liecame
mentally deranged and had to I be sent to
the hospital at Salem, win re he died.
He is survived by a sister, Mrs. E.
Hock« nvos of Medford, and a brother,
Jno. Arnold, of this comity, as well as
his immediate family.
Dr. J.
Dr. J. W. Meserve, of Helena, a pion­
eer resident of Columbia county and
father of t hrirle« Meserve. editor of the
Sentinel. <'ied at 3:30 p. ni. last Friday
and was buried last Sunday afternoon
The funeral was conducted” under the
au-pices of the Beaver Valley Grange, of
which deceased wasa member.
Dr. Mt serve wasa native of Vermont
ami leaves a wife ami ten children to
mourn his death. Later word from Chas.
Meserve states that his mother was
I r -strateil and in a dangerous condition
at the time of her husband’s death, but
has since rallied and is getting better.
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. B. \V. Evans, Clearwater, Kan.,
writes: “Mv husliand lay sick for three
months. The doctors sail! he had quick
consumption. We pr »cure«! a bottle of
Brllard's Horehound Syrup, and ii cure«l
him. That was six years ago. Since
then we have always kept a bottle in the
hou.-e. We cannot do with it.
coughs an«l colds it h is no equal.” 25c,
•'Mk'. fl;'M). Sold by City Drug Store.
For Rent.
Two fine store rooms, each 25xR0 feet
in White-Thofnas brick block, Medford,
i Oregon.
New, well-furnished rooms,
with a big warehouse in the rear. Apply
to White it Trowbridge.
By the new education law in the Phil-
; ippines 100 of the I k st Filipino students
| are to I k - sent to the Unite«! States even
year to complete their education here.
Il is estimated that each student will cost
a year exclusive
the Government
of transportation.
A grand rafflie for #HM> in gob! is t«>
take place at the Banquet sahxrn on the
evening of Dei-ember 24th.
The prize
will be divided. #7'» going t-> the winner
and #25 to the next best contestant.
Tickets range from 1 cent to fl each. A
fine turkey stipjier will be served after
the raffle, which will I k - free to all.