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    3’«>u are hctijiy required to appeal ill the naught, th«- marriage
above cntitlcil court mid cioiM- ami alin­ existing lietueen plaintiff ami ileftmlant;
wer tile complaint now oli file therein Scroti«), lor a further ilecree awarding to
against you, within Hl days from the plaint iff the care anil custody of the three
lowii Lumlier co of Neb to town
United States Land Office,
dal«- of the service ol thin summons minor children of pla’iitiff and defendant,
Luililx r fk Ito* co of Iowa, u I hiu I
Roseburg, Or« gon. Sept. 12. 1903.
upon you, if served within Jackson Conn and for a judgment against tin- defend
2ooo a, Jackson Vo...........................
Notice is hereby giv< n that in conipli
Sallic E I »It to Sojdienia J l»h
ty, (lo gon, and if served within anyotlu r ant tor Plain tiff*» costs am) di»bur««-meiit»
atice with the provisions of the act of
County of Oregon, then within 29 «lays
Gore, about 5(XMl ii in Jackson
in to )x-laxeil
/ m entitled “An
Congress OI
of June
June ;i,
3. im
from the date of th«- service of this sum
f In» htimmons 1» published in tin Jack a< t for the «ale of timlx er lands in the
SopheniMj l»h Gore and liusb to
mon» u|x>n you. and if »«-rved bv publica­ sonvilh Sentinel for six
consecutive State
i»r. g
<» ill,
.« Nevada, ami
State «.I
of U»lii..r«.m
California. Or«
tion tin n on or Ix-fore the last day of the weeks bv onler of the Hon. H K. Hanna
Sallic E Isii, deed to life « st «tc
Washington Territory," as extended
to same...................................................
I date prescribed in theor<l<r for the puldi
one ol tin- judge« of the Circuit Court of to all tin- Public Land States bv act of
Real Benedict etux Nancy Majors;
cation of this summons, which last dav the 1st. Judicial District of Oregon made August 4. 1892,
prop hi iiw *^ sec 22. tp 38 s, r 4
will I m - Decemlier II, 19(13, ami you will O< tolx-r M, 1003.
25 tak«- notice that if you fail tosoapfiear and
w................................ ,............................
Date of first publication, I (li
t. Hi, 1993, of Maiden Rock, County of Pierce, State
answer »aid complaint within said time
Edward T Staples vt ux to Ash
of Wisconsin has thi- day filed in this of­
the plaintiffs will apply to the atxrve en­
laml mfg co; nji of n*> sec 24 tp
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
fice his sworn statement No 5702, for the
40 s, r I c...............................................
1 titled Cour1 for the relief demanded in
purchase of the West *4 of the E'/j of
the complaint to wit: Th.it but one com
Iona Thomas ami hush to G W
Section No |O in Township No 41 South,
»r, prop Gold Hill .............
Range N<> 4 We-4. and will offer proof to
with direction by <lecr«-e to proc» e«l
Isaac J Estes ct ux to Win 1»
In the Circuit Court for the State fo »how that the land sought is more val-
1250 to 11 »ale of the following de»crilx-d real
Witte' prop tp 37 s, r 2 w ...........
• -■ I. I«— 4.
• i timlier
< «•■ I
. or
— ..A
.. —». fc than
t. .
j liable
for «• « its
for _
Oregon, County of Jackson.
pro,» rty, situate«) in Jackson Conntv, James Helms, Pitf,
W I Vawlcri t ux to J 11 Cliamci»;
agricultural purposes, and to establish
/ o
Oregon, in which you own one eleventh
lot 13. blk 47, Medforil..................
■ Summons.
his claim to said land lieforv J. < I Booth.
Luther D Trefren ct ux to Mary
<»eo. L. Helms. Deft,
County judge, at his office at Grants
Th«- S E. quarter of the N. W. «piartcr
E I rcfrcii; lot 4, blk 12 Ashland.
To Geo. L. Helm», the alcove named Pass. Oregon, < n Saturday the 12th dav
of S c. 19. Twp. 38 S. of R. 2 W. of \V. def« mlant:
Mary F Trcften ami bus to A Mc-
of Ihcenilier 1993.
1«,t I. 1,1k 12. Ashlaml.......
M.. containing 40acres, ami the S. half
In the name of the St.ite of Oregon,,
He n mie., as witnesses:
of the N li. quarter, the N. W. quarter you ar< h< rebv re ;uir -d to appear in the
Edmond l av lor et ux to Jm> Mc­
B< njatnin R Spalding of Bay City.
of th«- N. E. quarter and (he N. E. quarter above entitled court and answer to the
Nabb; 20 acres off cast end d 1 c
Witn-onsir; Francis J. Sptiding of Waver­
ton of the S. E. quarter of sai«l Sec. 19. Tw p. complaint fih d against you therein with- '
,55, tp 3d s, r 2 w................................
ly, Wisconsin; A. W. Silsbv of Grants
38 S. R. 2 W. of W. M , containing 180 j in six we< ks from the «late of the first
Frank <> Krause ct d to Margaret
Pass, Oregon; Sterl Walsitigham of Bras '
Krause, prop hi Jacksonville.......
132 ■«•re». That it l»e «letermined bv saiil de­ publication of tin» summons, which d « e ington, Wisconsin.
cree th«it said pr«q»erty is not capable of of first publication thereof is Friday . Oct
Addie A Poh y ami hush to J K
Any ami ail persons claiming adver-
partition except by »ale and a division of ober 9, A. D. 19113, and you are hereby st ly tlx- above -desert lx-d lands are re­
Van Sant, lot 24, 25, 28 blk p,
Hl the proc«-«-<ls; that bv said decree it lx- , notified that if you fail so to apjx-ar ¡«mi
r r add, Ashland.............................. „
quested to file their claims in this office
determined that plaintiff, Relwcca H.
Foonec Wilson to G S Butler; lot
^answer said lompiaint within »aid time, on or before said 12th dav of iX-ceniber
21 Nt Crump, is entitled to a dower interest 1 or otherwi*« plead thereto, th«- plaintiff 1993.
0, miner's u<l«l, Ashland................
premises to the extent of will apply to said court for the relief de- .
PJ Ryan etux to school dist no
85; 2 acre» sec 7, tp 35 s, r 3 c.....
21» ' i i<>r the period of her natural life; that mamh d in said complaint, to-wit: For a HI 2. 12-11
by said »ale the «lower interest of said judgim nt against you for sixteen huml
I»uac N Brotherton
ux to
Rrlx-cca H. Crump in sai I premise» la- red and fifty dollars, with interest then- TIMBER LAND. ACT JUNE 3, 1878—NOTICE
Beatrice L Mason; lot 28, 29.
•JI Nt sold, that said deer«-«' «1« termine what on at the rat«- of Hl per cent per annum
Mounlview add, Ashlami ..........
proportion of th«- prrx*erds arising fr<-m and for his costs and disbursements here­
Fred Langeloh ct ux to W H Mil­
said sale »hall lx- jwid Reliecca H. Crump in
ler et al; prop «ec 8, tp 35 », r 4
United States Land Office,
This summons is published pursuant
I in lieu of her dower in said premises to an order made by Hon. Charles Prim,
.. ................................................................
Roseburg, Oregon, Sept 12, 1993.
That the ; roi eeds of said sale I k - applied County Judge of Jackson County, State
Isaac N Brotherton et ux to Nancy
Notice is hereby given that tn compli-
a» follow». to-wit:
M Cummoiis; lots 24 ami 25, Alt-
of Oregon, made at « handlers in Jackson­ mce with the provisions of the act of
First: For th«- payment of all th«- costs ville, (in gon, on the 5th «lav of Octol»er. j Congress of June 3. 1878. entitled “An
view add, Ashland...........................
ami disbursements of thi» suit, and the PMI3. which ord« r requires that this »urn
J II Sf< wait ct ux to Edward J De
a< t for the sale of limiter lands in the
Hart; pr >p tp
», r 1 w.............. l.'NMN) Costs ami « x| eiiM-s of sai«l »a1«- and legal ; mons lx- published in the Jacksonville States ot California Oregon. Nevada, and
feesam! exix-t.s«-» of said referee.
William Holt» to Flank Buetlal it
Sentinel, a news|mj>er of general circula­ Washington T< rntorv,” as extended to
Second That there I k - pd<! to Mid tion publish««! tn Jacksonville, Oregon ail the Public Laud States bv act of Aug­
al; lot 3. blk 2, r r add. Ashland
R< Ix-cca H Crump mi < h pr«>|Mirtioti of for « ]<*ri<xl ot six consecutive weeks.
11 II Chapman to Victory St Clair
ust 4. I8D2.
the remaining pro« e< <ls as shall lx- de­
E Mickelson; «c*4 of nw'y, sw*«
termine«! bv th« Court to I m - due her in
of n<-ami lots 2. 3. sec 17. tp
of Bay City, County of Pierce. State of
Attorney for Plaintiff
I lieu of her «lower interest in »aid premise»
39 s, r 2e...............................................
Wisconsin has this dav filed in this office
Third: That the Ixilaticc of the pr«x.-ee«ls
Illi Chapman tu Virtori.i St C E
his sworn statement No .37(15. for the
of said »ale lx- dccre»-«l to lx- pawl to the
Mi< kei»on; d I c 49, tp 39 s. r 2
purchase of the NE1« of Section Noh
Ih-paHinvtit of thr Interior.
I parties herein a» follows: To bdin II
c......................... ...................... ..............
I,an<! office at KoM*bur^. Oregon. Sept.
hi Township No 41 South. Range No 4
Noticr i* hereby given that the following West, and will offer proof to show that
Crump, J. Frank Crump. <>l«ve V. Crump,
I! II Chapman to 3 ictoria St C E
F.tlie! J. Crump, t baric« J. Crump. Harv- nam««l •vlllcr ha«» nlrd notice of hi* intention to 1 th< lmd sought :s more valuable for its
Mickelson; s^ *4 of »■ *4 ami Io’
to make final proof in Mipi»ort of hi* claim and
« y L. Crump, Walter Runnels, Furman S. that Maid proof will be mafic before Sila* J I>av. limlx-r or stone th tn for .ig'icultnra! pur­
I. sec 17 ami lie'4 ot nc*< ami
I Crump. Thom.«» A Crump, and William I’, s ConunM-iuiit-r. at Jacksonville. Oregon on poses. and to establish his claim to said
lot I, sei 29, tp 39 *, r 2 c.............
Xo 11**2 William
E Crump, each one-eleventh of w«id re­ November II I1« k < « , z ; j
Jess»- Hinkle t<> Isaac C Kent; nw
M suartafager. for the SW>a NW% NW‘a SW% land I m f<>r< J. O. Booth, County Judge, at
maining ; r«Hi« ds resjiectivelv. To Rcliec- Section i*. Tp MIS, R I W
*4 of lot 50 Central Point Ceim-
his office at Grants Pass. Oregon, on Sat­
>l<* name« thr following witne^ae* to prove hi* urday tile 12th day of Decemlier 1993.
2S ca 11 Crump, as guardian a«l litem for John
F. Hammond, Edith Vivien Hammond, y*o!iti iiiioh *« residence upon and cultivation cf
Ethel Walrad Patrick uml hu»b to
He names as witnesses:
m < h I land viz
<«c*orgr C Culy of Steamboat.
Carl E«lw*rd Hammond ami Clara Ali«*«- Jack*011 county Oregon Jacob C Knutxen of
Kate Howell; lot 4 blk (i Ash­
Francis J. Spalding of Waverly, Wis­
1075 Hammond, the remainder of sai«l pro­ SteanilMmt Jackson county. Oregon; Charlrn consin; Sterl Walsingham of Brasington.
cecils t«> I«- rvccive«l l»v her as »uch guard S Swartcfagrr, of >traml»oHt. Jacksrm county. Wisconsin; A. W. Silsbv of Grants Pass
Elizabe th Van Sant ami liusb to
Oregon Albert U* Shearer, of Steamlmat J mck -
.’25 ian for them in equal pr«qx>rtions; that in «on countv. Oregon.
E T Staples; prop in \shland.....
J. “
Oregon; George Culey of Grants Pass.
T ........
llf-2 11-13 ’
J Poirier 1 et nx to G E Graves,
of the defendants to partition of said pre­
lot 3. ami w S of lot 2 bl<l K, r r
Any an<l all persons claiming adverse­
riMtu r land act junf :t l«7» NOTICE
.’NN I mises by siicli sale, plain’iff« have judg­
a<l<l, Ashland......................................
ly the alxive-described lands are request­
ment against such defendant» so resisting
A E lunkcr ct ux to Addie A Pol­
ed to file their claims in this office on or
I'tiitnl States I. hik I irffict-
for the costs ami other disbursements of
ley; lots 24. 25, 28. Idk P, r r
lieforv said 12th dav of December, 1993.
Roselnitic • Iregmi. Sept I.’. IVUCI
10 the suit; that plaintiff hav«- such other
add, Ashland......................................
Notice 1» hereby given that ill compliance with
J. T. BRI 1X7ES.
ami birther r< lief a« shall lx- just and lie pro. i»i««n» of the act ol Congie«» <g June 3rd. 10-2. 12-11
J G Wentworth «t ux to Jas V
1»’», entitled "All Act for th«- Sale of Timber
equitable in the prerni»«-«.
Kaier; lot HI Carter add. Ash
Land» in th«- State« ot California Oregon.
This summon-- is published b» order of Nevada and Washington Territory." as extend- TIMBER LAND. ACT JUNE 3, 1878—NOTICE
the Honorable II K. Hanna, one of the -d to all the public lau«i »ale« bv act of Augu«t I. i
Carter land co to J G Wentworth;
judges <«f the alx>ve entitled court, made UW2.
lots 1(1 and 11, H B Carter add.
fkascis j sr.yi.mx«;
320 in chambers. Octolx r 23r<l 19113.
Ashlami ..............................................
United Stales Land Office,
if Waverly, county of Pierce «tale of tVi«con»in
The tun«- 111 »uch order prcscrilx-«) for ha» thi« «lay tiled in this «ffict- hl» sworn state-
Agnes llimden ami hu»b to Lou E
Roseburg, Oregon, Sept. 12. 1993.
■150 said publication is six weeks. The date nienl No «Vol. for the pur.-ha»e o( the NW>, of
Reader, prop in Ashland...............
Notice is hereby given that in compli­
Sec ion No »in Towtisliip No II South; Range
of ill« first publication of this summons N<> I west, and will offer proof to show that the ance with the provisions of the act of
Fred Rapp et »1 to Loin» Nicder-
mver; prop near Jacksonville .... 231 Nt is Octolx r 3(1, l'.MI.I; the date of the last laml -ought is more valuable for it» timlier 01 Congress of June 3, 1878. entitled “An
publication of this summons as prescrib- stone han for agricultural pur|H>«c» and to est­ act for the sale of timber lands in the
ablish ii« claim to Mill lan«l ‘ '
J. o Booth,
e«l in said order is December II, 1993. County Judge, it hi« oflic«- at before
(•rant* l’a*s. Ore- States of California, Oregon, Nevada ami
The «late within which you are required gon on salunlay. the 12th day d December. Washington Territory,” as extended to
to ap|M*ar and answer if served bv publi­ T hor
all the public laml stales bv act of Aug­
lie names as witne««e«
cation is on or la-fore iJecemlier 11, 1993.
A. yv Silsbv. ot Grant« Pa««. Oregon. George ust 4. 18*12,
Dated at Jacksonville. Jackson County. Culey. of Grant« Pas« Oregon. Benjamin K
Spalding of Bay City. Wisconsin; Sterl Walsing- of Brasington, county of Pierce, state of
Oregon, Octolx-r :J0. 11MI3.
liam.of Brasington; Wisconsin
In the Circuit Court of the Stale of
Any atnl all persons claiming adversely the Wisconsin, has this day filed in this of­
Oregon, for Jackson County.
il«ove described liiinls are r«-que«ted to file their fice his sworn statement No. 5708 for the
claims in this office on or lxrfore said 12th day of purchase of the SE *4 of Section No. 2 in
Attorneys for plaintiffs.
Rcliecca H. Crump, John II.
August IfflW.
J T Bridge».
Township No 41 South. Range No 4 West
Crump, J. Frank
10-2 12-11
and will offer proof to show that the laml
Ethel 1.
(Hive V. Crump,
more valuable for its
Charles J. Crump, Harvey I.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or­
timlier or stone than for agricultural pur­
John Frank
Crump ami
egon, for Jackson County.
United States Laml office.
poses, and to establish his claim to said
I lammond,
Roseburg, Oregon Sept 12. 190CI
Weston F. Shields, plaintiff
lid ward
land lieforv J. (). Booth. Countv Judge,
I lammond,
the . rovisions of the act ot Congress of June 3. at his office at Grants Pass, Oregon. Sat­
Hammond ami Clara Alice
Lillian Shields, defendant.
t»7X, entitled "An Act for th«- Sale ol Timlier urday. the 12th day of December. 1903.
Hammond, minor heirs ami
Lands in the States of California. Oregon. Neva-
To Lillian Shields, Defendant:
He names as witnesses:
children of Clara Alice Ham­
In the name of the State of Oregon: la and Washington Territory." as extcinled to
ill the public laud sales by act of August I. 1X92.
A. W Silsbv, of Grants Pass, Oregon;
mond, deceased, daughter of
You are hereby required to appear and Margaret E Spalding, of Bay City, county of
George Culey, of (»rants Pass. Oregon;
Josiah Crump by Rebecca H.
answer the Complaint tiled against you Pierce, stale oi Wisconsin, ha« this dav filed in
Crump, their next of kin
office her «worn statement No. .i/u.» for the William Spalding, of Maiden Rock. Wis­
in the above entitled suit within ten days this
purchase of the «Wy4 of Section No. Ill ill Town­ consin; Benjamin R. Spalding, of Bay
and friend, ami Walter Run­
from the date of the service of this Sum­ ship No. II South. Range No I West, and will
City, Wisconsin.
nels, husband of Elmira V.
mons upon you, if served within this offer proof to show that the laml sought is more
Anv and all persons claiming adverse­
Crump, deceased daughter,
County, or if served within any other tural purposes. an«l to establish her claim to said
ly the above described lands are request-
of Josiah Crump,
County of this State, then within twenty land before J. <I Booth. County Judg«- at Ills
ed to file their claims in this office on or
days iron the date of the service upon office at Grants Puss. Oregon, on Saturday, the
before said 12th dav of Decemlier. 1903.
von; and if by publication then within
She names as witnesses
Burman S. Crump, Thomas
six weeks from the date of the first
Amy M Chapman of River Falls, Wisconsin. 10-2. 12 11
A. Crump and William E.
publication thereof; and if you fail so to
1mm Spalding ot Maiden Rock. Wisconsin. Hen-
answer for want thereof, the plaintiff jainin
Win worry with that old wornout mach­
R. Spalding of Bay City. Wisconsin
will take a default against you, and will
Any and all persons claiming adversely the ine when a small monthly outlay will put
To William li. Crump, of above named apply to tile Court for the relief demanded «hove described lands are requested to file their in its place the best, lightest running
in this office on or before said 12th day of
in his complaint, viz: First, for a decree clninis
machine made. The pax tnents are made
December, 1M03.
In tin- name of the state of Oregon: for ever dissolving, and holding for 10-2, 12-11.
to suit all. C. W. Conklin.
Reni Eatate Activities.
11> |~LECAL NOTICES. |-»|]