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JacKaon ville, JncK»on County, Oregon. Friday, November G, 1903.
Vol. I
No. 26
Bill* Audited and Matters Important Io the
Mr John Bolilc, of Ruch, who lias
town D im usseri Breakwater Keported
l»een quite sick is now recovering ami
Complete and Bill Ordered raid. Com
will k««»n I m - in his usual good health.
mrltee of firemen Confer with Council.
Miss Stella Pleasant of < .old Hill and
The Jacksonville council met Tu«-»«lay Miss Ethel Nelson of Klamath Falls
The best stock ever brought to Med­
evening with Mayor E. Britt. Cotinciliiicn have entered St. Marys Academy for tin
J. S. Orth, J II Ifuffi r. Sr . T.J. Kenney winter term.
ford and the cheapest to be had in
«nd Recorder II. Dox, Marshal W G
D H. Stover who with Henry Mc­
Kctitu-v ami Cha*. Dunford ¡«resent.
Comb i* op rating a placer mine on Ster­
Jackson County for the quality is at
I'll«- following bill* wen- ordered pud: ling mountain, was in Jnckeonville Mon
J. If. Duller, St, *upt. work on
day laying in supplies.
breakwater........................................ f|N HO
\V G Kenney made a business trip to
Jas Fielder hauling brush for br«-ak
waatr.................................................. .. 9 20 Portland th«- first of the week, returning
Monday. E<l Hulx-rt acted as marshal
Geo Thrasher hauling brush for
The Pioneer Hardware Dealer.
breakwater.......................... ............... .1 25 «luring his absence.
Hviirv Dox recorder's fees .............
Hon. W. I Vnwter an attorney of
Furman Crump wood for Citv hull.. H on
The Charter Oak and the Acorn both
Medford ami president of the Jackson
Chas Dunfonl
hauling lumber
County Bank, was in Jac ksonville Mon­
posts etc for break water................ ft 25 day on business at the court house
both heavy steel heaters, guaranteed airtight
S J Bonssu111 ¡lost*............................... 7 50
Miss Nellie Reaiucs, who has been
and to last a dozen years. Sheet planished
Jacksonville <'•«* Co light for Oct
2B 1*7
visiting with In raunt, Mrs. <) Harbaugh,
G H Elkerton erecting lamp at
Steel Heaters of our own make, the best low-
bridge....................... ............................ » (15 for tile past two weeks, will I return to
Bill of Jacksonville Gas Compuiy for her home at Phoenix the last of this
priced airtight stove on the market.
fixtures amounting to £ll.3<i was luid week.
«»ver f«>r correction.
A Bible Institute and Evangelistic
Councilman J. II. Hutfi-r, who ha«l Conference will lx- held in
the Presby-
Anything in the Hardware Eine.
of tenan Church, Ashland,
Nov. Bth, 7i«i,
the lack son err« k bieakwaier, rejx«rte<l and Bill. Dr. J. S. McIntosh, of the San
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
that contractor* Bradshaw N- Doom* had Francisco Theological Seniinarv, will
th* tr j<>b finished ami that it was don«* in address th«- meeting Satuiday evening
first-clasdshajx-. Their bills amounting ami Sunday.
to FWL.'IB w as audited and or«ler<-«l paid
Ernest Ingram ami Henry Orth left river and is one of the leading stockmen file young couple left immediately after
at a special meeting of th«- council h«-ld
last Fridav. Of this amount ¡»aid the Monday morning bright ami early on a of that section.
tile ceremony for Walla Walla, Wash.,
was on the original ti-njlay hunting trip to Pelt, an Bav* and
where they are to mike their future
Crater lake. They went with a light
contra« t ami $21 ..'IB for putting in br< ak
water by Chajunan projxrnv and #2 o*»for wagon well loaderl with guns and amuni Ruch and who like alxiut all the
George Beavcnuv, who is managing
lion ami expect to return with it us well
work on Jackson « reek bri«lgc.
a goodly amount J.o their wealth, was in the Bartxre vineyard for his sister, Mrs
Councilman lliilfer mentioned that as loaded with game.
Jacksonville Saturday with a load of pro­ Delia Barlae. of Alton, California. com­
the town finances were getting low. a
Win. M. Colv.g left Monday tor Ogden.
Mr Human practices diversified pleted last we« k tin- ¡licking of the table
debt of sevi ral hundn <1 dollars having I tali, when he g«»es to attend an execut­ duce.
and along with other crops he grap.-s from the vineyard, ami the re­
lx-«-n incurred by reason of the breakwater ive meeting of the supreme grand omet rs,
ami other expense*, that it wa* inennib of which In is on«-, of the Workmen, has raised three acres of potatoes this mainder of the grapes lie sold to Albert
ent upon the town to draw upon every ' which has Isen i nlled to m«-rt in that season that have yielded well and he is Gangwisch. who is making them into
selling them ata good pncc.
wine, he expecting to have about 15 bar­
soiirc- of n venue at its comm «ml. As city on Friday
Mr. Colvig «-xjx-cts to
there .ip|M-Hi«d to lx-mon than the usual get back to Jacksonville by Momlav next.
C. M. Adams, an employe of the Jack rels. This vineyard has 15 acres in it
quota of 'logs roaming the str« els he re-
son Count) Lumber Company, a short and it is on«- of the large-t and liest vine­
Michael Sidley and his sister. Miss time ago was hit up.n the head bv a fall­ yards in the Jacksonville hills.
««•niniemle'l that the «log tax be enforve«l
is it would ytel«l from $50 to JIHH, unless Minnie, were in Jacksonville over Mon- ing tree. He rallied for a time but an
Hon. lh nry E. Ankeny came Tuesday
then- wasa sudden mortality or emigra­ «lav night, guest-at the Keegan home. abscess forming, it was found necessary from Eugene, where his family is now
tion of «log* about town. Coiitii-ilinaii Tuesday they returned to their home at to operate U| m > ii Inin and Mondav Hr. residing while his daughters attend the
Kenney favoreil enforcing the license, Lake t reek. Miss Annie Keegan, who Gale assisted by l>r. Robinson took out a State L'uiversity. and was met by his son.
while Councilman O'tli thought that it had lx-en visiting with Miss Sidley for piece of his skull and remover! the abscess. Frank, am! taken to the Sterling mine,
would cau»e more expense ami uproai the past t« n day», returned to her home Mr Adams suavd lhe operation well and where he will spend a week looking
than the lew dollars that could lx- raised with Mr. and Miss Sidley.
he is rapidly recovering from his injure. after work that is being d«>n<- upon the
wotihl warrant. Marshal Kenney was
mine to g«-t it in re idiness for piping
Mr. and Air*. Frank Olxmchain. who
Rev. F. G. strange Jeft Mond ty for so soon as the rains begin. Mr. Ankenv
not anxious for the job of rounding up ha<l lxen in Jacksonville for several «lavs
Eugene where on fuesday evening he
th«- «log* am! the matter was dtopp d.
on a visit to Mr. Olx-m-h.tin's mother. officiate«! at the m «triage of his son, states that business was never l«ett«-r than
Councilman Kenney brought up the
it is this fall in all the Willamette Valiev
Mrs. M Ob« m bain, left Tuesday for
consideration of an ordinanc«- that wouhl llu-ir home in Klamath county, taking Ered, to Miss Kathvrine Kauffman, of towns. Portland is having an especially
that place. Tin groom is well known in
prohibit Ixiys from ¡ laying at licensed
w ith them a load or fruit and supplies. this county while his bride is tin- daugh­ good tra-’e and there is little »prehension
btlliartl or ¡«**>1 tables. Previous or«lin- 1
Mr. ()lx-nchaiii has a big ram It on Sprague ter of a prominent merchant of Eugene. that the Eastern stock flurry will hurt
ances and the charter wire l<xdced tip I
’ its business.
«nd it was found that th« re was no or­
E. 1. Reynolds, who has a small and
dinance governing this misdemeunor ami
well kept farm on the Gold Hill road two
after a g< ti< ral disi-us-ion of the bov
miles north of Jacksonville, has found
problem it was decided that at the next
Ix-es a profitable part of his farm en­
ill« « ting of the cuncit an ordinance
deavors. H<- started in s small wav last
wotihl lx* j>ass«-«l tn control the Ixiys.
year and the honey from the colonies
The firemen at their tn« < ting Monday
that he had more than pa-.d the purchase
night ha«l apjx'int« <1 a s,iec!i«l committee
price for the bees and for the« xpense of
consisting ol t has. Basye, Cllas Dull
his apiary. His bees this season, though
f««rd and Win. Puhi t«» bring tx foie th«*
the unusual dry weather diminished the
council the need «»flatter fire protection
quantity of Howers, have made a fine lot
for the '.own. Messrs. Basye and Dun
of honev ami have brought him g«xxl re­
f«ir«i wire present ami adtlressed the
turns on his investment. Mr. Reynolds
council <«n the nec«l of cisterns for the
finds that the idea that some people have
residence ¡wirt of tile town ami for more
that bees are poisoned that feed Upon
h«>s«-. The« also advocated th«* creation
fruit trees that have been sprayed is er­
<>f th«- office of tin- wa*<l«-ii whose busi
roneous ami that so far as he has observed
m ss it would lx* to inspect flues and to
his bees have not been injured at all
see that the various ordinances for the
w hen feeding in the orchards.
¡.rotection of the town from lire was en­
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy is Pleasant
'Die couiicilm« n ami Mayor
Britt all agreed that the firemen should
to Take.
have more apjxiretus ami the
The finest quality of granulated loaf
should be lx*tter protccteil ami guarded
sugar is used in the manufacture of
against fire, but after discussing the mut­
Chatnlierlain's Cough Remedy, and the
ter it was left to lx- consul« re<l at th«-
roots used in its preparation give it a
next meeting of tile council.
flavor similar to maple syrup, making it
quite pleasant to take.
Mr. W. I..
batea to Kemember.
Roderick, of Poolesville, Md., in speak­
Momlav, Nov. 1» — Regular meeting of
ing of this remedy, says: “1 have used
Jacksonville lx>ar«l of trade.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy with my
Thursday, Nov. 2B—Grand i'hanksgiv-
children for several years and can truth­
ing ball in Jacksonville under auspice«
fully say it is tile best preparation of the
of Native Daughters.
kind 1 know of. The children like to
Otir stock of Gentlemens Staple Furnishings is the
Momlav, Dec. I t — Decent lx*r term of
take it and it has no injuriousaftereffect.
largest in Seuthern Oregon.
circuit court for Jackson county convenes
For sale by City Drug Store.
at Jacksonville.
Saturdav, Dec. lit—Farmers institute at
H e arc a young concern, always ready to do business
Jacksonville under auspices of Jack­
Tile largrst assortment ever in Jackson­
sonville board of trade with forenoon,
ville. Hand made and factory made.
afternoon and evening sessions con­
The Model, Max Muller's old stand.
ducted by professors from the Oregon
W. I.. Nelson, a prosperous Elk Creek
stat« Agriculture! Colby«-.
tanner, was in Jacksonville Wednesday,
All the latest magazines and periixli-
on business connected with the Elk Creek
cals at the City Drug Store.
school district, of which he is clerk.
Men’s Suits from
$5 to $20 <i suit
Boys’ Suits, 12 to 19 years. ■ $5 to $ 10 a suit
Children’s Suits. 5 to 12 years. $2 to $5 per suit
Men’s Beaver Overcoats, ■ *7.50 to *15 each
Men's Irish Frieze Ulsters, - *7.50 to MO each
Boys' Overcoats
$5 each
Blanket Lined Coats and Vests. Leather and Corduroy Coats.
Strauss Overalls, best make on lhe Coast, lor Men and Boys.