Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, October 23, 1903, Image 5

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Tin- time; Saturday, Oct. 31. The
place; Presbyterian church. Admission
free Lunch twenty five cents.
The Jacksonville young people gave a
very enjoyable dance at Orth's hall last
Friday evening and next Friday they
will have another dance ill the same hall.
M r*. Cha* Chattin <4 Ashhuid will visit
this city and la- at the
S. Hotel, Mon­
day, < let. 24th, and lake orders for the
Chas. A. Stevens A- Bros., of Chicago,
i tailor-made suits, skirt*, jacket*. silk
waists, furs, etc., etc,
Clarence Reeve who ha» been at Nol-
■ ton, California, for the past six weeks on
a visit to his sister, Mr». L. Wood, return-
<•<1 home Tuesday. He was accompanied
I by J H. W< mm I, a young man who will
»|M-nd the fall here and may locate in the
. Valley,
Mrs. Sophia Eccleson, who has l»e< n in
Seattle for some weeks past, has decided
to make that city In r home hereafter
and she will return to Jacksonville in a
»bort Urne for her two children, who arc
now with their grandmother Mrs. Pape
and will take them to her new home.
For Sale by
General Merchandise Store
i IL’mn Ma^arinr each mouth helpful
pr m <!ical • n<l iii«ptriiij{
I'u I of faaciiiAt
tn« feuturr*
Beautifully lluM mtr<l A
ttnihoti trader*’
E. S. Wolfer, the Medford tinner, is
making 20 egg baskets for Supt. J. W.
Ik-rrian ol the t'pper Rogue River salmon
hatchcry. The basket* arc made of gal­
vanized wire, furnished by the govern­
ment an«! are for hohlmg the salmon
eggs while they are in the water in the
hatching troughs.
Thursday J. W. Mver* completed haul­
ing his household effects to the farm he
purchased some lime since near the
Ik ar creek bridge a mile east of Central
Point and Wc«lncsdav he and .Mrs. Myers
an«! the children left Jacksonville to take
> their al**!c at their new lio'iie. Mr. and
Mr». Myers arc new »<tiler» here coming
fr<-in I linois and in the time they have
reside«! in Jacksonville have made many
friends who while regretting their leav­
ing this place wish them success in their
new home. .Mr. Mver» is an exjx rienced
on luirdist an«! he will make fruitraising
Ins principal business.
4o inch mount vernon draper duck,
wagon cover duck, 50 inch black enamel
carriage duck for »ale at Nuttall-Taylor
JI.00 per year. 10 cents a copy.
Co., Jacksonville.
A 1'XEF. aoniplr copy to all rr |iir«ting
The lmlies of the Lewi* Kt Clark club
of Medford will hold a meeting Monday
AGENTS WANTED evening at the resulencc of Mrs. H.
Lumsden at which tune they will take
up the question of establishing a free
H< m mi ki i. him «, want* a Mibwrip
tloti rrprr«rillative in every city and town
reading room in .Medfor«!.
The ladies
Hi the weal To thoar who will give all of
have tlie assurance of substantial support
a l«ortlon of their time it offer* »Itractive
from the citizen» of Medfor«! for their
work tttxl pay* raderdhigly liberal coni’
It will |»av you to tivraltgnlr
venture and they hope to have a reading
A poatal Card will bring particular«, Write
o|>ened within the next month.
at oti<c • > ** to lie the fitM in vour held.
.Medford has no public reading room of
any kind and lieing alxiut the only town
Pad be Coast office,
in Oregon of the size it is that is without
¿r Columbian Hu tiring. San Francisco. Cal
that public convenience, the ladies hope
to have that discredit removed in the
very near future.
One <4 the last selections of millinery
goods to lx- seen in Medford is at the
»torr of Maud E. Wilson & Co. in Med-
ford on F street west <4 the S. P. de|x>t
anil her prices are satisfactory to custo­
Wm M. Colvig
_ returned home last
Friday from Grants Pass where he was
(Hike one block south of Courthouse
OREOON one of the attorneys for F. W. Chausse
in the libel suit brought by R D. Hume
against Mr. Chausse. Mr. Colvig made
the closing argument'for the defenae ami
the Grants Pass paper* in their account
Filing* ami final proof made on honir»tra<!»
mid timber claim» Corrected plat* allowing
<4 the trial pav Mr. Colvig a fine compli­
all vacant land*
ment for the able manner in which lie
made his plea. The cause for the action
l egal 1*1 per« of all kind* made out
was for alledged libel committed by Mr.
attention given to paper* in *cttleinent of
Chausae in his paper, the Observer, in
which he criticized .Mr. Hume’s methixl
of controling the salmon fishery of the
Most complete wt of almtract taaik» in the
Rogue river. The jury gave Mr. Hume
county. Aimtract» made promptly ami ac­
#1.00 damages and lie to pty the cost of
the suit, which amount to nearly #500,
Fine hat of country and town property lor
»air ami rent.
Warrant« bought ami »old. Collection» made
Taxes paid. Rent» collected
Prompt reply
to all letters. Charges leasoimble
lion II K
Hanna, judge of l«t judicial dis­
trict. and any Jacksonville business man.
Professional Carpet Weaver
lias a new Flying Shuttle Loom
ami is prepared to do strictly first-
class work on carpets limi rugs
Chamberlain's Couth
No one who is aquainted with its good
qualities can l>e surprise«! at the great
]x>pularity of Chamberlain’s Cough Rem­
edy. It not only cures colds and grip
effectually and permanently, but prevents
these diseases from resulting in pneumo­
nia. It is also a certain cure for croup.
Whooping cough is not dangerous w hen
this remedy is given. It contains no
opium or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby as
to an adult. It is also pleasant to take.
When all of these facts are taken into
consideration it is not surprising that
people in foreign lands, as well as at
home, esteem this remedy very highly
and very few are willing to take any
other after having once used it, For
stile by City Drug Store.
Ghosts, goblin* and uncanny spell* at
ye Presbyterian Church on ye evening «4
! ye thirty-first day of Octolx-r.
Invitations are out for a Blue Shower
Saturdav aftern«x»n at the home of .Mrs
Geo. E. Neither in honor of .Miss Isa
Cook, whose marriage is to take place
on Wednesday next to .Mr. Harry Luy.
The Ja< kson County I.umber Co. have
alxiut 29 teams hauling lumlx-r from tin ir
, mill three miles south <4 Jacksonville to
Medford. The trams make a trip a day
and haul from 2990 to 2500 feet to the
load. It will take ab««ut two weeks more
to get all their lumlx-r to the Medfor«!
yard, when they will probably start up
their mill and saw as long as the dry
weather lasts and l«zgs can l«e gotten to
the mill. The lumber now being hauled
out by the company is as tine as «-ver
went from a Southern Oregon mill an«!
will bring a good price in trie market.
Quaker Herlrs, three packages for one
dollar, at the City Drug Store.
The Sentinel office has Item presente«!
with a bunch <4 cotton blossoms by
Peter Iteisch, Ixxzkkeeper an«l stenogra­
pher in E. A. Reames’ office, that was
picker! from cotton plants grown at his
home in this place. Mr. Deisch is forni-
eily from Helena, Arkansas, and he sent
there last spring for the cotton »eed. The
plants have made a fair growth but not
so goo«! as in their native climate as the I
night* are rather too col«l for cotton to
lx- successfully grown here. The plants
are now alx>ut three feet high an«! con­
tain several full formed balls that may
rijx-n should the weather continue warm
for two or three week* longer.
If troubled with a weak digestion try
Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets
They will do you good. Fi or sale bv ;
City Drug store.
Young People, Old People
and All the People
Will find at the
Store the la st of
Ice Cream
Summer Drinks
fresh fruits
Canned Fruits
and Oysters
Stationery, Cigars and To­
bacco. Fine Billiard Parlor
0. K.
Barher Shop
Puhi, Prop
Lp-to-Oate Shop
Three Fine Chairs
Good Workmen.
Two fine Bathrooms with the
best tubs cleanest towels, etc.
Sheriff’s Stdtemeut.
Amount charge«! on the tax
roll for the year 1902.............. #12*1997
Penalty and Interest charged.
Sheriff assessment» charged,...
Excess rebate allowed,.............
#122214 09
Amount turned over to the
Treasurer on )9f)2 tax............ ; #1121*2:;
R« l>ate allowed............................. 2X30
Sheriff assessments col ectid,—
Double assessment» Errors an«! i
Sworn off....................................
Penalty and interest collected.
Amount delinquent and un­
paid. October 13, 1993.......... .. 5274
and general repair
work done promptly
and at a reasonable
#122214 09
This is #2X4 less than ia.st year’s delin­
quent tax list.
7th St. Shop
for Rent.
Two fine store rooms, each 25xXO feet
in White-Thouias brick block. Medford,
Cause of Lockjaw.
New. well-furnished rooms,
with a big warehouse in the rear. Apply
Lockjaw, or tetanus, is cause«l by a
to White & Trowbridge.
bacillus or germ which exists plentifully
in street dirt. It is inactive so long as
Orchard for Lease.
exposed to the air. but when carried be­
The Bvliee orchard a mile from Jack­ neath the skin as in the wounds caused
sonville consisting of 39 acres. 11 acres of bv percussion caps or by rusty nails, and
prunes, balance in apples with a few when the air is excluded the germ is
peaches, will lx- leased for a term of roused to activity and produces the most
years to a responsible person.
House, virulent poison known. These germs
barn ami outbuildings. Spring water may l»e destroyed an«l all danger of lock­
pijx-d to house. For terms call on or jaw avoided by applying Chamberlain's
address William Bybee. Jacksonville, Ore. Pain Balm freely as s«x>n as the injury is
received. Pain Balm is an antiseptic ail«!
causes cuts, bruises and like injuries to
Notice is hereby given that A. A. heal without maturation and in one third
Stevens has. by mutual consent, resig- the time required by the usual treatment.
ne«l his position as secretary of the Jack It is for sale by City Drug Store.
son County Lumber Company and sever­
Calling cards, the latest in style and
ed his connection with said company.
printed so neatly as to resemble copper­
A. J. S tkvens ,
plate work at the Sentinel office.
Octolier X, 1903.
is it
Proportionate in price that has given you more
lasting satisfaction than
J} Fine Portrait
The pleasure derived from most possessions is temporary
but a jxirtrait is a human document and is often the only
means by which vou are rememliered.
BEALL makes ’em at the
3 Miles Northeast of Jacksonville