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Vol. 1
Jachtonville, Jach*on County, Oregon. Friday, October 16, 1903.
Mr» George Brown and Mrs. J. T.
Nash were in Jacksonville Thursday,
guests of Mrs. C. W. Conklin.
Qmik* r Herbs, three faickagi-« lor one
dollar, nt th«- City Drug Store.
Mi»* May Child« r» of Medford who is
<»m- of th«- successful tea* her» of Jackson
county, began th«- fall term of »chool in
district N<> HI, Galls creek, Monday.
Th«- S< iitui* I office has l»< en presented
by Mr». Ella C«a»k with a rose that
m<-a»>irc«i H'j inches in «liamrtcr. The
rose is a Pau) Mcyron and il is as strik-
mg in it» beauty a» it is in size.
1'se th«»*«- fancy oilcloth rug» under
your heating stove, f 75 and fl-iHt. at
C. W. Conklin's.
T. R. Wilhite of Ik-Hgle la-gai
Mondav in the district adjoil
home di»tnct. Mr. Wilhite is
xoiing man, a graduate of the
State No'mal, ami hi- will la­
te.icli a Micccftsful M'h<M»L
Home-cooked m* al». 25 cents at Mr»
Flory’s in the brick lioarding h«>u»<
necoiid block n*»rth of the Court House.
Superintendent and Mr*. P. H. Dailv
have a boy, and a fin«- our at that, so Mr.
D.*il« aver», that *rrtv< «l at their home
la t Thursday. Thi- give* to their family
circle a girl ami a Ixiy ami a* Mr». Daily
»nd the bov are «bring nicely th«r«- is
happli CM ill toe Daily home.
Kindling W<x«l— <I . i * i .i load at yard
or delivered. Iowa Lumiier Comptny.
Holiver Hull returned Sunday from
Gold Ray where he has l.rn einpl* veil
for the past month in mining for Dr
Rav, h« having Le< n «»lie of the < rew
under Ex sheriff A’«-x Omie, who are
working tile p'a«-cr bar» la-low the Con­
dor ibni. Mr. Hull »t *tcs that while
consid« r dile gold i* gott« n out of the bar»
they nt«- not m > rich a» rejM»rt«-d.
Win. M. Colvig went Io (»runt» Pus»
Mombiv to la- ] r« »• nt at circuit couit
a» i'll»- <»f th«- « ouncil f* r F. W. Chansse
in th«- lila-l »nit <>f R. D. Hume against
Mr. CliausM- who is publisher of the
(‘»rail'» Pa»» < >!■*•« rver, and who made
in hi» paper »«»in« comment» <>ti the
meth««!» conducted in hi» business ns
co mecte«! with the salmon fishery of the
Rogue river.
Why worry w ith that ol«l wornout mach­
ine when a small monthly outlav will put
in it» place th«- l»e»t, lighte»t running
machine made. The p-ivinent» are made
I«» suit .ill. C. W. Conklin.
T. C. M *yii«ld. wife and four children
urrivefl in Jacksonville last Friday by
team from Chalice, Idaho and th« « will
s | k - ii «1 the winter here and are oc> up« ing
a house in the • ast part <>f town, belong­
ing to Mr. R«an. Mr. Mayfiel«! came
from the emt to Idaho but In- fotiml that
•action to«» col«l ami disagreeable and
hearing of th«- fin climate ami many ad­
vantages of Rogue River valley lie came
here ami is so well plea»« <1 that lie w ill
locate and engage in farming.
One of tlu- b«-st selections <»f millinery
grxxls to lx- seen in Medfor«! is at the
stor«- of Maa«l K. Wilson it Co. in Med­
ford on F »treet west of the S P. depot
ami her prices are satisfactory to custo­
Henry Knbli was in town Thursday
from his Applegate ranch. The «lay pre­
vious In- ami Jam« s Bnvkh y got in from
tin- l'p| er Applegate r ing«- 13 head of
beef cattle, tlu- l ist that thev will bring
down. Th* y will h ave their stock on
th* range until winter weather drives
them out. Mr. Knbli and Mr. Buckley
recoitlv placeil on their range B2 head of
cattle that the« pnrchasi-d of J. G. Marlin
and others of Antioch vicinity.
Knbli stated that none of tin- Apph gate
stockmen ha«l yet sold their lieeves,
holding them in their tine alfalfa pastur­
es until a better price was offered. As
the number of beef cattle held by himself
and neighbors, Mr. Knbli gives th«-follow­
ing estimate: Janies Buckley, 63; Henry
D. Knbli, ¡1.5; R. Catm-ron, 10; Miles
Cantrall, 40; Andrew Cantrail,75; Arthur
Kleiiihammer, 50 making a total of 305
head. There is nearly as many more
held by other Applegate stockmen, mak­
ing a bunch of « attic that w ill be a good
buy to some dealer, as the Applegate
range has a long established reputation
for turning off beef equalled by but few­
ranges in Oregon.
JACKSONVILLE • • • • • •• •
• •
• •
Complete Line of Pall and
Winter Good», Pine Qual­
ity. Latest Effects and a
very Complete Selection.
I will be pleased to show
you my g*x»ds whether
you buy or not Store
next do« »r to Postoffice.
c- TELE P H 0 N
V<>u w ill alwavs find the Iw-st
of rich, flaky icecream in my
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Fine Confectionery,
Fresh Fruits.
Many Mothers of a I.ike Opinion.
Mrs. Pilmvr. of Cordova, Iowa, says:
“(>m- of my children was subject to
croup of a m vcrc type, ami the giving of
Chamberlain'«* Cough R< inedy promptly,
always brought relief. Many mothers in
this nt ighbi-rhood think the name *s 1 do
alxiut this remedy and want no other
kind for tl.eir children.” For sale bv
Citv I »rug Store.
If you have any Timlx-r land you want
to sell—Sec T. C. Norris.
Pioneer« Visit Jacksonville.
W. II. Gore manager of the big Ish
farm two miles north east of jackson-
i ville, and one of the finest in all .Southern
( fregon , was in Jacksonville Saturday
afternoon with hi» father Emerson E.
Gore, of Phoenix, ami hi» uncle Emory
E. < »ore of Lawrence, Kan. Th*- twoold
gentlemen are twins and so near alike
tiiat stranger« cannot tell them apart.
Both arc pione* r» of Jack*o;:ville and
their trip Saturday was to greet the few
jiersons yet in the old town who were
here 50 years ago anti note th«- changes
that have come to he town ami surround
Ing country since the «lay* when Jackson
ville was a s irring mining town am! the
adjacent hills ami valley» alive with
hundreds of mines. The Mvs*rs. Gore
arrive«! at Jacob Wagner's place oil the
creek now known as Wagner creek from
Illinois Scptemtx-r 20, 1652, coming by­
way of California, and they camped
tlier«-a few days taking a look at the
valley. They worked one «lay for Mr.
Wagner ami put a flo r in hiscabin made
of sla>»s that Mr. Wagner had gotten a: a
little sawmill ju-t started near where
Ashland now is. Mr. Wagner hid occu­
pier! Ins cabin with only an earth floor.
The only pay taken from Mr. Wagner
was a big srpiash that he had grown «>n
his place. They arrived in Jacksonville
a few day s later. The «lay prove«! to be
Satuida« Put they did not know it hav­
ing lost tin ir calender reckonings, inrl
that aft« rnoon they b irrowed a saw and
frame ami early next morning they went
on the hill Imck of where St. Mary's Ac
ademv now is and cut a large tree and
Ire^an to make shakes with which to
bull«! a cabin. S »on they noticed people
on the str« els a* though going to church
and Ireing goo«l Presbyterians they
ceased their work and came down ami
found that a traveling preacher was
hold ng services They resumed th* ir
cabin building Monday and soon ha«l it
« ncted on land north of the present U. S.
hotel when Emerson Gore moved into it
with his family, Emory Go«e boarding
with him, he not then being married. In
February F iji « rson Gore took up as a
donation claim the land tq on which he
now lives ami to which he soon moved
his family. The Gores wen- carpenters
and among other houses upon which
tliev worked was the present Metlimlist
churdh in Jacksonville. They put up a
carpenter .hop and did all kinds of wood
work. Etnurv remained a year in Jack­
sonville whi n he left ami worked at va­
rious places in the valley until ' -MIO when
he went to Kansas and has lived in that
state- since, residing first at Atchison anil
later at Lawrer.ee.
To Mr, and Mr*. Emerson E. Gore is
<’ue the honor of being the parents of the
Men’s Suits from
$5 to $20 a suit
Boys’ Suits, 12 to 19 years. ■ $5 to $_! 0 a suit
Children’s Suits, 5 to 12 years, $2 to $5 per suit
Men’s Beaver Overcoats, • *7.50 to * 15 each
Men’s Irish frieze Ulsters. • *7.50 to $ 10 each
Boys’ Overcoats
*5 each
Blanket lined Coats and Vests. Leather and Corduroy Coats
Strauss Overalls, best make on the Coast, for Men and Boys.
Our stock of Gentlemens Staple Furnishings is the
largest in Seuthern Oregon.
lie are a young concern, always ready to do business
or quote prices. Will be pleased to show our goods.
No. 23
firs’ white baby boy born within the lim­
its of the present town of Jacksonville,
m , far as record*» now to be h «1 show,
their s hi Walter Gore, now residing near
Phoenix, having be« il born !>•■«■■ m!»er 3,
1S52, while th*-y weie rts.ding in the lit­
tle shake house in the north part of town.
Ashland Normal Notes.
The new atudents this week are Agnes
Hare, Nellu Hare, Ashland; Grover
M irksb'iry. Bellview.
The Boarding Hall on the campus al­
ready has fifty regular boarders who
room in the dormitories, besides, ten or
fifteen who take dinners there.
Chapel exercises an- from S:'.V> to !•
o'clock each morning.
Following the
music, • rioture reading ami prayer each
member of the faculty takes a turn in
giving a short address to the students on
some live topic.
The old No’-mal bus has been made
almost new again and the new bus will
Ire cour 1 ted alxrut til- first of Novem­
ber. 1-or the present a light covered
wagon is being used along with the bus
to carry students w ho board in town.
Five young ladies are aiding them
selves in carrying th.- scho -1 expenses
by doing light work for fx»ard in families
and seven young men are also doing
work to I ic I d thein-elves. Three work
in drug stores Satardiys and evening*,
one does chores it a hotel, two do some
work at the Normal and one does odd
jobs about town.
These are excellent
The sixteen graduates of last year are
all doing well. Raymond Bates is a stu­
dent .it Whitman college. Clyde Briggs is
principal of the schools at St. Johns,
Washington, Lucie George and Lou
Grubb are both teaching in the Grants
Pass schools, Olah Mickey is a grade
teacher at Cottage Grove. G. W. Milan
is principal of East school Ashland and
Docia Willetts is one of his assistants, D.
C. Math« ws is vice-principal of the Hert­
ford schools, Delta Tibbetts is critic
teacher at the Normal. Loleto Norton is
a grade teacher in the Junction City
schools, Lillian Perci ful is teacher in the
Milton schools. Eva Storey teaches in
the Phoenix schools, Aura Thompson is
teacher in ti e Ros«-burg schools, George
Mark b. rv
and Walter McIntire are
arranging for lu-ir post-g adua e work in
the Nonnal and Floy Catnlx-rs continues
her music.
Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bowman cele­
brate«! their gold« n wedding at the r
house in Medford Tuesday evening, th« y
having been married October. 1653. n
A large number <f
their frit nds had gathered and with them
they brought Rev. Brown. jMstor of the
M. E. Church. South, and they had the
aged couple repeat tht troth that th«y
hail 1« en faithful ty for 50 years aid
which they would hold sacred long as
life was theirs. After the ceremony a
bounteous supjier was served and a most
delightful evening was spent by all. T1 e
guests were Mr. ami Mrs. J. Armstrong,
Mr. and Mrs. M. Armstrong. Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. White. Mr. and Mrs. B. J.
Trowbridge, Mr. ami Mrs. H. Hooker,
Mesdames R. Gray; Davidson. Noble,
Fredenburg, Hockenyos and Miss Cora
An interesting feature of tile event was
the using on the table of the table cloth
that was used at the wedding dinner of
Mr. and Mrs. Bowman 50 years ago.
Cause of Lockjaw.
Lockjaw, or tetanus, is caused by a
bacillus or germ which exists plentifully
in street dirt. It is inactive so long as
exposed to the air, but when carried be­
neath the skin as in the wounds caused
by percussion caps or by rusty nails, and
when the air is excluded the germ is
roused to activity and produces the most
virulent poison known. These germs
may be destroyed and all danger of lock­
jaw avoided by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm freely as soon as the injury is
received. Pain Balm is an antiseptic ami
causes cuts, bruises and like injuries to
heal without maturation and in one third
the time required by the usual treatment.
It is for sale by City Drug Store.
W. H. Miller, C. T. Davids >n and
George Lane started this Friday for the
Waldo country on a hunting trip and
incidentlv to do a little prospecting.