Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, October 09, 1903, Image 3

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    ed effort of the jieople of a town. The
I world's activities t«Mlay are controlled
and jiushed along by unions ami the
IHHI I'll on
i town that is not united as one body is
WEEK. i quicklv left to the rear by its aggressive
I neighbors. The board of trade is the
Elil ioh
’ ¡tower that comes when- all work togeth­
er and if Jacksonville is to get onto the
Entered ill the posfofficr of
i.‘. |n< L
Jm ksoii County, Oregon, «« «rcoiul «las« > malici
map again all here must work together
ami that through the board of trade.
copper mines now return to their owners.
Jack son county is now in a sjdendid
Of these bigdividend payers the Calumet condition financially and warrants are a-
anti Hecla of Michigan leads the list hav­ bove par, except those of small amounts.
ing paid its stockholders ¿X2,.'!5O,(NN* on During the six months from March I,
an original investment of ¿2,5<s1,010. 10)3 to October I, 1003 th«- debt has lx-en
Three other copjx-r mines in the same i reduced by ¿15,54N(. 15, leaving th-.- in-
licit have also paid handsomely, the - debtedness October J, 1003, ¿99,750.50
Quincy yielding profits aggregating #13, with ¿X.X37.39 in the hands of the treas-
H20.00), the Tamarack ¿M,400,ONI, «nd the i urer to |>ay warrants now called in. This
Osceola ¿4,247,0)0. The Montana ami substantial reduction to the county debt
Hi n«K NirrioN M aths
| Arizona copper properties make a good has lx-en made w ith no increase in the
Onr y car
His months
showing in tin- divrdend-paving list. The tax levy and in a year when more road
Three moti Ills
Through the courtesy of Mr. C. C. Amalgamated, Anaconda and B. and M. an«! bridge work has lx-en done than in
Heckman the Sentinel has received a C. mines, in the former state, have paid any previous year in the history of the
The Hriitlnrl mid lhe Weekly Orrgonian will
of a new version of the Ten Com ¿21,105,540, ¿22.500.ON), and ¿27,725,000 ■county. The tremendous flood of last
I m -«ent to otic nildrrM for fZ a year
The Scuti
nel give« III, Ju<-k«a>i> comity new« mid the Ore
respectively. The United Verde. Senator winter wrecked or damaged half of the
gommi give« the «tute, nuilonnl nu>t world new«, inamlmeiits that is quite applicable to
III«»« a lender 1« able to «over the entire new» Jacksonville.
These commandments are W A. Clark's celebrated mine at Jerome small bridges anil culverts in the county
held ut h I hhii lhe price of but one pa|H-r,
pamphlet form ami on the title page leads the Arizona list and it is coming to and seriousl) injured several of the large
T uiai . Hi i > m . aii-rioss flic Jacksonville Sentine!
unique imprint: the front as one of the great copper min­ bridges and destroyed long distances of
will I h - «ent to any adder«« at any jaratofficr in it bears the following
lhe V ailed Mates, lor lour week« for lo crii!»
•‘Wrote by the Company of Mysell-Roll- es of the world. It is yielding to the road grade. To repair these damages
All «ulHK-riptlon« regular or trial, will lie prompt­
Senator more than ¿500,000 a month ! has taken a very large sum of money.
ly stoi>|M>l al the date of expiration, utile«« a re- ins at their Temple of Printing on the
liewaf is received
profit ami it is now reported that he This is the first year that reallv substan-
Street Clay of the number twenty-two,
San Francisco.” These commandments lately refused an offer of ¿40,000,000 cash tial, systematic road work has iieen car­
Friday, October 9, 1903 are given la-low ami they should l>e read for it from an English company. It is ried on in the county. A ruck crusher
by every resilient of Jacksonville and largely with the profits of his Arizona and an additional road gra«ler was purch­
then put into practice for this town has ami Montana copjier mines that Senator aser! last spring and their operation h s
Monday evening the Jacksonville
a host of transgressors who are helping Clark is now building a railroad from taken considerable money. There has
board of trade will hold the regular
other towns quite as much or more Salt Lake to Los Angeles. The Mount­ been no niggardly economy practiced to
meeting for Octolx-r. There are several
ain Copper Company, the English syndi­ cut down the exjxnse account, but all
than they du their own town:
imjMirtant matters to «•<>me la-fore the
that were lately negotiating to sec­ departments,»! the county business have
board, one of which will lx- the election
Thou shalt not go away from home to ure the Applegate copper claims, is find­ been conducted on a lilx-ral, progressive
of officers to serve for the ensuing six
do thy trading, nor thv »on, nor thy ing their mine which thev are operating basis, with proper economy enforced in
months. One of the strong factors that
at Keswick over in Shasta county, a very all exbenditures to lie made. That the
g«» to make up the success of any organ­ daughter.
profitable investment for it has already affairs of Jacksou county have been
ization is that of having each m< mlx-r
Thou shall do what« ver lieth in thy p.iid them dividends amounting to ¿3.OX! handled in such businesslike manner is a
feel and lx- of equal standing and one
power to encourage and promote the 700. Outside of the United States the high compliment to the county board
way to accomplish that is to jxiss the welfare of thin«- own city and thine own world’s record is held by the Rio Pinto, a and all taxpayer.« should be willing to
offices around, a few not to monopolize
copper mine in th- south of Sjiain, own­ give them the credit that is theirs.
all the higher jiositions. There are many
ed by an English Company and which
Houses for rent is the pressing want of
members in the Jacksonville Ixiard ol
Thou shall spend thine earnings at employs 11,OX) men, for it pays dividends
trade who would make efficient officers home, that they may return from whence of from ¿7,ON),ON), to ¿9,ON),«100 a year. Jacksonville and scarcely a day passes
ami they should each lx- given a chance they came and give nourishment to such
The Use of el« ctricity has made an but there a»-e seekers, either personally
to do Mime »jx-cial hustling in tin- work as may come after thee.
enormous dem and for cojijx-r and this or by letter, for houses by persons who
of building uj> the tow n.
demand is increasing at a rapid rate each wish to move to Jacksonville, some to lie-
The sjx-cial committee consisting of
Thou shall patronize thy home mer- year and as copper is one of the least come permanent residents and others to
Chas. Dunford, James Cronemiller and chant ami thy home printer, for yea, plentiful of the metals there is no likeli­ spend the winter in town while they can
C. I*. Briggs having in hand the matter verily doth not thy bom«- j rinter spread hood of it falling in jirice very materi­ look around and make the selection of a
of securing information as to the feasibil­ over the land tidings of thy goodness and ally by season of over production or lack f ir ji and get for their children the bene­
ity of securing a co-o|-endive telephone greatness that the jx-ojile shall patronize of consumption. With the great profit fit of the fine school advantages to be had
service for Jacksonville and the a«l)acent I thee.
that there is in copjx-r mining no mine in this place. No safer nor more profit­
farming districts will lx- able to make a
that prosjiects well will lay idle very able investment could be made than to
rejiort us to the iiietlicals of organizing a
Thou shall not ask a printer to take long and as the Applegate district lias put money into well built, modern cot­
comjiany and th«- cost of the telephones, . less th-m his jirice. Remember bv ask- lx-en conclusively proven to jirosjject as tages of from five to ten rooms here in
wire. etc. The fanners are very anxious mg to retreat from his price thou interest rich as did any of the other great mines Jacksonville.
to have a telephone m rvice and there is that he is a robber. If he hath not of the West there is a certainty that it
Calcutta wheat bags, barley or oat bags.
littb- doubt but w hat fully ion mi inliers dignity thou wilt get «lone by him Mime will lx- develojxtd in the near future.
Shawsheen linen bag twine, in lots to suit.
can lx- ha«l to I m gm with and it could lx- i how.
Nuuan-Taylor Co.
The coming of cool weather is bring­
eventually extended until the whole of ;
' I-
All the latest magazines and periodi­
Rogue River Valley was embraced ami
Thou shall not ask for credit, as goods ing stoves liack to use again and that will cals at the City Drug Store.
general telephone system had similar to cost much money, ami the merchant's increase the danger from fire for many­
Wedding stationery, the latest out, at
that had in the Eastern States and which brain is burdened with bills. His child­ people arc careless about cleaning out the Sentinel office.
is now Ix-ing inst illed in the Willamette ren clamor daily for bread, and his wife the soot from their chimneys and that
abideth at home for lack of such raiment with the cobwebs that have accumulated
adorneth her sister. Blessed, yea, during the summer months will burn
To get a passable roa<l during the
NccrV in ’Lvery Home
winter months for three fourths of the I thrice blessed, is the man that pays cash. with the first big fire that is made in the
• •
stove. The insurance records show that
jieojde of Jackson county to reach their
Thou shalt not suffer the voice of pride two-thirds of the fires originate from I IXTWWXnc'AL
county seat is a problem that is uj> for
to Date
Jacksonville toaolve. The city council ' to overcome thee and if other towns defective flues. In nearly- all houses the
made an effort at their meeting and fail- j entice thee consent thou not. for thou chimneys are so constructed that they
ed an«l it is for the board of trade to niavest lx- deceived. Remember the fate soon settle ami draw apart up in the attic
suggest a way for securing a road that is I of the calf that left its mother and foliow- and sooner or later on the soot burning
not occupied by the channel of a creek. I cd a steer away from home and lost its out the fire passes out to the adjoining
woodwork, covered with cob-webs and
The sjx-cial committee, comjxised of supjier.
that is as inflamable as powder, and
Judge Day, George Lewis and Charles
there is lively work for the fire
Dunford have investigated the various
As it seems that fires from
routes proposed for the Jacksonville-
A Dictionary of ENGLISH.
decrease each year in num­
Biography,Ge ci-aphy,Fiction,etc.
Medford-Central Point road and will
open book. He laugheth thee to scorn ber, it would be well for builders to make
probably lx- able to make a report.
The Ncn and E-nlarged
it easier for the firemen to fight them.
The matter of securing a morning mail and shout« th to his clerks “ha! ha!”
E,dition Contains
As houses are now built tli^-re is no way
service for Jacksonville from Medford
25,000 New Words
Thou shalt not ask thv printer to lake for firemen to get a liose into the attic to
was refereil to the transportation com­
New Gazetteer of the World
mittee which consists of T.J. Kenney, two dollars‘for a three dollar job because get water onto a fire except to cut a hole
wj-.h more than 25.00 titles, based on the
J. S. Orth and Judge S. J. Day, and that some other printer will do it for less through the r«>of or the gable. Cutting a i latest census returns.
New Biographical Dictionary
committee will doubtless lx- aide to state money. The other printer may steal his hole through the roof just makes matters
contalni:’- names of over 10,001)noteworthy
whether the betterment of the Jackson­
persons, with nationality, occupation, date
of reigns, date of birth, death, etc.
ville mail service can be secured or not. trade with such as he thou art an access­ flames up and frequently drives the fire­
men off from the roof and then !
Edited by W. T. HARRIS. PhD., LL.D.
Towns now a days are built tip by or­ ory to his crime.
I'nited States < »¡mui vioner of Education,
ganised effort and are not the creation of
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not bear false witness Cutting a hole in the gable does not in­
centuries ot slow growth as were the
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d we 1 lest, crease the risk so much, but it delay s '
cities of the old countries of the world.
And natural advantages alone will not but »peak well of it to all men, that thy the firemen in their work and gives the |
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build up a town as has been proven by home city and its jx-ojile may be proud fire more time to gain headway. To
Scottish Wordsand Phrases.
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of thee.
avoid this delay and risk every house'
the stunted growth of many a town. The
1- irst-class i i <|uulity, second-class in size.’’
should have a small window in the gable
competition between towns is quite as
sharp as between individual business
The old saying about being as profit­ so as to afford a ready opening to enable j “A Test in Pronunciation” which affords a
pleasant and instructive evening’s enter­
men and the town doing the most hust­ able as a gold mine bids fair to be chang­ the firemen to get water at once onto the
tainment. Illustrated pamphlet also free.
ling is the one that attracts the greater ed to as profitable as a copper mine for fire. Such an opening would cost but | G.ÖC.MERRIAM COMPANY,
number of homeseekers anil investors. none even of the fabulously rich gold little and it might be the*means of sav- i
Publishers, Springfield. Mass.
To accomplish this result takes the unit- mines yield tile immense profits that the ing a house from distraction by fire.
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