Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, September 11, 1903, Image 8

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■ less of til«- C iiioii is hamllcd bv a Iliana
ger who is paid » I mi per month during
Quaker Herbs, three |xickagr> tor one
tile tune fruit is living shlp|x-d. To meet
dollar, at the Citv Drug Store.
puking shipping, etc., cxp-iiscs«« charge
Miss I"te McCully ami her nephew. of seven ]H-r cent is m id«' on all hint
George Merritt, left
Wednesday for handled, but it is likely al of that ass« ss
Eug« lie, where Mr. Merritt will resume • meat will not I»«- required and a pait of
hts studies
Miss MeCullv returns t<> i it will I h - returned to the grower
Eugene to keep house tot her nephew . I’liioii had uiorv otFers for (x-ars than
she feeling that In- can <lo Iw-ttcrwork in they could till and had contracted th« ir
his cl.is'« ' if hi- can have the helpful, re­ Spitzenbiirg apphsal a ginwl pri«'c ami
straining influences of home' life
had tine offers tor then New towns. 1'ln-
Sl.lbw .>od in stove- lengths <1 JU I ] k — load Enion had la-en the means of enabling
the memlnrs to realize .’5 cents p« r box
at sawmill — Iowa Lumber Co.
higher tor apples than ever I h fore had.
Mrs Dr. Gale gave- a birtlldav parte Al) trim was ship)» d I k -.«ring I Iwith the
this Friday «fternoon in hoiieer e»f the I nion’s laliel and glowers name.
eleventh birthday of her brothe r Wince.
A rising, unanimous vote of thanks
Quite a number of the young friends of was 1« nd< red Profs, Lak« and Co «II« v
\ atie'e were- present anil a jolie time was for the helpful information that tliev
sjH-nt m game' to which were added the1 had given the fruitmen attending the
pleasure- so appreciate«! be little- folks meeting. Prof,
Lak«- rts|x>nded an 1
and by big as well, e>f a generous lunch thanked the fruitnien and th«- citizens ,.f
prepared by Mrs. Gale and her sister. Jacksonville for their sjil« mill hospital
Miss Cedvig.
ity and for their good interest in the
Prof. I.akc father stated he
All the latest magazines .«nd ¡Periodi­
found th«- pcopl«- of Rogue River live
cals at the City Drag Store.
and progress!ve ami as the Vail« v w as
Applegate, that land of never failing one of th«- most favored on the PaCllii
crops and record breaking ones at that, Coast lie should « xp et to find It
it ill
in a
has contributed a pumpkin to the Senti­ very few years a place of higher ideals,
nel e xhibit that W. uld make p cs e nough win re in addition to well k< pt orchards
to feed two sc« re- of hungrv school - hivs and broad alfalfa ami grain fields would
The ] util] kin weighs »>;’> ¡xnmds ami is as I k - found handsome farm houses sur
smooth a* a Newtown apple.
It was rounded bv beautiful grounds, school
raised by Reuben Wright and was not grounds that wa re park' mste id of barren
raise«! as prize pumpkins are. only one waste, roads th it were turn pikes ami tin-
on a vine^ but with this specimen there rural in ill and tel« phone for « verv hi me.
were several others on tile- '.«tile erne and
l'he courtesy of Miss Amelia Britt was
no fertilizers or irrigation was usetl.
greatly appreciated ill i decorating tin-
Miller at the l’osturtice- hardware store sjm akers desk with two verv large and
carries all kinds < f miners toeds .«ml artistieallv arranged Iximpiets that ware
fl< >w< rs to be
supplies and his supplies and prices arc made up from the man« f‘
gr«« nlioilsc.
On liehalf of the Jacksonville Ixiard < >1
The marriage took place Tuesday at trade
President Me»erv« invited the
the- home of the- bride’s mother. Mrs C. fruitmen to meet am time that was their
I. Corwin, tn Medfortl, of Miss Cente-nna convenience iii Jacksonville and that
Rothe rtm-1 «nd Mr (twin W. Whitman, they wollht I h - given free hall r«H>lil and
Rev. T. L. Crandall oflici iting. The iny other conveniences that would con
young c«>U]de took the « veiling train for duce to the sue 'ess of their tin eting.
Astoria, where Mr Whitman is in busi­
ness. Both Mr. ami Mrs. Whitman are
( Bov ’s H ild Ride I or I ife.
Jacks n comity young people and thee
With taniiS around exjn-ciing him to
have many friends here- who give hem lie. ami a Mill ruling for life. IN miles.
their bt st w ishes for a life- such as sh«>uld to get 1 >r. King’s New 1/is over' for
come to a husban«! and wife who are tru­ Consumption. Coughs ami Cold* W II
ly m «ted and who each do th« ir part to Brown, of Leesville. Ind. endure«! »leith’s
make the home- the h «ven it should Ire.
ag< nie fr m asthma; but this wonderful
A few exjietienied teachers can secure medicine g iv«- instant relief an<l soon
¡Misitions in Jackson County schoids by cured him. He w rites "I now sleep
_____ _
l.ik«- marvelous
addr« s'ing S u | k rintemletit 1’. H. I>aiiy sotimllv everv night." ____
cures of Consumption. I’m iinionia. Bron
at Jacksonville.
chitis, Coughs. Colds .ami <’.rip pro.«- its
Boliver Hull returned Wednesday from mat bless merit for all Throat ami I.ting
a month's trip 'o Dunsmuir where he h.nl troubles, Guarnite« »I Ixittk-s .'«Oc ami
f»een on a visit to his nephews. C. W. fl.m. Trial Ixittles fne.it Lit« 'hug
Savage and W. R. Hull. l»>th former store.
Jacksonville boys. Mr. Savage is.in th«
S. I’, boiler shop and Mr. Hui) is tiring
Poormans (reek Items.
on a yard engine at Dunsmuir. Mr Hull
B. C. Bostwick and R
Ray of Ri
was at Redding a few «lay s.
Business is wen- ill Jacksonville Sund tv evening.
loom ng tn that section but Mr. Hull
Mi's Edith King <-f Medford has I h -« n
fouml the climate not to bis lit ing the
sudden changes of from (Ki i<> 11»» degrees visiting relatives living at th«- mill.
caused by the wild blowing either off
R H S. J lon ddson-Selbv of Sterling
Mt. ■'hast« <>r from th« hot Sacramento w «s in Jai'ksunville Saturday and Sun
vallev being too productive of colds to »lay.
agrte with one u-ed to Jacksonville's
Mr. and Mrs. C. N’< • rt< in <>f I )r< w
equable climate.
have been visiting relatives st ivilig oil
lersv cow, fresh and fine milker, for Poorm in’s Cre« k.
sale. Enquire of J.F. Miller.
Frank Vocom ami «laughter Mary ar«-
Mrs. T. J. Butler and tier son. I.ieut. s]x-nding a few wacks at their former
C. M. Butler, of Albany, arrived in Ja< k- home on Poornian’s Creek.
sonville Siturday on a visi’ to Mrs. But­
John Crump, who has lx-en in Klamath
ler’s sister, Mrs. Paul ne A. Hines.
Lieutenant Butler is an Or«gon boy who conntv forth«- past six month', is sjx-n»l-
was apjxiinted to West Point by the late ing a few weeks at his old hoim .
Congressman Tongue and he graduate»!
Mrs. A. J. Stevens and «laughters wlfo
with honors this June and is now on his have 1 h -< n staving on P«x>rman’s Crerk
wav to the Philippines, having been as­ returned to their home in Ashland Sat­
signed to Company K, 11th Infantry, urday.
now statione«! in the Moro country. I.t.
Piter Deniff. who has been staving in
Butler left Tuesday for San Francisco to Jacksonville for s< me time jiast is now
take a transport for Manila.
He is a employed at the Jackson Co. Lnmlier
bright manly appearing voung man and Company’s mill.
gives on the impression that he will
make a soldier who will l>e a pride to his
Hunters, Attention.
state and well worthy of the uniform of
Loaded shells for shot guns ami for
Encie Sam.
rifles, ill makes and ail sizes. All other
requisites for tin- hunter anil the fisher
Men Manted.
Iti woodsmen at the mill of the Iowa man at Millers hardware store.
I.umber Company.
-,gi< sm - o . m *-
l ot/ w ill lìmi at Kean's
Jack st > ii \ tile, I ,te^i»ii,
t lie best I arit tv <>t
Hosiery and
Come <ii)(l inspect
I also take orders for
Harness and Saddles
Genuine Liverpool
salt, fine dairy salt,
stocK salt and the best
of table salt in any
quantity and at the
lowest prices.
Call and sec m\ St<M k.
largest Stock of farm Machinery in South­
ern Oregon.
Complete line oí Vehicles, cmbrddng lorm
and freight Wagons. Spring Wagons, ( dr­
ridges. Buggies, I h.
lidding and Harvesting
forks and Wire Rope.
Machinery, Horse­
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedridden, alone ami destitute, Such,
in brief was the condition of an old sol-
<lier bv name of J. J. Havens, Versaille fl*
O. I-or years he was troubled with Kid
nev disease and neither doctors nor med­
icines gave him relief. At length he tried
Electric Bitters. It put him on his feet
in short order and now he testifies; “Em
on the ronil to complete recoverv." Best
on earth for Liver and Kidney troubles
ami ail form is of Stomach and Bowel com­
fl i tits
Only 5l(c. (iuarantied by City-
Drug Store.
Photo Gallery
.V2Os'a'»S'll'>. |,'».«II>>.M|IM|U ra>>
Second Floor. Adkins Block.
op|Hisit< J’ostoHice.
Med ford
l‘ine Shoe Work and R«'pairing
a Specialty .
Work for Jacksoiivill« patrons
veil In
bv morning train
tram and
finished to I h - returned on the
« veiling train.
Shop on I slreet. opp. S. I*. Depot.
Mrs. A. 1.
Professional Carpet Weaver
Fino Photography a Specialty.
Illis II IK w l-'lyiiiK Slliitll« 1,00111
Special attention %iven to posing
iiiul is pi > pure,I todoHtri« tlv In st
of children. Jilt u>ork xuaran’
teed. Prices reasonable.