Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, August 28, 1903, Image 7

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In the Circuit Court of tin State of Or
egon, lor the County of Jackson.
Un« h- Hilly Robinson returned Satur­
bln I, U ilaoii, plaintiff v*. Cliurh •» F.
from Wagner Springs, where he ha«’
Wixon, defendant.
la-ell for it couple of weeks cmjoying a
To Charle* F. Wilton, defendant.
In the Name of the State of Oregon: quiet rest.
You arc hereby required to up|x-ar
J. Nnnan went tp Colestill Saturday
and answer the complaint filed against and retui not Sunday accompanied by his
Manufacturer of
you ill the ii I hivc entitled Suit within ten daughters, Mrs, Russell and Miss Nunan
day* from the date of the service of thia and little grand*«>n Donald Russell who
Summon* U|x»n you, if serve«! within have I m ett spending the past ft wweeksat
this County, or if served within any this popular resort.
Each made of the best selected grain and guaranteed
other County of this State, then within
Mr. and Mrs. O. Gilbert will have
twenty day* from th«- date of the service
the purest on the market
of this Summon* ii | h » ii you; and if by with tin tn for a week their t wo «laughters
Mrs. W. 1-. Wulf, whose husband is p»st-
publication, then on or la-fore the expir­
ation of six weeks from the commence­ mast« r ut Crescent City, ami Mrs. Walter
Anderton, whoae husband is su|M.-rinten-
ment <>f su< li publication and if you fail
of the big sawmill at Lamoine, Cal
so to answer for want thereof, the plain
tiff will lake a default against you, and ifornia. The latli« s are to arrive Friday
Dealer in
will apply to til«- Court for the relief of this week
praved for in her complaint, viz; For
Mr. ami Mrs. L. li. Hoover, of Medford
the dissolution of th«- in image contract were in Jacksonville Saturday with their
now existing la-tween the plaintiff and daughter, Miss Lizzie. who has a milli­
defendant, and for the award to plaintiff nery stole ill this place, but who has it
of the care and custialy of the minor ' cloM-d and is at home fora vacation dur- i
child of said jxirties, ami such further mg th« dull season. Miss Hoover will j
relief as to the Court may serin equitable. r<oja-ii her store next week and get her
This Summons is pnbiiahed pursuant j st<M'k and display ready for the fall trade.
to an order in ««l<- by lion. H. K. Hanna,
Circuit Judge of the First Judical Pis ■ I Im Wanted—A car l«>u«l of I mi 1 c <1 hay-
wanted at one«- by the Iowa Lumber Co. |
trict .it Cliamla-rs in Jacksonville, Ore-
gen, <>n tin- 21st day of August, 11*13, Jacksonville. < Ire.
Prof. A. J. Hanby of the Central Point
which order rc«piires that this summon*
In- published in the Jacks« nville Sentinel, school*, went t<> Ashland Saturday. '
a newspiper of g« tur.il circulation pub Sunday morning at II o'clock he spoke:
lished in Jacksonville, Oregon, for a in the Christian church and in the even- ,
|M-riod <d six weeks.
tng a«ldres*ed a union meeting of all the
The «late of til«- first publication of churches in the Chautauqua tabernacle.
t1:i* summ«i'is is August 21. 11*13.
This meeting < loses the union service*
that have I m - cii (-«inducted by th«-churches
Attorneys f>>r Plaintiff.
of the city hiring the month of August.
J. T. Buckley, who with his father has
I have in inv hand* at the present lime a large num­
a line farm on Applegate near Ruch, was
in Ja< ksonvilie Satunlay. Mr. Bucklev
ber of Bargains in FARM, FRUIT and GARDEN
pro|»oMi|» will lx- received bv thr County
Court of Jac kson Comity Oregon, for thr con- reports the alfalfa crop tine ami the acre­
LANDS, and TOWN PROPERTY, of which the
MtiKtioii ot m County road a« follow*
B« ginning age ami the yiel'l larger for the Applegate
it thr Dwayne tor 4 on Applegate mid following valley than any previous year.
But little
following is a partial list.
thr lint of »urvey ot «aid toad along the Ea«l
is raised. For this year the I
«ide <>( Applrgate Creek southerly to thr inter- grain
Buckley ranch has but 30 acres of barley,
»rvtioii of thr «aid prof xe--rd road with thr pre*
rnt traveled County loud ataive the wreond t r «>•»«- which will likely yield an average crop. *o. I—Is 550 acres more or less, .{00acre* No 26— House and 2 lots in Phoenix, lots
ing of mi id Mirant a dlslancr of wix mile«* more or
Rogue River laittom land, all fenced,
00x120 feet each.
They will la-gin threshing Tuesday of
gtaal house, barn and other buildings. No. JO IS acres well improved, house,
Al*o iMginning nt thr irrinhitiwof thr prrwent this week.
barn an«l other out buildings; one-half
The balance. alx>ut 250 acres, good for
County Kuatl ut U'aikin* for«! on Applegate
F. L. Caton was in Jacksonville Sat­
Crrrk thence along the wcwi wide of Applegate
timlier ami pasture. This place is sit­
in voung orchard; near Phrjenix.
folSowing thr line of wurvey to thr Mate Itnr Ixr-
Price..................................................... $1200.
twreti California and Oregon
Catoii has a small place, but he is making
Saul road to I m constructed 13 fret wide around
The land is of tine quality. Price per No. 31— An M0 acre farm seven miles
th<- rock taunt where Swayne flume t* mtuatrd.
acre............................................................ $25
from railroad, level land, good soil, 15
**lt<! al all other point« where heavy grading 1« the miners who are handling big claims.
acres cleared and fenced, 2«» acres in
require«! at IraM fret wide am! to Ixr cleared al l,ast winter ami spring he piped off ibout No. 2— Is a tract of 1520 acres, all fenced,
nil IMH11I4 at leawt 1<» fret wide, excavation« into
12IMI acres good alfalfa land; a stream
remainder easily cleared.
aolitl earth to I m not |c*a than «even fret at any 12i»l square yards of earth and then laid
well finished, cost ov­
off his men and he is doing the cleaning
point where grading i» dour
inches of water w ith which, the whole
er #5<)0. Bearing orchard; fine well
Bid* will I m entertained for all thr toad or for up himself.
He will finish in about
1200 acres can I k - irrigated. The other
each of thr following «retion«
and springs; is sub-irrigated, and can
l*t «rction I m gin« at thr commencement of thr another month ami his clean-up, so far as
lx? made one of the best small farms of
rom! .it th»- swiiynrMord and extrnd* to the three made, has proven very satisfactory.
well situated for reservoirs and feed
Jackson county. Is owned by a non­
mile iM**t on Newt Lewi* ranch.
Samuel Morris, one of the general all
This tract is situated in
2nd «rction from the three mile j»o*t to the in
resident who will give a bargain in or­
temcction of «aid propowxl road with th«- preterit around rustlers of Gold Hill, was in
Klamath comity. alx>ut 20 miles from
der to sell quick.
travrlcd road near the Dew» ford on Applegate Jacksonville Saturday on business with
Klamath Falls, a county road running No. 33- 15{^ acres, all in cultivation;
bv it and a railroad now within about
3rd «rction begin« at the end of the pre went County Supcrint«ndent P. H. Daily h«- ,
house, barn, etc., near Phoenix; will
comity roa<! ami exte nd« to thr State line about lieing clerk of th«- Gohl Hill district. Mr.
50 miles and building rapidly towards
lx? sold all together or divided.
2S mile*
Morris conducts a confectionery store
it and is certain to pass near by- it, or No. 34. - 12tHt acres all improved.
All bidder* will I m - requite«! to give go»*! and *uf-
cross it in the near fnture. A good
ficient lioiid* to the full amount of thru contract ami is interested in several other matters
I-'ine bottom land. Rogue River run­
that the road will I m - completed in accordance that tend to keep him on the hustle. Mr.
farm house and barn and corrals on
through it; 50t) acres under irriga­
with *prcih< at ion* am! within thr time »perilled Morris staled th <t the Gold Hill school
the place. One of the best bargains in
tion and balance easily watered. Good
in thr contract
Work to I m - completed I>> Dr
all Southern Oregon. Price per acre
cemlK-r l«t l!*c< The Count* reserve* tin right would liegin <>n the first Monday in Sept­
buildings and other improvements; six
to reject any and all bid*. All bid* nin*t t»r aub ember with Prof. Court Masterson as
miles from railroad; near postoffice and
nutted to the County Court at it« next oeo«ion
principal and Miss M. Ella Griffith in ^lo. 1 — House and 4 lots in Phoenix.
school. Fine alfalfa, fruit or garden
Wednesday Sept 2 BNM
charge of the intermediate department
Price....................................................... SbOO
land. Is the cheapest land in Jackson
and Miss Edith Dungey teacher for the Mo. 4 — 204 acres of good land, all
County Clerk
county. Price per acre.................... $3C
primary department. The term will I k -
fenced and in cultivation. A good No. 36—17 43 acres of pasture land on
TIMBER LAND AC I If NE ». 1*7* NOTICE for eight months.
farm house and barn. A No. 1 farm.
Rogue River. Will be sold at a bar­
When it comes to surprise parties it is i Near town and railroad. Price.. $9,500.
United Slates Land Office
said that if it is a man who is to be sur- No. 8— 55 acres, house and 2 barns. 12 No. 37— 1560 acres, SOO acres of it fine
Roaeburg. Oregon Jun« 17. I9UI
that it is no trick at all to hood­
acres bottom land, the balance. 43 ac-1 plow land; all well watered by fine
Notice i« hereby given that m compliance with ;
the , rovi*ion* of the act of Cotigre«« of June 3. wink him and make a surprise complete
res, all gotxi land, X*OI*^e from depot; I creek and springs. Large part under
1*7« entitled “An Act for thr Sale of Timber but when it is a woman, then it is that
12 acres under ditch at the head of the
cultivation and all under fence. Will
Land« in the State* of California. Oregon. Neva
ditch. Ptiei ..................................... $5000
lx- sold in tracts to suit purchasers.
la ami Wa«hington Territory.“ a* extended to j the shrewdness of the managers of the
all thr public land Mile* by act of Augu«t I 1*92, affair is put to the test to get their ar- No. 9—4<*> acres, within four miles of
Convenient to market and in good
Andrew V Rock of Ja< k-on County. State of Or­ rangments all made while keeping their
Medford; is a fine farm, well improved ■ neighborhood.
egon. and a resident of thr town of Applegate, of ,
good buildings, small orchard; the best
•aid State, ha* thi* day hied hi thi* office hi* ••victim” in blissful ignorance of their
No. 39.— 2E acres, three-fourths of a
bargain for a farm in Jackson county.
*worn «tAtcmrnt No. .&»l. for thr purchase of thr designs. Wednesday Mrs. Mary Miller
mile from Medford. Go«xl garden
SW«4 of the NWq of Section No * ill Township could say that she was tiH years old and
Price per acre..................................... „.$10.
land. Good box house.................... $350
South, Range No. I, We*t, ami will offer
No. 10 — 23 acres all fenced and in
proof to *how that thr land «ought i* more vain 1
40—30 acres, on a creek affording
cultivation. A house anti barn, about
able for it* timber or atone than for agricultural ! make the day one of the pleasurable me­
plenty of good water; g«.»od soil and
purpoaet, and to r*tabli*h hi* claim to «aid land ■ morable events of her life a number of
50 fruit trees just coming into bearing.
before thr Comity Clerk of Jackaon County Ore I
fine fruit land. Three acres in alfalfa;
her friends gave her a surprise party that ; ) >2 miles from town. Price....... $1,000.
gon, at Jacksonville. Oregon, on Saturday, the
good buildings; near good school and
was a surprise to the good lady in every No.ll— 145 acres on Butte creek, 25 acres
JDt h day of August. BMKt,
other advantages. $1500, one-halt cash
Hr name* a* witnerwea
sense of the word. The affair was under : in cultivation. 25 acres more to put in;
James W Mee, of Applegate. Oregon; George
balance on time. Is a big bargain.
A Culry. of Applegate. Oregon. Walter Miller,
county, Oregon. A bargain.
No. 44.— 1000 acres of choice land select­
of Applegate, Oregon; Fritz. Ruch, of Applrgate, of Mrs. Miller'sson and daughter-in-law, '
< )t»-gon
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Miller ami they No. 12—-204 acres, all under fence, good
ed in an early day. Will be sold in
Any and all pemotia claiming adversely the j
5-room house, good spring, water con­
tracts to suit. Will make a dozen or
above described land» are requested to file their succeeded in carrying out their plans 1
veyed to house by pipe, 2 good bams,
20 fine farms. This is an opportunity
claim* in this office on <>i before «aid 29th day of without a break. In the early evening i
AugiiM, ISOM.
Mrs. Chris Ulrich called ami took Mrs. 1 215 acres of choice land in cultivation,
to secure a home in the best part of
Miller to the Model Confectionery and
good for all kinds of grain, 30 or 40
the Rogue River valley.
acres would produce good alfalfa. This No. 43.— R) acres of unimproved land.
while they were enjoying a treat of ice­
cream the friends gathered at Mrs. Mil­
is one of the best farms iu the valley,
Has some good fir, pine and oak. Most
ler’s and were all ready to receive her on < 2'i miles from Phoenix. Price per
of land can lie easily cleared; good
The undersigned is the duly appointed and
her return. A delightful evening of en­
soil, plenty of water; half a mile from
qualified executor «»I the estate ol Joseph lllatt.
lat«-of Jackson Countv. decrnseil. Persons hav­ joyment was spent by the hostess and her No. 14 —400 acres, 0 miles from Medford, |
school and church. Six miles from
ing claims against said estate are hereby notified guests, the pleasure of which was added
a good house. 2 barns 100 acres in
Bybee bridge. Price per acre......... #10.
to present them, with the proper vouchers at­ to by a lunch, which while not elaborate
cultivation Phoenix.
tached. to in«- or to my attorney, Wm. Colvig, at
45.— Over B0 acres of good alfalfa
Jacksonville, Oregon, within six months from was dainty and apjietiz.ing. Those present | No. 15— 13X acres on Rogue River. 100
land; 50 acres Bear creek bottom land
the date hereof.
were: Mesdames K. K. Kubli, Alice
acres of as good land as any man could
with a large irrigation ditch. Two
listed this 1st day of August,
wish for. No improvements. Thirty­
Ulrich, Theo Cameron, Fred Luv, T. M.
Col.vio Sc fit aiiAM,
first-class houses, two good barns and
acres of it could be made ready for the
Prim, E. Kenney, S. Eckelson, L. C.
a fine spring house. Adjoining land sell­
Sisemore, A. Baxter. E. J. Kubli, T. J.
ing for #2lM) an acre. Price per acre $130
Miller at the Postoffice hardware store Kenney, M. Obenchain, D Barbe, H. V. No. 22— House and barn in Phoenix.
47.— City property, 2 acres, fme new
carries all kinds of miners tools and
house, good well and barn. Good land,
supplies and his supplies and prices are J. W. Robinson, A. Schmidt, Misses Jo No 25— House ami 3 lots in Phoenix, lots
4 blocks from central school........ $750.
00x120 each; good house well finished.
(>rth and l-.lla < >rth.
Chris Ulrich
MEAL and
Ground Barley, Cracked
Wheat and Other Feed.
_______________________ z
Estate Dealer.