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JacKionville, Jackion County, Oregon. Friday, Auguit 7, 1903.
Vol. 1
No. 13
Jacksonville's Board ol I rude.
Wednesday evening
an adjourned
meeting from the one held on W.-dnes-
dav of last week was held at the City
Hal) for the purpose of organizing a
lx>ard of trade. The committee ap|x>int-
eel at the previous meeting Consisting of
T. J. Williamson, Cha*. Nunanand Cha*.
Dunford icbortcd that the} had secured
Die kignaturea of all the businc»» men
and also of a greater numlierof the citizen*
of Jacksonville to assist in the organiz
ation of a board of trade. The president.
Dr. J. W. Robinson, briefly outlined the
object» of a boanl of trade and A. E.
Keeme», Judge fl. K. Hanna. C. W. Con­
klin and Charles Meserve each *haj*-d the
work a board of trade could do in bring­
ing a greater pronperity to Jacksonville
and vicinity.
(In motion of Mr. Reame*, the secre­
tary. U . J. I’lymale, was instructed to
draw up a mcmliership toll for all to
sign who wi»hed to become members.
The roll being ready for»ignatur » Chris
Ulrich led off with hi* name anil though
no fees were required a* a constitution
had not l»< en adopted, Mr. Ulrich, a* an
evidence that be meant business, put
down a silver dollar along with hia
mime. Till» started the liall rolling ami
1'icsideut Robinson ami Secretary I’ly­
male had a lively time for a few minutes
taking dow n names and checking up the
cash. < >vrr .'Ml names were placed upon
the roll. On motion the President ap-
l*>iiited A. E. Reame«, T. J. Williamson
mid Gun Newbury a committee to draw
u[ it constitution and bylaws, thev to re­
port at an adjourned meeting to lie held
on Friday evening of this week.
The City Hall was filled to its full ca­
pacity and ulniost every business man in
Jacksonville was present, the five that
were absent wi re kept away by press of
other interests, but they each assured
the promoters of the Ixmnl of trade that
they U’lll become member». A lively in­
terest was manifested ami there is a
positive certainty that Jacksonville will
nave a board of trade that will lie an ag­
gressive, working laxly ever alert for the
lx-st interests of the town and. the sur­
rounding country.
for Rent.
Harry Luv and Rolxrrt Armstrong ar­
rived home Saturday evening from Cinna­
bar Spring* where they had been for the
previous two week» on an outing at that
mountain resort
They each retx>rt a
grand time ami tliat the Jacksonville col­
ony an- enjoying themselves and each
enjoying themselves as only campers can.
Having bought the 1). Linn stock of
Messrs, Luv and Armstrong came out
with A. B. Saltmarsh, leaving Cinnabar
Furniture, Wall Paper and House Furn­
Friday and coming out a« far as Danna-
ishing Goods, I will sell them at Bed-
mores when- they canqied ami completed
the journey to Jacksonville the next day.
rocK Prices. I must have room
The school election held
new stock soon to arrive.
afternoon in Jacksonville to authorize the
school board to issue $10,000 lx>nds to
.Much of the goods are first-class
raise the funds for payment on the new-
brick Nchixd house resulted in practically
and the latest in style, hut all must go
a unanimous vote, there being 20 for
as big sales and small profit is the rule
Ixmdsand one against.
It is thought
that the one negative vote was put in by
of every progressive business.
mistake as there is noopposition to the
building the new school house,
the new school law all school Ixmds
have to lx- offered to the state scluxd
board, which is empowered to take them
up as an mvestmevt for the state irre-
ducuble school fund.
But in case the
state lx>anl has n<> funds available then
the sch<x>l board can se--k other buyers
for their bonds.
The interest to the
state is five per cent, which is as low as
could l»e had from private investors.
Medford Brieffets.
Charles Roberts, who has been to Port­
The Jacksonville bonds will go to the
state as the lx»ar<| has made tilt- required
J. C. Hull has returned from a vaca- land attending the Workmen grand lodge
was in this city several days last week on
tion at McAllister Springs.
a visit to his sister, Mrs. T. J. Goodwyn.
40 inch mount vernon draper duck,
M. S. McGowan has been ‘‘out in the Friday he left for his home at Klamath
wagon cover duck. .10 inch black enamel woods” as he says. He returned today. Falls accotnfianied by his sister Miss
carnage duck for sale at Nunan-Taylor
Dr. Clarence Keene and wife have gone Mary Roberts, who. too, bad been in
Co., Jacksonville.
to H. G. Nicholson’s homestead on Big on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Goodwyn.
The Applegate quartz mine owned by Butte for a few days outing.
violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by Cham­
Peter Applegate it Sons of Jacksonville
Carl Crystal and wife, Chas. King,
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
located well up in the foothills of the
Remedy and Perhaps a Life Saved.
Cascade mountains on Elk creek 20 miles Katie Angle, Marie King and E. C. Gad­
alxive the confluence of the stream with I dis left Monday for Crater Lake.
“A short time ago I was taken with a
Rogue river, is to 1< thoroughly develop­
Joaquin Miller, the poet of the Sierras violent attack of diarrhoea and believe I
ed and tested this fall. The mine is un­ is in Medford. He expects to join the would have died if I had not gotten re­
der bond to W. II, Dezeng, a California jiartv which starts for Crater Lake Aug­ lief,” says John J. Patton, a leading
mining man. who has a force of men at ust 5th.
citizen of Patton, Ala. “A friend recom­
work under IL Layton, opening the mine
mended Chamberlain’s
Cholera and
Wednesday, August 5th., the excursion
and putting in a quartz mill. Mr. Lay-
Diarrhoea Remedy. I bought a twenty-
toll was in Jacksonville Monday for a starts for Crater Lake. The party is com five cent bottle and after taking three
load of supplies and some extras required posed of many prominent literary and doses of it was entirely cured.
I con­
for the machinery, The quartz mill is of political people of Oregon.
sider it the best remedy in the world
the Huntington make and will be operat­
J. E. Bridge, Walter Mahoney, Judge for bowel complaints. For sale by City-
ed by steam jxiwer. There is now alxmt Purdin and A. Isenhart spent Sunday on Drug Store.
1000 feet of tunnel in the mine mostly the river.
They reported some good
Advertised Letters.
put in by the Applegate Brothers in the catches.
development work aud it gives every
The following is a list of letters remain­
W. F. Isaacs, the ‘‘Toggery Man,”
promise of being a rich mine.
There is
ing uncalled for in the Jacksonville post-
a very large quantity of ore in sight and W. L. Cole and W. H. McGowan are oflice May 31, 1903.
the yellow metal is plentiful enough in spending a tew davs on Rogue River.
Clagg, Chester;
Olson, Magnes;
it to insure the mine to lx- a profitable They are catching fish and having a gen­ I
Pool Nellie;
Hull, Ola O;
Paul, J. P;
Johnson, David;
Jamieson, G. W;
Simmons, John;
Meyer, Peter H;
Wanes, Will c,
One cent will be charged upon delivery.
J ohn F. M iller . P. M.
An I nthusidstic fruit Man.
S. W. Boyd wdio has a fine farm on
Griffin creek, was in Jacksonville Satur­
day. Mr. Boyd is a former Illinois farmer
who was allured to Lousiana by the great
profits in the rice imiustry, but a few
years contending against the malaria and
the insect pests in the Louisiana swamps
together with the frequent failure in the
rice crop convinced him that a rice plant­
ation wa* not to his liking, lie sold out
and came to Oregon ten years ago buying
a fine tract of land oil Griffin creek.
After a careful investigation Mr. Boyd
decided that the fruit imiustry was much
the safest ami surest venture in this val­
ley and last winter he planted 5K acres to
apple trees and this winter he will plant
12 acres to pears and three acres to apri-
Mr. Boyd’sapple land is a gravelly
loam, a wash from the adjacent hills,
ami having a great depth ami a dry sub­
soil makes it an ideal location for an or­
chard. The pear trees he will plant out
on lull land as he is confident that they
will grow on dryer land than apples as
their nxits grow down instead of spread-
ing as do apple tree roots. The apricots
being distinctively a dry land tree he
w ill plant them well up on the hill side
so as to insure their immunity from frost.
Mr. Boyd »pent some time in California
looking over that state with a view of
local ing lie fore coining to Oregon. As to
apricots he states that such apricot land
as is to la- hail on the hills adjacent to
Jacksonville, if in California would bring
$21 Ml per acre and every acre be put to ap-
cots. Mr. Boyd is of the opinion that
the time is not distant when the hills
about Jacksonville will be covered with
fruit trees instead of a tangle of fir, pine,
madrona and other forest trees.
Riddance Sale
of Summer Hats
Your pick from the
window display of
Crash and Straw
Hats for 25 cents
Two fine store rooms, each 25x80 feet
in White-Thomas brick block, Medford,
New, well-furnished rooms,
with a big warehouse in the rear. Apply
to White it Trowbridge.
House tor Rent.
A four room house with or without
stable. Apply to 1’. J. Ryan, Jackson­
ville, Oregon.
Jersy cow, fresh and fine milker, for
sale. Enquire of J.F. Miller.
t or bale.
Three new mowers and one rake for
sale, cash or trade.
Going out of the
business and will sell cheap.
C hris U lrich , Jacksonville.
If you have any Timber land you want
to sell—See T. C. Norris.
Office one block south of Courthouse
Filinas and final proof made on homesteads
and t mitier claims. Corrected plats showing
all vacant lands.
Legal papers of all kinds made out. Special
attention given to papers in settlement of
Most complete set of abstract books in the
county, Abstracts made promptly and ac­
Fine list of country and town property for
sale and rent.
Warrants bought and sold. Collections made
Taxes paid. Rents collected. Prompt reply
to all letters. Charges reasonable.
Hon. II. K. Hanna, judge of 1st judicial dis­
trict, and any Jacksonville business man.