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The Scope and Pnrpose of the
the President’s Emergency
••R E V E A I IN I •*
F l T I
R i:
* w .<
(Youngest M entali«! ou tha American
stag* Today)
A. 8 — W h it Happened to th#
that w i i mailed to ma ?
Uttar O. H. O - W i l l I b# successful In gat
ting a position and w hsrsf
Health Ed
William Picken«
Clifford Mitchell
Social Editor
DeNorral Unthank
J. Wheaton .
on bigotry and intolerance, but what I
would be their reaction to the elimina­
tion of sectarian difference« 7 For ma- I
ny years there have been e f f o r t made
to get all IfTtestants together on one [
religious platform but creedal differ- <
ences have been an insuperable obsta- I
sle. The several wings of the Catholic
church have also sought to merge with­
out success No serious effort has been
made to reunite Orthodox Reform and |
Conservative Jews on a common t h e » |
logical platform but we can imagine J
what a tempest would be created It
such an attempt were made
The Scribe
A new secret society, the Ku Klux
Prevention of crime and ways and I
Klan Ku^ano. is circulating the white means to effect tt. are much under
population of Havana urging an active discussion now. in this connection, the
protest against “ the insolence and de­ American Humane Education Society,
cisive violence” of Negroes. The mem­ with headquarter* in Boston, is patting
bers of the society say that they will forth suggestions as to training of
use violence without scruple« If that children which bear important rela­
is necessary to defend homes. Such is tion to this highly important effort
a news dispatch coming from the strife to prevent crime and vice.
torn Republic of Cuha Such a declare
It is the conviction of many who
lion and such a society, can but add have studied the subject and abserved
fuel to the existing flames of the re­ that in many homes and schools the
volution now taking place in Cuba. mind of the child is being made ready
The beginning of the internal strife for crime.
was caused by the monied power of the
Early impressions, it is pointed out.
Island in its effort to degrade further, are strongest. Mother Goose stories
through exploitation of the laborer, the are taught as soon as the child can
toiling masses. This, the latest effort talk. In pleasing rhyme be becomes
of the foreign population of Cuba, the familiar with crime. He is told about
forming of the notorious K.K.K.. would the boy who “ stole the pig and away
on the face of things, appear as an he ran." There are the gory facta of
over effort to dreg the United States "Jack the Giant K iller ”
in the embroilment by inviting an at­
This humane organixation says that
tack. The population of Cuba is pre­ ’ it would be unjust to charge mothers
dominantly black and for the white and nurses with deliberately teaching
population to single them out for puni- disregard for life, callousness to suf­
tivetlve purposes would only be Invit­ fering. or positive cruelty; but many
ing trouble of the worse kind. The of them repeat day ofter day and vear
monetary interests of the Island would after year, and teach the little ones
like to see conditions so bad and chao­ to repeat, nursery rhymes that are not
tic that the U. 8. would be obliged to only crude and worthless, but In manv
land military forces. T o any one who cases, decidely evil In their influence. ’
is at familiar with the tactics of the
In school are classical stories of
Inhabitants below the Imaginary line crime and murder. This is mythology.
of Masou and Dixon, know full well 1« is true, and grown up may read
the idea behind the attempt to crest these stories without being morally
additional trouble.
That element of tainted by them. But It Is questionable
the population embracing that area of whether impressionable youth should
the nation are noted for fomenting become familiar with some of the at-
strife between peoples of different trubuted to the gods and goddesses
complexions. But in Cuba they will
Tomplaint is made. too. by these hu­
find a somewhat contrary class of mane organisations that some histories
black folk to deal with. In the first glorify warfare, dwell upon the num­
place they are nationally, in/tead of bers killed In battle and exalt war
racially conscious. They have none of heroes to the exclusion of the heroes
the inferiority complex, and less of the of peace.
color complex. But when the man ap­
Motion pictures depicting crime and
plies for a Job run by American capi­ cruelty, and detailed accounts of crime
tal and manned by black labor he in sensational newspapers, are pointed
states as one of his main yualifications out as fruitful sources of evil Influence
that he was born and reared in some upon the young.
one of the states of the South and
Editorial Pasadena Star-Times
knows how to handle "niggers ” When
the United States built the Panama
Canal the straw bosses were mainly
from the South and that is one of the
reasons that there ixisted at that time
Production, continued production, is
more racial restrictions and more ra­ necessary if our manufacturing plants
cial prejudices, than existed in the are to keep men employed Buying
states. The Panama Canal Zone car­ power must be used. Only through con
ried more racial inhibitions than most sumption which demands Increased
o f the states of the southland
Cuha production can payrolls be built up No
is infested with that same element, plant can continue to operate beyond
and they seek every means to foment consumer demand.
trouble between the races.
A dollar spent now for building does
two things. It helps the construction
POLICEM AN SHOOTS BLIND M A N - intdustry put back to work thousands !
of skilled and unskilled workers; It
buys needed materials Dow cheaper
Down in Atlanta Georgia, charges than they can be bought later. Eever, ‘
of murder against a policeman were though the cost Is now higher than it
dismissed. A warrant had been issued was a few months ago this merely |
against Police Office O. W. Allen fol­ proves that costs are Increasing. To |
lowing the fatal wounding by the office save money and create jobs, act now i
Statistics show a shortage of over i
of Glover Davis, a blind man. whom
the office had shot in coll blood." The 1.000.000 houses. This figure is based
a definite survey in 25* cities. Mil­
policeman's defense was "self defense ’
and the Judge dismissed the case on lions of homes already built are sorely
the theory that the blind man was a in need of m od erating—a concrete
bout to kill the officer at the time of driveway, a basement, a paint Job. a I
new roof, refurnishing.
the shooting.
A dollar will buy more for you to­
Testimony in the case showed that
the blind man was at least fifteen day. do more for your country, than
Analyse your building rued*
feet from the policeman at the time later.
of the shooting and was said f i have Ask yourself, "H ow can I lest do my
had an Ice pick in his hand. What .the part?"
public would like to know is. what
manner of man Is a policeman w-ho
thought his life was in danger at the
hands of a blind man who was at least
fifteen feet away with an Ice pick.
A blind man could only see by sound By Irving D. Fannin. 127 Willow A v e ,
Cedarhurst, L. 1.
and touch. He can Judge the distance
of objects by sound. He can judge the
position of objects also by sound. His
Ages before the beginning of recor­
actions are always In a straight direc­ ded history man lived as other animals
tion. The policeman had eyes to see of the forest, without any special place
the world and all things about him. of abode— out in the open with the sky
It is rather strange, indeed that this as his only shelter, anl his senses,
officer did not have intelligence e- sight, smelling and hearing becoming
nough to know that he could escape less acute, caused a natural Increase
the efforts of the blind man by mere­ in fear. Here we see the inevitable
ly darting lo the right or to the left balance of nature, in that necessity,
Surely, on one would believe that this the mother of thought and Invention,
murder was committed in self defense developed thought as a protection and
but a southern Judge.
security against his enlmles.
This thinking, this reasoning, caused
him to make his home In caves with
small openings, in huts made of trees
As one of the most advanced thin­ lied together at the top, and as he
kers in the American ministry. Dr. developed further, in huts built over
John Haynes Holmes Is the logical the waters of lakes. We see him In
person to give voice to the belief that America living on cliffs accessible only
If we can revive our economic life by by poles and ladders In which could
meana of codes why not try the same be drawn up in case of emergency
medicine Fir our ailing spiritual life * - ■ - ■ -•.- U a l ; ratal tton, ne< h .t y
which has also been in a great slump. and fear, played an important part in
As a means of restiy-lng spiritual "pro­ the selection of homes then, and when !
sperity." Dr. Holmes has proposed a we apply the thermometer of common- j
religious code adaptable to the chur sense and reason to the whole matter,
ches of all denominations. The two you will find that they are still factors
most significant o f the eight points to be considered In (he fashioning of
In his suggested code are those pro­ our homes today. Fear of storms fear
viding for the extermination of pre­ of burglar«, fear of fire and fear of I
judice and the abolition of sectarian­ our neighbors Those factors have ex-
No right-minded person would
to " » r knowledge for 20 ,000 to
withhold support from a church or a 40,000 years, and are Just as Influenc- ]
synagague bound by a code to war ing as ever
Y«»ur moat influant lai friand
Ana: Th«» l«*t « or that was »upo»«Ml
to have ! h *«» h mallctl to you « w«»««k ago In this city will l>«« tnatrumantal In
pia« lug you In a city achool
Sunday night waa n«»v«»r mail«»«!
The President'i Emergency Re-employment Uampalgn may be ilescribed briefly as a
plan to add from S.lHHi.iHHi lo « 000.000 persons to the nation’s payrolls wllhln the next
six weeks or ao. through agreements made with the ITesIdenl of the I ’ nlied Stales by
some 5.000.000 concerns or Individual«, employing iwo or more persona each.
L. M. B.— My pocketbook w n mia- V. M f . - M y aistar and I with to y«t
away from thia city. Do you think
placad In my horns not long ago
that wo svor will? Bine« ws cam#
plaaaa tall ma whara I will find It?
hara wa hava to do many things that
wo navar had to baforo.
j Ana
I tttlluht lut«*r«»nt y«»u to kn«>w
(hat the two valuahl«» ring» that wars
Ana: Although your aunt will navar
in your |*»«ketbook ara hi a down*
town pawn »hop Your po«k«»ibook was take the place of yt.ur loat mother, aha
la d«dng her beat for you and your
¡not loot but purtHtaaly stolen
ftlntnr All your life will not bn spent
there however as I contort y«»u going
Lonesome W if a— My husband laft ma hack t«» your father.
two wsska ago and I would Ilka you
to tall ma ths causa of hit (saving?
Plaaaa tall ma how to aand tha twtn- V. t T — My mother la vary sick and
1 would Ilka to know will aha gat
ty-ftva canta for a privata rtply
batter .*
In order that this number of Jobs may he made available. It will be neceaaary. of
course, for employers in many cases to shorten working hours The plan also provides
for certain minimum wage scales which also in many cases will mean added labor costs
for the employer.
The Presidents agreement, however. Includes a pledge of cooperation from the con­
suming public, and it is thus anticipated that the employer, while undertaking a larger
txpense as the direct result of his agreement with the president will gain added patre­
nag e as the just reward of hta public spirited attitude.
The fact atso Is to be borne In mind thal where all employers m l together to put
people hack on their payrolls or to raise wages, no employer, as the President himself
has pointed out. will suffer because the relative level of compatlve cost will advance
by the same amount of all."
It ts to be understood that this plan 1« supplementary to the plan of rente adoption b>
various industrial aud trade groups which has for Its purpose the elimination of unfair
competition, the esiabllahmeut of more equable reward* for tabor, the spread of em­
ployment and the control of production. This plan for speeding business recovery,
launched under the prevision* of the National Recovery Act passed by the laat U ,.gre»s
Is rapidly being made effective, and there will be uo let up on the drive to make tla
adoption wtdeapread.
Your hu»hitnd appt'ttra to
jbhvo b«*en Infltteu« e«l t»v a vary rloao
hl«MHl relative III« «harne*«» I« only tern
I p«>rary a« tt gtv«>a mr pleasure I«» pre-
(diet food tino»« t«»g«»(her f«»r both of
y«ni In th«» futur«» A guari nr will rome
through th«» mall aafnly for a privato
Your mother will Improve
considerably with the coming weak»
If you will go Imck «lown there and
sea her again, ah« A ill gr«<<tt1y appre­
ciate it.
L. J. C.—-I read your column in the
paper «vary weak and find It very In­
teresting. Will you plaaaa tall ma if
F. P. W.— Plaaaa tall ma whathar I
my husband will gat a job soon? Ha
am dua a panalon from my husband’«
la desperat« to find work.
The President's Emergency Re-employment plan will bridge time and bring the na­
tion out of the depression more rapidly than If the rente adoption plan were depended
upon excluairely
The President's Agreement also rover* many business group* that
would not be amenable to any of the rode arrangements.
And what is still more Important, perhaps, the President’s Emergency Reem ploy­
Ana- If you can prova that tha
causa of your husband'» dnath was dun
to his snrvtra ovar araa you ara ellgl-
bla t«» racalva monay fr«>m tha govern
'ment I fear however that auch ta uot
the case.
ment campaign carries certain psychological raluea that are priceless a* patriot ism at
this Juncture of our economic history The President himself made this quite clear In
his recent address to the nation when he said; "On the basis of this simple principle of
everybody doing thing* together, we are starting out on this nation wide attack on un­
employment tt will succeed If our people understand tt— In the big Industries, in Ihe
liltle shops, in the great cities and in the small m ilages There Is nothing complicated
about It and there is nothing particularly new In the principle
It goes hack to the
basic Idea of society, and of the Nation Itself, that people acting In a group can sccom
plish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about "
Thus we hare all the power and potency of mass attack directed along sound lines
Q- W.— Would you w rit» to Harria
burg in referenc# to my daughter's
o f organixation and system Here briefly. Is an outline of this organised attack on un­
employment: In every community, organisation* are formed along military line*, which
Is fitting enough. bs-< line the President’s Emergen- v It.- employment campaign 1« l ’ n< le
Sam’s war on unemployment and the nation I* rallying to the colors Just as loyally a*
though we were actually engaged In a war against a foreign foe.
! belle v«* that you could get
better results by securing the services
‘ of a reliable lawyer
A law ver Is far
better guatiri««! to handle thia ca«<*
'than you are
The local committee I* made up of th« active heads of the leading business and civic
organixation*. and Includes also the mayor These rommlttee# in the thousands of cities
and towns throughout the country were formed following telegram* and letter* sent
by General Johnson to the president* Chamber* of Commerce or similar trade bodies In
every section of the country These local committees elect a general to hare charge of
the city campaign and a lieutenant general who la a woman The general selects three
colonels, earh of whom Isto take over a certain part of the campaign work
For exam­
ple. Colonel No. 1 has charge of the "man-power" or organixation department. 1’ nder hi*
direction block toblock canvasses will be made to check up on compliance with the
President’s Agreement, and to make a survey of the unemployed as to adaptability by
experience as to trades and Industries and thna be able more readily to help In the pro­
cess of assimilation of labor by expanding Industries Colonel No 2 briefly, has charge
of newspaper publicity and kindred activities; and Colonel No. S has the training gnd
direction of public speakers under his charge.
Y«mr htifthand
work this mouth I advise
m ore faith In h im self and
•»» hard looking for a Job
on the Job.
will secure
him to have
to work Just
as he would
J. T. L.— W ill the plan I have In mind
for Qsttlng rmfisy for my family
needs hrf successful.
I realise that you need money
badly, hut y«»u w ill find yourself in a
pretty in e»» If you attem pt to h«<at the
number lu a big way I do not advlan
this risk as I know you w ill I h » unsuc­
NOTE — Your question printed fra « In thia column. For private repiy
aand 25c and aelf-addrcsaed envelop« for my New Astrological Read­
ing and receive by return mall my advice on three questions free.
Sign your full name, birlhdate. and correct address.
Addrasa: ABBE W A L L A C E . P. O. Bo» 11, A T L A N T A . OEORGII
......................................... ..
- •
SERVICE. Our Motto.
■ Iks %«ivii(«n> h«n I m * i \I m iì
Each of these three colonel* ha* seven o r more majors on his staff, and each major
has about the same number of captains
Each captain hs* 7 or more field workers
AH of the local organixatlons are, of rourse. constant!» supplied with educational and In­
spirational material of all kinds form the National Recovery Administration In Wash­
ington. Literally tons and tons of printed matter has been shipped to every nook snd
corner of the country.
E. W
AGEE, Proprietor
— Far Bala—
Hair Preparation«, Straightening Comba and
Literature o f the Raca
The N R A emblem known as the Blue Eagle. Is one of the most interesting and vital
features of the campaign.
All emplovers who sign Ihe President’s Agreement sre rn
titled to display the Blue Eagle with the Initials N RA and the words "W e Do Our Part “
Merchants, manufacturers and all others who hare the right to display the Insignia by
reason of their haring compiled with the President's Agreement, are permitted to hang
it on their walls, or in their windows, or on trucks and cars. and. If they so desire, to
tt on their products or merchandise It ts. In fact, the desire of the Recovery Adminis­
tration that all make liberal use of this badge of patriotism.
Any person In the United Slates who wishes to cooperate in the President’s Emergen­
cy Re-employment Campaign and he considered as a memtier of the NRA may go to the
authorized establishment in his locality and sign a statement o f cooperation ns follows;
"I will cooperate In re-employment by supporting and patronizing employers and wor­
kers who are members of N R A ."
Every phase of the progress of this mighty campaign will be flashed In the news­
papers of the country and announced constantly over the radio. In this way everyone
w ill be in a position to know Just what the campaign Is doing from day to day In a«--
tually putting people back on the payrolls and adding to the mass purchasing power of
the country.
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