The advocate. (Portland, Or.) 19??-19??, December 10, 1932, Page 3, Image 7

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Vi Itili liti* lloilM '-
v» ¡ir SlionM K iio h
C rm h r lr d an d
H rcJa|>rrada
W ard» Often Mtaoard
Do not a«y.
W hat will you
tauter* May. W hat will *ou hare?"
Warda O ften Mtaaprltrd
Artlclr; not cal.
Warda (K ir a Mtapraataane-rd
Tulip, u aa In “ due," not aa oo In
Shrimp Stew
3 tablespoon* butter
1 1-2 tablespoon minced onion
A level tablespoon* flour
1 cup rich meat stock
1 cup slewed, strained lorn*Ice»
1 cup diced celery
1 cup pea*
1-4 cup minced green pepper
K yaaarau
3 2-3 cup* cooked shrimp»
Impudent imprrtinrnt, rfflrloua
1-2 teas oou salt
ury. mrddIraomr
Dash of paprika
Word Mudv
Few drop» tabasco sauce
T A N O IB I.E . prrrrp U b !. to thr
2 teaspoons peppery sauce
Sa-ite the onions In the butter
could not un ro»rr any tan«lble evt-
Ull brown
Btlr In the flour, t lien
elrnrr "
M O N O TO N O U S ; without rh an »r add the meal stork and 'um auea
or variety. -One mono(oii>ua «nd ^
cook un„ , tnickrned
Add the
colorIraa day followrd another
prar a id
celery and slmtnrr ten
minutes Add the shrimps and sea­
soning anu continue simmering f if ­
teen minutes. Serve with dry boiled
• • •
W ho la Uta only President o f thr
United Klalra who lived
aro ma
Hire ( aatarg Padding
atm breóme Preaulrnt?
1-2 cu.. . or
2 egg*
John Adam *.
1-2 cup brown or granulated
——*" '0" ■ ■
1-2 teaspoon salt
1 cup water In which rtce
was boiled
1 cup milk
Boil rice briskly In 1 quart of
I f jku are In need, perhap* I
water to which 1-2 tap. aalt has
ran help you .
I f you have
been added. Beat * ;gs, add sugar,
houaehold article* or clothing
•alt. milk, rice-water
you can no longer uar. pier ar
Inform me.
I ran place such
Cook over boiling water 5 minute«,
thing* with needy families Do
stirring ocostonally to prevent nee
not inel ar letters
O r pour pudding Into a
written m atter when you send
buttered baking dish, place In a
the park *:e through mall un­
it** tile proper postage ha* be*n
pan o f hot water and bake In a
paid Packages m which letter*
moderate oven 1350 degrees F.) un­
are Inclosed must be sent first
til act. about 1 hour
Y ie ld : < to
class mall.
Name-* and
8 servings
dresses o f applicants for aid
Rice pudding doe- suggest the
provided If requested Send full
name and address to Oladycc
wholesome, appetite-appeasing food
Smith. Priand in Need
the |wc all crave don : you think? A
A F R O -A M E R IC A N . 638 N Eu-
trial of thla recipr will convince you
taw Street. Baltimore. Md.
it Is a particularly pleasing one.
K n it lr d
Mhnkr Uir m n i m i eenlly Ui 1 «
move basta d iri and duat. I l la
lirlplul Ir soak « h i t « la«•« spreada
l i » a « l a r i tinta. Tlita Italpa Ut rr
move Ut» duat and d iri q u ieti* and
raally (hdorrd »presela altould nrv-
rr br noakrd rvrn far a attori tlnw
l'rrp a r» errarti» lata auda by di*
aolvlng lata Ut »tutti » a i r r
In Utr s|tmu1 and iuaaan tlta diri
by sqiir-aiiig Utr auda 111 rougli aliti
Ih r uali lltr tnalrnal. and bv g rilli»
pallin a lltr martini up and duali
Iti Utr auda
t'Iiaiqp tltr auda a«
a m i aa lltr » beduine aotlrd
l'Iran auda »va a out lltr duri aliti
flirt »d iu rn i 1 ubidii» »ltlr.ii U Ukrly
lo Ira » sho-r »presele W lirn lu tili»
larr api ratta Ittmt ih « water II la
lintiortanl lai aupporl tltr material
• Hit li ir I tal Ida Material* trini Ut
br inorr liravy a lin i a r t and Utr
» r i » t i l nilKlil atraln « I w Ihrrads
Thurouehlv linar tlir a|traad In
rlrar, lokrwitrm a a trr Timer ridar*
a ir uatially rnou»h bnt II la mv-
IMirtant lo rrtnovr all trace« ol auap
and lo a r im i dlrt
Hqurrar wul tltr
Ilo noi lauti ih r gprrad
It la lirliilul lo io li »Iteri
apnaita In dry lurklaii Invela In o r-
d rr lo remove ih r esce** molsture
Ttien raar llir sprrad in lo aliapr.
alni dry It cu a Ilat »urlare
l t la
clralrablr lo dry « h l t r aprrada on
tlir graaa In lltr »un. aa th l» trnetn
10 »tu te li 1 1ir* 111 W llh bravi' d 'icad *!
11 ta ra|irriallv ltti|tortaut lo m n o v r 1
uà iniirit nudai utr aa pctMiblr. tutd'
llirn lo dry tlirm imi a fiat aurfatr
Lana * i vi rati*, altould lui rarrfuily
ranni tnto alt ( r a i Utry arr poi
down lo dry. no thal lltr edgr* arr
»tra igh i and tlir rurnrr* tur aquarr
l i t ’id ii» 1 * uauallv noi nrrraaary It
thla 1» ikuir wrll.
Look and 1/ 4 ‘iini
[ Ti» Irta» I . h M U a i Vagata** Cvc-aa.»,«
Bronchial Troubles
Need Creomulsion
M r* M. O
write«: “ I'm asking
tor a little help I'm a mid w and
have one grandson whoa* father Is
My only support Is my son
who U til. so our only support new
Bronchial troubles may lead to w o *
la what little money I can earn to thing arnous. lo u can slop them now
IT IS EASY IF YOU K N O W H O W — Miiui Alice H »r-
(.raoaulatoo. an emulated creosote
riü. petite* Norfolk, Va., prima donna «how* how to
need o f cloUie« of any kind, i’ lraar that >> plracant to take. CrrornuUiun m a
operate the new voting machine.
he Ip ua. -
i am medical discovery with two-fold so*
lion: it soothe» and nenia the inflamed
Aiutibrr date l«o lc v . . , ( m U d ' i Mir
* * *
mem branca end inhibit* germ growth.
On l*r Irr« a miuutc luofrrf I «dia K.
Mrs M . H . write* again She ta
Of all knowa drag*, rrmaoce is rvrog-
I'mL ham » VrfrtaMc ( omjvniad a i a i i i
the mother o f ail. five o f whom are
ambocitie. a. on*
relieves ctamp«. T rf it neat mootli.
h_... T h , « .... ...
„ uok — of the greatmt healing agencie» for per-
boya They are all out of clothe* »latent roughs and colds and other forma
nothing with which to continue go- of ihr, >t trouble*. Croomulaion contaimy
in addition to creosota, other healing do-
Solves Farm Problem with cal w*\ that by living on the farm ln* 10 *chCfll
mend which soothe and heal the mforled
1 ,0 0 0 A cres; 14 Children
ind 0,1 “ * P r « l i * * independency.!
. . .
membrane* and Wop the irritation and in-
. „■
and even a roniprlcncy. can be *r-
H e r e 1* » A fe t w G l a n d J n n i t
and 1 lenfy Profit.
Uv. nmt.wo.
“f «her* familic* a. __•animation, while ine creoaole goe» on to
worthy of help and wr should ik, the unmarh, is abmrbod into the blood.
a— . » , — 1 - ^ « wmi K
Mis* a
,arnL i l , * rtplj|r' i.? 1 to send them something tf our rese- attack* the mat o f the trouble and check*
«••Ir tataat votale* g
-In Marshall
«Ä ^ l.ig “ ^
: ^ L l ^ o m‘ ^ r ^ 7 ^ U )Ub.n d b ;
^ h’ 1>J
T h a n k , the growth of the r n « '
T— 'n - r - y -
rr* n,ile" rr,» n **°»y
ui ANir^TNit ->tit.AN__Hwtt ¡»vr.s a Negro iiirnwr,
i|riu l keep!
Armrr. in
In irn
krt pini; down m w fr w w n r home lou
- I
— . ---- « ---------
Aiut fairly
ThU ------
a oö ' p
ra n
ng f rx
n p
p rr»
rn «rv the
, In . Ih*
. . treAtimwit of p m irtm i couch« — J
former o t i u 1090 bcttm o '
n f the «w ra lrr in a (Ira n roldt. bronrlual AW k w . hroncKitit tad
I . - Wwm M. W I my —« Whirl! n aubatantlal part la rrrek mtvee In | *uper pmportnm with the Turklali towel for a moment will other form* o f respiratory dimsaew and
. m * m u j w * v e. » . » ■ . *— »>»> • «Worn land and on which he doc*
.' prices aivl the boun- hasten the drying nnd will help to la evcelleiu fo.- building up the svatesn
Ml, I revw* M».wWa*ay i — waa^iaa a*-as n t owe a dollar, and all taaea ar,
tt(ii|iir.„- o f nature
What he lias prevent streaking tf the colors arc after cold* or flu M o m v refunded if any
I»™ . .
. ,
. . . 1 nccompliahrd I* not In the nature not fast
Unroll and
place the cough or cold no cutter of how Ions atamf-
.41* ell, si Aid. 524 S. I s Kslle ML.
lie Its* .4 living children by h l a „ f « miracle, but ta the result o f (W M trr back on the paper, arrang* S g !i, ^ » « r d ie lw la f t « V s h ilr 2 im d h -
I hkago. Itept (|\-J?
! flrrt and iwemnl wife
up W hta phlkuophy o f Uy- mg .« cwrefully U, conlorm
them sre out in the world on tliclr ing ”
t lie pencilled outline.
own and all arr educated, Mmir
having been sent through north­
e r n college*.
Thcv sre
trained nurac* and orrupv other
gainful occupation*
1 1 1 « home I* a tumbling farm
! house , oiistai mg of seven rooms,
including a «¡arable and t lr<., bath
• lid toilet room
It la lighted by
rlrr tn rlly supplied bv a m ii . i 1! light
plant, and tiir
water supply Is
, pumiwd from a deep wrll Into a
rearrvoir. ami from that Into the
His wife, sn intelligent educated
l woman, keeps the liou.m aa neat as
a pm. bailung after the Miiatlrr
Irh lk lrin and doing the rooking Her
storeroom I* filled wllh preserve»,
Vhhy mat i y »homi Asia »ad |4 i w t fi (rtaata I
I Icily. Jam. pickles and all kind*
MWI O h QAA I mam mm « rtA
* o f canned irg e la b lr* which si il­
T b MH i'Wt Vmé by éMvt M*
ls It up hrrnrlf
are also
...y » « H A M
r h » M l H . H t* . * • (tat«ffdv«taw M V
munv home-cuted ham*, sldc-inrat
• h itM l M t t a c t t o a paa'khtew ^ t m lt a M t f t H
ron.«« « rou !■.>(» ( •■««>«■< I» Wwy and bicakfost bacon in this atorr-
OlMÉHHg (nasa 13'*» UhaMcW^ Pftto F»*w M
ronni. An nndrrgro, nil cellar holds
i f your skin is srujitirr,
or lar. P I T O N I C D » O PH |A f K
L ptaH H *>
several hundred bushels of sweet
you'll d e lig h t tn u sin g
'nnd Irish potatoes, turnip* and
Murk and W h it e S k i*
other vrgetable*
W kitfuer. T h ts m ild e r ,
T h e wife
also raises several
tnovr-nehite yeoduet light­
¡hundred chicken*, guineas, grim ,
¡turkey* and ot ier f >wl*
en» t km qm iekly. easily,
cords of fire wood are stacked near
Nothing is a* effective for
The X V package o f
naturally and its gentle hut
Black and * hue Oinl-
the house for winter use. The
getting rid of bunt|ia, mote
Black and W h ite
thoroughly effective a< non
mmt and S k in S o ap
farmer ha* about 30 Durnc pig* In
diw'olorstiont, n rema ir­
Ointment eontsins
m ill make it a real pleas­
quickly mskra ugh. ir­
pen and a d orm or more shri p
ritation* and o th e r *kin
more than th re e
to use. Ijirg e can Black
gu«rgntF# (o h^Ip hi*
In Ills |ia*t lire
He lias a dorm
_______ « »Uri la II«» No
trouble* sa (arnione H int
time* ss m ueh sa
awav and bring* you a
and W hite Skin WInternet
milk cow* am, a number o f other
r**a a-ran« *"l>-
»ios w*,rvmjt
anil White Ointment and
thr 'Or aiae. large
i j only 2$<% Try it today!
•mooch, r lr a r hraithv
rattle. His barn* are overflowing
Wrlla sw M<lar. Ililuisiatto» m i t i
bar Hla, k and While
Slun Soap. It's a w o rld -
•kin. Liard and pracard
wllh rorn. hsy and other feedstuff
m ta tu i* »* , tai 8erc*a I r *
famous combination «kin
Skin Soap, only 2 V .
He has 50 or more bale* o f cotton
by ihousanda o f peo­
Jener C ll». M e * i » t » .
under his «lie 1 i the rear nf his
trratmem. T r y it rodavi
A»k for it by nane.
p le e v e r y w h e r e .
house, and has bunk account« In
|two different banks and owes not a
cent to factor, bunker or any one
S h m U rtL
He owns all his own work
stock and farm
Implements. He
holds the rrs(iect o f tlte people of
hi* comm nlly
"T h is fsrm rr Is a native o f M a r­
shall Ooiinty. Miss and by th rift,
attention to his business and by
exercising Intelligence. 1« not only
but seem* to have
solved the problem of wise living
nd has demonstrated In a |ir«etl-
Too “ W orn-Out" to go
The Farmer
Glaadt Wear Oat
T r y It 2 0 D a y s - F R E E
/ fl/ Y tm iK