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Irvin Uoodman. prominent local
lawyer will apeak on "Bcottaboro and
Juallce for the Negro" at Iba Albina
Hall. 334 Huaael street, Thursday. Ju
u v C l i f f o r d c m i t c h k l l
lly Itili at 9 P M
Mr Uoodman baa been active In
¡ ____ ____
the defeuae of
Sunday. (July 101 la (ha birthday
served as attorn­
uf my auiployar and bxauM I enjoy
ey for the Inter-
strewing flower« among the living, aa
: i,,i
nai l I jit x ir
well aa (he dead. I take thle mu thud I H l
fenae He waa the
of Illustrating (he beneflta of cooper
attorney for Hen
allon between an employer and an p r ™
a e a
Syndicalism Mr
Several yeara ago my employer
Qoodman recent­
went to tbu central headquarters In
ly spoke lu Taco­
our "village" and aaked for the temp­
ma. Seattle and
orary loau of a clerk, with certain
Helllngham He la
qualifications, while bla own clerk
a forceful and
waa undergoing an operation My em­
pr ■ • « convincing apeak-
ployer waa told that they had Juat
re aud a large
aurh a man — a colored man I waa
audience Is expected to greet him on
that man
next Thursday
night Mr Uoodman
New York. July 7—The world re­
nowned novelist. Theodore Dreiser,
who haa lot mure than three decades
been a great social force In world
literature, laaued today a scathing de
nunclatlon of existing capitalist Insti­
tutions and thoir political partlea.
pointing out their utter economic and
moral bankruptcy, and for the first
lime In hla long career endorsed the
Communist party program and ita
nominees In a national election cam­
In the face of the
greatest opportunities ever ofered It
by any land or nation." said Mr. Dre­
iser. "haa failed to use the enormous
wealth and power accumulated by It
In any humane and socially construe-
UN way
News T
New York, July 1— Summertime
travel for many colored people means
bus travel and all attempts. In north­
ern states, to segregate colored pas­
sengers should
be resisted to the
last ditch by the Individual passen­
gers themselves, the National Asso­
ciation for the Advancement of Color­
ed People urges
Most of the bus segregation tn
northern stales exists because a few
prejudiced employes of the comimnl-
es make rules of their own. Ignoring
state laws, the Association declares.
In many cases. If the colored passen­
gers would insist on their rights and
refuse to allow bus drivers to herd
them into rear seats, they could have
their rights.
Colored people should
"alt tight" and make employes forci­
bly put them oft buses or make the
company call a policeman to put them
off. Then. If any employee or any po­
liceman lays a finger on a regular
pasenger who Is quietly Insisting on
bla or her rlghla. salt can be filed a-
galnst the company and damages col­
lected. Ticket stubs should be retain­
ed Most companies try to 'talk rough'
and scare Negroes into surrendering
their rights, but few employes will
dare go so far as to use violence
The Greyhound lines, noted tor
segregation of Negroes In many sec­
tions of the North, has recently Issu­
ed a general order to employes warn­
ing them not to segregate Negroes,
but certain local officials will still
try to bluff NegToes If they can do
so The Greyhound company has writ­
ten the NAACP saying It will take up
each complaint forwarded by the or­
ganisation and try to correct the treat­
ment given colored people
To the Editor:
Mrs. Katie Johnson Is reported to
be quite 111 In Multnomah hospital.
I send the foUowIng Information
concerning lynchlngs for the first six
months of this year. According to tha
George Cannady has taken the a-
records compiled at Tnakegee Inati-
gency for the Prudential Hospital
tnte In the Department of Records
Association He requests his friends
'and Reaaearcb. I find that there were
to call him at Garfield 7S23 for ap­ I
5 lynchlngs tn the first six months
pointments He will be glad to call
of 1932. This number Is the same aa
at your home and explain the Insur­
| the number 5 for the first six months
ance to you without obligation to you.
of 1931. In 1922. that Is ten years ago,
there were 30 persons lynched in the
first six months of the year.
Doris Jamelson. daughter of Mr. and
During the first six months of 1932
Mrs. J. D. Jamelson. of Alberta, re­
there were 13 Instances In which of­
ceived a certificate for excellency in
ficers of the law prevented lynchlngs.
music from the Oregon Music Associ­
Of these. 2 were tn Northern and
ation. recently. Doris waa the only
Western States and 11 tn Southern
colored contestant In the assemblage
States. In 9 of the Instances the pri­
of several hundred chlldren.
soners arere removed or the guard*
augmented; In the 4 other Inetances.
Louie Richardson and his band will
force waa used to repel the would be
play Saturday night at a dance at
i lynchlngs; thus a total of 18 persons.
Trouldale. New additions to his band
5 whites and 13 Negroes, were saved
are Phillip Moore, pianist snd Melvin
from death at the hands of mobs.
Dawson, trumpet.
Of the persons lynched. 3 were
white and 3 were Negro. The offenses
Mrs F. D. Young, o 866 Garfield
charged were attempted rape.
Avenue haa resumed her pie-baking.
rape. 1. murder, 1; threatening men.
and 1 dynamiting a store.
The States In which lynchlngs oc-
< urred and the number In each State
are aa follows: Florida.1; Kansas.
Decatur. III. July 7 (CNAI—Leon­ 1; Kentucky. 1; Ohio. 1 and Texas
idas McDonald.
34-year-old Negro 1.
stockyards worker.
was nominated
Very truly yours
for Governor of Illinois by the State
R. R. Moton
Convention of the Communist Party
which took place here on June 26.
The nomination was unanimous, and
waa wildly cheered by the delegates
to the convention. McDonald's run­
ning mate will be Arthur Herchy.
white miner of Springfield, who was
nominated for Lieutenant-Governor
The names of MacDonald and Her-
Mr. Elmer C. Barlett. teacher of
chy were placed in nomination by B
K Gebert. white, district organizer voice and piano, will present his pu­
for the Communist Party In Illinois, pils In a public recital at Bethel A.
who characterised the present situa­ M. E. Chnrch on Tuesday. July 12 at
tion of the workers as "starvation $ o'clock P. M.
Many compositions of members of
In the midst of plenty."
the Negro race will be played for the
first time in Portland on this pro­
gram which promises to be a most In­
175 C O L O R E D P E R S O N S
teresting one.
The novellat then pointed out that
twelve mllllun unemployed are now
tramping the streets and highways
haa gained widespread attention In
of this country, hungry and destitute,
In a few weeka the original clerk
bla work for the International Ijibor
searching for work and bread "Elgh-
returned to hla poet but Inalead of re-
| Defense.
ly five per rent of the unemployed
leaelug nte my employer created a
The meeting la open and tree to the
have full-time Jobs One out of every
place for me The work to which I
I public
five farms In America haa been fore­
waa aaalgned called for an extonalve
Yet the
amount of reaearch ami compiling
delegates, convention leaders, and
which took aeveral montha to com­
spokesmen of the Democratic and Re­
plete Iteallalng thla, my employer
publican partlea now concentrating
made the unueual propoaltlon that If
on the Issue as to whether a robbed
I would bring that particular work up
and generally deprived cltlienry Is to
Update that afterward« I could have
(By Marlon Co Taxpayers league) be allowed to have liquor.”
the Job of taking car* * of It dally
Astounding aa It appears to Oregon­
"W arehouses Bursting W ith
which would theu mean but a few ians. the three normal schools of the
Unused Food”
houra concentration and that the re­ •late— Multnomah, lux Orandc and
Mr Drelaer charged both the Re­
mainder of the time I could utlllte In Ashland—are graduation more school
atudylng and preparing myaelf for the teachers every year than are positions publican and Democratic partlea with
open for them to fill In the grade appropriating billions of dollars "for
achoola of the state AND TIIEI,
• • •
CANNOT TEACH EI.8RWIIKRE BE direct aid to the ilcb " "Mr Hoover's
The montha rolled into yeara The CAUSE ¡ u n i t CERTIFICATES ARE Reconstruction Finance Corporation
original clerk left our "Village" and I NOT UP TO STANDARD REQUIRE­ alone taking two billions," he added
for the big bankers, (heir railroads
took over the new reeponelbllltlee MENTS
There were about *00 teachers grad­
and my employer'a Intereata became uated In 1932 by Oregon normals and other troubled corporations, but
my Intereata Aa my aervlcea became Thqy now teach a chort. two-year not a single word as to any national
five-hour day or five-day week, which
more and more uaeful to my employ­ course In these schools
”O M of the graduates applied for
er he would become more Intereated work In the state of Washington. Just would at once and moat beneficially
In my peraonal affaire and he aoon across the river from her Oregon give the twelve million unemployed,
learned that I poaaeaaed the dealre to home.'' said Dt Hector McPherson, something to do; refusing unemploy­
become a writer for aome of the col­ who Is supporting the consolidation ment Insurance at the expense of the
bill, which nmong other things will state and Its protected monopolies, or
ored publications.
provide a atnndanl four year course
• e e
teacher college to succeed the univer­ to pay the oonua to the exservlceroen
He encouraged me In my efforla sity at Eugene "The deputy auperln In the last war. most of whom are un­ RANDOLPH MAKES CROSS COUN­
and during the montha when I waa tendent for Washington wrote the employed. In short, they refuse to TRY TRIP FOR PORTERS' UNION
young lady: 'It will be necessary for appropriate money for the Immediate
attempting a favorable contact with
you to earn flfteon credits In the third
one paper after another It waa my year normal courae In order to be relief of the starving workers every­
St. Paul. Minn. July S—After spend­
employer who would fill me with In- eligible for elementary certification where."
ing aeveral months developing plans
"Warehouses bursting with unused with the cooperation of M. P. Web­
aplratlon and he never failed to re­ In Washington The normal school«
of Oregon and Idaho are credited for food and clothing.” Mr Dreiser con­
mind me that maybe In my npit at­
ster. chairman of the General Execu­
two years of work only THE ADD!- tinued. "which no competent authori­
Lackawanna. N. Y. July 1— (NC-
tempt aome publlahor would give me TIONAI. WORK MAY HE DONE IN
tive Board, to secure a date for trial
a "break" and open their colunina to A WAHHIXQTON NORMAL SCHOOL ty In either our national or any of our of the
Conjunction WC)—Because of the kindly solici­
state governments will order distri­ Case. A Philip Randolph, National tude shown tor their sufferings by
" The logic of thla altuatlon Is that buted among those who need them President, started on an organisation the staff of Our Lady of Victory Ho­
e e a
an Oregon boy or girl Is wasting hla
of thousands of houses tour to the Pacific Coast.
mes of Charity here of which the Rt.
When the editor of the Portland or her time by attending any existing Hundreds
(Oregon) Advocate opened her col- Oregon normal They cannot get work empty and yet the fields, the alleys.
He will cover the Twin Cities of Rev. Msgr Nelson H. Baker Is snper-
umna to me In March. 1930. It waa l. i . ' hc< nine til. re I l f more teachers
Minnesota. Seattle. Washington. Port ¡intendent. about 175 colored persons
(Contlnuedo n pae two)
(Continued on page 3. Column 6)
my employer who waa aa thrilled aa
land. Oakland, and I-os Angeles, Salt sought instruction In the Catholic
I waa myaelf over my flrat favorable
Lake City. Denver. Kansas City and religion and have now received the
Sacrament of Baptism.
Others are
contact and It haa been my employer
thinks a man can live and support St. Louis, stopping enroule back to
who haa altered my hnpplneea In ex­
his family on f l 50 a day Has Leslie New York City, Detroit and Buffalo. under Instruction.
In the face of the widespread un­
Scott ever tried It?
tending thla atrlng of contacts to aev-
to the porters' leader,
• • «
enty-two different publication«.
every local of the union manifests a employment In this vicinity. Our La­
• I I
Incidentally. I wish eome brave mo­ distinct and encouraging revival of dy of Victory Homes of Charity have
thers and fathers would allow their
been called upon to extend a great
And to add to my own happlneaa It
hi Id re n to go barefooted In the plain spirit snd devotion to the cause of e-
volume of emergency relief. With be­
haa been my employer who haa at
old • faahlonedway during vacation
all time« taken me Into hla complete
industrial tween 500 and 900 men being fed here
G E N E R A L T O T A L D IS A R M A M E N T I asked a father who was complain­ ers, despite
ing about the apeed with which his conditions In the Twin Cities, which each day. It Is estimated that more
confidence and I am proud to know
Quoted from Einstein's remarks at twelve-year-old wore out his shoes— Is under the local leadership of Frank than 270.000 meals have been distri­
(hat he haa ao (mated me that In hla
abaence he haa aeen fit to truat hie tho Disarmament Conference In Gen­ "why dont you allow him to go bare­ Boyd, the meetings have been large, buted In recent months. In addition
foot. (lie way we all did In our vaca­
the homes have given more than
bualneaa affalra to my Judgment.
"The efforts of the Conference tion daya?" "Oh, I would, but my militant and enthusiastic.
a a «
Mr. Randolph will speak in Port­ 570.000 loaves of bread to poor mo­
were amusing If not so tragic.
neighbors would all say I was loo
"No method of technicians could a- stingy to buy my children's shoes.” land on Wednesday night, July 13th thers who call dally asking for food
If all employer« are like my em­
ployer, l would auggeat that earh rea­ bollah war, there must first be the Make It fashionable (o \o barefooted. at the Baptist church on Schuyler st. for their children.
will, character and Intelligence.
A considerable number of colored
der, If not already doing ao. com­
The meeting Is free to the public.
"Aside from llg> plan of total dis
The above Is written ala tho style
persons have been among the numer­
mence to cultivate the frlendahlp and armament by all, the most practical of Ralph Clyde's column. “ As Noted".
ous applicants for relief calllug at
cordial relation« that can exlat be­ measure would he for all to DISARM I like to read hla column — always
tween an employer and an employee. NOW down to the level of Germany. something whtrh reminds me that It 12 SENATORS ACKNOWLEDGE N. the institution each day. Many of
He urged that WOMEN should Is my business ns well ns his to be
them were without any religion at all
urge MEN to REFUSE military ser­ Interested In the plain,
every day
*‘ |T'8 I N D E C E N T "
but, when a kindly lnterst was
vice. He urged these three definite happenings of our city's life. Did you
shown In tlieir sufferings and every
over notice, friends, that It Is the
Reprinted from the llalllmore Afro- things:
New York, July 1—Twelve United 'effort was made to help them, many
1. Abolition of conscription
plain, every day things of our lives
American. Itnltlmore, Maryland)
2. Immediate cessation of all re­ that make or mnr our happiness? States Senators to date have acknow­ inquired of the authorities If they
Itrlght hueil pajama« for both men cruiting and enlisting
And Clyde certainly Ima the faculty ledged the protest sent by the Nation­
3. Immediate cessation of the man­ of being concerned with thoae appar­ al Association for the Advancement could undergo instruction with a
nil women In auch shade« na pink,
view to becoming Catholics. Monslg-
ently Insignificant things and to try
na green, lavender and robin'« egg
of war."
aa far as he Is able to do so.toset of Colored People against the nomi­ nor Baker lias arranged to hare a
lue, are correct garb for Imrlal«. fu-
« • s
Marshall of B. B. special Muss for these colored con­
them right? I, for one, return thanks nation to U. S.
eral directors of Illlnola decided last
Right here, may I ask a question that he In In a position of authority Montgomery of Clarksdale, Mlsslnnlp
of our militarists and the local D. where he can sot the machinery In pi. who had declared that he did not c e r t s every Sunday morning
The average man having seen wo- A. Its. Is there any security for your motion. And right here, may I re­ believe any Negro woman In hlsstnto all go to confession on Saturday af­
ternoon. and receive Holy Commun­
mark that my dnlly prayer Is —Oh.
ten wear pajama« on tho beach and especial groupa In armaments?
Or have you arranged with tho laird, please deliver us from Pier as to be chaete.
ion lu a body the following morning.
rohably, too, at exclusive dnncea, powers that he for the destruction
A number of the Senators have The Moat Rev William Turner. Bish­
mayor, llnven't we endured enough
III not he much surprised that they f pacifists ONLY In the next war?
misery at the hands of that group In given assurance that they will oppose op of Buffalo, haa confirmed $2 of
re now adopted for shrouds.
Will the militarists! and the l> A. the ('lly Commlslon while Pier was thle nomination, among them being
But wonder what John Smith, who Its wear red, white and blue caps so a member of It? Give us a few more Senators Bulkley of Ohio, Shortrldge these new converts, and It la expect
the bombs can
Identify them Ralph Clydes who will notice the Ut­
cd that he will confirm an even larg­
ever worn anything In hla life hut
and defer their exploalon until they ile things nnd who cannot he bluffed of California, Vandenberg of Mlchl er group upon his return from the
n old-fashioned night ahlrt will think find the anil-war people?
by the linker crowd —but above and gan and other senators give assur­ International Eucharistic Congress In
e s s
hen he find« himself standing be-
beyond all, do not Inflict Pier or ance that the NAACP protest will
, Dublin.
>re St. Peter In robin'« eggs blue
Goodness me — so Leslie Scott Woodward upon us.”
| hare their careful consideration.
A rrow T ips
P R O M I N E N T F R A T E R N A L I8 T
New Orieane, La. July 2 —Honor­
able Frank C. Labot. Chairman Re­
publican State Central Committee:
I shall not vote for the reelect Ion
of President Hoover, next November,
for the following reasons:
First: He has discriminated a-
gainst Colored Republics na by refna
Ing to appoint them to any office In
the South, except
Postmaster In
towns composed of Colored people.
Second: He has steadfastly refused
to appoint qualified Colored men and
women to offices in the ?Vrth, except
In t wo or three Instances.
Third: He has discriminated a-
galnst Colored Republicans by refut­
ing to appoint them to membership
on any of hla numerous Boards and
Commissions, except In one or two
Instances when he appointed what
waa practically
“ Jim-Crow" boards
or Commissions.
Fourth: In bis appointments to
Federal offices in Georgia, he has lg
nored the National Republican Com-
mitteewoman, Mrs. George S. Willi­
ams. against whom there was not a
scintilla of evidence or chargee In the
handlfig of Federal patronage, and
In which state there was no Nation­
al Committee recognized at that time.
Fifth: In his appointments to Fed­
eral offices In Mississippi be has Ig­
nored the Honorable Perry W. How­
ard, National Republican Committee.
in. and Mrs. Mary C. Booze. Na­
tional Committeewoman.
Sixth: He haa disregarded the
Constitutional requirements to report
to the Congress the state of the
Country by Ignoring the numerous
cases of lynching In which my racial
group were the most numerous vic­
Seventh: He ignored and trampled
upon the rights and privileges of the
Colored cUtxcns of this Country by
Insisting upon the confirmation of
Judge Parker of North Carolina, to
the Supreme Court Bench of the Uni­
ted States, over the protests of all of
the Colored
Organizations and the
leading Colored men and women of
the United States, after it bad been
shown that Judge Parker. In a public
address, bad expressed opposition to
the use of the ballot by Colored Peo­
Eighth: Through his Secretary of
War. the Honorable Patrick J. Hurley
of Oklahoma, he humiliated and in­
sulted the Gold Star Mothers of the
Colored Race by sending them to
France on Inferior and "Jim Crow"
ships to visit the graves of their eons
who had made the supreme sacrifice
for their Country.
Ninth: he has displayed race preju­
dice by refusing to be photographed
with delegations and commissions
composed of Colored people, while
graciously consenting to be photo-
graped with other racial groups of
delegations aud commissions.
Tenth: Through his postmaster
General, the Honorable Walter F.
Brown of Ohio, he ignored and tram­
pled upon the rights and .prlviledges
of the Regular Republicans of Loui­
siana. whose delegates were composed
of substantial business men and wo­
men. white and colored, by denying
them representation in the Republi­
can National Convention Just held In
Chicago, and seating In their stead
periodic Republicans who are “ Lily
Whites" In Louisiana and "Black and
Tans" in Chicago.
I have been a lifelong Republican.
Have never voted any other ticket
than a Republican ticket. I was an
enthusiastic sup; orter of Hoover for
President In 1928. I am opposed to the
reelectlon of Hoover for President In
I am sorry the Republican party
has made It imposslblo for me to vote
for their candidate for President In
No colored man or woman can vote
for t he reelectlon of President Hoov­
er. without sacrificing his or her pride
and self respect. I am a Republican,
but not a “ Hoover Republican"
Yours very truly,
S. W. Green
Member Republican State Cen­
tral Comnitteeand Delegate to Nat­
ional Republican Convention ot Chica­
go. June 1932.
Mr. Green Is President of the Lib­
erty Industrial Life Insurance Com­
pany; Grand Chancellor Knights of
Pythias of North America. South A-
merlca. Europe, Asia, Africa and Aus­
New York. July I,— Urging that
there he no segregation of colored
boys In a "separate cottage" at the
Children's Aid School at Valhalla, N.
Y„ the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People to­
day made public a letter to Frank J.
Taylor. Commissioner of Public Wel­
fare. setting forth Ita views on the
snbject. The letter, signed by Walter
White. NAACP secretary, says In
“ Upon reading in the press that
this action was contemplated, I took
up the matter with Mr. Owen R.
Lovejoy. Secretary of the Children’s
Aid Society, who Informs me that
when the depression caused the clos­
ing of the main building at Valhalla
last winter you appealed to the Chil­
dren's Aid Society ou behalf of these
Negro boys to reopen the building
for their use
"While we are grateful to you for
this manifestation of Interest In these
boys, we have found uniformly and
without exception that segregation In
The first installment of the OPPOR­
or semi-public Institutions
does infinitely more harm than good TUNITY Prise Story - A Plantation
to all parties concerned, and especi­ Episode by Charles 8. Cranford Is pub­
lished in the July OPPORTUNITY.
ally to the Negro.
Kenneth E. Barnhard of Birming­
“ We are therefore taking this
means of urging that the proposed ham Southern University brilliantly
plan of segregation
be abandoned discusses Negro Homicides lu the U-
and that the boys be housed not ac­ Inlted States.
cording to race, but on the basis of j The Negro Goes to Sing Sing Is the
heir needs. We ask this not only be­ provocative title of an article deal-
cause such segregation Is In violation ling with the Increase in Negro com­
of the laws of .he State of New York, mitments at New York's famous State
but for the more Important reason prison by Ira D Reid.
Anna J. Thompson analyses the
that segregation, whether the motiv­
es back of It be kindly or otherwise, training of Negro social workers of
results In the long run In more harm Washington D. C. In bold aud courage­
ous fashion.
than good.”