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Hear Me Talkin' to Y a
Me n i 2 «. ll!»f
liurtttuttou la able to offer to persons who must earn while they
learn for members 0 1 the athletic squad, or they will pay a few d o l­
lars on the expritxea of the athlete and leave him to do a* br.*»t he
ran after the season is over.
Both of Ltve.xe tilin g' insult. In Hie mind o f the Individual helped
m .» I qm of perspective lie Utinkg that instHuUana
mn p f
m anly for athletic itrugramv T h e other students, kn »wing of this
T H A T O l i ) SOHO entitled "Between tire IV v ti »»Ml the Deep M ur
condition, get the idea that athletics L* much more important than
iieatJ tat too often nowam ghl» vta indio might well have been writ
the other w,»ik of the school, and athletics com m utes about the
w«*M s p e cia lly for those baseball players who now occupy a poMUoti ou the
onlv part of the program o f the school from which the grn ria t
anxious seat bench or what have you?
public can gain any benefit* and thLx In the wav of being amused
l.ook at the preoent diamond situation {tuoi any angle you chouse and
Thus there Is cultivated an unusual inlet eat in athletics Ui the
I'll w afer tlvat it you're truthlul you will agree with me in my opinion
mind* of the student croup
have not mack- the above statement without c t u k nor liave I malice a fo re -
In other word*, the over-emphasis Is on the part of Uie public
though; when l express such a sentiment
lm trying to marshal the fart*
and not on Hie part of Hie institution*
and interpret them impart tall v
So you see there u no unanimity on this matter of ovei rmpha.*!»
Reports troni the East-West leagu e meeting persist that the m o fu lt The matter appear* to be a highly relative one depending in large part
believe that a $2 400 montiliy payroll is as much as they will countenance
upon the «pacific insUluUoa* fostering athletic program*
with the likelihood that from la to I I men will compose the club roatei
T h e vaiytng shade* of opuiiou are uueiestlug. as well as inform ative
It u is true that durine the past two teaaon* some of the stars received showing dcru.itely that there is no one isolated augle front which thr situ»
*3:wl monthly and over one does not need a m agnifying fla w to see that Uon mav be viewed
A combination of circumstances makes the problem
if such a salary scale U to prevail durtiif the cuuunc season that there will
an intricate one. and one which tu Hie final analysis must be worked cut
be some players un the team drawing some rather treble pay checks.
separately by each school
If. on ibe o ilier band the name players are cut along with the a v e r­
There will be certain point* of agreement and certain points of diff er
age playert there will be some stars» weak mg at a ridiculously low figure
•iWe no m atter ! h > w many (»pinion* are brought into a solution of l)»e
Cine ai Mt take in to consideration at course Use fact that depression days
m atter
The Iart. alone, that some attention is be lug given to a piublrm
have brought rexloctiou* in all other hues ot endeavor and they are to t»-
| of such nation-wide significance ts not only giatifytn g but stimulating, giv-|
eapected m baseball
faith that eventual!* soiue system wtll^br wuiked out whereby
One might say that If the league member* won t pay live top salaries
amsller and smaller premium» will be placed ut»»u athletic prowess ami
demanded by these aces o f the diamond owners of outlaw club» will gobble
greater ones placed upon other extra-cut rirulax achievement*
up the stars
Others may rv m go ao far as to sav that independent m o ­
But. as I (wanted out quite some time ago the process of translthMi Is
guls will outbid members o f the league for the services of certain players
going to be a Mow and (Minful one for some schuois until there Is found
and thus capture the must capable *:arx for their teams
W ith the flnan
rial condition such as H M however I doubt that any baseball m e « are s financial sum re which will adequately piovide fix Hie development of
going to throw better judgment to the winds and gamble on (laying big one hundred per ornt athletic program* touching Hie life o f every student !
salaries with the hope of getting K back at the gale.
That taut be lug
done this year.
l i n e * M IRROR
H\ Madeline Riidgrs
, Til err air loyal heart«, three
spit Its Utave,
Tla*i’' are »mils that aie pure
. *l*hen glvr tu the wwrld tlir beat
And the beat will come back to
dive Wave aud love to voui life
flo w
A strength in your uLrnoot need
Have faith and a srorr of hearU will
TlwMt faith In you« word and rired
dive truth and youi gift wlU be peWl
III kn i t
And I kmmm will lumoi m«rl
And a smile tltat is *weet will suiely
A smite that B )u»t as sweet
Otve jim row and pity to loose who
You will galiirr in flower» again
n*e »cattried Meed* of your ttuMight
out hor nr
Some players have howled about tire new «vatitn whereby player* must
bear tlieir own expenses while on the toad
They feel that they arc being
W o N D E R W H A T that contemporary meant last wr»*k when it reported ,
made to suffer enough without adding tluj, burden and insist that moat of that ’ East West Loop Moguls In Huddle F»rt»nc Bchediitea. U*nptrr$
the owners have been getting a break on low expense account« involving
and they rock clialrs . Sir Neville Herd, the omniscient, write* me a
transport at >or. boarding and lodging
T h e owner*, erf course say that the two-page »in gle spaced letter in which he file« 10 reason* why he w ith ­
opt>o»ite is true
They are in the business at least most of them, to make drew his Howard High team fium the floor in Hie game with Ik aiflas* i
money and while their sympathies mav be lavished upon certain players, High, here a pair of weeks ago
he proteats at length against the ofll - |
tlieir main interest is in bearing the turnstiles click long and loud
elating saying, among oHiet thing* that the designatinn of the home book
There have been, of course, certain individuals who liave denied that as Uie official score book was all we*.
wonder what Rule t flection 12
they were in the business to make money
1 had money before I started has to say about the matter?
monkeying around with baseball, one of them is quoted as having said
I can t go into the detailed reason* « 10 * given by Coach Herd
*TYs not the dough that I'm a f t e r "
W hich Lx a rather pretty speech but mod up. they state that the official a . Pinky Clarke am! Elder R uajw U, wet r
one which few people will swallow no matter how hard they try
It would incompetent and tailed violations which did not exist, ignoring others . . .
be unnatural for a business man to act that wav.
gtanting that to be true taking a team from the floor for any reason w hat­
I f the owners adopt a we-know-what-ls best attitude toward the p lay­ ever Indicates a quitter and the world doesn't lavish love upon that type
er» I think that they are wrong, and if tiie players become overly brfliger- | .. Hie guy who take* his medicine ami grins, and maybe proteats later,
ent I ran not sympathise with them or their technique
Organised base­ get* live plaudit*
and as for the crowd at the game
1 doubt if there j
ball depends, as I so often have said, upon close cooperation
It can were fifty pupils in the house exclusive of the players . . mavbe when *par r
not succeed if cut-throat or underhanded methods are used
permits I II list the Ten Heed Points
but this week no can do
There is an opportunity for plavers and owners to get together and I
fo r one am hoping that they will It us only natural that some ball players !
b left out in the cold but when all Is said and done I am still of the opin ­
ion that those who do the hiring and firing have ummstakablv. the upper
hand a condition which exists m practically every instance of em ployer-
employee contact, but more so at present
Players then, must not be too Insistent in thetr demand* and must
eoiplov a polished technique in probing to th - heart of their problems I
Both »ides of the picture must be presented to the public an far as good
vettl*ing man and South Bide leader
bu si newt procedure will permit.
I am anxioua to see just who gets what i
has announced hi* candida« y for
contract and. from reports which come from rather reliable sources, the j
United States ('o n g te u from the Bei
next few weeks will disclose developments, the like of which have never
end District
b ee « witnessed by followers of the diamond pastime
This district lie* south of 43rd
Street and ra il of Htate Street and
that of R rprr rn tn llvr Ornai
Mi 7ifT„ 33 a veteran o f
W IT H A L L O F T H F T A L K going on about the alleged over-emphaais *
the W orld War 111 which tie served
Which in recent years is being placed upon college athletic* particularly j
with tlie 302nd arto squadron. 1* u
l.beral Republican and already ha*
fooChal' thus writer felt that since he had »-xpreaaed his views in the matter
wan ruiwdderable favor by Hie speech-]
that it might not be o bad idea to get the reactions of some o f the presidents j
which he ha* made at several galli - :
of o».ir major institutions
Accordingly, letters were sent, inviting these educator* to state whether
That lie should carry Hie n o m in a-!
in their opinion there Is too much emphasis being placed by school* upon
Han by an unprecedented m ajority is
tlieir athletic programs. T h e -espouses to date, have been gratifying to
already being predicted along politicali
say the least, representing a variety of opinions.
row and the announcement of hi*
R*ad what “ ime of our outstanding educator* have to say on this m a t­
candidacy has already led to the rx
ter which has filled columns and columns in the daily press since the close
jwrlation of ti*— withdrawal of *ome
I present first President John W Davis, of
o f he 1931 i . ball season
of the other (-andldate* in the field m
hi* favor before long
West Virginia State College, Institute. W Va. Hr says.
In a recent *pee< h he declared that
No Evidence
the (Niramount is m »* con«—rn. t h r
Personally. I believe that there is not a great deal of fact con ­
nr«oblem of employment. * W hile we
nected w:*h the tho ught that football is over emphasized in so-
are |m*ayf«M>ting
hr aaid
called college«, fo r colored
This sport and all others are extra-
women ami « Ithdren arc dying of
slat vallon
We need prompt action |
curicular in *his institution I believe that the student mind of this
*o that these pentoli* can U* ta k en 1
college g.\e proper and yet subordinate pisce to the sports program
• are of immediately with bread and!
of the college.
bullet and a rouf over their head*.** \
On tie other hand, however, a difference o f opinion Ls noted In the
Frankness and sincerity have mark-
reply "i\en b\ President John M. Dandy, of Virginia State College of
C H IC A G O The political pot has •*d all of flic candidate's ra m p a ign ,
b* gun to boil here following the an- ’.pecche* and the 7 a fT I mk » « seen»» t o ’
Petersburg Va who declares
nouneement that Wiiham B 7.«fT ad- ia gaining mometitum dajly
I trough lhr «owing seemed hut vain
Fot life 1« the murm of king and
slave -
T U just what we are and do
Then give to the world Uir brot you
W. B. Ziff Okeyed for Congress in
District Adjoining DePriest s
A sso cia tio n B langfd
T share the opinion o f many educati» s of the country tha tsport.s
including especially, football and basketball, are over-emphasized
in our colleges.
I am inclined to feel that this is due to the requirements o f the
distri t athletic association
Including among other th in g-. the
awarding o f a championship at the close of the season
I f some
agreement could be reached by which the practice o f awarding a
championship could be abandoned, manv o f the evils now found in
the athletic? of the colleges would naturally disappear
It would not be necessary to set up rules for the eligibility of
Of course, there would not be the amount of Interest that
Is now manifested among the school«, and athletics would take a
more natural place in the life o f the colleges
Still another factor is noted by President R P Sims, of the Bluefteld
tW Va > State Teachers’ College, who place.*, the blame fo r what over em-
phA4iv there Ls at another door. The Bluette Id educator writes;
Public Responsible
I have not noted the schedule of any colored institution that, in
my opinion, carries too many games for Uve prgper Inculcation of
Hie spiritual and physical qualities that it is pxslblc to instill In
youngsters through group play.
In my opinion, the evils of athletic* in colored colleges are due
to the fact that they copy in a crude way, the evils of athletics In
white college*
The coaches feel that they must win at any coat,
»tying that the public will only be interested in winning team*, ao
that they are apt to resort to the subsidising of athletics tu our of
two ways.
The alumni and the coach with certain business interests about
Hie institution will try to secure a major part of the aid which an
tint« X .uff-rrd
A with In rt 1 j c . U u n . I
bought •
of U;». k-
DraufUt. and Ujr u t u « kbuul
» third of • trupoutiful I » -
fu ro r . r h UNO»]. 1 c a n t t v * « a ,
aitai I want, any tlmr.
Klark l>r»u«lit U a fin-
phr*tc it will rttaru« Ilia
body of waata inattcr. It Is
alx> good for colds, to open 111-
bowala”—Wallar D. Milas. KU
iati» Avo. N . Naahvtltr. Tnm
Tills purr, powdrrad herb
mcdlrlno acta 01 the dicasi i*a
system In an easy, ticahhful
way. without such alckmlnc
rffrrls as often result frutn ttia
use at powerful mineral drttc,
Oet the cenulre Tliedford'a
B lack -
D raught
Jersey Elks Ask Finley Wilson
/ôrm m K o/r/i/
To Postpone 1932 Convention
S P R IN G W O O D N.T C Lawrence
Minyaid, local F Ik lead ur, called up- ;
on J. Finley Wilson, grand exalted
Word* o flrn M i»«i«ed
ruler of Elks, in the nvmc of wisdom
not say
"E very
d ic e
o m it E V E R Y. Say
«md common sense, to poatiame the awhile
1932 convention o f Elks, which ift to
W o rd « o ften M H n p rtlrf
meet In California, for one year, on
Prosecutorf OR. not ER.
account of hard times
j Mr Minyard quotes from Article 17.
W ord * o ft ti M i*|iron»u t»rril
Section 2, of the Constitution of Hie
C lien tele. Pronounce kli-eo-tel. 1
order which gives authority to the
"he. first e unsUcaetd. lust e
grand exalted ruler and trustees to
cliAnge time and place of holding an ­ a.x in "tell*' 01 a* hi ’ feel,’ accent
nual session In case of emergency or ( laat syllable.
extreme necessity.
T h is Lx xw h an emergency * • “ • Mi '
Insert, intercalate. Interpolate.
Muayard, and adds that wr v • 30- 1
W e e d M it t d r
mg through a financial famine in {
■ fiM
it has been neoaasary for | Fl.AO C ID . lacking still ness
Preaklent Hoover to appeal u> timid and we«k flabby
"H i* skin was
ca|MtaH»ts to stop hoarding
flaccid and wrinkled."