The advocate. (Portland, Or.) 19??-19??, February 06, 1932, Page 2, Image 6

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L o lo m l T omii StUüi1
« (.omclNiok l
ii «I« t
Hrnr> /
Common cooking *od* to excellent
for cleaning silver ami it doe« not
rermteh. Follow by polishing with a
so il cloth.
T o preserve the colors o f cArpets
and drive away the moths, sprinkle
ralt over the carpets, or rugs before
Inkster. Mich.. < which was note«! f « r its cleanliness and wr h oles« me new») which to une of the hastily coitstru« led towns which sprung up for lo r d
workmen in the Rood old da>s and comprised about 300 fam ilies
Depression set in and the place became a pitiful rvantple o f poverty. T h e
motor com pany took hold and employed residents to clean up Food and r lo lliln « are supplied at wholesale prices and heads of the fam ily ate
only required to fiv e their personal I.O .I’., which mean« that they m ust pay the Ford Company when jobs are open for them again.
Nancy Cunard and Henry
Crowder Made Strange Pair
Blur Blooded D au gh ter o f Cunard Steamship Line Founder,
Shocked London by T o rr id Love A f f a i r with W ashington,
D.C. Pianist. T h e y are Reported Estranged Now .
A Smooth
Light Skin
For \ ou
A delicately soft smooth light «kin
If the secret o f charming beauty . . .
and It may be your*, quickly, purely
and ewnilv. Dr. Fred Palmer'a Skin
W hltener O i n t m e n t noftena and
lighten» the darken »kin, clears up
pimples, blotches and tan marks, and
doe» away with that "oily, shiny"
look. Use this preparation reftularly
•«' maka your »kin »oft. delicate and
(harm ing. This am m ing Ointment la
made in the famous Dr. I-'red
Calmer s Laboratories where are also
made thoee other beauty aids you
know so well:
Dr. Fred Calmer'a
Skin W hltener Soap. Skin W hltener
Face C o « der Hair Dresser and Hid
Deodorant, which may be had at all
drug stores for f j rents each or will
he sent postpaid upon receipt o f
price. Dr. Fred Palmer's Labora­
tories, Dept. B. Atlanta. Oa.
S rm d 4 r
in sta m p » / «» t r ia l
temple of Skim Wlliloier,
Soap and face feeder.
c Sfiin
mttms vou a c o m s u i i o n y o u t h f u l *
H. Planten A Son, Inc.
• 3 H e n ry S t., B ro o k lyn , N .Y .
N E W Y O R K — Nancy Cunard s d c -l
fense' o f H enry Crowder In her I
pamphlet "B lack M an and W h ite |
calls attention to a
strange romance o f two entirely d if ­
feren t persons.
Miss Cunard. a white English w o-j
man. is a daughter o f Lady Cunard,
w ho6e husband founded the line of j
famous English steamers which bears
| his name
Raised in the wealth and splen dor1
i f on « o f the richest homes In E ng­
land with associates Including the
\ royal fam ily and the great peers o f
the land, this white wroman rebelled
at the Idleness, the snobbery and the |
ultra conservatism o f straight-laced
people around her. and. slipping out !
¡o f the blue book, she chose as her
lever a simple colored
Am erican.!
whose eyes and blood are not blue;
and whose sole am bition Is to be j
one o f the great pianists o f the age.
She loved Henry Crowder, orches- *
ra leader, form erly o f W ashington,
now In New York.
Crowder went to Europe with Eddie 1
South's band several years ago
’ met Nancy, and the torrid love a f ­
fair which ensued made him forget
career and everythin g else to devote
! him self to her.
la New Tark
T h ey
traveled In France and In
New York and stopped at the H o te l>
Qram pion In H arlrm She was r a ­ that, on one occasion at least, put
vaged In w riting a be»A and sought Henry on a horizontal plane
a ’ moaphere here
T h ey returned to Europe. Rumor
T h ey were entertained by Mrs has It that there la now an estrange­
Edna Lucas Thomas, went e v e iy - ment and Henry la In New York.
T h e photograph of Mias
where and saw everything
! In Harlem
parlance. Henry la a which accompanies this article, was
musician who can play a piano out niade In a P an s printing office where
of this world. T h ey both were d em ­ she set type to help the cause o f the
onstrative In public. T h ey kissed each tur-realisU, an uitra-m odem
T h ey kissed each o th er’s of painters, poets and novelists
.She espoused the cause o f the real­
! hands
[ Likewise, both had violent tempers ists with great enthusiasm and en ­
joyed lending a hand In the printing
Henry was good natured and kind, of fiery pamphlets which
but when "th ree sheets In the wind.” challenge
he became noisy, and
despite his prosaic world
great bulk, Nancy, who wore aa
Nancy Cunard'*
pamphlet, above
bracelets the modern
rings of her referred to shocked her m other and
father's ships, swung a vigorous righ t royal society. Shocking folks is her
Shocked. Henry may gather
up the scattered
again, or maybe the shock will make
him a still greater pianist.
Ceofh« from roldt may lead to s<s
rioaa trouble.
You can atop them
now with < .irorouUion, an emulaifted
creosote that ¿a pleaaant to take,
(.reomuieion ia a medical dUcorery
with two-fold action; it aootbea and
beala the inflamed membranes and in­
hibit* germ growth.
Of ail known drugs creosote is rec­
ognized by high medical authorities
aa one of the greatest healing agerx »eg
for eougha from cold# and bronchial
irritations. Creomulsion contains, in
addition to creosote, other healing
element# which soothe and beai the
inflamed membranes and stop the ir­
ritation, while the creosote goea on to
the stomach, ia absorbed into tho
blood, attacks tbe seat of the troubla
and cheeks the growth of the germa.
Creomulsion ia guaranteed satisfac­
tory in the treatment of coughs from
colds, bronchitis and minor forms of
bronchial irritations, and ia ezcellent
for building up the system after colds
or in.
Mon^y refunded if not re­
lieved after taking according to direc­
tion«. Ask yonr druggist, (adv.)
Now For Shaves Without
A Razor
Hsre It la I Manufacturing wimarda
have» turneda another trick to make it fa
*s*ier-• powder. known aa Maulr Shav­
ing Powder. which you simply ml* with
water and put on your fa«« and your
beard waahe« off quicker and closer than
you can share it off with any rasor.
Hair la dissolved rtoan to the akin,
and grows back aamr aa If you shared
la so antiaeptic lt la uaetl hy HoeplUU
and Beauty Parlore. Frevente ingrowing
hairs. (,'lears ekln of bwmpa and ptm
ples and ie ao genite ra ekla eren
wornea fi od it prie* lesa far rtswring
superflaous halr.
If rotar druggiat do#? eoi bara Magic
Sharing Povilar, hy all maaaa aand Ma
la stampa today far big, full-eite pack­
age. Addreas: Magic fih«ring powder
Co. Itept A., fiarannak «te
(Ade |
prem ier spn n trr and Jumprr of the O ntrora A C . o f Malden. MaMarhusetta.
whuse equaling of Hie world's record fey the standing broad lump and
sprinting In New England meets, stamp her aa a likely candldaie for t i »
Am erican women's tram st the com ing Olym pic games
She competed re­
cently In a special Invitation meet at Paterson New Jersey.
Barney Harnee ( i n
H e Chooeea
Aad Yog'll Jump Out ol Bed m
the Moruinit Harin' to Go
If you feel sour aad au ok aad tl
took« punk, dua l swallow a lot of calta,
minorai water, oil. togati va candy *»r rHewng
guai aad aapact them to maka r*>u eudòenly
sweet and buoyant and full d suditene.
For they can’t do It. They s a lt more the
f»owda and a mera m onm ent doesn't g -t at
tii« '-aua* The rcaaoa for yetar down and out
M i n i is your lirer. It iboakl pour nut two
pounds of liquid bile into your bowels daily.
If thie Mis to not flowing freely, your food
doean t digest. It |uet decays ia the bnwtee.
(•aa hloate up your stornarli. Y tm hare a
thick, bad taste and your breath to foul,
akin often breaks out in btemtohee Your head
aches and you feel down aad o «t. Your whole
a v a le n t .a u o t g u r ie l
It takes tkoea eood. ted C A R T E R 1«
I .IT T LIE IJ V E K P I I . M to get then« two
pounds of bue flowing freely and rqaka you
feel "up and up.'* They contain § .ndcrfol,
harmlaaa, gentle r ágete Me eg trac**., amaung
when it comea to making tbs bile flow freely.
Hut don't aek for li ve» tolto. Ask for Carter's
fit t i« I jeer Filia, i/ook for tba name Carter's
I itila fa ree Pilla na the rad label, f teem t a
substitute. 2«e at all stores. 0 < N I C . M . C a
N ow Kat A n y th in g
'' I got
Oklahoma City,
Okla. “ I would
have heartburn,
anil indigestion
pain* after iiieuls.
''Nothing seemed to help me. t
tried r\rrything I could hear of Imt
uiy indigealtun hung on four ytara.
"Then a friend got me to take soma
Pape'* I> i . i pepsin I had almost im­
mediate relief with the first two
tablets. Now that I have been taking
them for tome lime, I find i m il eat
meats or most anything und hnva
no trouble I want to tell others about
Dia|>epain been use it sure helped m e t
l Thousands like Mr. Hurnet are
finding quick, certain relief for sour
stomach, or aridity, by using I’ upt'i
Ihaprpsln Chew n tablet and that
feeling of weight ami discomfort
after eutmg just disappears.
i van _ r u a val
m A k k aa> B jrr
investiga t «pia
Experience unneesaaery.
Parttculara *-"e.
American Detective flya-
S IM n Broadway, H ▼
o s t ic i
H e a lth y
10 I
couldn't rat uny-
tliin g w ith out
hnving troubla
M r.
H arn ey
Ih rn n , popular
oil rig builder, of
2 2 t }i W e i t
(troml Avenue,