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    SATURDAY, MAY 3«, 1931
fiy ‘Rosalie $ird
Published Every Saturday at Suita 312-313 Marleav Building. Portland. Ora.
ATwater UM — Telephone — GArfield 7323
It's not often a weekly n ew spaper
is able to give such a fine prize as
T h e A dvocate is offering in its circu it^
BEATRICE H CANNADY........................................................ Editor •» * ru blu ktr tion co n test— a H udson S tra ig h t S
YANCY FRANKLIN..............................................4s>ut«ai Manager and Compositor Coach and cash p riie s a m o u n tin g to
WILLIAM PICKENS ................................................................ CotUrikmtuse E dit* $■„>30 00 W e are w ondering if the p e o ­
ROSALIE BIRD ........................ - .................. Socirtjr Editor and Reporter ple especially th e colored people-
............................ ;.......................... ..Healtil Editor are show ing the a p p rec ia tio n they
NANCY LEE ________________________ _________ ____ ___ - U w Editor should tin - cam paign. W'e hope they
Geneva Ivey ____ _______________ _______ _____Younger Set Editor are. T he A dvocate has secured the
ser? ices of tw o y o u n g m en w ho have
m ade a nam e fo r fairness and justice
Subscription Rates (Payable in Advance! ; One \oar, S2.50; Six Months, over a period of m o re th an fourteen
fl.SO; Three Months, $1.00
years T hey com e well recom m ended
Entered as Second-Class Matter in the Post Othce at Portland, Oregon, from o th er local new sp ap ers w here
Under the Act of 1012
they have co n d u cted successful drives
WHERE TO BUY THE ADVOCATE m ake it a weekly occurence.
So he
is in , in n s all his frien d s a n d the p u b ­
lic in general to conic o u t a n d spend
a "N ig h t in H a rlem ” a t the C otton
Club. R eservations should be m ade
I lftcrtain y o u r g u e sts w ith
C harley at the C o tto n C lub and give
him a big boost
At the Advocate office, 212 Macleay
Rutherford's Barber Shop. 34* Wil­
liams avenue, in Foeter'g Peol Halt
The Elks building, 31» Williams
Medley Hotel ResUuraat. Interstate
Avenue (ia Medley HoteLI.
Friendship Pool Hall, Sixth, near T he follow ing edito rial appeared in
Gliaan (West Side).
C incinnati Inquirer, w hite, o f May 2.
Holliday and Holliday, 125 North 1*31. w hich has ch allen g ed the ad
Sixth street.
m iration of th o u sa n d s of law abiding
citizens re p re se n tin g various races in
this country.
T h eo re tic ally the N e g ro citizen is
entitled to equal ju stic e u n d e r the law
Who Can Vote for Directors
H is p ro p e rty and his life, again
Every person over 21 years of ag e. theoretically, a re supposed to be invio­
who has first papers, and has resided late until, th ro u g h due p ro c ess of ju s ­
in the county six months and in the tice. they a re pdt in jeo p ard y .
precinct 30 days before election date.
T here is a wide gap. how ever, w here
You do not have to be registered to theory ends and practice —p a rticu la rly
vote, nor do you have to be a tax­ practice south of the O h io R iver—b e­
gins. A N e g ro ju st has been c o n ­
Where Yan Vote
victed of m u rd e r in a K e n tu ck y court.
Vote in the School Precinct polling W hile a ju ry took all of ten m inutes
booth in the district in which you re­ to settle a sentence of d e a th upon the
side. If you do not know where to prisoner, a m ob su rg ed b eyond the
vote, phone ATwater 0921 for infor­ doors of the C ourt. E a rly in the day
the mol> had severly b e aten th e N egro
When to Vote
atto rn ey w h o had com e to defend the
Tuesday, June 2, between the hour accused.
of noon and 8:00 o’clock in the eve­ O nly a few days ago in a sta te
ning, only.
farth er south a sim ilar scene w as en
acted. It m ig h t have been the sam e
C ourt, the sam e furious m o b .o u ts id e
the doors, ex cep t th a t th is tim e half
O ne thing P o rtla n d e rs feel proud of a dozen N egroes w ere railro ad ed th ru
and th a t is their schools
In o rd e r travestied tria ls and sentenced to death
how ever to m aintain this happy pride, P e rh a p s ju st as well for had they
it is necessary for th e voters to a p ­ been acq u itted they w ould have been
pro v e a levy of $1,350,000, of w hich lynched
$1,250,000 is for operation expenses
R eg ard less o f the g u ilt o r innocence
which includes an item of $52,000 for of these blacks th a t have been sen­
free te x t books, in accordance with tenced to death, the processes of ju s ­
the law passed by the last legislature, tice by w hich sentence w as arriv ed at
and $300.000 is again set aside for seem little b e tte r th an legal lynching
building purposes. T h e A dvocate is A nd while th is is not m e a n t to be a
am ong the m any papers and individu­ sentim ental b rief for a dow ntrodden
als endorsing this levy, and it u rg e s race, o r a n y th in g of th e kind, yet the
all vo ters to go to th e polls early and w hite people on ju rie s a n d in m obs
m ight b e tte r prove th e ir v au n ted su­
--------- o---------
periority by adult d ig n ity and rral
C harles R Redd fo r sixteen years
a w aiter a t the H otel P o rtla n d ha?
gone into business for him self. “ L it-j
tie C h a rle y ” as he is affectionately
called by friends, is p ro p rieto r and
m anager of the fam ous **Cotton C lub’*
roadhouse on Ea»t 72 St. H e is a l­
ready know n for the fine chicken din­
ners served and for the high class
e n tertain m en t each night. T h e fash ­
ionable club is patronized exclusively
by w hite people but C harley has been
anxious to work out a plan w hereby
his own race m ight have a place to
go and enjoy them selves and »0 he
has set aside M onday night June 8
to entertain his ow n
If the colored
people »how the p ro p e r appreciation
for this arrangem ent, C harley plans to
R ecent issues of the Sunday Jo u rn a l give > "M o th e r G oose” p lay e t, in th e
and O regonian c arried photogr^> h* ! n e ar fu tu re .
and w rite-ups a bout M isses Julia Mae
T he K night* o f B ethel have b e*un
B lanchard. L illian B ellard and B enita c le a n in g up th e e x te rio r o f the p a r-
A bernathy, c an d id ates in
the recent SUnage and church
N.A.A.C P p opularity contest
M r.. Cecil B e rry e n te rta in e d th e
Mount Olivet Baptist Church
T he A dvocate c o n g ra tu la te s , those
in charge, the y o ung ladies w ho con-
tested and the public w ho helped to
m ake the an n u al N .A .A .C .P. m em ber-
ship drive such a splendid success,
E ast F irst a n d S chuyler Sts.
Rev J. L. C a sto a. M inister
Shiloh Baptist C hurch
Knights o f Pvthias
Meets every second and
fourth Friday evening,
in each month at the
»liiiam a Avenue and
McMillan St.
East 7th and E v ere tt Sts.
S t Phillips Mission
Knott and Rodney Sts.
Blaine Coles, Lay Reader
House of Prayer
East 10th and Grant Sts
Robert Searcie, Pastor
Bethel A. M E. Church
Larrabee and McMillen Sta.
Rev. Daniel G. Hill Jr., Miniiter
First A. M E. Zioa Church
417 Williams A re
The Oldest Negro Business In Portland Is . . .
The Advocate Publishing Co-
Rev W. R. Lovell, Minister
Pub tithed Every Saturday / or the Past Twenty-Six Years!
Publishers of “The Advocate”—A 16-Page Newspaper
In Two Sections!
Bethel Church News
Miss Rosalie Hit d,
tisi Ganlenbem Avenue
5 on ,h ' 1’o rtla n d Rose f»r
m *r
th e y are v iiitiu g *o
° K dfn* S l ,t L ak f
I ,e n v tr - T o ’
'* k*' K ,n tM C h * T u |,a ' F l S n ,i,h '
Holey and H ot S p rin g s N ational P ark
hcv w i" v i,i* ‘H,,h M r aml M.r ’ H rrd '*
Mrs. Reed will also a tte n d
J u n io r M atro n s a t h e r hom e in Mon-
ent exercise^ at L an g sto n
ta villa.
U niversity.
M r and .Mrs Reed are
g ra d u ates of L an g sto n U niversity,
class of 1920
§t. LVi/Z/f/Gs (Mission
H . D. C ham ber in C harge
S unday, M ay 24 at the M ission
■narked the annual visitation of our
Bishop, the Rt. Rev. W a lte r T. S u m ­
ner lo r ad m in isterin g the rite of Con
firtnation at w hich tim e a class of the
three a d u lts and four ju n io r w ere con
T h e B ishop w as a ssisted in this
service by o u r P rie st in charge. Rev
C h am b ers and o u r lay re ad e r M r.
Blaine Coles w hich m ade a very ini
pressive sight. T h e serm o n was d e­
livered by B ishop S um ner T h e m usic
was in ch arg e of M rs Jessie F low ers
with M r Coles as soloist.
Services M ay 31, a t 11; C hurch
ychool 12 ; St. Philips w elcom es you
Please Pay Your S u bscription
Mr? Lillian Jen k in s Lay w as host
ess at a d e lig h tfu l bridge-luncheon
last W cdtiesday a lle in o m i at her
hom e OU W illiam s avenue
C ards
were played at tw o tables, from which
later a m ost delectable luncheon was
served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs.
1 W ash in g to n
G eotgeous ro ses hi
pink, w hite and red were presen ted to
the hostess by M esdam es B eatrice Han­
nì»trr. I
W ash in g to n and B eatrice
C annati y K odaking was an ad ditional
Rhone MU 1688
T hey are now co n d u ctin g T h e Ad- ¡
vocale s drive and we hope all reader?
Mrs. C M R obinson, prom inent S
of The A dvocate and those w ho do not
M T . L eader w ho spent several davs in
will get behind their favorite candi
date and h*Ip put over th is drive— dle city w as the guest of Mr and Mrs,
m aking it the g re atest ever held by | J D P atton, relatives, on Sunday.
a colored n ew spaper in the N orthw est May 17. T hey took her for a sig h t­ d iv r i s i m i
T he A dvocate is ever on the a le rt to seeing trip over the Colum bia River
th i
T h e Jo y m a k ers C lub is sponsoring
give the b est to its patrons.
How | H ighw ay as far as Bonneville
M onday a fte rn o o n on a sightseeing a picnic on the t lackam a? River today
m uch it is a p p reciated will be deter
trip to V ancouver. W ashiugton and Many car? nf the young p ro p lc and
m ined a t the close of this contest.
about the city
O n M onday night frirn d s went out early this m orning
M rs W 'iimifreil C ochran riitertuiued
T h e N arcissus club will hold its
Q ualified v o ters in t'o rtla n d school Mrs. W ilson w ith an au to trip to Mt
district No I will have a field o f six T ailor Park and the Sanctuary of O ur first m eeting m June at Mr? E lisa
W ilso n 's hom e. »31 W ood St
candidates from which to elect tw o Sorrow ful M other. L ater on the sam e
m em bers of th e school h oard at the evening she w as the guest of h o nor at
a bridge p arty at the hom e oi Mrs
Oil la.«t M onday uiKbt the Search
annual election Ju n e 2
T u e s­ light C lub sponsored a l ashioti Tea
T h e o th er item on the ballot will L. R B lackburn in Irv in g to n
be the special school tax levy of $ 1 ,- day she spent the entire day as the at Mt O livet lU p list church with
330.000 necessary for the m aintenance guest of M r am f Mr? W P L om ax Mrs J L. 1 a »ton and .Mrs 1 Mancv
S eventeen beautiful m an i­
of the schools and the “p ay -as-y o u -g o ” at their c o u n try hom e enjoying a spe in charge
cial dinner in her h o n o r. W ednesday kins displayed afte rn o o n , '»port* ami
building pro g ram for I931-.32
E very person over 21 y ears of age. I aftern o o n she w as the guest of the rveuiiiK w ear
T h e second tloor of
w ho has resided in the county six Rosebud S tudy C lub at th r hom e of the church was v\«|ui»trly decorated
Tibbetts .St and with cut flowers, palm s with canary
m o n th s and in th e precinct for 30 days M iss K ate l e w is
u m p l lending addi-
before date of election, is qualified to in the evening M rs W ilson presided
at the initiation of six m em bers into , U>IIJI| f hJ r m After the program , cakr.
vote for directors.
T o vote on the tax levy the sam e the sacred realm s of the S M T ice cream and coffee w ere served to
qualifications obtain, w ith the addition- o r J r r
considered ten additio n al t hc guests w ho were seated at twelve
al specification th a t the v o te r m u st be «plications; 1 hurxday aftern o o n she , n„ | | u b le ts a ttrac tiv e ly placed about
a tax p ay er o r a security h o ld er in a
,hc lu* ' h*on I “* '1 of U r * L c ,u the r.H.n.
taxpaying c o rp o ratio n
I B ow ers at her hom e. l »3 Ivy S tre e t:
V oters will cast their b allo ts in th e . I 'r,t!ay she w as again the guest of her
Mrs. Roliena M artin was h ostess tv*
polling booth m the school p recinct in COHSin*- N,r *nd Mrs. J I) P atto n . t hc R osebud S tudy C lub W ednesday,
which they reside
T h e polls will be 334
*,r «ct »»«I '« *h* evening May .7 „ her hom e > hh > E ast 7th St
open from noon until M P M on the *,,c n d cd ,heX A .A .C P , l arm val O n
M rs S h o rt w as a guest
day of election
Friday a fte rn o o n she w as buored by Mae H ill gave a very in te restin g talk
T h e candidates for d irec to rs arc Rob- <he l
c,uh ■* <h* h o " 'c on th r (iirl Reserve« at S r abrek cun-
r r t L. Sabin Jr., Paul T. Shaw , A. \V
^ rs Bonnie Bogle S aturday after- fcrrnC f
D elicious refreshm ent* were
O rton. W A. P ra tt. Mrs. L aura L ees noon> ,h i <b»«inguisbed lady w as the , trv e d liy , h , h ostess
and H a rry M K enin
“ ues‘ » ' 1 brid “ c lunc*,eon '•> her
honor a t the hom e o f M rs Rose N ic-
Mr» W illis A. Reed and dau g h ter
--------- o---------
hols. 407 H raiee street at w hich tim e. S hirley lim e, are leaving Friday. June
Mr? W L R rese w as a jo in ! hostess
M rs R obinson received the guest prire
O n T hursday night she w as th r guest
of honor a l a bullet supper given by
Mr» Viele Sim s at her hom e, a*« 1>
Ihnc street
¡Seventeen guests were
present. M rs K K Baldw in a ssist­
ed the hostess in receiving und se rv ­
ing Mrs R obinson led S aturday night
for her hom e in Los Angeles
- —
A P r r k i A r ati a * «
Hat« the kind.
°f B e a u t y
M en A d o r e
A delicately «oft antooth light
akin U the secret of alluring beau­
ty . . . and it may be yours, quick­
ly, surely and easily. Dr. Fred
Palmer's Skin Whitener Ointment
softens snd lightens the darkest
akin, clears up pimples, blotches
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that “oily, shiny" look. Use this
prepsration regularly to make your
skin soft, delicate and alluring.
This antating Ointment is made
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those other beauty aids you know
so well: Dr. Fred Palmer's Skin
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Hid Deodorant which may be had
s t sll drug stores for 25 cents each
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ceipt of price. Dr. Fred Palmer's
Laboratories, Dept. 1, Atlanta, Ga.
Send 4c In atampa for a
generous trial sample a t
the Skin Whitener, Soap
and Face Powder.
cSflirt 'W h ite n er
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c o m m ix io n youthful *
I ha va an hunul pruttn (r«atm«nt for •••HI ■
r- -
wltto mom>Wrfs. i iu<-r«n in
to of n
n u -r-u U
b w n p r s ia M iln tlw
to rm a by
h u n tin sU o f m a r-
£■- ** \
T E w T r
' !
rtod ««M t, rhlM-
l« if» r/Mtr«, w So
b b« » f i m # h a p p y
thera. I f r o a
■»; lO
Ui *»nd m# rour
' *
. /
w eek's visit in S eattle
Lbe K vthin K m ilts h a \ r retu rn ed
to S eattle after a long engagem ent in
P o rtlan d
T o i d (o the list of colored orches-
trss playing st m any of Portland's
b e ,t night clubs, a r e the boys front
Seattle who sre now playing al the
C o tto n t l u h
As w r all know Julia Blanchard is
Miss Portland** by winning first price
hi the N VA.( I*, m em bership drive
contest Julia w as crow ned queen and
lim i ts A bernathy and Lillian Bellard
were crow n princceacs at the carnival
last Friday night ending the drive and
contest w h ic h ,w e r e very successful
4 to»4j A ro yr o f m r
A liabjr
* * ■ » Your Horn«“
w h ir h toll« h o w txt noo l( om ! m a r y o th er th in * »
nt*rri*»i w«wn*n a h o u ld k n o w . D oth w ill bm M a t
f r w In plain wratriwr W rit* tutor. I>r. II. Witt
H a lo 111./, TUi A f v l i i , «C IsM Sk. I U
SC 0TTSB 0R 0 DEFENSE PUN HERE ,nd... pron,i„.d ,upport in th. fl(ht
T he m ovem ent to launch a S cotta
boro D efense C o m m ittee in P o rtlan d ,
to jo in w ith w hite and N egro w orker»
a ll o v e r th e c o u n try , in th e defense
o f th e nine N egro boy» sentenced to
d e a th in A labam a fo r a supposed a t-
tac k on tw o w hite p ro stitu te s, is b e ­
g in n in g to a ssu m e form .
P la n s have been m ade to hold a
u n ited fro n t c onference on S unday,
Ju n e 14, w ith d e le g a te s from a s m any
o rg a n iz a tio n s as can be induced to
send them . T he c onference will in iti­
a te a m ass c am p aig n to a ro u se s u p ­
p o rt and raise fu n d s fo r the cause.
S p e a k ers a re b ein g s e n t to labor
u nions, fra te rn itie s , c h u rch e s, and
o th e r bodies to u rg e them to su p p o rt
th e conference and to ad o p t re so lu ­
tio n s and te le g ra m s o f p ro te s t to be
se n t to the g o v ern o r o f A labam a. T he
F ir s t A.M.K. Zion ch u rch held a p ro ­
te s t m ee tin g la s t S un d ay n ig h t a t
w hich an In te rn a tio n a l I^ibor D efense
sp e a k e r gave a re p o rt on th e case
1 aroliue C a rte r ju st retu rn e d from
aa«t atidraap
r o o a ir .»im .,«
\h u o M rt.
I ra n k U n it «»11 it vrry pro u d of llir
tw o medal* won at the t ity tric k m eet
U»t l-ndav
Trank ha* been on the
C om m erce track, football and basket
ball tra m s ami has ntrd aU and letters
to »how for h» achievem ent»
G eorge C in tu d y of G rant p a rtic i­
pated ut the inert also, helping (»rant
v\in over the o th er schools by a high
sc o ff As u»iiaI G eorg* wa» the favor
itr of all in
relays, w onting a gold
m odal *
O ne of th r oiit»tam lm g fra tu re s in
»ports th r pa»! work dow n at th r
I ’tiivcratly of O re g o n was Bobby Hob-
tit'ott'* record breaking M ult of trt ft
41; inches, hi« srt a new state record.
Me a!»o trice! for a new w o rld V record
of It feet and ! inches, but failed
Ih is ha» been one of B obby's a m b i­
tion* for th r pa»t tw o y<*ar|
T h r T rtiioit i lub girls enjoyed a
day 's picnic at Rock Greek ( am p last
S atu rd ay
Mi*s G rayson rb a p o ro n rd
(hr girls, a» (hey w ere a part of the
\c ry large group of ri Y 's from th r
1 rn tra l Y W C A
T h r Jo y m a k ers are now w orking
very diligently to be aide to give th r
best (bey have to voii ill their coining
"I ad and T iitcies" Revue, plus a rol*
licking com edy
T icket» are on sale
Get y o u rs from any m em ber of the
cast o r Mr» I ula G ragg
bV ‘*»o»e p re sen t. T he h e a rin g on a
m otion fo r a new tria l fo r the boy»,
w bit'h wa* supposed to have been
b ** been postponed
Ju n e .3.
y --------------
, ,
, -------------------
Specialising In
All Line* of Beauty Work
C J. Walker Toilet Good«
for tale
3 If* William» Ave.
\ l U nlock 101 A
I t year, thounanrlH of perHontt invented more than
$850,000,000 of new capital in the electrical industry.
Thin nteaily flow of new capital, in npite of general
huninenn conditions, clearly demonntraten the faith
of the American public in the electric utilitien and
their managementn. Without this confidence, the
induntry would be unable to keep pace with the con-
ntantly increasing demands being made upon It.
Division Officm al Salem, Oregon Lily, llillthorn, Grealiam, Si. Helena and
Si. Johns, Oregon, and Vancouver. Washington
Bethel By The Bridge
On Larrabbee and McMillen St*.
Rev D. G. Hill, Paator
Marguerite Griffith— Reporter
Office Phone: BRoadway 1885
430 HOYT STREET :: Portland, Oregon
Residence Phone GArfield 8019— 340 Tillamook Street
S u c c e ts o r n to E . R ic h a r d n o n B a g g a g e T r a n a fe r
Holliday 8C Holliday
Tonaoriul Parlor»
Equipped with the Very Latest, We Are In a Position to Car* for
Men, Women and Children
Come— Let Us Serve Yout
Rev. D aniel G. H ill, Jr., will deliver
the kaccalaurete serm on at 11 A M
to the colored grade, high school and
college g rad u ates.
S ubject. ‘'L ife ’s
C om m encem ent”. All g ra d u ates a re
urged to be present.
T h e church has been organized into
w orking u nits to p ro m o te the T ru ste e
E m ergency F und
Mrs. Julia F uller
will lead the Sunshine M akers group
and Mrs. E m m a B utler will com m and
the G loom C hasers C om pany
U nder
the eladership of these fine wom en
Bethel hopes to square all her obliga-
Sunday a t L eague service, th e su b ­
ject for discussion is, "V ocational O p ­
p ortunities for N egroes in O regon".
Mis» H ooker, p resid en t urges all young
folk to be present.
The trustee» emergency drive be­
gin» the fir*t Sunday in June and con­
tinue* throughout the month. These
fund» will be u»ed to clean up cur­
rent debt».
The Junior Matron» are planning to
k melts to • smooth and creamy
sauce. Aod what flavor 1 A rich,
time-mellowed flavor that only
“ cave curing" can give.
Try It for rarebits, sauces foe
vegetable«, baked dishes, toasted
sandwiches. Your grocer has Kraft
American Cheese. Order today.
Conveniences of Modem Travel Speed Ilia Journeys
T H E K in g o f Hlam , P ra ja d h lp o k .
1 a n d h ts q u e e n , a r e g o in g to
a u rp rla e m a n y A m e ric a n a a a th e y
tr a v e l a b o u t on t h e i r v la lU to T h is
c o u n tr y th is s p rin g , by b e in g a
v ery
u p - to - d a te
co u p le.
P e o p le w ho e i p e c t th e m to a p p e a r
w ith a p ro c e ssio n o f w h ite e le ­
p h a n ts , m o v in g to w e ird m in o r
■ tra in s o f O rie n ta l m u sic, w ill be
d isillu sio n e d .
P r a ja d h lp o k , o n th a o th e r h a n d ,
will n o t b e s u r p r is e d a t th a w o n ­
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