The advocate. (Portland, Or.) 19??-19??, March 14, 1931, Image 5

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H um an Interest
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The Advocate
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The “ Mystery House
Like It
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True ‘Stories
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and do not depict principal« unless so captioned
Supcratition’s Own R esidence w ith Its
"G oofy” Stairways, Trap-doors and
Secret Passageways
John II. Brown, formerly a resident of Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, occupies the world's lurgest ami oddest
building. It contains ICO rooms and covers six acres. It
is so large ami rambling that even Mr. Brown riflist have
within a few weeks of each other, a tiny babe and a
beloved husband. These events had a shattering in*
fluence and caused her to leave her girlhood home to
seek a happier spot in the West. Because of this ex­
perience, she became imbued with the idea that she
should build and build. It was thus that the strangest
house in the world came to exist.
This former home of Mrs. Winchester is now
known as the Mystery House. For thirty-six years it
was in continuous process of construction. Millions
of dollars were spent. The interiors were finished
in costly hardwoods, with doors and windows of art
glass inlaid with German silver and bronze, while
from the ceilings hang gold and silver chandeliers.
A number of the art windows are now valued at
91,000 each and the main entrance doors at 92 , 000 .
Many of the rooms were built “as spirits di­
rected,” and are equipped with blind chimneys, stairs
that go nowhere, hundreds of closets, some of which
thi* place marked oti with arrows in order that death. In fact, she believed that as long as she
he may not be lost within his own house.
to build it she would continue to live.
Mrs. Sarah L. Winchester, wife of the continued
fifty years ago, in New Ha­
famous ride manufacturer, built the house and
devoted a young wife, lost
was building it right up to the time of her
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