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Put 3-Mile Limit.
Washington, D. C. — Intoxicating
Salem—Governor Pierce Saturday
. liquors, even under seal, cannot law­
denied a report from Bend that he In­
fully be brought in American or foreign
tend* to oust Percy Cupper, atnt* eng I
neer. and appoint Floyd Allen in this
Brief Resume Most Important ship* within thro* miles of the shores Bloc Leaders in Congress to place.
of the United State*, the supreme
Revive Measures.
Daily News Items.
Medford.—A large number of dairy­
court held Monday ln a decision which
men of Jackson county have organised
declared, however, that outsld* the
as th* Southern Oregon Milk Produc-
three-mile limit American vessel* can
era' association in an effort to put
legally sell Intoxicant* to passengers.
their Industry on * paying basis.
The right of foreign ship* to do so had
not been questioned.
Salem.—There were three fatalities
Tbe opinion, rendered tn ten cases
Oregon due to industrial accidents
brought by foreign and two by Amer­ Agricoltura! Coterie May Temper
th* week euding April 2$, ac­
ican steamship companies, was deliver­
Clamor for Aid if 1933 Quo­
cording to a report prepared here by
ed by Justice Vandevnnder. Without
tation Are High.
the state Industrial accident cornmla-
expressing his views. Justice McRey-
molds dissented.
Justice Sutherland in a dissenting
Eugene—Th* Booth-Kelly Lumber
Washington, D. C—Government ac- company has laid off the third shift
An advisory committee of IS build- opinion agreed with the majority of
era, architects and bankers met Tues the court in reference to American ; tlon to stabilise the price ot agricul­ at its Springfield mill and the men
day to devise a plan to relieve the ship*, but declared that foreign ves­ tural products will be pressed in th* will be transferred to Wendling where
scute building crisis in New York snd sels had the right to bring liquors Into
next congress by tsrm bloc and radical the company is erecting a new mill
check abnormally high wages and cost American ports under restrictions ade­
republican members who are seeking to replace th* one destroyed by fir*
ot material.
quately guarding against leakage to control the balance ot power In both several months ago.
Charles E. Ruthenberg of Cleveland ashore.
St. Helens.—After having been shut
The effect ot the decision was to
The farm bloc leaders who con­ down for a week because of the de­
Wednesday was found guilty of violat­
ing the Michigan law agalnrt criminal affirm that of Federal Judge Hand trolled the agricultural committee in
struction of 500 feet of trestle leading
Ruthenberg face« a | in New York insofar as it sustained the last congress but did not have
strength enough to swing their legis­ to Its log rollway. the Milton Creek
prison sentence of 10 years
erty that intoxicants could not legally lation. succeeded in getting fsvorable Logging company resumed operation.
of $5000. or both.
be brought into American ports and to committee action on several bills pro­
Salem.—A total ot 42 sites for the
County Treasurer Souder and Dep- reverse it with regard to the right of posing federal control of prices. Now state training school for boys have
uty Treasurer Baker were arrested at American vessels to have liquor with the radical strength greatly In­ been submitted to the consideration of
North Platte, Neb., Wednesday after­ aboard on the high seas and in foreign creased in both houses, the bloc lead­ the state board of control. It was an­
er* have high hopes of pushing some nounced Sunday. The proposed sites
noon by Sheriff Berthe. They were ports.
The court pointed ont specifically of these measures through.
range from 200 to 1200 acres, while
charged with burning the Lincoln coun­
that congres has the power, if it sees
It is admitted by the bloc pilots the prices are from $25 to $800 an
ty court last Sunday.
fit to exercise IL to forbid all ships of both parties that the movement acre.
The red flag of the soviet was hoist­ flying the American flag to carry and
for federal price stabilisation depends
Newport.—The tugboat Douty left
ed over the United American liner Re-1 ,erTe liquor> outside the three-mile
considerably upon prices which the here for the Colombia river at noon
Hance Wednesday by 35 Amercan !imit This view of the cottrt resulted
farmers will receive for crops thi* Sunday having a log raft tn tow be­
miners, who departed from New York | ln predictions by many "dry" leader*,
longing to the Multnomah Lumber A
with their wives and children for Rus- after tbe gist of the decision had be­
If there should be a general high Box company of Portland. The raft
sts to work in the mines of the auto- j come known, that an attempt would be
level of prices to the farmers and
nomous Industrial colony Kuzbas.
made to obtain legislation on this point crops are abundant, the American agri­ drew about 18 feet and is the sixth to
leave Yaqulna bin this season.
culturalist may temper his clamoring
AU the records pertaining to 18 at the eariiest opportunity.
Sweeping in its scope, the decision for government aid, but if tbe present
Baker.—Ernest Crooke. 3-months-old
months* activities of the American
left administration officials somewhat level of agricultural prices continue son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Crooke of
vice-consulate at Chita were destroyed at sea as to how they would proceed
and at the same time the farmer is this city was suffocated Saturday night
when the baggage car in which the a* a matter of permanent policy. Chair­
still called upon to pay the prevalent while sleeping with his parents. Mr.
documents were being shipped out of, man Lasker, of the shipping board, an­
prices for his supplies, the agitation and Mr*. Crooke had placed the child
the soviet territory was burned.
nounced that for the present at least tor price stabilisation legislation will between them and the cover* in some
manner had begn pulled over him.
A general exodus of the rum fleet the ban on liquor would be kept on all be greater than ever.
that has been off the New Jersey coast | shipping board vessels. The treasury,
During the last session of congress shutting off the air and causing death.
for several months began late Wed- ■ it became known, intends to begin at wheat growers of the northwest sent
Salem.—Petitions for the proposed
nesday when the British tanker Wars-1 once to redraft its prohibiting arrange­ delegations to Washington to urge leg­ referendum of the state Income tax
zawa and the yacht Istar gut up steam ments to make them jibe with Mon­ islation to insure a proper return to law enacted at the last session of the
and sailed out to sea. Both were out day's decision.
the farmer. Support for the legisla­ legislature were filed in the offices of
Federal Prohibition Commissioner tion was centered chiefly In the north­
of sight by dark.
the secretary of state here Friday by
Haynes, expressing gratification at the west, although grower* of a few farm
R. W. Hagood ot Portland, president
Miss Kosie Fultz ot Newellton. La. ; court’s interpretation of the law, de­
products other than wheat also join­ of the Oregon Just Tax league. E.
admitted Tuesday, according to United clared it would greatly simplify pro-
ed in the request for legislation.
Isler of Portland Is secretary of the
States Commissioner Baas, that she hibition
aiDiiion enforcement
eniorcemem within
witnin American
Moat of the proposed bills create
recently mailed a newiy-born infant territorial waters. his view being that some sort of a corporation to buy a league.
from Scott. La., where she was teach a
would be gained as a result sufficient amount of farm products to
Salem.—George F. Jones, at one time
ing school, to a fictitious person at o{ foreign and American vessels being stabilise prices. Some of them specify superintendent of the Oregon State
Duncan, Okla, sba ig cjjarged with , placC(j on jjje sam9 basis within the
minimum prices, while others do not. School for the Jlmd here, has been
........ limit.
One of the bills which is certain to be employed by the state board of con­
revived in the next session of congress trol to supervise construction of the
Edgar I. Fuller of Omaha, ex-Ku
la that of Senator Gooding, republican, plant for the Oregon Employment In­
Klux Klan kleagle ot the realm of
stitution for tbe Adult Blind In Port­
northern California, has announced
Salem. Or.—Salem’s women’s clubs Idaho, creating a wheat stabilizing cor­
land. Work on the structure Is now
that Mayor James C. Dahlman had have decided to offer vigorous protest
In progress.
been elected "grand lictor,” or national against the increasing sugar prices. the senate just a month before the ad­
Port Orford.—Joseph Llssner, resi­
head of the "Fascists ot America." The women propose to resort to the
which Fuller recently said was being boycott and will urge that the sweet ported favorably by the committee on dent engineer for the federal bureau ot fi
organised to combat the klan.
be eliminated from the fruit-canning agriculture during the closing weeks roads, arrived last week to assume
charge ot the unit ot Roosevelt high­
process this season. This action is in of the session.
Germany has placed her latest pro-
The Gooding bill provides that the way between Linnvillo Hill and Art-
line with steps already taken by many
posa'.s respecting reparations in the
of the women’s clubs in the eastern quaranteed price of No. 1 northern son* Inn, south ot this place. The con­
hands ot the allied powers and tbe
spring wheat of the crop of 1923 tract was let last year to John Hamp­
states, it was said.
United States. Their chief feature is
Mayor Giesy and several member* should be $1.75 a bushel. Guaranteed shire, but work was halted when the
an offer of 30,000,000,000 gold marks of the council are urging a demon­ prices for grades of wheat other than storms began last winter.
in payment ot her obligations under
stration against the rising sugar No. 1 northern spring wheat would be
St. Helens.—Local fishermen are
tbe treaty ot Versailles. The payment
established upon a proportionate basis
for the opening of the spring fish­
of this amount, however, is dependent
by the corporation.
ing season and indications are that
on the raising of a loan.
Under the Gooding measure the gov­
Robbers Take $80.000.
more gear will be in the water than at
ernment would subscribe $300,000,000
Emilio Piccarlllo—the Tmeror Pic
tbe same time last year. The basic
Atlantic City, N. J.—After binding
to the rum-running fraternity of Crows and gagging Mrs. Florence Richard- as the capital stock of the corpora­ price for Chinook salmon Is 14 cents
Nest pars and 22-year-old Mrs. Flor-
^er daughter Mary and a maid, tion. Tbe corporation would be auth­ a pound, flat, In the lower river sec­
ence Lassandra, his confederate in four armed men Monday ransacked orized to purchase wheat at the guar­ tion, but prices paid in this vicinity
crime, were hanged at sunrise in the
Richardson seashore home and es- anteed price whenever the market usually are 1 to 2 cents higher.
Fort Saskatchewan jail yard Wednes- caped w1th |80,000 in jewelry, silver- price dropped below that figure.
Pendleton. — Lambs of a probable
dsy for the murder at Coleman last *are and other valuables. Mrs. Rich-
market value of $1200 have been kill­
September of Steve Lawson of the ALjardson is the wife of the president of
ed in tbe flutter Creek country In the
berta provincial police.
a Philadelphia exporting firm and part
last few days by lynx, according to
President Harding will spend the
the report of stockmen ot that section.
Fourth of July in Portland and leave league baseball club. Mr. Richardson
A government trapper has been plac­
San Francisco.—The trawler Heron, ed on tbe trail. The big cats, one of
the following day on a battleship for ! is in England.
supposed rum-runner, loaded with 1000 which has been caught, have been pass­
Alaska, the Chamber of Commerce was
Living Costs Still Up.
cases of liquor valued at $100,000, was ing into the sheep corrals while the
informed Wednesday after the presi­
dent had had a conference with Sena­
Washington, D. C.—The cost of liv- captured In San Francisco bay Satur­ herders slept.
tor McNary. Plans for the entertain­ . ing in the United States last March day after a chase by the coast guard
Eugene.—Work on a new home for
ment of the president were started im­ ; was 68 8 per cent higher than the aver- boat Tulare. The crew of the Heron
mediately. He will make one of the ’ age of the year 1913, according to a was overpowered by the Tulare’s men the Pi Beta Phi Rororlty ot the Univer­
set speeches of the trip here.
! computation by the federal bureau of after pistols had been drawn by both sity ot Oregon to cost $35,000 started
Monday, according to announcement of
Umatilla county’s wool clip for 1923 Ilabor BU,i,Oc’'
^UIl com- sides. No shots were fired.
nrlroa in
in 32
99 cities.
The Tulare sighted the Heron with Stein Bros., who have the contract.
of close to 1,300,000 pounds is report­
her lights doused, while she was steal­ The new building will be located at
ed sold. 1
_____ i'uvolving'the'Fred
_____ _________ . ”w. 42 per cent hlgher’ dothln* 74 4
ing into the harbor. A chase ensued the corner of Fifteenth avenue east
Falconer and associate interests and
and the Tulare crew with drawn and Kincaid street, adjoining the
the Smythe brothers were made this j
1 cent and miscellaneous commodity pistols boarded the other craft. Cap­ campus and will be of brick veneer
week. Tbe price ranges between 40
tain Gottfried Benson of the trawler construction.
and 44 cents, between five and seven prices 100.3 per cent.
and his men, after some show of re­
Ashland.—With 55 women already
cents better than that of last year.
sistance, surrendered to the coast
Hecla to Pay $500.000.
signed up for membership In the cham­
With the quality of the wool better
Spokane, Wash. — A $500,000 dlvi-
ber ot commerce, an effort is being
than last season, buyers have been
dend—50 cents on each $1 share— Captain August Anderson.
made to obtain 1000. Rollcall for new
eager to get the clips.
was announced here Monday night by
members will be held Tuesday night.
The proposals contained in the Ger­ the Hecla Mining company. This will
Explosion Rocks City.
E. J. Adams, secretary to Senator
man note, which was delivered at the be twice the size of the distribution
Atlantic City.—Explosion of a steam Stanfield, will be the main speaker.
Paris foreign office at 4 o’clock Wed­ paid in March. The present dividend boiler In the plant of tbe Atlantic City
The total membership now reaches
nesday afternoon In tbe German lan­ will be payable June 15 to stockholder* Gas company Sunday wrecked the en­
more than 400 as a result ot an ex­
guage, were regarded in French of­ of record May 15.
gine room, shattered windows within a pansion campaign.
ficial circles as for Anglo-Saxon and
This dividend will make the total radius of a mile, and frightened
neutral consumption only. The terms for this year $750,000 and the grand hundreds of residents throughout the
Salem.—Efforts ot certain packing
of the note appeared "so preposterous" total $10.705,000.
city. Tbe detonation rocked buildings interests to beat down the high pre­
to the members of the French govern­
in the district and was followed by vailing price for cherries during the
ment that it was assumed there was
Carnarvon Is Buried.
a fire. One man was Injured. The last ten days have been futile, accord­
no hope or desire on the part of Berlin
Newbury, England.—In a grave dug north wall of the building collapsed ing to the growers. A number of con­
that they be accepted.
in the chalk atop Beacon Hill, the while firemen were Inside, but It fell tracts have been made here recently,
and in no instances have cherries been
Neil M. Judd, director of the Pueblo scene of his childhood's games and outward.
sold at leas than 10 cents a pound.
Bonito expedition of tbe National Géo­ overlooking his old home, Hlghclere
Even higher prices are predicted be­
Drunkenness On Wane.
graphie society, left Washington Wed­ castle, the body of the earl of Carnar­
the close of the season.
nesday to resume exploration of the von was laid at rest Monday. A motor
Washington, D. C.—Elias Marsters,
most important pre historic ruin in the tractor conveyed the body up the bill­
Sslem.—Owners of tbe Salem tulip
federal prohibition director of Idaho,
United States st Chaco canyon, New side. Only members of the family
farm, a short distance west of this city,
Mexico. By May 15 Indians will be were present.
estimated that approximately $000 per­
that a survey of that state shows that sons visited their fields Sunday. The
swarming over the walla of the ancient
village, teams will drag wagon loads
American Bill Filed.
arrests for drunkenness decreased tulips are in full bloom, and thousands
of earth and stone away and steel
Washington, D. C.—The state depart­ from 3632 for the two wet years 1914- of them are being shipped to various
dump cars will scurry back and forth ment has filed with tbe American-Gar­ 1915 to 1888 for the two dry years 1921- markets through the United States. On
over a miniature railroad. Almost over man claims commission a claim for 1922, a decrease of 47.7 per cent.
next Sunday which has been set aside
night a canyon, which has been desert­ $255.000,000, the cost to the United
Arrests for crime* related to drunk­ as blossom day In the Willamette
ed since years before Columbus came, States of maintaining an army of occu­ enness for the same period show a valley, an even larger crowd Is ex­
will become a bee hive of industry.
pation in Germany.
decrease of 34.8 per cent.
ftv* tAouxenJegents
S»tt Poro haJliftl.
Another Great PORO Achievement
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past twelve years
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Laundry Comp’y
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