Laidlaw chronicle. (Laidlaw, Crook County, Or.) 1905-19??, November 23, 1906, Image 4

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T l 'M - f t ie »«. .V *
K K .M I
J. M. Lawrence,o( Kosclxirg, forim-r-
lv ol Bend, arrived in Bend Tucmlii)
X tivonilw r lì». P.HXV
uiglii to I»* here sevvi¡kl d*v* on hiisi-
" e arc looking lo r»»n l with pie*»- ,„.M While lien' he is the guest of
ure to the eeiiei of article* by Mr. i ^ y| l»ri*ke.
Xiehole, et*|>eciiilly ’ hot p»)t dealing , Win, O lh n l-^f Tweowin. Wa»hilig-
with hi» experience« »ml connection j UM1> W1U j , , y , n j o l l | „e.aiiy, trai.i-
K n lin iin d , O i i f n n ,
with M»rcu* \\ hitnmn. Some yeai* acting bunim-s*. Mr. «»limn is inter-
ngo we h»«l the ple*»ure ol rending ii|> |
¡rriK„i„| Umle in the 1». !
on Marcue Whitman ami hie connec- | A p. am| Columbia Hmitfieru aegrv- '
tion with tlie Oregon country ami hi* i gntkmt nml sec* a bright iulnre lor j
influence in saving u to the United j ww,tern t'rook comity.
State*. We nuule it the eui.ject of a
Mike Morrnton left ewily in the week j
eerie* of talk* in the high aclioo) at j |(>r Sliamko to meet hie wife, who for 1
Sutton, Nebraska, where we were work- | ,* Veral month* has Iwen confin'd to!
inn at that time.
The |Hi|>ile, fam, L hnepiul in Portland,
eeemeil to tin»! tlie aubjeet very inter- , Mine Lisa Woods, wlm lia* la'en a
And Dealers of Edison Phonographs and Records.
Prinevllle. Oregon.
W e have just received a complete line of up-to-date, strictly first class
Comprising the only complete stock in C E N T R A L OREGON, consisting
; in part, of watch cases in Solid Gold, Boss, Crown and Orescent filled twenty
! guest of Mr*. Drake for several week*,
and twenty-five year guarantee, sizes 0 - 1 2 - 1 6 and 18.
By the way, what a atihjei t \ \ hitman j returned to l‘>>rtlaml on Momlay*.
nml hi* work would make f..r a Fourth , K. 1>. Wickham was in Kediuond
The celebrateb Elgin and W altham movements in all sizes and qualities
•>f July oration. It »h>e» not leml it- ; Momlay and Tuesday on Imsinee*.
Ladies' Neck chains, W atch chains. Guards, Bracelets, Stickpins, Lockets,
*eff so readily to the spread eagle style | Dr. U. O. Coe was called to Hister*
W aist sets, Belt buckels, Hat pins, Charm?. Crosses and Brooches.
o< oraloiv, Imt t»ir patriotic lesson* ; |.,sj week to attend Mi»* Cyrus, who
A large assortment of rings, in solid 14K gold and 14K roll plate either
could rot lie excelled.
is sutTcring from typhoid fever.
Another sixty feet of six-inch hole
l>. McMillan and wife left la*t week . plain or set with genuine stones, at values ranging from $2 50 to $35.00
has been poui.ded into the earth here for Nevada where they ex^iect to make
in an endeavor to find water.
One their future home.
hundred fifty feet ol casing down
E F. Hatton re tiirm il from Port-
prevents any more ca\ing in. Anoth : lami Saturday.
er l<si«l of |ii|ie for casing arrived last
H. «'. Ellis rc|K)rts that the tele-
I |ilu>ii«* construction ciew h a * *:• *t a*
Mr. A. Khret has returned to hi* far as the Atkinson place, alioiit fifteen
I i o i i i c in Newtierjf, .»iter an cxten»le»l; miles up the river. The work has lai'ii
visit with his hoy* here.
! delayed somewhat hy the heavy snow
We note that John Clay is luck j up there.
»vain from the Yakima country and
G e iitle in e ira W a tc h C lm iiH i i S in g le , IK m blp, R o p e, D ick en s an d F ob .
E y e G la ss C lin in s an d pins.
C u ff L in k s , B u tton s, an d S tic k P in s.
K in b lim a tic b u tto n s. P in s a n d b roo ch f‘s.
A L L R E P A I R S G l A R A N T E K I).
U T*
N M l It T . M »R P C B I.IC A T IO N
■ U u l U S ». I t . l H I H O r .fv s
Notte# I# t#r#hy f i t # « Hist %• rwHtRlUa«'«
«U h tb# p ro ll, o f Ih* « i l «>f t'onfn-M # f
iu uw J. 1ST«, t utili« 4
•« t fur It«. M l. o f
¡ 11 uih .i liliito lu lb . Míale# o f I ’.Ilfortd a. 09 *’
j full. N w sda #n«l Washing toil T#9f lt«»4f #*' ••
I .• I.U 4 .4 iw #11 I h. fühlt« 1 and Mi a I »a l»y « « I
uf A #guul A U f i .
it i t i fnUnwihtf n «m * «l p»#r*t»n» Um t* un All*
fiIw^l ih IUI# «»liier U m tr • «• • fi» ululi'
in»*ut», to * II:
J a m b L Mi tttfV.
t»| II«*n«l, rtM iuu t»l l'M h il, Mal# «il (»r e g o li.
■ w orn »In fo ltito li N»a tMtll, l«if Iti# p ii» e Uhm* ol
M v llu n I I n H i I
o f se»’
Huit Ih, 1 ota iialily» Ih N . Ilaoift' Id K . W M
K m m i ut m M u n i t .
o f Menti. #ohnlT n i f'ru«>|. Hutu o f O regon .
kw««rn ftlulinuenl N o ** '* for th r pureha*i* o f
t tir N ‘ g N K V
«I n*t N W ^ t t R Ig o f aft
ItnN Hi, I «•«% t• «I » !I» Ih N . Itungt» IO ► , \\ M
litu i lhr> W ill f lie r |*n»..fw |«> ahovt 11«« t tIII*
U n d « ««Might urv »»••»# « hl il u hit' fo r t hi* lim b e r
or atone iherttin thuii lor itvrlen llu ru l |»nr|*«*»«••«.
••ml it» # « i« l» ll» h U trir e liih u « t«» «uni U n d «
U 'f re II. I ' I* III», I M. r o m Ml i#» lo n e r. Ill blu
«tfMee III Item i. O iegtitt. on N'.»venib««r 11, ItMN.
*lhey num e the fo lh fw liig witnea»eu
.Itilin N leld l, Me»t \V. I u «ln . il W. M elier«.
A ltieri I ' l.lieu », I Ituinua T m et h iol John
Il M f in iid y , Ol Henil, ttreuott
A m ? «nti #11 p. rum. • «lalutlng • d » » » * . l» anf
•r ih# al»«.#.' »harrllirtl ta «da ar# r#»|te-»i»*4 »«•
Al. Ih. fr rialma ••• I*«'»
. . •» «,r t>.for. IL#
•uhi liti». «lu> t»f N o i em b er. l'M».
MI» I IA R I. T n o I.A N . <rgl»l#r.
n |RH
Tim her Iwnd.
Art Juna 9.
I t T9.
K O l i r K F o l i H» H I.U A T I O N
IT. ft. Land « f t e. Tb# Baile«, (»regen.
Inly 'Uni . Ima;.
Mufle# la hereby given that In rempllanen
I with the provienine ..f the art af t'angn ea uf
1 June 3. I«7S. r u t ili.d " ( h n« I f»9 Ih» eel» a f
timber lande lu th«- Nlet»a uf California, lie#-
gun. Nevada amt W tahlnglun Tervlt*«ry," a#
extended te all the Tubile la n d Mlatea by a«-|
af A ugual 4. I NOT.
M o II M f% isil«»t R.
•«f Be ni, cuti ni ) o f t ‘ r«M.|i »la ic *»f O r gun. Ima
• h i» «la\ ft It** I In thla • • Iti • «• It la ■ w orn ala t«-man t
Nt» .hr.'’«, for ll»«* pu rrliRar uf tin« N E * 4 o f M* c
il» n N«* m i , in li»w h vh l|i. Nt» I » M , Kauga N«».
|o *
to M
And a lii i-ffer fe w / In eb«-w that the land
eougbl la a»ur» «alxaf l» fur Ita tlmtser •# at.u»#
than for •g fle a lta ra l par|e>#»a. a>«l t>* ealatdlah
hla claim !•» aaId land before It ( ’ Kflls, I II.
CuiualwlMwt, at bla ffflie In fin d , <>rr|>a,
working at the Johnson ranch
Neijrhfsir Khy i* clearing some laml j
c g
u m c^
, * , * • . i>n(oa>
» uih . e*«.
for A. C. Me La I Ian.
Notti*# f# ho rot» y | t v n that In rt»m pilarte#
We tiuderttaiul that Mrs. C. M. Red- »I t h the provtaiona o f tb# art «»f t‘.»ngr«*u» * f
Jut«* 3 t*?*, rut It ¡cd
"A n art f<v the aalr o t
»n the |Jih day id N ov« litln«r. !'*■•
tield's sister is here on a visit.
timber landa lu the Starr# .«f t'allfornla. or#-
Ile fiatiti ■ a* a lin t *•«••
Tim ber land. A ct Jun# ft 1179.
Tim ber f.and. A rt June J. IIT I.
Timber fond. Act June 3. IT79.
lt i* with pleasure flint we repoit fv»n. >r»a*la and Waahlttffon
la rm e 4 M < «a ll
o f HI •tara, «»rrgon
#1 tended tu all the l ‘ ubilo Land State# b/ act
N o n a : k i » k im h i . u A i m s
N o n e n F on r i iti. i c a t i o n
N o t h * V. Ki »H n iii . u a i i o n
H arr ■«it» A Mels in.
o f Mieterà, <tf#g««i».
«fiat Vr*. Lem Rt'e«!, who wa» very sick • f Aufuat 4. 1803.
l '. 9 1-aud «»flit-#. T h e (»allea, Oregon.
0 . B. L*u<l O « . » , T b , OallM. Iittgvm .
C. ft. Land u ft«v, The l ’alk-a, n :g u ^
C harlea 1. Edurn'tfa,
of In nt n lo, «»rrgon.
l.KNARD r . K y RK.
«I« I«»I n r |»|. » »»«
, •
A f . •«( ‘/7th HR«.
the |»i*t week, i« improving under
i h lu lw t U t.. l'O i.
' tèli If R d w a ttl».
o f Tt|n»a*M «•#’ goti
Nette# la hereby g t»*# that I « compilane# !
N o ll«« la hereby given that In r«»«*ipfl#tir*
t»f B end, cou n ty «»f f rt*ok. s*a»«* « y ! O reifoo, h « «
Any had all p - t e e t claiming adversely any
X '.tlrr U h«‘r»l>7 | | . „ tl,,t in «»« « i» I la nee
w||| th9 ,,r..tUi..»a ..f the a. t .«f «.ngr### « f with Ute
the care of l>r. Coe. She had congee- thl# day filc «l in this o ffic e his .«worn «tu tc with th# |»n»alai«ma o f th«* a<-t
ri o
Tie |»r#?tal.irva
|»r«vlabina uf
«*f (he
the a
«»f f ('«•ngvraa of I 0 4 the #6*»vw A n rlletl landa ar# re*|a« ated la
June J. iu7a. .-«tnl.-d " A n act fur (h# aale
i'*. Y*“ ’ * " ' ! " “ l Jun* J. J97M. ent:tl.«l
%» art f..r the w ir f
lion of the brain ar.d was threatened inent N o 3440. fo r the pun-l*Ms»* «»f the \V*t N\V*; Ja».«* .*2, 1 n ; m . cut It l«^l " A n act f . f th«* «ale ..f tlm»er ljr «l» In thr State» .»f t '* i:'..m ia. tire t Initier lauda lu the Míate# uf California. «>rv •U thelv rfnlma tn this uM e# an a# hefwee th «
and N\V‘ 4SW l 4 o f S eetion N«>. 11, in l o w ns h ip tluilær lauda In the Mtatea ..f Calir«»rnla.
•aM 1'Jtli dn> of Nuvt iiiU r , Ta».
g«»a N«*va«ia an«l W**Mtigtnn T e rrito ry ,"
gun. Nevada an«! Washington 1 rrrltu/y .** aa
g»ai. Nevada and Wa«hingti»«i T e rrlt»»ry ." ••
with spinal meningiti*, her lite being No. It* S.. K a n e eN o . 10 E .. W. M..
Mu n « R i . I S u e t s . K t-gM cr
ext*nd«*d to all the Tubile Land D iitra by a«.*l
e « (»tid< d tu all the Tubile Land Mtaie# hf nei
extend»-«! t,» an the Public land States by u t
And w ill offer proof to show that th# land •*f August 4, 1802.
of August 4. Idfti.
• f August 4. I «Oft,
despaired of for two or three days.
•»uebt I# »o r # valuable for its timber «*r at*»n#
E l l a N o r a it I't m ,
M r k î o N M U RI a «O L I».
I At* MA M Pt’ LLKM,
The protracted meetings being held thaa fur agricultural purp»##«. and to cataiiliaA
Heatfle, co u n ty
K in g .
H* r | c o f
Timbar Laad, d e l Jan# ft 197ft
hla claim to uald land t<#for# II. C Kills. t\ S. o f rh illip «b u ru . ro u n ty o f tira n ile . a la le t»f 1 of. Bdttd. Cmtiitv o f Crunk. Atate ««f O r e g o n .' o f
here by Mr. G«sorge and Mr. J»»hnson t outmlaulouer. at hla ofBc# In D#nd, ortgm m , j Montana, ha» th i» «lay tiled in this u ftc e ht» luta fin » dny ill« <) iu Mil* *• ffl- her «u «»rn «la te W '••hlngltni. lia* th l« «lay filed In Hila nifi. • t
N o i IC K E o H H H l.(C ATIO N
bla awnrti ntaleiueUt Nt». h»V fo rth «- |«itrt*ha*i ;
«w o rn »»atcnii-ü l N-. 3RJ. for the pu rrhaae o f (
are well attend'd, judging from Sun­ on the lJth. da y o f January, 1»)7.
0. ft. Land tufi*#. The tulhr«, Oregon.
HÌNW* i and L i t 4, «>f A eetlon N««. :tj, m • •f the W l | N 9 » 4 ai.«1 \\ *,MU » 4 o f Met il .n Nt» .*4
»he K ^ S K 'a , SE*gS\V1 $ mid L«»t 4 o f S-*«-tlon s«>
H e n a m e« a « w itncascs:
A "gn *| /«III I-A»
lu T o w n »h lP No I « M hang«- Nt» B* K . to' >1 «
day afterno«>n.
3t\ in Itiu u a h ip s o M S .Ratine So 11 >., w.
E lm e r N i«w *uaer.
o f Bend, Orerjon.
Swflc# I# hereby g lem that In rempltane#
And n lll <»ffer pmnf tu show ?t>at thè land
And w ill offer to above that the land
And n lll offer pTus>f («. ahuw that the land I
('h a r lo t M W e ym «»u th ,o f Bend. Oreffon.
Neighbor George Wood is reported
► ■ufht Is m«>r# valuable for Ita timber «.r «tone •nufht la a>**rc »tlu tM * f»r Ita tluiher «*r »tot«# •••ught la «nor# valuable fur It# timber or el<>ne • Uh lb# i«roviainua uf ibe art *»f ('««tigr.-aa « f
John H. W cn an d y,
o f B end. OrcROii.
rh«n t e i egri cultural p»tr|«^ea. and tn eatabllah thaa fitf •gr|.*nl»«*al iurp.-#»a, a id tu eetaMlah J«e«# 3. halft m u l l e t •• \u a d for the aal. » t
than for agricultural purp.«#«, and to eetahliah
as haring bought two span of horses,
A lb e r t ( ’ . L u ca «,
o f B en d , O regon .
Ma ' l*lm tu aal«t Un«! tiefurv li. <’ F illi 1‘ . M hla claim o» «aid Und before It <* Kills, t* M fl»tab#r fatid* la Ih# Mlatea uf < a Ufo# ids. Or#-
hla claim t « said land bef«»re II. C KIIU. I". S.
Aunjlaaloner, *t hla o(B«-v In Itend. • »rrgon, CumaitMloutr, at hla uffiew In lWnd. «»rrg..a, gun. 1. *a«!a awl W aabiiif |..a T*-rrl»uey," a «
Commissioner, at hla «.(fi. e In Bend, oregwtt.
A n y an«! all prraons Halm in* adveraely any
• ■tendi d •«* all ih » Tubile f au«l Míale# by « r i
o f the at>«»#r-tlc#rrlb#d landa ar# rmineat«*«! to o » the 10th. d a y o f January. ÜMI7
tul thè 1.1 li. day o f Junnary, TJC7.
t»ti the Ï2 th tiny *»f January, l!RiT
• f Aagaa« 4. Is93.
A new stage driver on tlie Prine- Cl«* tholr elalitia In this offlr# on or beforv tb#
kit* ti h in«*» a « w II n e» i h »
w I LI I ah V Hl* MT.
ville— Cline Falls stage every few days »a id 12th. d a y o f January, 1W7.
N irh o la » Sm ith,
t»f N#tnl. « »regon.
A rth u r T. iMMiuhilv, o f«llR w , O regon.
< h a rle » h<>y«l,
o f R**ud. ort-gon.
M IC H A E L T. N O L A N . R c p lu tr r .
o f l.« ld la w , rttuuiy t»f (*r«*»k »»a*c <d O reg on ,
C arlyle ( ’ . T r ip le !,
o f Ben«!. O reg on .
► rank K i i » ) l w i ,
o f Editi law . o regoti
is no new thing. Joe McClay tried
ha* th l» «la\ filed In ih l» ofUct- h l» »W tiin » I « •
■ <d«ert A Tilett,
o f lle io l, O regon .
la ck »on C T u lla r,
o f l~at la w . O regon.
A lb e r t e . Lucos.
o f liend, «»regola.
w Mil K o :m>i. h.r th e pur» hi«»«? < f f I»«* W
J «ffe r »‘ *n VV B erry,
**f H l»f# r*. O regon.
the reins one dark night. It was the
W illia m A lim it,
t»f L a id i » * . O regon
Timbre Land. A ct Juu# S, 28TS.
A rthu r r . ro n o h u e ,
o f ijtl<ilaw. o re ro n .
.% w * . > K *, t»f Mt.« i o , N o 21, lu lo w tM ln p N •
Any and all persona Halrulnf advcraely any
A ry sud all person« claiming adverarly * aoy
Aay and all p*-r»otta claiming adveraely any j j j g B an ge ftn H» K . to. \|.
night the lamp was lost, but we do not
o f the ab«iv»*-deaerib#d landa are r*-ju#«t«-d to *»f th*‘ llaiTr deacrllted landa are requeated t# • f the above d e erib e d landa a re re«jur#t»d I«
c . ft. Laad o « r # , Th# iMUr#, u rrfoa.
And n )U offe« pr«mf Io ah-iw that the l» .vd
file their claims In this office oo or be fur w tb# flit thetr ria Ima in (bla office #• or he fere th# Cte their ««alma la thla ufllre un #r bvfore tht
hold Joe responsible for that.
auuRbt la mue# valuable for Ita 1 1 u*l*er or a*.>: «
O ctoi er J-'ah , I**..
i.'fh «I»»y o i J itm ia r), 1WT.
» • id lUth. d a y o f Janu ary, NW7.
I /Hi. d a y o f January. I9u7.
fu# agrUahural t*«tr|«.wea. a> 4 I«* eal.ald *b
Joe Murphy, of Prineville, is now
Nottc# I# hereby flv c a that la compliance 1
M IC H A E L T. N O L A N , K e g U ic r.
M IC H A E L T. N o l.A N . I(« g l » i r r
M i c h a e l T. N u l a s . ICe-ixtcr
h'a claim ».« a#ld la».«I »efure II ( ’ Filia, t
with the pro#l#<on# o f th# act o f O o g r c M o f I
at hla «dB'-« In llensl. I»rrg<>a.
with the 1). I. A P. people.
His olfi- June J, IMTM, ratified "A n act for th# • • ¡ • o f
timber land# in the State# o f California. Ore- j
on the lith «1«> of N ttvem lier. IWx*.
cial designation wa* given to the re- fo
n . Nevada and Washington Territory.** a#
II« bnua« • aa w iiu «a * c »
N O T IC K F«»K 1’1 'H LIC A TIO N
to a ll the Public Land State# by act i
jmrier as official stenographer to the extended
E r«n h F (la v im i.
o f L a id la w , O regon.
• f August i . IMS.
i hr a r t s t a t «»r t h / i STRRtnn,
AM b n f I* Ib .tioh n e,
o f L a id la w . Oreg«»n
i h p rle « H-.yd,
«if ll«*n«l, O re g o l«.
leniti f »flii-r nt I ht- liait* h, nifi,* in.
The latest lumber hauler is Bert o f L a id la w , cou n ty o f C rook. * U i e o f O regon,
(¿e-.rge W r .iiie h .
o f I a ld ia w (ife g »»n .
h a « thi.« da y filed iu this o lfice hi# sw o rn state
N o tie r I . I i . t . 1.) s i t , i. l l i . l J' I I * M i K i i 'i t i i
Any and all prraona • -lalialng adveraely a*»y
DeLarinur, who is having a house incut No. 35*#?, fo r the purchase <>f I>»ts* J an<l I
1 o f I lin e Falla O regon , h a » tiled lutili-# ••! h .» af the above .|e*cril»e«| landa are feg w eted »#
fif Section No. 1», iu T o w n s h ip No. lu S., R ange
In te n tio n («• m ak e Unni t*«»uiiuuiali«»u p roof In
the«# • In I «*»• la Ibi» adire <m a f twfwl« the
built on his place out by the cemetery. No. 11 E.. W. M
! «lippnrt «ti til» ela liu . vlx
»■•li » t ili. du> nf N o n tuber, 19*».
And w ill offer proof to show that the land
Contractor O. H. Long has charge of
W. J. BUCKLEY. M i r .
MK II VEL I N O I.A N . K r g la U r
H om estead E n try N«» l l ’-M» in ad# June 12,
•ought I# «x>re valuable for It# timber or «ton#
> 7 11 '
' r a o , n.r I lie M*y¿» E1# R’»«l N ' , * E »4 o l ht-elinll 9.
the work.
than for agricultural purp-.*«-#, and to establish
lo w u a h lp L» 8 KaitR«* TJ E. U . M
claim to acid land before II. C Kills. I ’ . I .
Mr. Hennemer and family, late of hla
For Salt
Tlirou^l. Passcnscr, Kxp>r.-*s and Fart
Commissioner, at hla office la Bend, (>r#goa,
A u d Ihm »a id pr*n«f w ill b * load# h e fo ie
Freijilit srrv:cf frulli Slianiku by way of II i ’ E in ». * . H. t*«»n in il»«lo it# r, a l h i» olii* lu
Pomeroy. Washington, arc living on the on the loth d a y o f January. l'Jt/7.
Vonr Choice now for 75ccats.
Tln »l»# r L a m i, A r i Jutit* 3. I*7M,
l i e nam es as w itn esses:
Iaiiionla, Forest and Kefiuond, to lien «!, (ire g n u , «»u (h r l i l i » , «*•) o f llm - u iln 'i,
Iverson place. W e did not learn the
N O U C K F o k n
iiL lL ’ A T lO N .
A lb e r t C . Lu c »«.
o f Bend. O regon ,
jtarticulars, whether for the winter,
c h a u n e c y P. B ecker,
o f Ijtid la w , oreg<ni.
I n Itn l Ht nil » laMtttl lim in'.
H r iiiiu ir« the fo llo w in g w l l n c M ft to |»rt»vr
C h a rles L. Winaer,
o f Tuinul«», O regon.
'1 bv U h Ilu». Or«**on.
I . e v r a I . a i 'l l a w P r i l l a r n o o n a r r iv a a lila r o litln u o iia reside Reg up«*u. an«l eu U lV allon
ior clearing, whether rented or what
Joseph N . H u nter,
o f B« nd. (»r»g o n .
o e to t»r r 1 * T*»*.
in Slianiko Turclay nichl.
Prave* i»f, ik e la n d , v i t :
Any and all perw»na claiming adveraely an/
N o i I pv U livrrlijr r I\rn Unit In r«iin|illanr«»
o f the above-described lands a re requested to
[My stock took sevei firsts x i
John It ( '« » tiran,
wl C lin «« F i ' l i , O fr g o n
« tifi (Ht* i r«»v l»l«»n » «• f ili«« a« t «»! t'liiiR n -»* • • I
Clarence Jackson's genial smile is file their claims fta this office ou or before the
T h otn a » H ayhuru.
uf * lin e Kalla. O regtui.
Laidiuw Pri.lay noon.
/ h im - U 19TM, •-filiti« <1 " A n ni*i fo r tin- ■ali- o f
three seconds at the fair.
I E d w a rd Tr I« h etl o f t Hue E r IU. «»rrg o n .
expected to return this week— wesup- 10th. day o f January, lsdlT.
1 1 nt iw-r i«ii< !» In th r £<«(«•• nf (M l Ifo rn la , O rticoli,
M IC H A E L T . N O L A N . Register.
John W in k le.
o f C lin e F a ll». O teg oli.
lle»i|<|iiartrrR at th« Clironiri« office,
N« -vu «In «n tl « n»ÍMiitfton T e r ri t u r ) n » t-x t r io l -
)*ose that Clarence will conic along-he
M ie li a KL T. N o l a n , R tg ia le r .
io h M th r Tiitillu Lumi Htut«'a l»y R«t o f A ll*
Laidlaw ; |*>*to(tice, Redmond ; fSl.aiiiko
generally does.
II 9
g n »( I, li*.»-/,
W i i l i a m U B arm rs ,
Post master C. N. Ehret carries a
o f l.a lA liiw , com itY «»f Crottk, 8t«t«« o f Orrtfott,
badly burner! hand. It lurks as though
I hn* Ih f» «luy fil» «1 In t lil» o lfir r h i» »w o rn »tut«-
j m en i \«*
f«»r th r |»iirrhn»«« »»f Ih«* H W 4 o f
he might have been trying to mix hot
St Loui*, Mo., April 24, l.*)6.
Í th r N E*4 o f S r r ilo n No, !•*, Ili T o w ita h ip No. 17
asphaltum and gasoline. It is only a
M. HMOtfr N o. Il E . W . M .
To Our Atr^nts and Policy Holder*:
! A n d w ill «»Ifrr p ro o f (•» »h o w flint th r )nn«l
guess, however, and must !>e taken for
W e have telegraphic advice
»«• i ir I ii I» mori- VMlnnhlr f«»r lt » tlin l»r r o r »ton i»
what it is worth.
thMii ho a f rluuM ora i pnrpn»«-», « n « l to rata M I» li
| from tlie managers of otir Pacific
hla r i al in lt» »a lti lum i 'trfor# Il t*. EMI», r B.
Neighbor O. H. Long's family is e x - , c<J(l(lt Department,estimating the Iu#
( «>m inlH»ionrr, al h i» (»file r in B ru «), o r t R o o ,
oí» tío- I Hi «I •> o f Jam iu rv. 1977.
pected back this week.
j Me8 f)j
^ nierjcan Central Insurance
H r n'«ni- » a» w ilii(* »o »
Neighbor Hensley now has bis wind j I C Company
o m p a n y b by
v t the
h e conflagration
g r a tio o w llid l
nf L a ld litw , Ori C<» i i .
mill on the tower ami claim* to have
chnrl'-a w, A ilrn ,
• • f L k H U w . Orrir«»n
V.“* ?
I visit ad Sin Francisco at
rrank k . i»»«> t<ni,
o f Lot«lI*»•%. *lrvu'>n.
fifteen barrels of water. It looks as
Tii«' 0 «li tv HtM*kt-r
o f l.nlil'.RW, Ori won
though, with the amount of wind we
Alt y nnd all |H*r«oii» c ln lin lu g H t lv r r v ly
f h r h I i M r «1r»crihc»l lundi» urr rr«|tiri>l< «I lo Ili««
have been having lately, he ought to
When near our store step in and examine these goods, rest in our
easy chairs, and listen to the wonderful Edison Phonograph.
r r S
Laidlaw Express
E. e. P A R K ,
Redmond, Ore.
That’s Why We Sell So
have more than that.
Yours Truly
had four barrels, the other day, and
the wind had not been blowing at all.
Nine buyers are reported at lieing in
the past week. We did not learn names
and addresses.
If any one who runs over these
notes ha* any suggestion* as to how
they may lie made more readable to
the general public, the suggestions
will be gladly received by
Yours truly,
The obligations of tlie Company in
the Han Francisco disaster will lie:
promptly met.
After paying the ettimated losses,
the Company’s financial standing will
he as follows:
Cash Capital,
Surplus to Policy Holders
Assets, —
3, 822,031.00
Hound indemnity should be the
first consideration of tlie ]>eople, and
E. C. Park.
financial strength is dependent upon I
adequate rate*. The remaining re- j
sources of the Company justify the j
We have been having some fine con fidance of our policy holders, t he ’
showers of late, which is good on fall public, and the continued good faith'
and support of our agents. W e urge;
J. M. Patton was here several days our representatives to push for good
| business.
this week attending to business.
Faithfully yours,
Win. Baker returned home ftom the
Geo. T. Cram,
Dorrance Bros, taw-mill where he hat
been employed, lie it now working
It fmy« to intm r in a company like
at tb* Hightower-Smith Co. mill.
I E. W i mer and Charles Hpaugh the above as in coee of fire your losses
made a trip to the Haystack country “t1» adi*i»t«id at once and without long
last week after seed grain.
«nt! expensive litigation.
W e arc
Si Perkens left a few days ago for »gent for the Amerior n Centra! Co
.Klamath r a il» where he exj^cts t o ' «'id »olioit your insurance.
W . P.
•yeud the winter,
j Myers, at tbe Chronicle Ottic*.
Gome and be Conv
High Grade H ard Wheat Flou r -
W H IT E R O S E o r G O L D G R O W N $1.50
R oyal Club Syrup 1*2 gat. SOetSf Iga l.9 5 ets.
9 Gans Gorn
S 1.00 .
IU Pounds D ry Granulated Sugar $ L OO
8 Bars Fairbanks Soap
We save you 20 to 25 per cent on
The Largest and most Progressive
Store in western Crook county.
t h r ir r i In i» in fh l» o lfir r ini o r l»rf«»rr »u lti
i' BMh. »lay of January tR»7
M m m a r i . T Nui. a m , K i'iil»t« r.
il '»
TtaUwr f^r»d.
Art Juna ft
«* k p i i ii . i c a i io n
0. f t Land Oftr#, TU# I lai Ira. Oregon.
lÿep trM h rr 1 l i l i . . mutt.
N«*tlr# ta hrrrhy fflw n that In r?»mpllanr#
i with tU# provlahma «if th# art
Tonfn-aa o f
> Juur 3, 1979, m tltlr d "A n art for Ih«* ani# « f
I flrnfor laiote In th# KtaM-a «*f Cnllfornla, Or#-
! fon. N#vada and Waahlnfton Tt-rrllory,’ * ••
I axtrndrd tu ai) ih# Tubile Land E tat#« l»y a d
j o f Aafuat 4, 1993,
Li H Mi RT T. Bu h r ,
J o f T in n alo , co u n ty o f Lronk. Htato o f O reg o n ,
I un» th is day flit d in l lil» « ffir«« h l» - u «»rn »fa ir -
¡ D i«nt No. 3229, fo r the pu relia h © o f th# N \V*4, o f
S r rtlo n No. «M, In T n w ilr lllp N o. 16 H.. Bnnifu
* No. 10 K . W. M
And w ill offer prrw>f to show that th# land
aongtit la more vatuahl# for Its timber o r »ton#
than for nfrlriiltural pnrpoara. and tn #»t*M I»U
hla rlattf. to aald land I»#f*»re II. (* Kills. (7. H.
i Cotnmfaalonrr, at hla ofllra In Band, Orrgon.
n o t ic e
on th# 12th. day o f Janilury,
H r n a in e» a » wltnifM ca:
JamcN A. Mr<’*«II,
o f S L tc r ». O regon
I l a r r la«»i» A. M e lv in , o f H I»t»T*, O regon .
K o h rrt A. T »«*tf ,
o f T u n r ilo , O regon .
John II. E d w a rd », o f Tu m ulo. O regon
Any anti all p#r»»uii »-»aiming adrrrnrly any
• f fh# ahnv# d«’»«--rlhril lanil» ar# rroiD •* «1 to
•I# fh- •Ir r»it,*>«« •** fh«» •
e n«f o r hrf.>r# th#»
an Id 121 h. ol JAtiunry, T.HYT
M I 'H a k i . T
N oi »
s .
K r s l.'s r .
It •
Tour Homestead or Desert Land
b e f o r e I I . C. EHis, U.H. Commissioner
at Bend.
W e wifi make ont yotu ap­
plication free at tlie Chronicle oflice.