Laidlaw chronicle. (Laidlaw, Crook County, Or.) 1905-19??, May 28, 1903, Image 3

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    RlSUMt O f THE
Newsy Hems Gdthered I rom Ail l’arto
of the World.
U « n « m l Rnvliiw o f Importimi Hap-
|>©niny, # Dtmontod In n lirifif anti
Compre h*in»iv# Manner fur liuny
Hon«l«ir» - National, Politicala Hila
lot teal amj CornmercUl,
hlk)l<»|lM in tin* Mi i I km I i * t K'-mral cun
In i tier i• .i * M • I llu* hr
•Kiii/r Molai
i r.itirr may It.i \ « lu rr
I I alni «i» • ult an • Í Muiu
I hr lair I i
». "•»* a K»
B* fi •« r I lu­
( It i r n t
Miai Kn,
>v « » n u r
ta llir
h a l l I« s i i t i
if Nr
ht « « ih r
fieri Ir
will I m 11 u t K a m / ' ‘ I
i'.ifil uf arhitralu
l o t tar Mlikc
111 11 • i h i y 11 • K ‘ f
i < m l i f i t t i I IK
In « lami. I »io*
Ff, s h y I r I ta»
r o t i t i I t ' S tu
.H ilft
V an
i m i al .r. . r f i i h l y
« a law i taking
I ■ !
. ip a t i t
akallit a.
s, nays rtiltcn
I mirti
a lu
ami that
I tu* 1" "l*" -•
mit *f*A a i r t i u h
• !««!
Mal u
Ndftnral I v.
1 « Irnl am!
lin i
f ul
H ip
• I fumi I hr
A ll
1 hr
• »» i t i t m o
tm i K* r y 1
ami N«w i
iik i a k s
Atlan|j( M.ittirshipn St iri North, Olii*
«*rt Ciu South.
Han Frinirmeo, May IP
Thn Allunile
linei <if hfill h'Nhipa, after Ili *lny* nf
naviil pngeiifitry ami merryiimking in
Hall FriuieiBeu, nailed yenter*hiy moni
mg al. IP o'clock fur l'uget Houml, lt r
r iviiik uff Htatth» un May 1*1, One ha!f
uf Ilio nlupn will dock ut llroiiirrtun
uavy yard whiln al tlm north, and tho
ottiorN wdl return horn fur repumi ami
pumi mg heneath Ilio water line.
Piuv dava in Puget Holind will ho
uyer half thè frionth, and then thè of
t licer« and meri will reumi« Ih« usuai
| routine of man o ’ war lif«. Ordem eall
fur Ilio reasHemhlmg of Ih« flet i in Han
IVuneiiteo Imrhor noi lutar than Jtily 3.
I »n Jwly 7 thè fieri will toni f #»r 11orto
1 li hi. uml after a week ' a nlay there will
go tlirert to Auckland.
Th l'arifle fleet of arrnored cruÌBera,
iiiidei eummnnd o f Kefir Admirn) l>ay
Imi, «ail«d South Humlay riiorning ut 8
oYIoek, and K**ar Admiral Hperry, in
<a* » tu vii H tid uf thè Atlantic fleet, h .iAt«-«l
fur thè firet lime hm rummiinding flag
uf blu«. Me mg junior m lineai rmk
to Admirn) f)nytnn, Admiral Hperry
w ha rum pel led hv mi vai regalai luna tu
fly a Aid ordinate Pag of reti ho long
a t th« l'un fi «• flrvt r'inai ned ut tbin
Mt al ion.
T li« long line of nrrnor«-*! crulsem,
whieli artiled fur Hantn Barbara. wiia
head'd !<y thè tlagnhip West Virginia,
ami ineluded th« f'olurado, Maryland,
Penna vi vania. 'IViirmAA«»«», Washington
and ( ’alifurid ». The protecfnd cruiser
* hlirleMtnfi, flagship of K«*ur Admirtl
Hwinburne, alau nailed wifh thè fleet,
hut h'-r deal inat ioti ia M utep-y.
ih r
• «tiff» at i i l a l i * ' i h
h a ll l r s h ip
t i r ni d u t t u n
1 1 J H *11
I'a tilu
lr«l a suit
Jrw II a vrti
union and
» Ur y !< .ails
Comhtiona Are Growmp; Belter Under
Prince Ito'» Mule.
day pH a ted hills providing f o r the con
tifiliafj' e of the Porto 111 111 regiments
of infantry and authorizing tin- a-il«» of
lari«!« at th« head o f Cordova May,
Alaska, to a private corporation.
Washington, May lit
Th« house to
i no ¡ é 'i i l l y W i l l he i id* »ft« d fur violation
lay again ahow«’d its cupfteity f o r work,
of tie * ' niimu' htu » (datisi of the M« p -
hiiru lull
A l d r n h iiKiiurt-d of huit n and wjtji adjournment in mind, c«»n-
tinu«*d tin» cleaning up pro««» n. The
t,[ ( ) n gun how nitidi o f llu- total appro
I priai ion ca rt n d by the t lami« hill wa« eonferefir ,. f*.port on tin* legnlative ap
I fur Southern war claims and was tubi propriation hill was agr«*e | t»»j confer
that tw o third« w i r e o f that character ence reports on tho agricultural and
were r«»
anil one h a l f o f those i< *r «lainage» to fnrtiflcatioa appropriations
«•«»I v«»d
liuiec pr I" ' ■
Th« hill making an appropriation of
Ahlru h siigg« steri that the time «»light
for repr«-«entation by tlm
MM*!I tu CUllll! to stop all »wane* «»f this $r»00,0(gi
kind o f t Uints arising \’¿ years after the I nit» I H*at»a at the Tokio exposition
un!d nut was pasted, as w«*re a!ao the two omni­
war, w in u the government
anything bus hills embodying 40 separate mean
•.rciire witnesses w h o kn«*'
ur«-s having to do with public land and
.t I »* » ut them, except t luise wh«» are rv
lit «1 up«»n by t lii- 11.limanti t » prove matters in th« territories,
landing a vote on a bill providing
their lo • «
fur t e i-tsuaoce of lea*«* o f public
I tiltun *. iid be would offer an ameni
ment would do just what wa dr I land in th*» Panarmi canal zone, a r»»
cea* was taken until tomorrow.
Th<- omnibus territories hill, embrac
*« ting lo rnivisures favoraiily conaidere«!
Wa» hingt on, May
amendment to the postofFi'r apprupna- j by committee was passed, under auf
t ; « » r i lull «• -.lending the mean mail sub i penai -n *if th*• rules. The various pr«>*
u l u s to steamers plying on th« Pacific i visions of th»* hill deal exclusively with
( )<.. m 1[«» vii«* f >f :« ttt ami Ai: stratta and * legislation pertaining to the territories,
Ufi t !»•* B.irthc ali«! Atlantic t<» S tuli ! the most important of whieh is on»-
Am« •rir;in |M*rtA wa tlic stitijc. t uf w arm regulating the sal« «*f )i«juor in Alaska.
«!. I m itr in ih«* liuir«• ami tin.iillygcnuscd The pannage <,f the hill in this manner
I I m * t • i *•i 1 1<<n uf the confer«' lire report waa to limit the debate to a minimum,
te uf 145 tu ! Mi Tin re IS little to nbviat*- at least 14 roll calls.
hy .i
|*fu !*«•» t tfu- hu um : coti ferir» will
B y the provisions of a hill, the secre­
y.rl. 1 tu t li«- *<*tiau*
tary of the navy i« authorized to ac
cept arid car»« fur gifts, such as silver
T hursday, May 21
services, presented to vessels of the
\Vu*h nij/t»*n. May 21
Th e proceed navy.
uitf* ol th«» a * nate t da/, fl,« is usual
t-JWfi r « ! t li * * ri A*» o f ;i a «’ ni«» u. covered
Monday. May 18.
u u Illltjtixli’ of Buifj .et», including a
Washington, May 1M. In the
l.-lbl.i- firmi nufi".in • #ffl«-fit i*h Un* **ur-
today Mu Ik l«y of C*»nnecticut, cal!e«i up
r»»n*’ f q|U(*At i"|J. Ami OU un H1»
«•«»il f IT.-, •H of th© ie ri:it«- an i li OU A# Utl !;i« hi f<>r th«» r«*storatiun o f the negro
tb« n i r m i r v Kill w i ul«i 1»«* u nuble tu soldier* *f th*- Twenty-fifth infantry,
agree is congr»-»»« is t»» ad jo i irn at au who w*r»» di»charge<l without honor by
early »lay, Aldrich rep rted from the th*» pr* ■»ident because *>f the Brownsville
Bulkl«*y explained that owing
joint resolution ;.ffrav
cominitt«*« on Ariane«»
ivuidahl«* absence of Bodge sf
ting a national monetary commis to th*
tu h* composed " f nine senators Masta • M.-tts and Foraker of Ohio, h«?
to investigate would not«!«» mure than call attention to
nn«J nine i •pr« s«»ntativ«
all ina ter*» eoncernmg the ! inking and j I»i» bill. Me hoped to again call it up.
system o f the «• »untry. and the He said he was satisfied th«) people *f
the country *li | not approve the post
resolution was pa s««*-I without debate.
Ih» h * nate passed a t ill appropriating ponement of action until next Decem­
ber, as ¡igr»»»^! upon by the senate
nabla t
f.ig i
culture to e-i operate with states for th»* declar'd if po»***i!*!*• he would secure ac­
conservati n of foresta. It also pro tion during the pres» nt session.
* f r a commis«ion of live mernbiT«
o f t!i** senate an»! five from the house
Washington. May 18.— The passage of
’ - > . - ■ 11 • ! % the who!© ou
f th
the 1. • *e today of the general «]■'»
necessity, desirability and legality of fleienev appropriation bill, carrying an
the pur*- iit>e of forest hind by the appropriation of F17.36H.672, marked
I nife»! States and to r»-p rt to the next th*- c ompletion bv that body o f the last
congress *
of the gr»-at supply measures. The bill
The s*nut«» today parsed the general
was pit through under suspension of
deficiency and military academy appro
the rules, with no time allowance for
priation hills, the last of the great ap grnerai debate.
propriation hills
Th«* republican leaders in th# bouse,
Friday, M.ty 2 2 .
I In- «»mnihtis
Washington, May 22
unis lull was cuii Miicrt «I by the Sen
it- r< h >lu
ali today until «li .pl»»1 < «Ì by
lion f' • sten«! th«* pt-riu« I dm mg whu li
F A C E S F I N A N C I A L P A N IC .
M e * ieo Take* S l i p * to Improve »it-
uation \if Adjusting Duties.
M« xifo, May IK. I.unantoiir, the
ri’ti t r y u f the tr«a*ury, hein« inter
• (,out the intention o f the KOVi’ rnment
t » tnke nome positive nud active mean
ii c h to improve the financial situation,
limited biruHrlf to saying that the only
measures proposed hy the government
for hi y Hijch purpose will be presenter!
to contres* for it. action, and eonviat
in abolishing the duties on tho expor­
tation of hemp, f <r ti e encouragement
of it. producers in VucalC“
The sec­
retary added: “ In reality, our eConomi*
situation doe. not inspire either anxiety
or fears of any class. There has never
been a period during tho economic
stringency abroad and which has affect­
ed the whole world, that there has been
in Mexico a moment of the fear of a
panic or anything liko it. Moreover,
the attention of the government of
Mexico to th<- financial condition is not
a thing of today or yesterday. It be-
pms always at tbe flrst sign of an epoeb
of stringency in any of the money ren
ters of the world; and this constant
vigilance has never ceased. The gov­
ernment, watching affairs in the money
world, doe» not believe any extraordi
nary measures are necemary in the
[■resent situation. The normal con­
dition is everywhere reestablished, and
our banks, following my instructions,
have maintained a system of circum­
spection and caution, limiting their op
•-rations to affairs that offer ample se­
curities. The solidity of our banks is be­
yond doubt, and they are in a condition
to meet whatever contingency. Th* fact
that business conditions in Mexico are
improving daily is very satisfactory to
thn government, and our financial con­
nections, though there has never been
here grave fear of trouble. We are
like an individual, who suffers an at-
tack of indigestion, which does not en
danger his life o f health, but for the
moment annoys and takes away bis ap-
petite, obliging him to let his stomaeh
rest a little. This rest is, in both
cases, the only remedy necessary, effi
carious and beneficial.’ ’
Severjl People Hurt by Outrages of
Striking Men.
Day is One o f Lawlessness Attempt
at Arbitration Fails Pollr.a Find
Bos o f Explosives Intended f o r
Other Cars Cars Blown Up W ere
Loaded With Passengers.
Clevelaad, O., May 19. A Broadway
Street ear was partially ilestroyed by a
dynamite torpédo last night. While 25
passenger» were in the rar, ae one, for
a miracle, wa* seriously hurt. A panie
followed, and a uiad rush for the exits
was made.
A suburban car was also damaged by
the explosion of powder os tbe track.
The floor o f the car was smashed
through, and one woman was severely
A fte r 1 o ’clock yesterday morning a
Detroit avenue ear wan dynamited near
fine Hundredth street. The tracks were
badly damaged, but the single passenger
and the crew w*-re uninjured.
At 12:30 o ’clock a small box, which
the poliee say contained dsadly ex-
plusives, was found on the tracks at
Broadway and Fast K ifty fifth xtreet.
The box was discovered with a s ir less
than 500 feet away.
A t 1 o ’clock rioting b e g » » near the
Windomere barns, in Fast t i e r s and,
when strikers cut six trolley wires,
l.iucmen for the Municipal Traetion
company turned out in force te repair
the damages, but were drive» back by
a gang e f three hundred mea.
Sanili, May IP
Con litiona t!.r uigh
uni Cor«« are irnpruvmg. The deter
(he Bankers' minmtion of Prince Ito, thè r«**i<|ent g* a
• M i n
.aid utilrnn (hr eml from J:tpan, to supprea* Ih« dia
uh. I <
• h» tr tl< p«>Mi * wrrr orderly element, no t!»at thè pearefid
; • •[
K" , eminent will have farming pupulatiun may do their work
•n III« unti v mg «I latrici « whcre arme)
America. Germany and Japan Hold O ff
banda are harrving tl*e farina And vii
• rmmnt has start iuges, ia ahown hv thè prornpt arrivai
W orld P o w e r » .
imi Marlin Jacoby, of reinfnrrernenta of gemlarmerie nuin
D-ndon, May 19— I.imitation o f naval
»f a lar^r mercan- he ring ahoul 6,000, who w i’l hi» scat
Appropriations N ow Exceed Those o f armament may shortly be agreed to by
T ijr • I with mi sap* terni throngh«»ut Corea.
the Kuropean powers, according to a
Previous Session.
i oou uuii and $ >
statement made by a high British gov­
Prince Ito hut* i*«tii** | atrirt inatruc
Washington. May 19.— The present ernment official, who said:
tiun» to .lapnneae a>ddiera nn*t civiliana
session of congresa, to enl this week,
“ While England has no immediate
Inhurjf, l' i . Brian that they muat n »l treat thè Coreana aa
M »(•» »
is i record-breaker. The appropriations intention of issuing invitations to a
a ronrjuered p«ople whieh they are aot
*.rrrt primary.
.1 1 h* fun
of this session so far authorized exceed congress for the reduction of warship
l ui tliat ali thè righta of hiw shilling
N • v a ■ hi , i • very
I M i l l ' O'
those o f the fir»t session of the 59th eonstruetioa. nevertheless work is be­
rdirena muat he m p e f l w l un*ler j»en
J ll V * . in* nay t r rimuot alty of aevere pun ahment
congress by more than ♦3d0.000.00*). ing done to bring about an understand­
low, it«.I
The total appropriations made up to ing among tbe powers to this ead. The
Putir thonannd Corean poliee, under
approximately efforts that are being made are unof­
iJOf .fumiti F Mr!m|rr in tu tur Jnpane«*« oflleera, will !►« enliated and
♦ »-rl.M4.907. This amount will be in­ ficial, and considerable headway already
Four hundr«*! new telephone
« o U n r l K m n t h r an |*u\ «-rament en
creased bv the general deficiency and has resulted. Within a year is it very
telegrnph oflir.-a wdl l»e eataMiaht»d in
in e r » I i'ortlntol
omnibus public buildings bills and such probable the ground will begin to be
thè diatrie?* inf««te»l hv revilutiuniata,
Arl i l mt i on
f the utrert rnr strike
other tM-awures as may go through be­ cleared for an understanding.
at» that criav eomrniinieation may he ha I
n i t ' l v v r l m I n I * him 1* «m arrAnge*!,
fore adjournment.
wdh thè snidi*-r* and polire
“ Three governments at present stand
I t K i m « n o t i n g r o u t tu irn
The session has also established a opposed to armament limitatiom. They
TI»« crup prosperi througli Corea ia
i»nr l u l l wan kii • • 1 mi l |U injured e Ir r ' |«nt
are the T’ nited States, Japan and
resolutions introduced and considered inanv. Apparently it has now become
in a h || f'liir t^; » fir*-, whi rh dent roved
Prince ito todav atten»1r*l thè cele
through a majority of the committee
♦ I ().( 0«> worth of pr *pi rt >
a set poliey of the V nited States to
hratim of thè 2fith anniverwnry of thè
Washington, May 21. The hous*-
There been 7,127 bills lay down two battleships of the Drewd-
opeuing of f'hemnlpo to foreign tradii spetti atioth»-r biiny dav today. Aft«*r' «in ways .and means, today served final business
A tof|i<lo punned through a f ar mi ng
Me waa urennipanied t«* Cheniulpu from a pMitrneted «lebate. th«* < »nf»*rence r«* ' notice of “ no tariff revision at this s«*s introduced in the senate, and 21,940 naught type yearly. This means that
• • l o»« n«ar t |riv t *’iit»-r. Kan., d* ntroy
Representative t*lark, of Mis in the house. In the senate 90 joint America will never enter any interna­
Seoul hv liia ari il e, a numher of foreign pori on flie Distrut of ( «»iumbia trac . sior "
uitf B,a€b property amt killing thri-e
constila and thè Curean miniater of agri tioa bill, p«‘rniitting thè laying of souri. moved in the committee an omni resolutions were offered, of which 30 tional agreement that will not recognize
I pi«
Chemiilpo waa en fete. At n str«*«-t cht tracks to thè l'nion. station, I us favorable report on 80 odd tariff were passed and nine have become laws. her right to mantain a fleet superior
I anquet, T'rinre Ito, in hi* adilrcee, waa Jidopted with thè provision f o t tini nslueti« n and tariff removal bills, most The senate considered 184 simple reso­ to the mikado’s. N o present hope ex­
The at earner Tai» it a m t , f r o m I . i v i r
p *ul for Now V »rk. han heilten her fur apnke of thè j»«aceful ami friendly de v*»rsal tra»jf»f«»rs «diminated; thè confer- !v introduced in the session by demo lutions.
ists of Japan arquiesring in sneh a
T'p to this time 115 kills and 15 joint : proposal, and so it is hopeless to ex-
it»er record f-r rroiiiOK the ocean by velupmenf of Corea in order that thè I «•«••«• rep«ii t on thè agneultnral appr«v «•rat«. The motion was defeated by a
Coreana might, in tli« future, bave inde ! priuttoii bill w as ugr«M»d t•»» ; thè seuatc solid vote of all the republican members I
ni*ver» 1 U urn
| peet the Americans and the Japanese
senate has passed 494 bills. 17 of which can be counted on to sign a aaval re­
pend«nce under ri atahle government, .amendment* wbich incr«».ise*l bv #1.000, of th«* committee.
» >k 'ahorna ' a *t At • guar ant y law hat
and hecome a friendly and prosperotia ' On th«- public building bill approprili
duction pledge.’ ’
\ hank failed and in slly
of .lapan
ti«»u were «Itsagree»l to, and a confer
n»«|r of AB h ur the deputili or» wei e I e
Saturday, May 16.
«n'-e nsked, and bilia were pasM*d aa
iti^ paid in full.
Washington. May 10 Practically the
• hole da-, in th»* sonate was spent iu j
mg t«» veto the
Ito #■ ?r!t 'H pre,
f-.Hlnblislung ;n thè interior depnrt ,
Lawyers Begin Arguments^toX*»ury in
con'i lerntion of the bill concerning for­ British Hold Great Demonstrationt Fa­
p u l i i i© I u Id n^* hl I f rongr«»*** don *1
un ni a bureau of min«*« and prov o! ng • est reserves in the Applachian and
Ruef Case.
voring Import Duty.
p • ** an mit i in j . i «‘ I • n till, and the Delegates From Entire World Going
for thè « (» operation <»f atatew f«>r tho White mountains. It was finally passed,
London, May 19.— A groat army of
• ’title '» Bind h I ‘Mid v provision
May 19.— Taking of
to London.
• • • - v ■ :. n f th« foresta and waters I after a nf nearly tw., hours'
n on and women interested in the hop testimony closed and arguments were
nod h suit against Senator
London Mav 1 *#. Delegates from a uf th»* Whitt and S ittliern Appla .i:m n bv Senator Tell.-r, of Polorado, industry in England, estimated to num- begun today in tbe trial o f Abraham
it f r «1 % ree h i* 1 < * ll dismissed, :ml thousand diocrses scattered throughout ni-* unta, u* and th.. npp mut meut
in opposition
It carries an appropria I er more than 59.000, held a demonstra Ruef. on the charge of bribery. Assist­
u* has lin n a rre-tod on the grouii*! the world have been select©«I t » attenti llUtiiill.’ll t .pet f iimminii 0.
’ u.n o f ♦*1.000.000, and its chances of tion in Trafalgar Square this afternoon ant District Attorney Heney opened for
ili sa«» wa.* im 'N • r mnrri«»*l t>> tht« st»n the Pun Anglican congress to be heb!
passing the house at this session are in fav.-r of imposing a duty of $10 on the prosecution, and was followed by
in i/ond«»n in .June These *!el*-g:ites.
Wednesday May 20.
every hundredweight of hops imported Henry Ach for Ruef. Aeh did nat finish
Mrvsn says Alabama j»rimanes wer# including laymen and clergymen, will
As a first move to redeem the repub into this country.
Washington, M aj L'a*— T h e senate
until a late hour tonight. Tomorrow
ti most cus»* b»‘ accompanied l*v their today passed thr omnibus public bean promise o f revising the tariff, the
\ iciorv over tlic trusts
Special trains brought in thousands Heney will close, and it is expected that
I bishops, nn*l if the prophecy of the or building bill insetting not only the ser ate adopted a resolution authorizing from Ront. Suw. x . Hampshire. Worees- Judge Pooling will deliver his instruc­
H . m l # r D«nl v, • f I .on i n n i , has bo#n jgntiixers is fulfill' »I. the* ss vvi I
numerous amendments suggested by tlie finance mommittee to take up the *» r and Hereford, the great hopgrowing tions to the jury late in the afternoon.
• ei<«cf#d I v the legislature
1 rank among tin* greut g it in-rings of ti e senate . •niniittec on public build­ •a 1 jeet o f tariff rates and to employ counties, while the east end of London,
Preliminary to the opening of the ar­
The rsptihli an m t i o m l convention religious Wíirkors.
ings and g: inds but also a few pro experts to prepare information to assist whence emanate almost all the hop- guments. three witnesses were briefly
will open # ich lay with a praysr.
.sell by individual senators.
As in the revision of the schedule«. The : -k.-rs, furnished a contingent perhaps examined. G. H. I'mbsen. the real es­
sent th«*ir accept anees, an«l. ns each
committee is also to report as to legis­ twice as large as the growers and la­ tate man. was questioned by Mr. Ach
A fv*ler.«l grand jury has begun an *!ioct-s© in the I nited Htat«»s will also passed I he lull carries a total o f about
♦ .la ,000,000, o f which $0.000,000 is for lation. reciprocity or otherwise, nere« borers from the provinces.
regarding the checks which were passed
investigation of tli • Nei r Vork cotton “«•ml one or mure clergymen or laymen,
A fte r Icing marshaled on Victoria when the Parkside money was first
llu larger appro­ sury to enact in order to secure equit­
building c< ntraets
Anterica will !»«* well rcpreacutated as pnations f di new buildings added by able treatment for American products Kmlxinkment. the demonstrators with drawn out of the l'nion Trust Com­
Night ri«i*»rs continu© to do much regards numbers an*l ability; nil the the senate included
Riverside, Cal , abroad. The committee will sit during banners flying and bands playing, pany’s bank, and later, in two portions
• l.ttiingc by burning tobacco barns in colonies will have th«*ir spokesmen nnd $125.000, 1 \orctt and Walla Walla, the summer.
marched to the square, where English of $15.000 each, from the Crocker-Wool-
niis*i<>nnries from every portion of the Wash . $ 140,000.
K entusky.
m.-u with a grievance always have been worth Bank. Joseph E. Green, o f tho
globe will come to tell of their work
accustomed to assemble. Speakers from Parkside Company, wns reealled by Mr.
I lit- limit of cost fixed for the sub
A s»as has been air«’*te<l in Chicago among native tribes.
half a dozen platform* harangued the Henev to show that William H. Croe.ker
treasury building in San Francisco
fur obtaining money while posing as a
The programme embraces problems of was increased from $>75.000 to $h)5,- ment was continued in the house today multitude on the ruin of the industry j [,aq „ „ t been present at the meeting o f
Cu¡tod Hiatos army officer.
n divers«» character, and in order to get ooo
through the dumping of Ameriean hops! ex Mayor
•*----- « Schmitz
l _ : » _ - - and
■ William
— J.
v w:_
The senate amendment provid­
Ke tarns from tlie city election at through the list of pa|n»rs th<* work has ing for a new office building for the was sent to conference; the confer­ into England, and resolutions were gee. Dingee followed, and he contra­
DiiiiTir iihtirate that the tlernocratid been divided into six sections, which | departments of State and justice to be ence report on the military academy adopted by acclamation calling upon dicted Green by saying that, to the best
will sit simultaneously during the
cek used jointly was retained, the lilti bill was agreed to; the general de­ the government not to delay in helping of his recollection, both Mr. Crocker
«•a udii la»« for mayor will be elected.
of June Ifi to June 22
mate cost of which is limited to $2,- ficiency appropriation bill was reported, to re establish the industry and placing and Mr. O ’Brien were present at the
It is said Bryan will support Culber­
500.000, and it is hinted that if this and the following bills passed: Grant­ a duty on all imported hops.
son for th© democratic presidential can
item is not retained the bill may be ing compensation to government em
dotate if he cannot g«»t the nomination
The amendment ap­
Hard T im es fo r Actors.
New York, May 19. Alexander Law. allowed to fail
Six Killed in Tornado.
o f the continuance of the
propriating ♦ ■* 00,000 for purchase of , i authorization
New York. May 19.— The coming sum­
New Orleans. May 18__ A tornado
Th# pepila of one of New York's
an embassy building in Paris to be
swept across the central part of Louis mer gives every promise of being the
schools hnvo been appointe«! sergeants ington a resolution passed at the recent used as an office and residence also
iana late this evening, killing six and i hardest one in years for the members
to report niisc<in<luct by the regular
Test Com modity Clause.
here, reported to n gathering of unem-
. of the theatrical profession. It has
pat ro! men
more than 50 person«, ( h i t .
. ...
... . . . .
Washington, May 19. To facilitate minting
plovisl today in Manhattan l.vceum He
i been a long time since there has been is
Washington. May 19 The confer- a final decision of the constitutionality
A New York man h is kille«) his father s i-l that Congressman Fame«, of New
jaignier, T,a.. 150 miles norfhwe«t ° t I disastrous a season theatrically, as th»
uni lu ms«* If hocrtuMc the rmn did not like | York, had promised to introduce in tin. | cnee report on the sundry civil appro- and construction of the commodities New Orleans was practically wine) nut lone jnst closed, and there is no prospect
i second marriage by hi* fat lier, who is house of representatives the resolutions 1 pri.ithui hill was submitted to the elnuse of the railroad rate law. it is of existence. Chataignier w as a place j of any bettor times for the actor for
j house today and action on it his been
«2 years old.
<»l tho convention calling for a largo postponed until tomorrow. The rc- proposed to institute next month in th* of al out 100 inhabitants. Crossing the many months,
' in * fact,
‘ until after
name o f the I ’ nited States in the circuit Mississippi river a few miles below election next fall. In the height of th»
against Japan
, port of the house conferees showed
The Chinese boycot
fias cross.-,I the ocean, it nunih.-r r e f tis­ the idle. President Ron«, volt, Mr. I,aw that about 40 of the 1f>:t amendments court at Philadelphia a number of suits *t. Erancisv ille. the tw ister devasted season it was estimated that more than
against certain railroads engaged in in one o f the finest timber sections of the 2.000 actors and actresses were out of
mg to sail from Man Francisco on a I report.-.1, had been too busy with the j tltll l»r consideration have been dis
terstate transportation o f anthracite state, destroyed manv fine farm man­ work in New York, the largest number
conference of governors to grant him a
.lapnnea«) steamer.
agreed to.
coal from the mines in Pennsylvania in sions. tore down all fences in its path of unemployed in the profession for
Chief among these ire the appro­
violation o f tho commodities clause of and injured tnanv people.
all charge*
manv vears.
I’ap.-r trust officials
priation of $ ooo for the purchase
the Hepburn act.
o f a rombine.
Cholera Among #T rnops.
Simla, Mav 19 An outbretik of chol­
Bryan has carried the Alabama »loin-
era has compelled the withdrawal o f
ocrutie primaries.
nearly all the white troops with Major
Ileybnrn o f Idaho threatens to talk General Willcocks' first column into the
the dry homestriid bill to dentil »n n.o ' cholera camp. The intense heat and th -
absence of running water, necessitating
depending tipor. the muddy vilagr water
I'.-arv says ne ; tanks, make the danger
*'mnnian.|er Robert E.
run reach the north pole for an outlay epidemic serious. On approaching Khn
o f $59 000.
[ink Pass today, the pickets of Major
General IVillrocks' force had a desper
Konator Stewart, of Nevada, has lost ate four hours’ fight with Mohnmand
another fortuno in the decline of min troops.
■ tig xtocks.
Venezuela Pays Debts.
Roosevelt nnd Taft oppose Burrows
Caracas. Venezuela, May 111__ Tlie
for chairman of tlie national republican
Venezuelan government today made its
monthly payments on account o f the
Anna floul.l and Trinco l i d i e are find
foreign claims, despite the curtailment
ing many obstacles to marriage, but
of revenue resulting from the closing of
may wc.l in England.
tho port o f La Onayra. There hav"
A union of tho Mnthodint Episcopal, been no new eases of bubonic plague for
Congregational nnd Fnited Brethren four dnyn; should four more days go by
churches is being considered nt tho gen­ without a case, the port will be re­
eral eonferenee of the Methodists.
of a --ito for the department of com
m e r e r and labor building; $900.000 {or
tne purchase of two «trainers for tDo
$900.000 for
Alaska-Yukon Exposition of Seattle
and upward of half a million dollars
for new revenue cutters and light
. .
of s cholera
Tuesday, May 19.
Washington, May 19 The scn-ite to
Johnson Visits Congress.
20___ Governor
Johnson, of Minnesota, was a visitor to
the capitol today, and spent some time
on the fluor of the house, where he was
tho recipient of much attention. Demo
ernts nnd republicans nlike extended
cordial greotings. Tie received gener­
ous applause when he ascended the ros
trum and wns introduced lo Speaker
Cannon. Tho governor bowed his ai-
knowledgments, and for several minutes
in conversation with the
Haskell Will Not Lose P ow er.
French Surprise Arabs.
Poorhc-use Causes Death.
Guthrie. Okla.. May 19__ Governor
Paris. M av 19.— A telegram received
Washington. May 19.— Grieving be i Haskell today vetoed the Eggerman- here from General d ’ Amade, the French
cause ho was compelled to go to tho Davis Redw-ine drastic anti trust act.
a'mshouse. Dr. Charles B. Warrington, He especially disfavored the section commander in Morocco, says that with
for more than 35 years a practicing phy­ giving the attorney general more power three brigades he made a forced night
sician in various parts o f Now Jersey than the governor, by empowering him march, and at daylight e f May Ifl, with
towns, died in the Warren county alms to go before one supreme judge and 1 a front deployed over a distance of
house, where ho had been for the past have a receiver appointed for any cor five miles, he surprised the Mdakea
ten davs.
poration without giving tho latter no tribesmen, driving them to refuge ia
tice. He favors tho provision for im­ the mountains. The tribesmen aban­
prisoning convicted trust mangers. \ doned their cattle and munitions of
Mercury Cure a Success.
Washington. M av 21. Recent advices 'V11 •’ »»form in g with Haskell s sugges- war. The French lost three men killed
and 22 wounded.
. .
I tions was immediately introduced.
from tho new naval hospital at Port
Lyon., Colo., confirm the promising re
T r o o p s Leave Treadwell.
Chicago Employs ChineseJPolice.
port made by Surgeon B. L. Wright re­
Juneau. Alaska, M ay
19.— Forty-
Chicago, M av 19.—For the first time
garding the results of treating tubercu­ in many years, the Chicago police de­ seven enlisted men and one officer left
losis bv the use o f mercury. N aval sur partment has engaged Chinese detec­ Treadwell Sunday morning for F^rt
gcons'nt the hospital have been closely tives to aid in preserving peace in William H. Seward. Alaska. These
observant in the 30 cases subjected to Chinatown. The result of the trial nf troops have been stainned at Treadwell
the treatment, nnd progress, it is said, three Chinamen o f murdering a wealtliv for some time, owing to labor troubles.
has been such as te lead to the convic­ Chinese merchant has so exercised the I t is thonght advisable to leave a few
tion th’at they have made an important Chicago Chinese that further warring soldiers there, although the strike ia
' thought to have blown over.
between the tongs is feared.