Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 05, 1914, Image 4

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    Lake County Examiner
Published ..r n examiner prnusiiixactf, lakeview, onunox
Official Paper of Lake County, Orc8:0Z!
On Venr. in lv irOP $2.00
Six Mixun, in aviiBno 1.25
Three Months, in ;idvnm.r "r
APVKRTIili) RATKS: Renders, column. UK" por lino t-rh Insertion : Want A.U., So
line rh linn-rllor. t'srd ot Thanks. I Hi) Resolutions of I ondiileme, 1 and. upwards.
PlspUy Advertising rstes made known on applieatton.
Transient Advertising nl Job Printing, cash In advance.
Buhserlbers vlthlnc their address change d, plcao wnd botrt old and now nUriu.
Lftkevlew, Oregon, Thursday, March i, 1914
Wby are taxes higo1? Some of the
causes are reTealed in the existence of
a number cf sppsrently uteless state
offices and forr missions that have been
created. We are now upending three
tiroes ss much raoney for sttte pur
poses as we did a decade ago but the
population of the state is only one-half
to one-thitd larger.
Referring to useless commissions
and commissioners who are idle office
holders we have in mind the State
Labor Commission. The Examiner
fully appreciates the importance ot the
labor question and fully believes In its
proper adjustment and equal protec
tion for the laborer. Maybe Commis
sioner Ho ft is serving ua well in this
capacity, but'his fifth biennial report
of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and)
Inspector of Factories and workshops
of Oregon to Governor West and the I
Twenty-fifth Legislative Assembly.
Teaular session. 1913. la such a gross
misrepresentation of facts concerning
.- statistics ot Lake County teat It is an
absolute injustice to not only Lake
County bat the entire state. Such
conditions make the taxpayer wonder
wbatbe is getting for bis money.
Quoting from Mr. Uoff'a report,
among other outlandish misrepresenta
tions, it says :
The soil is well adapted to the grow
ing of grapes, hemp and hops. There
are 1000 miles of bad roads in the
county maintained bv tax lew. There
are no railroads. The total mean pre
cipitation for the year is 11.44. Of
Lakeview: Harry Bailey. Mayor.
The town is situated about 80 miles
from tbe Oregon and Nevada railroad.
The assessed valuation of town prop
erty is 1300,000. There are three
school nouses valued at $50,000. two
churcbes, a town ball and jail valued
at (50,000. There are eight teachers
employed. The town needs a laundry
and some real estate boomers.
Other items could be mentioned that
are away oft) but this is sufficient.
Now. to anybody else in Oregon
-besides the ones who compiled the
above "Matiaties" an explanation or
correction is unnecessary, but tor tbe
benefit of this commission some of tbe
exact facts and conditions referred to
ia tbe above, are given:
Our soil may be well adapted to
grape growing.' but we never heard of
even the most! sanguine boosters advo
eatina their production. We admit ot
having some bad county roads, but to
sav we have 1000 miles of such is bae
ignorance, natural soil and climatic
conditions if notbing else prohibits
such condition. . Since January 7, 1912
Lakeview has had daily train service
over the N.-C.-O. Hailwiy. The ever
age total precipitation bere yearly is
17 inches, which is very conservative.
Harry Bailey has not been Mayor of
Lakeview since 1910. The assessed
valubtion of the town of Lakeview is
about $900,000. There are twelve
teachers employed in trie town, and
there are three school houses, the high
school alone representing $60,000. Our
town hall ard iail are not valued at
$50,000 we wieh they were. Tne
town hai a Uundrv, ard we question
the judgment about the reed of ral
estate boomers.
Iou MoCiilIey Married
. Stealing a march upon his home
fnendw as well as his many local
friends and acquaintances, Lou Mc
Culley, formerly of this place but
now a resident of Cedarville, Cal.,
and Miss Kthel Wood of that place,
were united in marriage Saturday
evening, Feb. 28, in Alturas. The
eereinony was performed by Judge
Kaker in the presence of D. I), liax
ter, Mr. McCulley's brotlier-in-law,
who acted as a witness.
Mr. McCulley Is one of the most
substantial stockmen ot Lake and
Modoc counties, and the bride is a
charming young lady who lias resid
ed at Cedarvllle for the past few
The newlyweds are enjoying sev
eral days in this city, after which
they will return to Cedarvllle to take
up' their permanent residence.
Former Resident lio
Word has been received here tliat
A. 0. LeSiour, a former resident of
this county, died Feb. 25 in Portland,
Or. Deceased was uge' about 70
years and is survived by a wife and
four children all of whom are mar
ried. Mr. LeSleur slid family left here
about 20 years ago, they having at
times lived both in Drews Valley and
t.oVavIaw. He was a member of
Lakeview Lodge, No. 71, A. F. & A
M. and the local Oriental Chapter of
Eastern Star.
Fishing Party Hms Thrilling Exper
ience on Ijtke Near Mouth of
lrcvs Crtfk.
Measuring with his anatomy the
Icy waters of Goose Lake nearly one
half mile from shore last Sunday af
ternoon proved an unpleasant and
somewhat dangerous job tor L. Van
derpool. A fishing party, composed
of T. E. Bernard, J. D. Venator, L.
Yanderpool and Hay Curtis. Sunday
went out to Drews Creek, on the west
side of the lake.
A strong wind was blowing from
e nonnwesi. me ice on me iaae
not of the most solid nature.
and thereby hangs this tale
The party was fishing from off the
lake ice at the mouth ot the creek,
when Bernard and Venator went
ashore and to a cabin a few hundred
yards from the lake, where they were
camped, leaving Yanderpool and Cur
tis on the Ice. When they returned
to the lake the havoc played by the
stilt breeze was very apparent, as the
wind had drifted the body ot ice, up
on which were perched Vanderpool
and Curits, several hundred yards
out in the lake, leaving nothing but
water between them and the shore.
Fortunately the party had taken
along a rowboat which was soon
brought to the rescue. Tne craft was
manned by Bernard and the speed of
the gale which every second was
driving the two marooned men far
ther to sea, can be realized when it
is known that the brave rescuer did
'not catch up with them until nearly
one-half mile from land.
Further excitement was added to
the predicament when Vanderpool in
his eager desire to feet himself safe
ly seated in Tom's boat, ventured too
near the edge of his Ice Island and
went to the bottom of the lake. For
tunately the water .. was shallow
(Van's length considered) and be did
not go over his head. Fortunately al
so Bernard with the boat was there
to pick him up, and more fortunate
still was Venator on the shore to
start a big fire when he saw the
"ducking." Curtis succeeded in land
ing himself in the boat with only one
foot wet.
The fishing party returned home
Monday, and aside from the exper
ience they got nothing else.
John Silva Funeral
Impressive funeral ceremonies
were held over the remains of John
Silva last Sunday afternoon at two
o'clock by Lakeview Lodge No. 63,
I. O. O. F.of which order lie had been
a member for a number of years. The
funeral was conducted direct from
the hall to the cemetery, and quite
large number of members were in
attendance out of respect to the de
parted brother.
The circumstances surrounding
the death of Mr. Silva, whose body
was found near his cabin in Warner
Canyon last Thursday was quite simi
lar to that related in last week's Ex
abiner. The man was returning to
his hone from Lakeview Ti-.esday
evening when he was stricken dead
with apoplexy. The body was not
discovered until Thursday morning
when it was brought to Lakeview.
After a careful examination by the
doctor and coroner, the evidence .vas
plain that death was due to apoplexy.
John Silva wis i r.utive of Italy
and about 50 years of age. He had
lived in this county 'or a number of
years, spending the past few years on
a homestead in the Warner Canyon,
north of Lakeview. He would have
soon made proof on his claim. No
known relatives are left to survive
Hate Hortative March 10
The State Hallroad Commission
has anounced that the reduced ex
press rates would become effective
March 10. The various companies
informed the commission that it
would be impossible for them to
have the tariffs published before that
dale. No Intimation has been made
by the companies that they intend to
fight the new schedules. If they do
it would be necessary to be a Nation
al fight because the rates, with few
exceptions were made by the Inter
state Commerce Commission.
Modorn lllnrknrultli (bop'
In keoplnn. wtth the progr ot
the town and their Rrowlnit Dunlins,
Woodcock 6 Ixonard lave added an
tip to date biyid saw In their shop.
The niMchtno Is manufactured by the
Silver Company of Snn Franotsco and
Its Installation adds trout ly to the
equipment of thS wagon dopartmeut
of the establishment. It not only
enables the workmen to do better
and more difficult work In the handl
ing of both soft and hard woods, but
allows them to turn It out much
mere expeditiously.
A new set of power drllla for both
wood and Iron have been added also.
This as well as the band saw and
emery wheels are propelled by gaso
line engine. The shop has two for
ges with electric bellows attached.
Among the other Improvements plan
ned by Messrs. Woodcock A Leonard
Is the installation of a Jointer and
trip hammer, which will give them
i ont of the most modernly equipped
blirkcrulth and wagon repair shops
J In this Interior country. They expect
to also do away with the gasoline
engine and use electric power.
Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Rlggs spent a
few days In Lakevlew last week from
their homo In Warner Valley.
In Memoriiuu
Tbe undersigned, a Special Com
mittee appointed to prepare resolutions
on the death of Brother John U. Silva,
desire to report as follows:
Wheras: The Divine Creator has
in His Infinite wisdom seen Bt to re
move Brother Silva lrom our ranks,
we shall ever remember bim as an
active, zealous Odd Fellow, wbo ex
emplified in tbe name of Friendship.
Love and Truth, by a noble life, tbe
sincerity of his devotion to tne precepts
and tenenta of our Oraer.
Resolved: that as marjt of our
respect our charter be draoed in
mourning for a period of thiitv days.
and that a cony of theie resolutions
be placed upon the records of Lake
view Lodge No. 63 1. O. O. K. Also
tbat the secretary furnish a copy to
thejocsl press for publication.
Fraternally yours
questons, 10 cents stamps. Med
iums developed by mall; Free test
satisfaction guaranteed or no
charge. Agent for Advanced
Thought Books. Mrs. Nellie M.
Lewis, Sliver Lake, Oregon.' Care
Mrs. E. D. Lewis, Dressmaker, tl
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of Lake.
In ihe matter of the Partaerahip
Euiata of Flynn Bros. Said partner
ship consisting of John C. Flynn and
Thomas C. Flynn, now deceased.
To all whom it may concern: No
tice is hereby given, that the under
signed has been duly appointed Ad
ministrator of the partnership es
tate cf Flynn Bros., said partner
ship consisting of the undersigned,
John C. Flynn, and Thomas ('. Flynn,
the latter now deceased, by an or
der of the Honorable B. Daly, Judge
of the County Court ot the State of
Oregon, for the County of Lake, duly
made and entered fn said court, in
the above entitled matter, on Febru
ary 27th, 1914.
All persons having claims against
said partnership estate, are hereby
required to present the same, duly
verified and accompanied by the pro
per vouchers as required by law,
within six months from the date of
the first publication of this notice, to
said administrator, at the law office
of L. F. Conn, in the Town of Lake-
view, Lake County, Oregon.
Dated and first published March
5th. 1914.
Administrator of the partnership es
tate of Flynn Bros., said partnership
consisting of John C. Klynn and
Thomas C. Flynn, the latter now de
In the matter of the estate of Clar
ence Oreen, Deceased.
Notice of Final Account
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned administrator of the estate
of Clarence Green, deceased, has filed
his final account of the administra
tion of said estate with the county
clerk of Lake County, Oregon, and
that the County Court of Lake Coun
ty, Oregon, has by order fixed Sat
urday, the 4th day of April, 1914,
at the hour of 10 o'clock, A. M. as
the time, and the county court room,
in the county court house, in Lake-
view, Oregon, as the place for hear
ing said final account and all objec
tions thereto, and for t-ettlement
Therefore, all persons interested
are hereby notified and required to
file their objections, if any they have,
in writing with the county clerk of
Lake County, Oregon, on or before
the 4th day of April, 1914.
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1914.
Administrator of the Estate Of
Clarence Green, deceased.
Edger L. Young and Lena M.
Young, plaintiff, vs. Laura Rose
Wagner, defendant.
To Laura Rose Wagner, defendant.
In the name of the State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to
appear and answer the complaint fil
ed against you in the above entitled
suit on or before the 17th day of
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Pictorial Review
April, 1914, and if you fail to an
swer for want thereof, the plaintiff
will take a docree as prayed for in
plaintiff's complaint, towit cancell
ing and annuling that certain mort
gage executed by plaintiffs on April
22nd, 1913, wherein plaintiffs mort
gaged to one D. Wagner the 'follow
ing property towit: Ntt of SEU
and 8E4 of SEVi . Sec. 28, Twp. 34.
S. R. 19 East of Will. Mer.; also
SWi of SW14 of Sec. 27. Twp. 34.
S. R. 19. E. Will Mer. all In the
county of Lake, State of Oregon, and
adjudging plaintiff Edger L. Young
to be the owner of the above real
property In fee simple and forever .
enjoining and stopping you from i
having or claiming any right, title
or interest in or to same. This sum-;
mons is published pursuant to an or- i
der of the county Judge of Lake i
County, Oregon, the said order be
ing dated March 3. 1914.
, Date of first publication, March f, j
Date of last publication, April 16.'
1914. !
Attorneys for Plaintiff. I
I berehv announce mvsalf a rn.nHIHt
for election to the office of County
Olerk of Lake County, Oregon, subject
to the decision of Democratic party,
at tbe Primary Election to l held on
May I5eh. li14 F. W. PAYNE.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the nomination of Clerk of
Lake County, Oregon, subject to the .
decision of the Republican party, at
the Primary Election to be held May j
15, 1914. E. C. AHLSTROM
1 berehv announce uiveelf acandidate
for the office of Sheriff of Lake County,
Oregoo, subject to tbe decision of the
Republican primary, to lie held May
Jfi. 1U14. W. B. SNIDEX.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of Sheriff of
Lake County, Oregon, aubject to the
decision of the Democratic party,
at the Primary election, to be held
May 15, 1914. G. W. DUNCAN.
Owing to the earnest solicitation of
a FEW of my friendB I have (AT
LAST) consented to become a can
didate for the office ot Sheriff of
Lake County, Oregon, and announce
myself as a candidate for that office
on the PROGRESSIVE platfoim,
subject to the approval of the voters
of Lake County, Oregon.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for election to the office of
Sheriff of Lake County, Oregon, sub
ject to the decision of the Democra
tic party, at the Primary election to
be held on May 16th, 1914.
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for election to the office of
County Surveyor of Lake County,
Oregon, subject to the decision of
the Republican party, at the Pri
mary Election to be held on May IB,
1914. 6. A. MUSHEN
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the office of Treasurer of
Lake County, Oregon, subject to the
decision of the Democratic party, at
the Primaries to be held May IS,
1914. K, A. HAWKINS.
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