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Grand Total To Be Raised By Taxation In
Lake County For 1913 is Nearly $160,000
Old Laws Are Repealed.
Beginning today taxes are payable
in tbe office of County Treaurer Haw
kins at the court homo. Complete
recapitulation of the assessment toll
for 1913 including botb real and per
aonal property under (be jurisdiction
of the County Arsessor has been com
pletcd and the roll was turned over to
the treasurer's oltloe yesterday after
noon. The roll shows a total valuation of
SB,g.'tO.OC8.r4 in Lake County, which
with a tax levy of .HIM) mils will pro
vide $i;2.74S.7x The total tor ailsuec
ial Hchool purposes is 21,339.44, fire
pairol I242.0H, and town of Lakeview,
S4.031 28, making a grand total of
ir,H uca.19.
Following are the amounts tor the
vsrinus school dlntrlcta in thu county:
District No. 7 $3,727.03
1 2Hf..C5
" 3U b32 30
"11 1,41)1 21
" 12 .".C7.4U
"II 3,lo0.3ti
"lfi 862.bfi
"18 las si
" "22 1.409.10
" "23 464.93
"24 6,44 1.4H
"27. 320.20
2S 013 08
2! 1.2.rI.r0
iaxe legally Icvieil anil charged
ahull he paid before inu first day ot
Candidates Are Becoming:
Numerous For Various
State Offices.
During the seversl dsys deloy in
mail service wo have not been able to
keep lu line with the numerous candi
dates lately coming out for different
elate offices, but among those noticed
are the follow ing :
Judge A. S. Uennett, of The Dalles,
has announced bis axp'ratinn lor tne
Democratic nomination for Governor,
making tho political ring cluttered,
so to apeak, with four Democrats, five
Republicans, one ProroKsivo and one
Independent-Republican-Progress i v c
Single Taxer for tne oflico of Chief
Kxoeutive of the stale. F. M. dill, ot
Dutur. ia the candidate for thu Pro
gressive piirty nomination for Imv
ernor, he havicg arnounced himself
IsHt week.
TlimniiH 1). Kay, appealing to thu
people (in Inn pHHt record us State
Treasurer, Iihh announced his candi
dacy for thu Kepubliciin nomination
and reelection to his ollico.
T. J. Cleeton, judge of a department
of the Multnomah Circuit Court, has
declared his cmuliducy for the Rcpub
Mean nomination for Supreme Judgo,
and Circuit Judge L. T. llarria of
Kugene, ih a candidutu for thu Repunli
can nominution for Supreme Court
Testing- Auto Law
Aahland automobile ownera are
watching with interest the outcome of
a test case which in being made to
ducido the legality of the State motor
car license. Harry Uoydon, member
of tho Jackson County Automobile
Association, voluntarily submitted to
arrest recently. The case was taken
directly to the Circuit Court at' tor Hoy
den had been released on habeas cor
pus. Within a few days and after
arguments have been submitted, a de
cision is expected irom Judge Calkins.
In the meantime automobile owners
are organizing all over the county fur
ther to contest tbe issues involved if
April, the new law, fcowevnr, provides
I that a property owner may pay one
half nf Ma tasea before April 1, and
the remaining ona half between tbat
data and Sent em ber 1, but on tha sec
ond half he shall pay a penalty of 1 per
rent a month In otber words the old
law permitting ona to divide his taxes
Into two equal payments wihtout be
ing penalised thereior baa Deen repeal
ed. The provision in the old law, al
lowing h rebate of 3 per cent for pay
ment of taxes prior to April I. was
also rcpraKd by the last legislature.
The penult) nf 1 per rent a month
attaches to any portion of taxes re
maining unnaid alter April 1.
All taxcH remaining unpHid on the
first day of September are dehnaunnt,
and there shall be charged and collect
ed a penally nf 10 per ct.t and inter
eat at the rate of 12 per cent per annum
on such ihxcb from the day on which
they becouiii dclir.iient until their
Alter October 1, the sheriff la re
quired by law to issue a tax lien in the
form ot Cfirtiilcato of delinquency,
upon property tor which the taxes arc
delinquent, to any individual making
demand for aame. These certificate
of delinquency draw interest at the
rate f IS per cent pur annum fr un
nate of iooe until redeemed, 'these
I una may be foreclosed alter the ex
piration of three years from the first
date of delinquency.
Rains Wash Out Bones by
Roadside on Woodward
Dave Woodward discovered the com
plete aKeleton of a man near their
home on Summer Lake this week,
says the Chewaucan Press. It was
found beside the driveway woich
runs from their house to tbe county
road. The roud cuts into the bank and
tho recent raina had washed it deeper
uncovering a part of the skull. Dave
dug it out ami found tho entire form.
It. won Milling in h cramped position,
the head bent, down upon the breaHt
iiinl the iirnia and legs cramped as
though it had beep pushed down into
a small hole: in the ground. The skull l
huh slightly crushed but it wiia im- j
tjossiblu to tell whether that had ho'n I
nunc i'i him utn in, if, ty rumr. 'nnotiif
wagon. Dave Iihm saved tho hones.
Gale Not Eligible For Cir
cuit Judgo of Lake and
In a lotter published in the Merrill
Hecord, Circuit Judge Henry L. Hen
son of Lake ana Klamath Counties,
and also nn announced candidate tor
the o lfi co of Supreme Court Justice,
states that he has no intentions of
resigning his illico until after the
November election, and then only in
the event of his election to a higher
Regarding the rumor that he ie to
resign from the circuit judgeship in
favor of Judge Gale, Judge Pennon
further status: "It is also noteworthy
that Section 2756 of the Code provides
that no one can be elected or appointed
Circuit Judtre who has not been a res
ilient of the state for at least three
years, which condition would disquuli-
fy Judge Gale.
All Vacancies Prior to 1917
Will Bo Filled By The
The question of whether the section
in the 1913 district attorney law, pro
viding there shall be no eleotion of
district attorney until in 1916, is valid
hss been put up to the attorney gen
eral by the county clerk of baker, and
he has rendered an opinion upholding
tha law.
It Is pulnted out by the attorney
geneial that a constitutional amend
ment adopted in 1911 removed tne dis
trict attorney from constitutional offi
ces. Since the provision for district
attorneys bss Deen msde by statute.
Tha 1913 law repealed the old law. thus
leavlrg no provision for any election
of district attorneys until in 1916. The
attorney general points out tbst all
vacancies occurring in the office of
district attorney prior to 1917 are to be
tilled by appointment by the govern
or. The 1913 law provided for a district
attorney for every county. The dis
trict attorneys in ottloe at tlio lime the
law went int" effect remained district
attorney for their home county, and the
governor appointed attorney's for the
other counties.
Circuit Judge of This Dis
trict Seeks Supreme
Judge Office.
Honor tble Henry L Uvnson, who for
a period ot twenty years has been rid
ing the circjit as district attorney ana
circuit judgo in the judicial district
which embraces Lake County, and who
is row Circuit Judgo of this district,
hu announced his candidacy for jus
tice ot the Supreme Court. His many
friends throughout the district, and
particularly in Lake County, will rec
eive the announcement with joy and
gratiiicaliun. For years Judge Ben
son has been recognized as one of the
ablest, moat courteous, and hard-work-
4v s
m -
i fA i,.t iu
- I.-
Henry L Itciison
ing jurists in the State of Oregon, and
his friends have felt that he should be
elevated to the Supreme tiench. Judge
Benson has an enviable reputation as
a trial judge. He has never Le.en re
varied in a criminal case, ytt as dis
trict attorney and as Circuit Judge he '
bus tried many of tne most important I
criminal cases in the State ot Oregon. '
Judge Benson has also preBi ied at the
trial ot civil cases of unusual import
ance. Particularly has the iudge had
a hand in moulding the water laws of
the State of Oregon. Examination
of tho reports of the decisions of tn
Supreme Court uf the State of Oregon
shows that the most vexed water tan
glea have been unraveled in Judge Men
son 'a district, and many ( t the new
and advanced ideas of water laws were
first promulgated from the bench upon
which Jidge Person tat.
liecaure of the Judge's long life ia
southeastern Oregon, Ins lonu experi
ence upon the bnch in this district,
and the very many problems that are
peculiar to this eaBtern Oregon cotin-
Continued on puge eltht
. ... v 1 1. .:
Abundant Precipitation It
Reported In December
and January.
C. C. Colt, co-operatjve observer for
ihe government weather bureau, has
favored the Lxsmincr with the follow
ing weather report tor Janusry. 1914.
Temperature: mean. msiimum.
35.7: mean, minimum, 23.4: mean,
29 6; maximum 46, on dates of Jan
uary 6 and 6 i minimum 9, January 9;
greatest daily range, 25.
Precipitation: Total, 1.63 inches;
snow, total fall, 17 inches, tnere being
tan days in month with .01 or more
precipitation, and six clear oajs, and
five partly cloudy.
Mr. Gott also reports a total ot 1.85
Inches precipitation during December,
1913, making a total of 3.48 inches
during the past two morths.
Ibis station is located at Mr. Gott'a
homestead five miles northwest of
Lakeview, and while it cannot be taken
as exact conditions in Lakeview, it will
give a general idea nf the weather in
the valley. Mr. Colt's place is about
75 tret higher in elevation than Lake
view. The Cxaminer is pleased to
acinuiiiice that arrangements have been
made with him to pahbsn weekly re
ports hereafter.
Mrs. Frank J. Struck Died
January 30th at Salem
Viola Sherman Struck was born at
Madison Wisconsin, April 1st 1875,
Died January 30, 1914 at the Salem
hospital. Her age was thirty-eight
years, ten months and one day. She
was married in 1893 to Frank J. StrucK
at Bristol, Wisconsin. After living
in Bristol four years they moved to
lreton, Iowa. In 19U8 tbey moved to
Uellville, Kansas and in 1910 to Lake
view, Oregun.
In her decease she leaves a daugh
ter, Mildred, a son, Vernon and her
husband, a father in Missouri, a brother
in Superior, Wisconsin and a sister in
Bristol, Wisconsin.
During the past 15 years she bas
been afflicted witb nervousness and
heart trouble. For ihe past several
monlbs she bas been an almost con
stant sufferer. Two weeks before ber
death she was taken to the Salem hos
pital but she kept growing weaker
until the end came.
She joined the "resbytenan church
here last June 29th and was also a
member of the local Kebekab lodge.
It was in her early childhood that she
accepted Christ as ber Savior, uniting
with the 1'ie.snyterian church ana
faithfully walking in His fuoUteps
until ihe final cull. Her sorrowing
friends bear witness to her goodness.
1 hf home lite was beautiful and tne
good wife and mother knew how to
show her devotion to rer family. Noth
ing in her power that she ci.uhl do tor
her children was left undone and she
enjoyed it all. She thought of others
and many were the acts of charity un
known save to God and the thankful
beneficiaries. While she wad in the
world, the world was the richer for
her life; when she passed out of it the
world waa Ihe poorer tor her death,
but we rejoice that her name is writ
ten by God in the Book of Life. A few
months before her death she alfo led
ber two cliildien to the Savior, both
uniting with the Presbyterian church.
In this act the blessings of God rest
not only upon the children, hut upon
the mother as well. She was baopy in
seeing her daugnter and son walk in
the truth.
The remains are hemg removed from
Salem to Lakeview and will reach here
tomorrow. The luneral services will
be held next Sunday atternoon at 2:30
o'clo k tioin the Methodist church,
set vices to be conducted by her pas
tor, Rev. Geo. A. Crawford, of the
Presbyterian church.
The brother, E. E. Sherman, of
Supeiior, Wisconsin, is enroute to
Lakeview and will arrive here for the
Many Rumored Candidates Are In The Field
and Interest. Promises to EnlivenSheriff's
Office Seems the Most Desirable.
Althoogh the time ia approaching
near tor tbe candidate to begin "shy
ing their bata into tbe ring," ai it
were, up to this time there are bat
two avowed candidates in tbe field for
offices in Lake County. Those who
hsv declared themselves thus far,
and whose cards appear elsewhere in
this issue, are W. B. Snider, present
Sheriff, and F. W. Payne, present in
cumbent in tbe clerk's office.
The offices to be rilled at tbe general
election, November 3, 1914, are:
County Judge, one County Com miss
Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Cor
oner and two representatives from tbe
Thirteenth Judicial District compris
ing Lake, Klamatb, Crook and Grant
From the many . street rumors that
s re begining to circulate it is evident
that interest in local political circles
will soon wax warm.
County Judge Daly hss been fre
quently mentioned of late as a possible
aspirant lor gubernatorial honors, and
such being tbe case this would elimin
ate him as a possible candidate for
re-election to County Jndge. So far
we have heard no mention of any can
didates for tbe office of County Judge.
Ampng those rumored as to who will
oppose Sheriff Snider for the KepuDli
can nomination at tbe Drirnaries, we
have heard tee name of L. D. Frakes.
of Warner Valley, and also reports
Laws Directed at Minors
and the Abusers of Dumb
At the regular monthly session Tues
day evening tbe Town Council passed
an ordinance prohibiting any child un
der the age of fourteen years to fre
quent any public street within tbe
town after nine o'clock P. M. during
the months of April, May, June, July,
AugUBt or September, full copy of
which is published elsewhere in this
An ordinance making it a mis
demeanor for any person to wilfully
cruelly mistreat any dumb animal ith
in the limits of t lie town was adopted
also. VioLmon ot this law carries a
penally ot a fine of from five to fifty
dollars or imprisonment in town jail for
a period not to exceei twenty days or
Railroads State Wage
Earners, Not Home
seekers, Accept Rates.
Railroads in the Northwest are be
ginning to advertise the Spring col
onist rates which will be in effect for
32 days Degmning with March 15. The
rates will be the same as in fornur
seasons, $33 from Chicao, (30 lrom
the Missouri River points and f2" from
the Colorado region. Although the re
duced rate will te advertised to a con
siderable extent, the roads state they
will make no special etlurt to induce
organized parties ot -tiomeaeekers to
come west.
They state that heretofore the low
rates have been taken advantage of
by wage earners, principally, and that
but few bona fide homeseekers are
generally included in the iarge parties
NO. 6
have it that there will be ona or two
aspirants for this office from tbe
Northern part of the county.
On the Democratic aide lor tbe Sher
iff's office there promises to be more
interest manifested, as we have beard
tbe following names mentioned: K.
P. Lane, Willard Duncan, Lee Heall
and F. M. Duke.
Notwithstanding tbat no opposition
to F. W. Payne, as Democratic nom
inee lor County Clerk nas thai far
come to light, it is understood thai the
local Democrat League has a dark
horse picked to oppose him at the prim
aries. While theie are no avowed candi
dates for the Clerk's office on the
Hepublican tide thus tar, L. C.
Ahletrom, present Poetmaster of Lake
view, is being tatktd of quite freely
as teir.g a candidate.
As a successor to County Commiss
ioner F. E. Anderson, who declines to
run again, we have hecrd mentioned
tho rsrees of such prominent and sub
stantial citizens as K. A. Kemington,
of Lake: H. A. Brattain, of Paisley;
ana L. A. Carriker, of the West Side.
K. A. Hawkins, wbo was recently
apnointed to the oftiice of County Treas
urer, following the resignation of F.
O. A Mat rum, is the only candidate
beard mentioned . to auccead himself,
and it is understood that be intends to
Continued on pa?4 eight
Ice and Storage Plant to
Be Installed In Lakeview
This Spring.
No longer will Lakeview citizens
have to depend upon freezing weatner
to make their ice if present plans ot
G. Schlagel mature.
Mr. Schlagel has announced that be
will install an ice plant and cold stor
age system, the same to ba located on
his property at the corner of Main and
Rullard Streets. Sand is now being
hauled on tbe gound for the cement
foundations for the compressor, engine
and otru'r apparatus, and it is expedit
ed that a representative of the c ira
pany will arrivo tnU -week to make
plat s and specification of tha mach
inery 'o be ordered.
It is ihe intention cf the promoter to
establish a ,ilsnt with sufficient cap
acity ar.d eiiii;.;iit:,: to meet the entire
local demand t r ice, and to have it
in readiness for tbe Cuming season.
The superiority in quality of the manu
factured product together with tv.j.
convenience ot handling over the sour
ing process, not considering a unTer
ence in cost, should prove a ucces
for thia venture as well a J a coeRt tc
users of ice.
Train Service Resumed
Delayed train service between here
and Reno was partially resumed Sai t
urday with the arrival of a train uring
ing in considerable mail and express
matter that had teen held up at Keno
for over a week on account of wash
out of the N.-C. O. track. Another
train reached here Monday night, the
next one getting in this morning at
4:31). It was nesassary to transfer
yesterday over the damaged track be
low Dylc, but it is reported mat thia
will be tressled and regular service
resume.! today. A freight train is ex
pected tomorrow.
that come out each Spring and Fall.
Genuine would-oe settlers will come at
any time of the year without waiting
for special rates.