Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 30, 1913, Image 3

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Lake County Examiner
COURT PROCEEDINGS 1 un,y SurfCior of Lake County' re
Kon, with ('recti Pendleton, Sr., and R.
Continued from A. i'axton, aa vieweri, be and they are
and that the roree1lnii are regular hrrety appointed to view, aurvey and
and in conformity with law: It in report to thia Court their findings bb
hereby ordered that S. A. Mm hen, to the mod proponed road, and that
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St. Louit,
Vnlffflf WW
they meet at the Court House In Lake
view, Oregon, on the dav of , 1913,
at the hour of nine o'clock, a.m. or up
on their failure to meet on aald day
then to meet within Ova days there
after and then and there to quallfv and
Immediately, thereafter to aurvey,
view and report upon aald propoeed
Coort adjourned to meet January 8,
1913, at nine o'clock, a. m.
County Judge.
In the County Court of the Stata of
Oregon, for Lake County, Friday, Jan
uary 3. 1013.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment with aame officer! present, when
the. following proceedings were bad,
tow it:
In the matter of selecting a news
paper to print the County Court pro
ceedings for the vear 1913, The Lake
County Examiner being the only news
paper filing a liat vf bonaflde auhscrib
era aa by law required; It is hereby
ordered that the Lake County Examiner
be, and it la hereby selected as the
newspaper to print the proceedings of
the Cojnty Court for the year 1 13.
In the matter of the petition of E.
B. Brewer, P. A. Cruher, W. IK West
and others of Silver Lake, and J. 'I'.
Rhoton, N. Kemtrey, A, Hauren and
others of Kort Rock, asking that a aur
vey be made of the Stiver-Summer
Lake Mountain In order that a better
publia road may be made over aucb
moantain :
It is hereby ordere I that Mr. E. K.
Henderson, of Silver Lake, be and he
is hereby appointed to make a survey of
sail mountain for the purposes of locat
ing the tiest possible route for a county
road between Silver Lake and Summer
Lake, and to file a report of his find
ings witti the County Clerk.
Court adjourned to meet January, 4,
1913 at nine o'clock, a. m.
County Judge.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Lake County, Saturday,
January A, 1913.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment with same officers present, when
the following proceedings were had
to-wit :
In the matter of the tax levy to pay
Interest on bunded debt of School Dist
ricts who have failed to make a levy in
conformity with law. The Countv
Treasurer in compliance with sections
4052 ot L.U.L. of the code, has certified
o this court that the follow ng School
Districts have failed to irmke the nec
essary tax levy to pay interest on the
bonded debt towit :
School District No. 1, New Pine
Creex, O egon, and that it will requite
a tax levy of 3 12 mills to raise sulli
eient money to psy in said interest.
It is hereby ordered that a tax levy
nf three and one-half millc he and it
is hereny levied on all ot the taxable
properly in School District No. 1, New
I'lne Creek, Oregon, for the purpose
of paying the interest on the bonded
dibt of naid School District.
School Dittrict, No. 18 of Plush,
Oregon, and that a tax levy of one
tenth of one mill will be neceFsary to
raine sufficient money to pay the inter
est on the bonded deb', of said district.
It in hereby ordered that a tax levy
of one-tenth of one mill be and the
same is hereby levied on all of the tax
able property of School District No.
18, of Plush, Oregon, for the purpose
ol ruining money to pay the interest on
the bonded debt of said School Dixtrirt.
In the matter of claims ugainst
Lake County :
The following claims were examined,
allowed and wairunts ordereil drawn
in the manner providen by law in pay
ment ot the fame as follows, towit:
To be paid out of the General Fund
of the County :
T. V. Hall bh county 1'Ii.vflcian 11 W
C. A. Ki'luirt nilary and inlle
ii m' as county coniinUsioucr 4'i (ill
The claim of L. N. Firestone for
aBKiatir.g Electioon Board at Fott Rock
precinct, ia hereby disallowed for the
reason that it is not u legal charge
auainft Lake Ci unty.
Court adjourned to meet January C,
lii Hi at nine o'clock a. m.
County Judge.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Luke County, J Monday,
January ti, 1913.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment of January 4, 1913, with the lol
lowing officers j resent:
lion. B. Daly, County Judge: T. B.
Waketield. and F. E. Anderton, 'ounty
Commissioner ;F. VV. Payi.e, Cvumy
Clerk; fend W. B. Snider, bhcnlf; when
the following proceedings were had
In the matter of the Genernal Road
l''und the General Road Fund being
exhausted, and in order that the war
rants drawn ugaiutt said Fund must be
paid: It is hereby ordered thut the
County Treasurer be and he Is hereby
directed to transfer the Hum of SiiOO
from the General Fund to ta Uuneral
Koaa Fund.
In the matter of the recent law
which provides that tiie delinquent Tux
Lift ahull be published for four suc
cessive limes in the official newtpuper
where the property is located.
This law pus-nd by ihu l.teixiutive
Assembly ot 191 1, requiring that the
delinquent 'IVx list i-IihII l.u publish. u
for four mice, phivo time i'i tt-e official
newspaper of Canity wlieie the
property U locate 1 ia an unjust law,
for the reason that it plsces an unnec
essary burden of expense upon the
ownera of property. It la particularly
unlust to the taxpayers of Lake County,
because much of the delinquent Tax
Llati on propertv known aa the Oregon
Vallay Town Lota.
There are 14000 of these Lota in
Lake County, and their value la ao
small that the total tai on each lot la
only Twenty-six oents, a turn tarely
sufficient to pay the necessary expenaea
of making the assessment and collect-
1 Ing the taxea there on.
I The expense of publishing the del
Inouent tax notice for each of these
) lota la forty cents, nearly twice the
amount if the tax and owing to the
small value and aize of these lots, it
la doubtful of the tax will be paid on
any great number of them, ao that the
county will not only hve to bear the
expense of making the assessment but
will also have to pay for the publica
tion of the delinquent noticea.
In order, therefore, that the burden
of tbia unnecessary expenae may be re
moved from the taxpavera of the
County, the County Court of Lake
County, would recommend and earnest
ly urge that our Representativea In the
Legislature use everv honorable meana
to repeal this law, and re-enact the for
mer law, in reference to delinquent
taxes, which was so just to the tax
payers and so equitable to the owners
of property upon which the taxea te
came delinquent.
In the event the law cannot be repeal
ed, then it should be amended ao as to
except from its provisions all property
having a valuation of Fifty Dollars or
The County Clerk ta hereby directed
to send certified a copy of thia recom-1
mentation to our Senator, the Hon. W.
Lair Thompson, and one copy to each
of our Kepreeenta ivis, the Hon. W.
O. Smith and the Hon. Vernon A.
Dated at Lakeview. Oregon, January
fith, 1913.
Court adjourned to meet January
7, 1913 at nine o'clock a. m.
County Judge.
In the matter of the annual exam
ination of the County Records.
In order that the official work of the
county "Hirers of Lake County and the
examination of the books of said
County officers, heretofore made ty
the County Court, be checked up and
thoroughly scrutinized for the past
It is hereby ordered that H. A. Brat
tain, V. L. Snelling and H. M.
Fleming be and they are hereby ap
pointed as a committee to make a thor
ough examination of all matters per
taining to the officials duties of all
County officers of said Lake cotinty, to
check up all examinations of the county
records heretofore made bv the County
Court, and hie a report ot its findings
with the County Clerk, which report
shall be published for the information
of the people of Lake County.
The said coiummittee to meet at the
Court House on Wednesday, 15th day
of January 1913.
In tne matter ot claims against
Lake County,
The following claims were examined,
allotted and warrants ordered drawn
in the manner provided by law, in
payment of the same, as follows,
To be paid out of the General Road
Fund of the County.
U. A. l'axton for viewing
road 4 00
Rim Striplln for chain bearer
on aurvey of county road 2 50
W. P. Dykeman team hire for
road viewers dlHt. No. 1 6 00
Woodcock & Leonard repair ol
road toola ete 15 00
To be paid out of the general Hud
of the county :
J. H. Auten for rup;illcs 29 00
II . .S. C'ro ker for office sup
pi lea 30
Examiner r'ul). Co. publlflilnj;
delinquent tax lint etc 20:W 00
Town nf Paili room rent
for prinmry and general
electioiirt 10 00
Snyder St KcyuoMs for office
supplies 1 50
Lakeview Transfer Co. freight
and tl ravage 5 48
ArstitT Bro. lor tiupplica. . . . ti 2T
In the Oo"ty Court for the State
of Oregon for Lake County, Tuesday,
January 7, 1913.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment of January 6, 1913 withsnme offi
cers present. There being no matters
ready for consideration on this date
Court adjourned to nuet Jai.uary 8,
1913 at nine o'clock, a. m.
County Judge.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Lake County, Wednesday,
Jan. 8, 1913.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
en.enl of January 7, 1913 with aame
officers pr sent, when the following pro
ceedings were had towit:
In the matter of appointment of Road
Supervisors for Luke County, Oregon:
It is hereby ordered that the follow
ing persons be und they are herer v ap
pointed Koa.i Supervisors for the scv
end Uoiid Histricia of Lake tiiuty,
Oregon, to-wii :
t'otitimio I on ini four
BhiicIi fur anli l"iil acre on t'liiiia1
I'rnite. l."Hi cords wood; yood
hlienrliK' o ii-hIm: Itii-e liou-e, 1 art:
and out liilildiutts, Adriri'H Aua
Mel 'lUili'is, Lakeview, Oregon. A 29
Lakeview Saddlery
Acomplete Uneof
wagon and baggy
barnesii whips,
robra, blta, riatft,
pura,quiltft, roae
ettea, etc., etc.
Everything In th
line of carriage
and borne furnlah
Inga. Repairing
by competent
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