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NO. 41
Saturday, October 19, will
Bo Mado Statewide Holi
day In Oregon
At llio Instance of ttio Portland As
sociation of Credit Men. Governor Wtut
hai announced that ho will mil a gen
eral hiilnJiiy Saturday, October 19. to
le observed nil over the tnte nit
"clean-up" day. Tho purpoo of the
"nlean-tip" day In to ileon-"" nr
losses liy rcduiing the hazards of lire.
The credit men had originally putlllon
fur tho setting apart of October 12
fur On gun, but the Governor felt thnt
it would da bettor to delav It im le
Kill holiday, Columbus day.
The l'iir(luni) Association of Credit
Mod decided ome litim ago tit enter
fhu rcucat wlith the Governor, tint first
addressed n letter to i-nch of tho 171
commercial club Hlxiut tho slate urg
ing tlu'in to file NiriiilMr requests with
the state executive. A lurge number
of these orgnnizatini h not only com-
1 1 1 1 l j with this suggestion, but llirt-
jHtchi:l letters to the Portland assncia
tiuli complimenting it upon its spirit
of enterprise and pledging hearty sup
port ot the general programme.
The commercial body of the ri spec
tive towns will bo in charge f the etc
ciikim'i's on . thij appointed day, al
though it i probable thnt aom gener
al plan will be outlined bv tho parent
associatou in Portland. The campaign
will le preached the pulplH bo
fore l do various civic bodies over the
Mate and thoroughly rehearsed in th
papers, 'the nun who have engineer
od the lilun arc. K. M. Underwood, ft.
It. Pouchcr and It. N. lirkhatn, mem
bers of Ine fire insurance coirimmilUe,
and C. I!, Miller, secretary of tho
I'urtliihd AasociMtliiii nf 'ret it Men.
NEW iWfor
National Forest to Get 10
Per Cent of Earnings
for Road Development
Oregon Journal : Correapundence
between (inventor Went and the de
partment nf agriculture regarding the
cIhuhu of the agricultural appropria
tion bill pmiaed til the I nut congress al
lowing HI per oent of the money col
lected from the national forectrt ot a
atato to he expended for road work in
the tint ionul foret-t within the btale
HhnWH ti nt the depitrtim nt U nnxiouit
to ro opeiiite with thu htatc in rood
uilding that the moft good may be
had in ilevel' u it. the euunlry where
thu ron. In lire to be built.
Tho Fremont National Forest, with
hembpitrtcra at t.akeviow, will build
a road atartii g j.ittt. hi low thu d:im on
IlrewH Cru k imd extending in a aouth
weaterly direction toward toe Keoralt
runch, where it. will connect with a
road going down Hock Creek, and then
aouth into California. It ia 7 12 miles
bng and the catimiited coht ia ST'i per
mile, or a lot til of Such u roud
would t c nf pitrtioultir benelit to the
forent service and extensively lined by
atockmen in hauling mppliea to their
BUinmur campx.
Railroad Station Moved
An Alluras rorrcHptind'-nt to the
Sacramento lice says : The Nevada
California and Oregon Railway Com
pany haa commenced buainesi at its
new town of Fai'port, juat thi side of
lie Oregon line, and has ubandoned
thu old ffation known as Now i'ine
Creek, Tne new station at I1 airport is
claimed to be nearer tho of New
IV.e Creek, Ore., than tho old station
of New Fine Creek, Cul., and the
change is claimed to be an advantage
to i'llio buhiness public,
The old bijildiiiga of the New Tine
Oeek station have been torn down
and tli-w :.iuteriula trunBporicJ to Crom
well, thu new union Bint Ion of the
Nevada (1 It n'pi, Ortgun n;
Western I' .1 . : in mabcii coun
miles nortii of Doyle. New Fir
ia trying to have old station rev
Earl V inniint hub Louglit an interest
in Dan J""." u'oid of ahtcp.
Everyone Should Show In
terest In Education of
tho Child
"If the proper raining of children la
ono ot the most important thtt g in
th Ih state, then more people must be
come interested In the work of the
teachers," aaid Stale Hiipertntendcrit
of Schools, 1.. It. A Merman, w ho was
in Lakeview liiNt waek. "Il ia with
thia idea in view that we are to expi ri
me nt thia year with peopl institute
to be held in connection with te
teachers institutes. We aro going to
try to get the merrhant, the profes
sional man nod the farmer to attend
the Ici luri'c, wtdch will be ecprc ally
beneficial from their viewpoint.
"Under the old way of holding
teachers' instituted, where a group of
teacher" met and were (might how neat
to handle the child In the scho 1, they
could only ball wry carry out their new
i ideas because the rept f the .(immu
nity waa not up with them "
Poor Shooting South
According to local sportsmen, the
fullnwug fr.mi the Reno Gazette of
last wetk. iipplleH to condition here:
It wh an c.lT is y for duck sho'ili-ra
yesterday, the birda failn j; to lly 8"
an to oiler very touch of the kli d of'
(hooting thiit thrills. The line weHther
in blumed for the poor port, and it ih
believed cvmditinnH will not impro'e
from the huntMnun' ptandpoint until
there in h change in the weather.
The bird are Hying high when they
j liy nl all, ottering good hota hut rare
ly hi d riaing out of riiatance at the nrat
j bang. They are lying elope thin fine
j weather, and it in unlikely thtit there
will t.e lift clu.iti ahooting until that
aon.clhii.g taken plaei; in the atmos
phere to mHkc Mr. Duck fly around a
Do You Know It?
Ho you know the planet Snturn
is'etglit hundred million mile from our
earth? lo you know it ia about eighty
thousand mile in diameter? Do you
know it ia encircled by a great ring
of lire? Did yon ever bi'C this rnon Ir
on ring nf fire? No. Will you have
min e I eelng the rnont beautiful Bight
In (he anliir fylem. Half of the year
it is H morning sIht, the o" her half it is
an evening etar. If you want to see
thia "ring of tire" y u will hnve an
opportunity, If the weather ii clear and
agreeable. Welch will be on tho atreet
with hit powerful magnifying astron
omical teloHenpe, which shows this
"ring nf fire" in a most vivid manner.
Don't fail to rta it.
Episcopal Services
Lav reading services of tho F.piaco
pal MiMn will be hoi 1 at the L.C.l.C
ball on ('enter Street, on Sunday,
Ocnher IH, 1912, at 7 :.'10 in the even
ing Instead.of 8 :(HI o'clock in the atfer
noon, a formeily. A cordial invitation
ia extended to everyone to Httend these
ZX MakeBeef Shipment
Klairuith Herald: A hhipment of
,.ri07 head ot cattle was started on thu
way south today liy F. A. Fitzpatrick,
manager of the ZX ranch of the Che
wauenn Land and Cattle company.
Mr. Fltzputrck will leave in the morn
ing for San Francisco to consult with
tho officers of the company.
Tim ZX ranch ia one of the largest in
the United States, and is located near
l'aialey, in Luke County. The cattle
just shipped are billed to the Kern
County Lund Company, and will help
put in furnishing meat for the Los
Angeles market during the
Championship Baseball
I'htt championship world series of
baseball was Degun Tuesday In New
York City in a game between New
York and Boston, that resulted in a
victo.y for Bot ton in a score of 4 to 3.
Yesterduy's game was played between
tho same teams at Huston, The game
was fuller! o(T, owing to darkness, in
the eleventii inning when the score
stood t lx to six. Joe Wood pitched for
o.-ion 'him Cramltill for New York.
Th-re wer lr,0()0 reserved seats sold
in fdvini'd for yeMeiday't game at
Do von.
J. A. Morru the A del merchant.came
over this wick oil a business trip.
State Officials Authorizes
Realeasc of Prisoner Up
on Own Report
Sheriff W. U. Soldi r la-t week went
to t'aMcy and arn atel ( m". Iltrt and
brought him baid: to l.acviw Sunday.
Hurt hd lien in and around fjuilev
ahout two weeka and it a puro'lcd pna
ot er frttrn the petiiieoii-iry I hia wa
known in 1'iiitdey where he hml been
liieturl'ii'g the peare, and f heriff Sni
der wan i. ( tilled, i
Hart watt Kent to the penitentiary
Irom Harney county lor larceny of
hirnea. with K. W. Wert, who Deputy
Shenir Itinehart took to Salem about
fix yeara ago for bugUnzii'g the Kim
aey lotting houne in Lakeview. He
lait-r ehi'ntiel from the iieniientiary
and wort to Harnry where he got In
again with Hurt.
The Sheriff" office notified atate
authorities at Salem of H.irtV custody,
and received a mepaage Supirm-
liri'iei t F. H. t'urtia of the Mate peoi
tertiary to tell Hurt to I ehuve himnflf )
and rtf-norr hia Pnndiirt Hnd that thev '
rtnl not care t have him retur ed to
Salem. The prisoner wa released up
on thia ti'Hice and Is now er j"yitir hia
paiolled liberty.
Sui h p'oceedtngi from Slate officials ,
hab all appearance of a farce When
a ptirolled primmer hue not the decency
to auflicierdlv reapec" lna litirly to
properly conduct himself while en
parol, it aecrr.H that it ia high tune he
ahntild be returned to the l enitentiary
and compelled to aerve full term. Such I
action tend to diacnurage coun y offi-j
eials from performing their uiiligated 1
Geo. Conn pioner and veteran
merchant of I'aiciey, ia upending a few
days in Lakeview.
Local Attorneys Meet and
Discuss Superior Court,
System for Lake
The attorneys of Lakeview, with the j
exception of J. M. Bat'-helder, who
was out of town on business, met at
the Court House last evening for the
purpose of a Bar Associa
tion. Jjdgc Henry L. Benson, pre
sided and O. C. (Jints acted as secre
tary of the meeting. Messrs. Thomp
son, Conn and Daly were appointed a
commmittet" on permanent organization
to report next Monday evening. Ke
murks were made bv Judge lienson,
and Attorneys Conn, Thompson, Daly,
Venator, Orton and Fancll, while Or
toii, Farrell and Oomhs were appointed
a comminittee on the "big teed" prop
osition, which will be an important fea
ture of the organization.
'1 he question of the Superior Court
aystem was discussed and generally
approved Judge Benson stated that
should the system fail of adoption
Lake countv should have a separate
Judge to hold Circuit Court, inasmuch
as liis whole time waa necessary to at
tend to the buhiness of Klamath.
Tourist Circle
A number of ladies met at the home
of Mrs. D. C. Scbminck, Monday, Sept,
0, 1912, for the purpose of organizing
The Tourist Chautauipia Circle, and the
following officers were elected: Mrs,
T. S. Farrell, president; Mrs. G. W.
Johnson, Vice 'resident: Mrs. F. P.
Cronemiller, Secretary. It is the pur
pose of the Club to meet every Mon
day afternoon for the study of the
Chautauqua Home Reading Series. The
next meeting ot the Circle will be at
the home of Mrs. M. S. Barnes, Out.
15,1912; and the following program
will be rendered: Current events:
"The Old Regime in France," "The
French Revolution," ''Napoleon and
the New Regime," Ogg. Mrs. M. S.
Barnes chapter HI, Mrs. Guy Foster
chapter IV and Miss Pearl Hall chap
ter V.
Judge Thomas Drake, of Klamath
Falls, nas filed hia petition ot nomina
tion as an independent candidate for dis
trict attorney. He has the reputation
of being an able lawyer.
State Superintendent Al
derman Says Theory
Works in Other Counties
The Lake County Examiner.
To the Editor: Noticing thHt the
County Hig .Schal Kunii Lnw is on the
ballot for Luke Cnunty, it has occurred
to me that you might lik an arti le on
how thin i orking in other counties.
This law was pa ted by the legisla
ture of 1909, and ia now operating in
seven eountie. The idea of the law is
to give high reboot advantage to every
girl and boy in the county, irrespective
of where he live.
The fund created by this high Bchhol
law is ued to pay the tuition of high
school students where ever located in
the county to any high school in the
county or to any high school that may
have been organized. If under twenty
students atti nd '.i:e high school the
diatri't receive forty dollars per
ptudent an annual tuition : for the te
cond twenty they receive thirty dollar
each : and alter forty twelve and one
half Hnllar each.
With the eure and steady growth of
this county, more town will grow up
and this law will make it uoihle for
tnet-e t-.wns to have high t-ehools.
i alo make pocsible high schools tor
rural 'tiflrictn The law has had a
wholeome effect wherever tried, and
ia mHkiig Oregon take the lead in high
ehooi at tendance. With an up-to-date
high pchonl enurr-e of etudv, there is no
rea n wny Lake county cannot draw
a' d hoi I hitler from an educational
standpoint a well a its natural re
source. Assistant U. S Commissioner
of tnucation, Upd'graf, says that this
high school luw is one of the best in
the United States.
L. hj. Alderman, State Superin
tendent of Kducation.
Lay fette Lane Acquires
300 Feet of Ground at
Windy Hollow
Layfettt Lane, brother of F. P
and J S. Lane of this city, has taken
an eighteen months' lease on 300 feet I
of ground of the Jumbo Mining Com
pany's prupeity at Windy Hollow.
The lent-e was signed up this week and
Mr. Lane will begin development work
at once. One of the stipulations of the
lease is that 52 shifts a month will be
worked. This with W Z. Moss' lease
will put in operation two active forces
on the Jumbo property and work will
be prosecuted vigorously. It is report
ed that Mr. Moss is negotiating tor
the pur ihase of a stamp mill, and
it is expected that the future of
Windy Hollow will soon be established.
The company is fortunate in enlisting
the interest of a man like Mr. Lane,
as he has a thorough knowledge of the
mining buslines, and his manifesta
tion of confidence speaks well tor the
district. He was one of the party that
went from Lakeview several years ago
to the Alaska gold excitement and
spent several years in the Klondyke
Register For Election
Registration for the coming election
will closo October 20 next, and every
voter of the county should avail him
self of the opportunity of registering
before that time. Up to Monday of
this week there were 1123 names on the
registration books at the Clerk's office.
Following ia a list of the total regis
tration of the fourteen precincts in
Lake county: Silver Lake. 112: Sum
mer Lake, 84: Paisley, 130; Crooked
Creek, 31: North Warner, 62: South
Warner, 43; North Lakeview, 123:
South Lakeview, 175: Drews Valley,
12; Goose Lake, 43: Cogswell Creek,
134: Thomas Creek, 30; Lake, 46: Fort
Rock . 125.
All changes oi residence must be re
ported to registration clerks that
voters may he registered In their prop
er precincts.
Will Norris, Monday, left for Weed,
California, to attend the funeral of his
brother, Frank Norris, who was killed
in a sawmill at that place, last Sunday
Exchange Says Clt.
are Apt to Overlook .
Good Accomplished
The Vale Enterprise has good idea
of what a Commercial CIud ia and has
I tre following to aay : "A great many
of our citizens are inclined to overlook
the good that is accomplished by the
Commercial Club." The people of Vale
are not alone in this, as it i the same
practically mil ever the country.
A Commercial Club usually should
ers the expense and responsibility of
advertising a community and trusts the
people to repay them. The work and
troubles of a liv Commercial Club are
not small and the advantages are
many. A small and growing town
needs a booster organization more than
the larger places but it is a noticeable
fact that in every city may be found
Commercial C1u..f, and the growth
from town to city Is greatly brought
about by such organization. It is a
neceaaary adjunct and one that should
receive hearty support from the people.
Railroad Earnings
The latest bulletin of the Interstate
Commerce Commission brines out the
j( j fact that although the gross earning of
the railroads of the United States have
increased materially during the passed
year, their operating expenses have in
creased way out of proportion, from
heee figures, it is evident that t e
laws are requiring the raltr iada to en
large their operating expenses. Taxa
tion i.-" becoming heavier also. Econo
mists contend that the pre ent policy
toward the railroads is one of starva
tion. Since they represent the largest
single business enterprise in the coun
try, much is dependent on them. When
the railroads are prosperous," the rett
cf tho couo.itrv is. For this reason it
is contended that there ought to be
fewer restricting Uws passed, for a
while, at least.
Prizes For Essays
The Oregon Society of Sons of
American Kevoult'on is offering prizes
totaling S100 to the pup 'is of the pu lie
Bc'uools of Oregon fur essays on sub
jects connected with our War of Inde
pendence. The awarding of prizes will
be governed by consideration of origin
ality, accuracy of statement, manner
of treatment, orthodoxy,' syntax, and
neat nets and legibility.
Prizes are offered
to cupils of High
Schools for essavs on either, "The
Confederation and the Constitution,"
"Women of the American Revolution,"
or "Benedict Arnold." This is a good
advancement for education and school
children should take advantage of ;he
Card of Thanks
We desire to express uur 6ense of
gratitude and thankfulness to our
friends and neighbors for kindly assist
ance rendered us in our time of trouhle
and need, and to assure them that their
every effoit in our behalf will ever be
deeply appreciated by us.
Mr. and Mrs J. B. Auten.
Make Apple Exhibit
One hundred dollars in gold is offer-
led by Howard Elliott, president ot the
Nurthern Pacific, for the best 10 Doxes
of apples grown in the Northwestern
Land Show in Minneapolis, November
12-23. The exposition management will
cive $50 in gold for tne second best
box. It al-o guarantees to remit the
amount to the exhibitors.
Southern Goose Lake Valley has
twice caDtured brat prize at the Cali
fornia apple show and seems that it
would be wise for this sectior t to go
after Oregon's trophy.
Council Meeting:
The Lakeview council held a special
session last Thursday night in the city
hall, with all members present and dis
posed of business that waa left unfin
ished from the regular monthly meet
ing. Dan Bernis was elected for city
marshal to linish the piesent term.
Tne ordinance prohibiting closed boxes
in restaurants and cafes was pss-ied and
two other ordinances were up for dis
cussion, but were hl 1 for a !eii
reiliog. Onj of in. v-is t i o.'jn tiu
tne draimio of stwCi," ia lha city
flume on Canyon stuet, fcnd the other
wa.i relative to piaoi.ig a on) uu .i.y
form of cj!-":l"ih,jIi rr I j ! ' ji.Ht
Receives Broken Lee While
Motoring: From Lake
view to Burns
While on bis way to Burns, Harney
county on a motorcycle, Ist Saturday
State School Superintendent L. R.
Alderman met with an accident which
resulted in a fracture of one ot the
bones of his le and dislocation ot the
ankle. The accident necurel while he
was going down a hill, on the west
side of Abert lake, at a rapid pace,
when the machine struck a small rock
in the road that caused it to swerve,
striking a boulder with such force as
to bend the Dedal nackwsrd and break
the bone. Mr. Clapp who was a short
distance behind Supt. Alderman in Jan
auto with the other instil .te Instruc
tors, who were also enroute to Burns,
brought him back to Valley Falls, a
distance ot about ten miles from where
the accident happened. Dr. Daly was
summoned from that place, and he in
company with County Superintendent
Willits went out by auto to give aid
Dr. Daly reduced the fractare and
brought him back to Lakeview, accom
panied by E. V. Carleton. The Superin
tendent wag taken to Hotel Lakeview
where he was cared for, by the teachers
and friend, who pave him every cam
fort possible. He stayed here until
Monday morning when h and Mr.
Carleton left on the train for their
borne at Salem, via Sacramento.
Superintendent Alderman had just
closed one of the roost successful in
stitutes in the historv of Lake county
and the accident caused a tad and ad
rupt ending of a most eitective institute
trip that wm being made over the stste.
and it is a Liss to other counties where
he was to sist in noiiing fnf tUutes.
rnn rn
i Mil utli
Regular Session Convens
Monday, 21 Grand Jury
Meets Next Week
Circuit Ju ige Henry L. Benson and
Court Reporter K. M Richardson arriv
ed Sunday from Klamath Falls to re
main until after the Fall term ot cir
cuit court. The regular session does not.
convene until Monday, October 21 but
the time until then will be occupied in
elearirg the docket of some civil cases,
preparing cases for trail and hearing
arguments rn demurrers that have been
The grand jury will be assembled
the first rf next week, and Diirict At
torney Kuykendall will not arrive until
action is taken in criminal cases, which
will be ift on the docket. Although
a number of civil actions are to be
argued it is reported that the docket is
not lengthy and the session will likely
be a 6h it oi.i..
Chautauqua Circle
The Chautauqua Circle will meet
next Mcr d-.y evening at 7:30 o'clock
at the home of Mis Bessie Burgess.
Program: Roll call: current events,
"The Old r.eirr,e in France," Ogg,
chapter 111, Mrs. T. V. Hall. "lhe
French Revolt tinn" Ogg, Chapter IV,
Miss Maudt? Knitrht "Napoleon and
the New Rrg'ine. " Ogg, chapter V,
Miss D. SneUing.
Unsuccessful Meeting:
A public meeting of the taxpayers
of Lakeview was called last evening
at the court hot.-tf , but the supposedly
prime movers fMIrcl to put in an ap
pearance, and birne the purpose of
the meeting wi.s not made public.
However, it is p''p fed to have teen'
called for the purpose of taking action
toward liquidating 'he indebtedness in
curred in ppininj; th right of way and
treto'TiBl grnnnris liir the N.-C'.-v). Uy,
Just wh'it the mi mo t is no one seems
to know, but it is understood that there
ia aome $170'J .Llir.eJ for the "Y"
ground nn hr (Jivrw tract, about
J1500 !vi t jti'.'d grade
of town ard t-Tialler am unts for
of way.
J. S
from his
' Paisley.
came down