Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 26, 1912, Image 6

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colon black or yellow.
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TowtrCanadMM Laniard,
Tamil lOia
Be it remembered that regular
sr anon or tte oout ty court of the State .
if Oregon tor tne County of Lake was.
begun and held at the Court House tn !
Lakeview, Oregon on Wednesday the.'
4th day of September, 1912, when were J
i ( repent: Hon. K. Daly, Judge; C. A. j
Kehart and h. K. Anderson, C'umniis-j
itinera: F. W. Fayne, County Clerk
lardW 0. Snider. Sheriff, by K. E,
K. K. Hlnelmrt, for ileputy
litre, sihcrifT' office 150 (Ml
Kathleen O'Neill, for clerical
atltHtnv, anHesxor'w oftW.. 100 00
T. H. Vernon, iim 100 IK)
r. w. iaroe, tor clerical na
atstance, atampa, etc
Hunk of Lakeviaw. clock ex
tra, work on court hone..
PocIh L., Willi t: for HcrvUvH
on Teacher's) F.xani. Board..
j Mrs. C. A. Vatot, aani
Mrs. I F. Conn, nervier on
164 PO
178 tit
12 00
12 K)
Hrrxt tnr
Paorert cv
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1 1 the very best
insurance policy you
can have and the
cheapest. We do it.
Kinehart deputy, when the fallowing'
proceedings were had towit:
In the matter of the resignation
S. O. Pease as Justice ot the I'cactj
Summer Lake Precinct, No. 2,
Lake Cour.ty, Oregon.
It ia hereby ordered that
nation of Mr. S. U. Pease,
Kighth trrado Board
' June, li12
0f The American Law Hook Co.,
0fl for law hook for trcuit
cf Court Libra'
It. E. Watxon, l.ahor tutallltig
the resig- !
as Justice I F.xamlncr l'libllHlilnir Com
8 IX)
7 50
7 00
1 M
I ftt)
1 00
a oo
42 oo
IS 2
.7 f
Took forth Brand"
A new pair
if tliejr rip
tin straps. 00,14
of the Peace for Summer Lake, Pre
cicnt No. 2, of Lake County, Oregon
be. anef the same is hereby accepted.
In the matter of theappointment of
I a Justice of the Peace for Summer
' Lake Precinct, No. 2 of Lake County,
! It Is hereby ordered that Mr. George
i Detwiler. be and he is hereby appoint
' ed Justice of the Peare for Summer
Lake Predict, No. 2 of Lake County
i Oregon.
j In the matter of the petKion of J.
I M. Handley, J. J. Scott, and f urteen
other freeholders of Lake county, Ore
gon, residing in the road district No.
5, praying for the location of a county
j road described as follows, to wit:
i Commencing at a point on the east j
boundary line of Section 15, Tp. S9S., !
' K. 20 E. W.M.. in Lake count v. Ore-!
!gon, S40 feet south trom the north-' w"r Dreiikel, H.ime,er nf M aoi-tinn IS anrf WallrtOl'. BHI1II'...,
- - - - i
thence running easterly and north-j
'easterly along the mott practical route j
. to that point where the center line of
the county road leadirg from the Town :
of Lakeview, in said County and State,
to the Town of Plush, in said county :
and state. intprseMa theVt buund- T,30 s Farrel, name
ary line of Section 32, in Tp. 3S S.,
R 21 E , W.M.
This matter coming on for hearing
pati.v, mipplle prlotiog aud
putillhliitf 71 20
J. U. Auten, Inbor oti Court
Houmroof nml Hiipplies 17 ;I0
S. t. Hiinin. rp;i!r work anil
nature 10 2."i
flotfl Lakeview, Hoard of
prl nerrt si! 4,"
8. t). I Yaw, reglMtration if
VIlti'M 2 till
Lakcvli'W Trauafer (., lray
ae aud ciihIi ndvanced (or
freight ft 75
E. T. Sptnce, rcmodclltig U-lla 2 .M
Lakeview Land and l.iuulier
Company, IuuiImt 2S 4l
Arsner liros., work on Jail 14 00
11. V. Dretikcl, ItnecH U"t
and mileage oo Willis chho
In Klamath Co as iM)
H. S. Radcliff. aaine 107(H)
3S 00
A. Konnerth, same 38 00
W liarion. aame 38 00
Tlioman liarion, name J18 00
0. U. Sni ter, same :is 00
J. W. StrphfiiHon, aauie 41 0J
1'. E. Harris mime 3i On
S 1 arrel, name SS 00
Lorti Duke, saino IW 00
Court adjourned to meet at 9 oYlock
a. m. Sept. 6, 1912.
W. K. Harry. wltma Justice
Court .'.
Ilarrv Hiiiir, a one
VctleU Allen, same
Mrs. John Allen, same
Nuinlov Whorton. sttcnilaiiee
at JtiaMoe Court a t "onia1l
V. J. Wheeler, wltneaa .1 mm
tlce Court
K K Amleraiiii. snbirv ami
mlU'iue iih Coiint.v Comml"'-
nioiit r
0. A. Itchart, Ha me
lra. L K. Conn, wrvli'ec on
8th (Ira. I.' Kiaiii. Mt.v. Wl. 0 (Hi
IVurl Hall, aame ! 0
The report ot K. W. Payne, county
clerk of Lake county, Oregon, showing
that, from July 2nd, 1I2 to August 7,
1 1 1 2. both dates Inclusive he had paid
bounty on 30 coyotea and 4 bobcats,
amonting to S."3 was examined, found
to be correct and the scalps and front i
feet destroyed, as by law provided.
'''he Court also made an examination
of the books of the County Clerk and
Sheritr and found same to be correct.
Thereupon Court adjourned.
li. D.'tly, County Ju igo.
to have as much freedom nfTered the
animals as possible. If a park has
ponds and lakes it Is no trouble tn en
tice wild birds to come and live there."
"The state board of tlsh and gam"
commissioners of Oregon is now devla
Ing plan to change the present II h snd
game laws in this slate fr the pre
sentation to the next legislature Our
fish and game code ia by far too com
plicated and too full nf technicalities
to be of much use. The board of com
missioners wants to make the code
shorter, more concise ami clearer."
"As t Is now," aald Mr. Kinley,
"the board is not given ho power Ibat
It should have In minor things regard
ing the fish and game law. We are go
ing to try to secure the passage ol
I iw that will give the hoard more pow
er. On my visit to Denver I took the
matter up with representatives from
other states am found out their
methods. I, actlrg for the hoard, have
come to the conclusion that we need
radical change tn our fish and game
code In this state.
-"Among the others that the hoard
Is going to try and have passed la a law
preventing game birds from being shot
trom the nubile htyhwaye. At present,
people can drive Into the country and
shoot pheasants from an automobile or
buggy. We want to change this."
$ 1 ,000 REWARD
rr. t
norma ainl Ni-v a
. .--, p.. -
( V. 'lr li be mi''.
slit lied tft a melpi'.-'
a ' Mi
y -en at-' for eTl1elie.
" rrM and convii-i i
. I. l ! I-ariy or pa
tie 4ie.mIR bor
eattieor male- lie
touting lo aar of tm
in i'ld linn to the a:Kvt -u iuiier.iv
offer. ou ibe aameoouluioa -" . Inr ail bor
im '.raii'ie.1 iiorw hfn tiar ot tn or eiitu
Braiiil reriM-'1 tn eight cotlutle Kan'
iariji-ir I aki anc i.rK)if -ouii'ien Hnr-e-
renterl bi n sold.
No"' i rrown bom-sM i rni'iuiiiyiiMaii-
uh'-n... W M.BBOVi PKe HreKO'
at this time and it appears to the court i B. Daly, Judge
that the pe'ition is signed by sixteen ' In the County Court of the State of
freeholders of Lake County, Oregon I Oregon, for Lake County.
resMi'-g in Road district No. 5, of said: Fridav, September 6, 1912.
Cour.ty and Stste, and that the Dro- Court convened pursuant to adjourn-
eeedings are in all othe. respects regu- ment of Sept. 5th, 1912. with the same
lar, regular and in conformity with the otticers p esent, when the followirg
law jrnverning such cases; it is there- , proceedings were hud towit:
tore hereby ordered that S. A. Mushen, j Claims against Lake County were
County Surveyor, of Lhke county, j examined, allowed and warrants or-
' Oregon, with S. V. Rehart and Creed dered drawn, as by law provided, in
Pendleton, Sr., as viewers, be and payment of the same, as f Mows to-
' tnev are hereby SDDointed to view, wit;
Business Directory
A Directory of each City, Town and
Village, giving descriptive sketch of
each plate, location, population, tele
graph, shipping- and banking- point;
aJao Claaaltied Directory, compiled by
business and profession.
J. L. LYONS, O. u z.
Utflce in WiiMn'i Block. Lakr
view, Oregon
lear, cipeneui'f
!- of t ni.-!' t
Complete a nl reliable
Form with Affidavit
Blank attached. Also
containing copy ol' Ore
gon Mining Laws.
Price 5 cents Each
Special rates on quan
tities Pnone 521
purvey and report to this court their
findirgs as to the above describee, pro
posed rjad. and that tney meet at the
Court House in Lakeview, Oregon,
on the 30th day of September, 1912,
at the hour of nine o'clock a. m., or
upon their failure to meet on said day
then to meet within five days toere
after and then and there to aualify and
mmediately thereafter to view, sur
vey and report - upon said proposed
road, as above directed.
Thereupon court adjourned to meet
September 5th, 1912 at nine clo.k a.
B. Daly, County Judge.
, In the Corty Cou t of the State of
Oregon for Lake county, Thursday Sep
tember 5th 1912.
Court conver.eJ pursuant to adiourn
ment of September 4th, 1912. with the
same officers present, when the follow
ing procedings were had towit:
Claims against Lake county. Ore
eon, were examined, allowed and war
rants ordered drawn, as by la w provid
ed, in payment of tne same as follows,
towit :
To be paid out of the General Road
FranK ttoggi.-rs, for cann ad
vance d for road work, Dim.
No. 5 $ 276 75
E. D. Smith, road work in
Dint No. 3 yi
Anliur Ilighn'll, ro,ii work la
Dint. No. 7 7U
Iiaok of Lakeview, canh ad
vanced lor road work 5."9
Bailey A .Mam-iuuli:, la-h ad
vanced fur road work :f!
Flint Vernon, road work. Diet.
No. 11 2,5 25
Bailey A ManHingill, rupplb-s
for Knad Diht. No. 5
Hall CoiiHtruiulon Co., roal
w.jrk, IiiMTrict No 10
I'dinicy Lumber (. , luiolier
for liuad DiHt. No. 3.
Clievittucaii Mercantiltt Co.,
for iiitilH. Dim. st. :i
B. W. Farrow, road work
DiritriL-t No. ,",
Frank Farrow, K.ime
W. V. Miller, hi in
i'ete CaHilton, nnum
Homer Mon U, .tin.-
('lark Johimiuii, H-iine
Alfred MliHM. HJHiie
I-rf-ual Bauliiig, H-une
L. II, Hauirtey, moie
J. D. Wllinot, frtne
S. i. Hailley, hii in-
JumeH Biedir, I'roirht on
culver r-, li.iiri - o
D. J. Jone, Ji.-palr road to'.ls
Dint No. 2. f
L. li. Uhji, JiMii'i v.-i.i
District N j. H
Joe KnH,tr, H iine
To i e i Mill, oi lu.-ij-ei-r'd I'nrjil:
Trixy Mr W. , ( ,, .;
Hi, tauce, ljirii,'b oiJji., lou 00
General Road
To be paid out of the
Fund :
Chan. H. Combs, road work by
Richard Erkkson, Dim. 5... 15 00
J. M. Meawner, for road work
District No. 5 C2 00
Z. G. Harrln, road work and
board of men 119 40
To be paid out of the General Fund.
Bcna S. Batchelder, foi reporting-
imiu-st of 0. B. Merrick 11 35
E. D. Everett, wltDeaa at 1d-
quest of C. B. Merrick 1 60
T. E Bernard, lor repair
work and supplies 217 62
Wru. Wallace, coroner fee, in
quest of C.B. Merrick 5 00
I B. Dalv, autopny Miirgeon, In-
j tju'ent of C. B. Merrick 5 00
i W. B. Snider, Mampx, tele-
J phoue, etc 78 94
j A. J. Foster, Htanipn 1 00
Internati nal
about the
Fx post-
6 Hi
2 10
7 10
25 00
Mauley Whorton, grand jucv
wI'dchm, May 1912
C. IJenklc, t-ame
Thos. S. Farrel, grand Jury
v. Itnevn May, P'12 ami draw
ing JuHtlce Jury llMt
J. L. Hfimpt u. County fruit
I'hil Cudiiiiins, Juror C. B.
Merrick lnquet
Marlon Baroeri, ame
F. O. AIiIhI roui, same
Wm. Guutlu-r, name
J. I-rank I, slime
ChaM. Fuibach, name
F. F. WrL-hi ic Co. for denk
and repair of typewriter 5fJ 40
Fleming BroH., HiipplleB lor
t-mallpiix quarantine 40 28
Isaac L'pliani A Co., Otllce
Huppllea 11 70
CilaKB-I'mdljuniuiH l!o.. Office
mipplies i:so 28
If. N. Crocker ft Co., for llx-
turen 48 go
Court apjourned at 9 o'clock A. M
Sept. 7, 1912.
1!. DALV, County Judge.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Lake county.
Saturday, September 7, 1912.
Court convened pursuant to adjourn
ment of Sept. 6, 1912.. with name
oflicera preaent, when the following
proceedings were had, towit:
Claims aeuinHt Lake county, Oregon
were examined, allowed and warrants
ordered drawn, as by law pr ivi lod in
payment of the same as follows, towit :j
lo be paid out of the General load
1U 9!) I Fund :
i K. B. Brewer, for road work
4 0'J ! District No. 1
Waiter Lurmy, Hume
lr r- ,' IM l.uinlv, s'liiH'
. .i. 1': F'lV, ( ;f l ly.ll! vi ': '.ii
Dimrlci No. 1 1
To bo pun out of ' ho ( ieij'-ra!
Hall ft Ileynoldri Dru Co.,
ffjr HUpplii h
Thud S. i'tti'i'i l,for JiihJce fi e0
Some intere'tieg point
Panama Pacific
tion :
The Court of Honor will be entirely
surrounded by a colonnade comprised of
massive arches. Groups of statuary
symbolizing the rising and setting sun
will surmount the colonnade.
The dominstiiV theme of the Kxponl
tion from an architectural viewpoint
will be the ht'ge tower of the Admin
istration building, 42 feet high and
flanked on either side by the gilded
domes, towers and minarets of the re
maning buildings of the itroup.
The largest building group in the
Exposition will be the I'hIhcp of Agri
culture, covering in two sections a floor
area of b0,000 square feet.
Hundreds of thousands of tres.
shrubs and vines are ready to be re
moved at the proper time and set out
lit accord with the plan that will har
monize with the architectural and color
scheme ot the buil'ling-i.
One ot the moi-t striking of tne Ex
position palaces will be the Horticul
tural Buildins, whose domes and mina
rets will rise u- lf0 to 125 feet. The
building ill be constructed of glass.
The concessions and amusement cen
ter will occupy t acre , the Manufac
tures Building an area of 76,250 teet.
The total area of the main exhibit
palate in square ground feet will be I
Notice to tho Public
All outHtaodiiiir. IiIIIh oing the
jakevfciw-l'tne Creek Electric Co. fur
electric wiring. glnbeH, etc. now due
must be paid to i he above company
i the Kir?! National Bfink Lake
view. r.. i . T:im.iov, I'rt rT'Ietit.
9 50
215 00
1-1 50 I
00 j
That the tish and game of Oregon
are us well cared 'or as those of any of
the states of the middle -veHt and east,
i the report brought by State Game
Warden William L. Finley and C. K.
Cranston, chairman of the State Board
of Flat) and Game Commissioners, who
returned last week from Denver, where
they represented the State ot Oregon
at the annual Ket-sion of the National
Association of Slate Game Wanlena
and Cominirfiioncra and the Amtrican
r laneries society. tJr-gon la doing
as well as any of the other states in
the matter of the propagation of (iah, "
said Warden Finli y alter returning and
with the co-operation of the tarmt rs
and rportsmtn we will plant millions
of hah each year, ond will have this
state as wtll stocked as any. In the
matter ot birdH. the situation in Ore
gon is very encouraging, as many of
the farmers have t-et aniOe certain por
tions of their tarrns fur atate refuges,
and by the time the season is opened
once fnore Oregon will have as many
birds as she ever had. As much educa
tional work has to be done each year in
order to secure tetter game protection,
it is essential that the oommistdon
have a museum of Borne kind. The
Eastern cities are doing much in the
way of museums, city parks and zolo-
gical gardemt. The muheurn started
by Colonel Hawking some years ago in
the city hall and kept up by Mr. Wleg-
and, is too restricted as to room, ano!
the stale has loBt many Fpecirnens of
value on Una account. The American
Museum of Nalural hibtnrv took out ot
this state several years ago one of the
largeut Htnl mom perfect specimens of
meteorites in the country. The time is
getting abort wl.en wo can get good
groups of the animals that make their
homes in tbiH section of the country.
Fund: and especially is Ibis so with the mouii-;
tain aheep, mule deer, antelope audi
elk. While cages cannot be altogether!
19 25
S 75
8 75
174 25
H 70
lu 00 j done away with in u park, it is Letter j
On Account of Some
Business Difficulties
R B r r lo fr rw Amr usa rflri rtntlrlrrttr Aa
fore, we will continue tho SPECIAL
SALE Indefinitely. Wo havo a well"
assorted stock of dry lumber and will
appreciate your order, regardless of
how small or large. During tho sao
all material will bo cash when It
leaves tho yard.
Lakeview, Ore.
Yard on Center St.
Phone 721
arrow ass
r.l:il: stir? j'our
gfimc- Shoot
tlio snced shells
l' Arrow bta lls, tlie stivl
lining puts all tiK- lorct? of tho
explosion Doninu tne snot. mat mih'-u -ini.iutc nn-comt-r"
ciin't beat out tho pattern driven by a .steel
gripped charge.
And with EsNtrrn Factory Iiailin, unifurmity of
Bper-d and puttern in ahtnirl in esi h unit every i.hull.
Shoot Heminut on- UMC Arrow and Nitro Club Slerl LiiukI Kunrm
Factory LoudcJ Shells for spoed plus pattern in sny make of !,liui;un.
Remingtoa Arnu-Umon Metallic Cartridge Co.
?rw York Citv
299 Broadway
I he Kentucky
Post & King: - Proprietor.
Lakeview - - Oregon
' Wm. Wallace, Coroner tor Lake County)
Parlors, next door to Telephones OfFico
3-Household Necessities 3
ar as i imiiin im i
Vacuum Clothes Washer
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f)ii the market.
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