Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 05, 1912, Image 5

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    Town Property
f.'KMXMM For it (I tm iitff lO riMini Iiouho with large lot, 7-" 12., clone to ceotor of
town and High Hcliool. Ens? terms.
:iKX) (ill I'or ll-rooiii new tuiiitf itlow, hii lueal lip-to tluo home, c-loan to ten) it of
town on Hornnrd Ntreet. Kimy terms.
Vacant l ot on Hlusli Street at bargain.
IIIMIO.IK) For n new 4 room house and wood shed, lot M I 125, good location,
r any term.
f HMHI.OO For an iip-to-dnto new Itiitignluw, In choice residence part of the city.
ICnay terms.
"Wo So The neat Earth"
Lakeview : Oregon
More Bargain
120.00 per acre for 200 acres of timber land, clone la, easy termn.
12.0 For 330 acre good noil in the valley 0 miles from Lakeview. If
want a ttargain loo t pass this. Terms cash.
Saw mill In first class order, including a law quantity of dry, finished lumber;
saw logs and IV) acres of standing timber. The books will prove It to
be s fine Investment.
KO iicres of floe timber on the West Side, close to a saw mill.
M seres of the best In the valley. 8 miles from Lakeview with improvements and
fine water right low price 130.00 per acre. Easy terms.
200 acres Joining the O. V, L. Addition to Lakeview. Fine for catting op Into
small tracts. A bargain at only 130.00 per acre.
Tunc County Eramlncr
Uiilnlcr get them all.
Wood for sale: In any quantity
l'lionfU2. Hert Tntro. If
)r. and Mrs. Everett havo rented
the W. 1. Ileryford houite on Dewey
Loe Hcsll, of the JUiley & Masslngill
firm is reported on the slok list this
Two year old Lake City Flour for
sale 11.76 -r sack. Inquire at
telephone nlllco. tf
Louis (ierber, the sheep buyer, Is in
Lakeview thia week looking over the
mutton situation in this section.
George Lewis of the Drews Valley
Stage station, came In the first of the
week to enjoy a few days of city life.
V. Conn. K. H. Jackson and Mike
Sullivan Monday came down trom
i'sitley snd toon In the Irish i'ienio at
Camas i'rairic.
n. 1. Ilolbmok sold 2iMM sheep to!
Cany, buyer for Miller & Lux. The
sheep will be shipped from here in
about ten dsys.
Uur reader will be pleased to know
that "Mon Amour." the latest Keiger's
(terfume csn now tie bad st Snyder &
Reynold's Hrug Store.
J. Q. Willita and family snd Miss
Elsie I'ost are expecting to leave the
latter oart of next week for Crater!
Lake on short outing.
An automobile. K. M. F. 30, Model
l'Jll, In good condition, is offered st a
ttargalu If sold soon. Nee Mrs. C. A.
Watson or T. E. Bernard. A'.'tf tt
Mrs. K. D. Everett, wife of Dr.
Everett, is enjoying a couple of weeks
visit with Mrs. C. W. Reynolds at her
homestead ner the head of the lake.
Mrs. J. Chna. Smith of the I'ariHiHn
Millinery has been quite seriously ill
the psst livers! days and hss been
confined to her home since Saturday
W. Lsir Thompson chaperoned herd
of young recruits for the Elks Lodge
from here to Klumath Falls, Isst Satur
day. They were: W. J. I'roudfoot.
Ceo. Hanklns. N. A. McCurdy. and
Hertle Snyder.
Ceorge Lew s lat Tuesday while at-! cordislly invited to attend,
tending the Irish l'lonie hsd the mis-j Miss VCva Whorton who wss accom
torlune to loose one of his valuable i punled to Heno by her father, Geo. B.
buggy homes. The animal was taken
with a severe attack or colic, and "H ,
assistance was fruitless.
Jonas Norin and wife and Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Chirk Saturday went to)
High Grade to attend a dance as the I
quests of Mrs. Bemis snd Mrs. Batch-J
elder. They 'returned heme Sumiay I
evening and report having a very nice j
time. i
C. O. Roe and family late arrivals
in I.Hkeview have leased the Crone
miller house formerly Mrs. J. Avirsg
nette's properly. Mr. Koe is represen
tative of the Filer Music House, Port
land, and has received a stock of musi
cm! goods.
H. W. Drenkel & Son report the
aide of two town lots on Flower street
in the Drenkel Addition to O'Neill &
Dunlap : also two lots to Mrs. K. T.
Baldwin on the same two streets, and
the W. It. Boyd houwe on Main Street
to W. J. White.
Notices have been posted and a peti
tion will be presented to the District
Boundary Board at its next meeting
to organize a new school district near
"Anderson Gap," twelve miles west of
hure. There aro twenty-four children
of school age near there.
Max Bode last week was up from his
place'on the peninsula on the east shore
of the lake. Mr. Bodu has homestead
ed somo lund near the lake and that
together with what ho has rented is go
ing to establish a shooting lodge. Ho
is organizing a gun club called the
Peninsula Gun Club.
A farewell surprise party was given
Miss Lelah Hunter at her borne" Tues
day evening.; About twenty hve young
people were present. Miss Hunter this
morning left for Colorado Jwhere she
will be joined later by her father and
mother. Her many friends here will
regret her departure.
Last week workmen completed the
grading of Flower street in the Dren
kel Addition : also the streets around
the CityJPark and on two sides of the
mew High School building. This im
provement adds greatly to the attrac
tion of that portion of town and will be
-appreciated by residents of that section.
Italnler lifer on draught at the Inn.
If you want a really good smoke
fur a Dirk In, try Htnrkman'e leader.
Dan Jones this week bought the W.
! W. Wllshlre property on Uernard street
off from Center.
Iln.Msr and Turkey Dinner will be
held on Thsnksgiving by the Baptist
Lsdies Aid. Particulars later.
Miss Ids Fletcher, one of our high
school teschers hss arrived and is at
home with Mrs. K. A. Hawkins.
" Mr. ana MrsTF. P. Cronemiller and
son, Freddie are spending the week at
the Huckleberry pstch near Crater
Hev. W're, psstor of the M. K.
Church, has been III the psst week.
He was unable to appear in the pulpit
Klsmath county wlll.have three in
dependent csndidates lor Sheriff: S.
S. Grlgsby, 0. St. George Uishop and
J. W. llswkhurst.
Wm. Nixon hss accepted a position
ss night clerk at the Hotel Lakeview.
Kill Knows how to cater to the com
forts of his gucots.
Modern bungalow to rent, seven
rooms and bstb. liaru, chicken
. I. ,
I iioum ami eeusr. i-urg" s"''lu,"
fenced. On LakeHt. A2!)
The real estate deals that have been
transacted the past few days indicates
that the market Is beginning to open
with considersble activity.
The establishment of a new post
oflice at Fsirpoit, Modoc County, has
been announced. Harry E. Walker
has been named poatmssler.
O. E. Wood, locsl Wells Fargo Ex
press agent and N.-C.-O. telegrsph
operator has bought the Hen Cloud
residence property in Drenkel's Addi
tion. The City Council held their regulsr
meeting in the city hall Tuesday night
but as there was no important business
before the board an early adjournment
was had.
County Commiaisoncrs F. E. And
erson, of Lake and Chas. A. Kehart,
oi Crooked Creek are in 'town this
week to be in attendance at the regular
session of County Court that convened
Wednesday, Sepetmber 4.
A Union Sunday School picnio com
prising Methodist, Presbyterian and
Baptists, will te given up Bullard
canyon, on Wednesday, September 11,
members of these Sunday Bchoola are
ho will enter a Convent school. In
Stockton she will stcy with her
mother's aunt, Mrs. Pinkney.
prc Kcene, of Kecne Barnes
store.' accompanied by hi wile; the
first of the week left hy WBy uf Klam
ath Falls for Southern California, for a
visit with his parents and to investi
gate some business matters..
Hon. A. W. Ur'ton, Register of the
U. S. Land Oflice. Sunday returned
from Portland where Mr. Orion went
to accompany the body of Chas. B.
Merrick, who died here during the
League meeting. They came back by
way of Klamath Falls.
The Economy stre is introducing
a new feature for giving away phono
graphs. The instruments ere the new
hornless symphony and are satisfac
tory machines. With each,' purchase
your are given a ticket and when your
purchases amount to $10, after buying
some records the phonograph becomes
Reno Journal: Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Mariner and Miss Springer have re
turned from a ten day trip to Lake
view, Pine Creek and High Grade.
They accompanied the Reno Commer
cial club on tho big advertising potlatch
at Lakeview and came back with en
thusiastic reports concerning the trl
utste country.
The Portland papers state that the
late rains have wrought a decided!
change for the worse in the irrein crop
situation In the Pacific Northwest.
The reoent storms have been prevalent
all over the country and in some of the
Eastern states especially nearPittsburg,
Pa., heavy Hoods have caused much loss
In life and property.
The old Catholic Rectory fon Slash
street is now for rent, Kev. Father
Sehmittt, S. J. having moved into the
new Rectory near St. Patrick's church
yesterday. This in the sixth Church
and Rectory that Father Schinut has
built or brought to completion within
the psst eight years. St. Patrick's
church and rectory presents a nice ap
pearance and represents an Investment
the Csthnlics of Lakeview can well feel
proud ef.
lloft-I !
Children while dropsex, sixes 2
8 yesrs. Lski-vlew Mercantile Co,
Ssm Cressler, cashier of the First
National Bank, left yesterday for San
Francisco on a short visit.
Alex Fitzoatrick, and family yester
dsy came down from the ZX ranch and
registered at Hotel Lskevlew.
Ono dote ri Iioiiho dresses, assorted
paterus and sires to close at reduced
prices, lakeview Mercsntllo Co.
T. II. Mctzker and John Lewis re
turned the first of the week from a
hunting trip to the Cbewauean country
with two fine bucks.
All tho school books for all the
grades and the most complete line of
school stationery in Lakeview at
Snyder & Reynolds Drug Store.
Workmen will this week complete
the row of cement walk in front of all
the buildings on the Esst side ot Watei
between Csnyon and Center streets.
The $1200 piano hss been installed in
the Assembly room in the High School
building. This Is a "grand" Grand and
will be spprecisted by the school and
the puHc.
Mrs. F. O. Ahlstrom and children
j Saturday evening returned from a sev
ers! weeks visit with her psrents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. R. Heryford at Santa
Cruz, California.
Ranch for sale 1(50 acres on Camas
Prairie. l.'XK) cords wood; good
shearing corrals; large Iiouho, baru
mid cot buildings. Address Rosa
McOatilels, Lakeview, Oregon. A 29
Sheriir W. B. Snider, left Sunday
with the circus crowd. After tsking in
the circus at Reno if not taken in
he will go to the Boise Springs Sani
tarium to spend a week with his wife.
Jsmes Turpin, one of Lake County's
prospering sheep men. Isst week came
in from his camp and spent a few days
in Lakeview It was his first trip in
for several months and his many friends
gave him a cordial welcome.
Sam Dicks, of Crooked creek has
bought the Louis McCulley plaae on
Water street now occupied by the
Combs family. Mr. Dicks will move
his family to town for the winter
so the children may enter school.
Mrs. Josio Fates, of Reno, formerly
Josie Woodcock sister of Mrs. G. W.
Johnson, returned Tuesday with Mr.
and Mrs. Johnson who went to Reno
to attend the 'Circus. She will visit
with her sister and family several
weeks before going home.
A new sail boat has been launched
on Goose Lake, the first one on the lake.
Mr. Anderson of New Pine Creek owns
the bout. This is a beautiful body of
water to tie lying idle and no doubt
before many years it will be dotted
with numerous water vessels.
Attorney T. S. Farrell last night re
turned from a trip to High Grade.
Tom reports a new strike on bis com
pany's property that will incldently
add a few beans to his pile. These
things usually make a man feel pretty
gloomy and Tom is no exception to the
(J. E. Crowder, who recently sold the
Lake Shore lands near Davis Creek has
become Interested with Attorneys
Jamison and Wylie, of Alturas in the
Hess Mine at Cunby. The New Era
says the Hess Mine has been taking out
sdouc i,uuu weekly, ior over a year,
and has a mountain ot ore in sight to
continue the run indefinitely.
Silva A.Ramer, sole heir of Charles
Lloyd Raymer, deceased has commenc
ed suit against the Nevada, California
Oregon railway for damages resulting
from the death of C. L. Raymer in
Modoc county some time ago. It is
stated that Rsroer was killed by a
train wnne ne was driving stock near
the right of way of the railroad at
Davis Creek.
It is reported that a serious accident
happened to a Mr. Coon last Monday
while driving over the mountain be
tween here and Paisley. A telephone
message came from Jason Kdler stating
that he found Mr. Coon near the road
in a serious condition, suffering from
inqjuries caused by being thrown from
his wagon. He was taken to Paisley
and particulars In regardt o his condi
tion have been unavailable.
The Teie'iers Insitute to be oeld here
in October will be one of the best ever
held in the County. Dr. A. E. Winship,
ot Boston, one of the most noted edu
cators in the United States will be one
of the instructors, Mrs. Mamie Fulker
eon, of Salem, Oregon's most noted
and successful Primary Teacher, will
be another of the workers. All teach
ers, p irents. and school directors
should hear these instructors.
Rainier on draugth
Rainier mad Lakeview famous.
Ijnl.ex suit ni'e at i.akevleo Mer
cantile Co.
Rainier on draugth or in bottle at
the Hrewery. 2t
Mr. and Mrs. Jsmes Dodson Mon
day made a business trip to Klamath
Falls in their Dorris car, returning
Clint Combs, of the Forest Service,
and wife csme in from the Roggers
ststinn st Mud Creek ard spent Sun
day in town.
The Domestic Science and Art de
nsrtments are almost furnished and
will be equal to the very best in any
school of Oregon.
Our stock of school books, tablets, 4
pencils Is now complete and as we are
official distributers of -school books,
we are In a position to save you
money. Thornton's Drug Store. 3t
Frank Light and wife left with the
excursionists Sundsy for Ban Fran
cisco, where he will undergo an
operation for the removal of the
vermiform appendix. j
Ail tmt add second class postoffices
will be closed on Sundsy's as a result
of one provision of the new postal sp
propriation bill psssed by Congress'and
signed ly President Taft. 1
Mrs. W. R. Dyer left on Sunday's
special train on the her way to Aurora. 1
III., by way of the Northern Route.
She expects to be absent from Lake
view during the coming winter.
The lady who was hired to teach the
fourth grade in our schools, resigned a
few dsys ago and Prof. Gardner a:
once wired Miss Elsie Lathrop of Port
land, Oregon, who accepted the posi
tion. Work on the Daly building proper
on Water street Is practically finished :
and carpenters are now installing
partitions snd necessary departments I
for the restaurant that is to occupy the
building. j
Money Spent This Year
on Buildings Unsur
passed It seems that the development and
improvement stride that is now in pro-1
gress on properties on Water street is I
unceasing. Besides the new brick
structure:! and ro vs ot cement walks
that Lave been put in, numerous minor
improvements aro being made. T. E. ,
Bernard is finishing bis new brick :
front and adding a coat of paint to still l
further the appearances. The !
front ,f the Daly ouilding occupied by '
Lane & McAulitTe is also being re- j
touched with paint. j
All these improvements add greatly,
to the appearance of the town and are
in keeping with the reputation that
Lakeview has made for herself as the
i i (i w 1. 1 ,t pivicooiuu ui aiijr tvitvu it.
the South central part of the stale.
The amount of money expended this
year for buildings and improvements
will exceed that of any previous year.
is transferred
Chicago Co. Acquires
Lucky Dutchman Lease
Operators Continue
F. L. Schrott of the Lucky Dutch
man lease on the Sunshine property at
High Grade and A. L. Arnold, of Den
ver, Colo., were vistitors in Lakeview
yesterday. Mr. Arnold is a member
of the Spearmint Co., of Chicago, and
his company has purohased the Lucky
Dutchman lease. Messrs Schrott and
Mack, former operators will continue
to develop the property and numerous
developments are planned for the mine.
Mr. Schrott has all faith in the fu
ture of High Grade and predicts that
some good pay mines will be opened
there. He is going to back hia convic
tions with hard toil and says that. he la
prepared to stay in the country until
these results are obtained. He will
move his family to Lakeview for the
winter to take advantage of the
Notice to Sportsmen
There will be a meeting of the
Goose Lake Gun Club Friday evening
at 7 o'clock at the Forest Oflice. All
members and all persons interested in
shooting should be in attendance.
Harry Bailey, Secretary,
Jerry OXonnel Is Injured
Che waucan Press: Jerry O'Connell,
cousin of Con O'Connell, came in from
the sheep csmp on the Sycan, with a
broken rib, Sunday. He wss working
with a pack animal which suddenly
wheeled and kicked him in the right
side, breaking one of bis ribs. He was
unable to leave for a day but msnsged
to mske the trip Fridsy and Saturday,
lulni Im tnmw C .. n .1 .. n T L. . .
. " ' ' ""
dressed the wound Monday and at this
writing Mr. O (Jonnell is doing nicely.
Fosston Mills All-Wool
The most serviceable coat on the
market. You will want one this Fall,
so be a wise one and buy now and
you will have it when you need its
A splendid stock of Flannel Shirts and
Sweater Coats, Heavy Shoes.
All grades of Underweartwo piece
and union suits.
You buy more quality for less money at
3 D C
All our LA VOGUE SUITS will
be closed out at
These are new goods and snappy styles.
Notice the following prices:
$15.00 suits $10.00$22.5O suits $16.50
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About one dozen in the
lot, so come and get choice
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we also have a few 19
skirts we are closing out
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Don't overlook
these bargains!
Postmastership Deferred
United Ststes Senator Bourne baa
been advised hy the Postmaster Gen
eral that the President has directed
that action on the Portland postmas
tership be deferred until fall inquiry
can be made into the situation. It is
expected a careful inquiry will be
made regarding the ability of Mrs.
Merrick to perform the duties of post
master. She is the wife of the lata
Chas. B. Merrick who wss recently
drowned at toe batb house below Lake-
big reductions.