Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 20, 1912, Image 5

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    "Wo Soil Tho Roal Earth"
Moro Bargain
A'JMMI 00 Fur ik new A roitm in
Lakeview : Oregon
120.00 per acre for 2110 acr of timber land, clown In, easy term.
115.00 -t acre for HO nre, 5 miles West of Lakeview; floe, deep rll, easy tcrmB.
I'JO.OO I'er item lor 1M acre flue grain land, seven mik-s from Lakeview, went.
Kasy tsrru.
aw mill in flrt cla order, Including a larg quantity of dry, finished lumber;
saw log and Iso aires of stundlux timber. The book will prove It to
lm a floe Investment.
0 aeres of floe timber on the West Hide, clone to at mi mill.
Sl atrea, duaert cUlm. with improvements. Relinquishment ran be secured very
cheap. OfMMl tll and near the line of the O. E. Italiroad which will
b built through there In a hort time.
norner lot, lnt'si, lisj x I2T. rrult trM and Uwb, vloae In, on Powey
Hint Collin rttrwta. Kuy f rii.
$.'kHI 1)0 For (1-riM.m lii'w luinitaliiw, an IIhI up-tn-riaie homo, chm to renter of
town on Hrnnrl Htrt. Kaey ti-rma.
Kor ri-romii di'W iMirikiiiow, wooiIhIm l nml I'lilckt'ii hourr. On 11 large
rorm-r loi, liuierd, ! x K0. I,nn ami Huh f nil t twn ou Lust- fum-t.
Ky term
For a ni'w 4 room Iioiim. and oim) shed, lot 60 x l'ifi, k""I loruiiou.
K.any If ruin.
110 00
M!00 (K) For nil up to dnte new Imiigulnw, la rlmln renldcnre part o( the Itjr.
I'.aay t4-rin-.
Town Property
Xahc County ramlncr
Hliy not drink Italuiorf It's Til K
lisr, 2l
HI IIo-h sola .IIIiim and cord at
MmrstiHv (Jo.
i'at Murphy, the Paisley aheep man
was one of I nit wrek'a visitors.
The m-w road to 1'alslny la now in
vary gud rumiltlon for travel.
Ham I)irk, the Crocked Crock ranch
er, waa a l.akevlew visitor lat week.
Horn, In Lakeview, Tuesdsy, June
18, to Mr and Mra. Jay Ilickeraon. a
baby girl.
George Yount thai returned from a
visit to his psrents at Talent, in the
Kogue river vallev.
Father Schmltt, of the Catholic
church. Monday, Ir ft for Klamath Falla
to be absent a meek.
Mra. Messner, of Adul, baa been a
visitor hers the past week, being in
attendance on her daughter, Mrs. John
Kelton Gunther waa quite nick the
first of the week as the rcsulta from a
heavy cold, but la now , reported
much better.
Mra. C. C. LofTtua and children have
removed from tnwn to their ranch on
Crane Creek, where they will upend the
summer months.
Doctor Hall has had considerable dirt
bauled to bla lot in Drenkel'a addition
the dirt being secured from the exca
vation for the Daly building.
Miss Ilaxel McKee, formerly of
Lakeview but now of Corvaltla, haa
been elected to an olflee In the Pierian
Literary Society at tha O.A.C.
Psitor Ohe will preach at Drewa
Gap Station at 10 o'clock, Sunday, June
23. All Lutherans "and the public in
general are cordially invited to attend
these services.
C. H. Flory, a member of the Forest
Service with headquarters at Portland,
arrived here from Klamath Falla on a
t business visit. He expects to be here
for seversl weeks.
Alex FiUpstrick of theZX Company,
accompanied by hia chauffeur, Bert
llarher, olherwiae known aa Harney
OldAeld, Friday, oame down from
Paisley on a businesa viait.
It ia expected that a big erowd of
Alturaa rooters will visit with ua Sun
day next, when an excuraion train, will
leave that city early In the morning,
stopping at points enroute.
Tha lumber for tha Catholic pastor's
residence has been reoeived and carpen
ters arc now at work on the building.
The lumber waa ahioped in from the
Feather River country by Crawford &
Tha Preabyterian Ladies' Aid
cordially invite the alster Aids, Metho
dist and Baptist, with their pastors to
asocial meeting at 2:30 p. m., Wed
nesday afternoon the 26th in the Ma
sonic Hall.
a Mrs. Mulcaoy and children, of Love
lock, Nevada, last week, arrived in
town to join their husband and father,
who has boen here fur sometime past.
Mr. Mulcahy is a present employed on
the Bailey & Massingill addition.
Father Schmitt baa received word to
the effect that a California lady had
iust donatud two life-sir.e atatuea for
the Catholic church here. They will
be received abortly and installed in the
wide altars of tha cbureh building.
Arrangements are now being made
by tha local boys to make up for their
baseball defeat of Sunday last at the
hsnds of Alturus. A sum of money
waa collected this week tor the purpose
ot getting things in readinesa for next
Sunday's game.
S. W. Miller, proprietor of tha
"Home of Good Vegetables" at Willow
Kancb was a businesa caller In tha city
laat week. Mr. Miller haa twenty-acre
0 garden on his ranch near the lake and
asys prospects are excellent for a
bountiful harvest.
The Sunset Lake Lumber Co., has
been incorporated with a capital of
42T0.000, tha incorporators being W.
niton, I PaT6'. Lluhme andTbJTE!
Kaalman.;.The head'omie oAhe'ooro
pany will be at Falrbport with branch
offices and lumber yards at all aur
rounding towns
Those from here who attended the
Baptist Association in Bonanza last
week were, Elder Simmons and family,
Jas. Duke and wife, George Fitzger
ald and wife, S. P. Vernon and wife
and Misa Gertrude Vernon. The ses
sion dosed Sunday evening.
Kalnir on ilr niKtli at t ha Hotel
Haying haa begun on alfalfa crops
down the valley.
A line line of coloiilul drax-rles
and iiDix at Mercantile Co.
Herman Graaber waa In Monday from
hia nomastead on the West Side.
Wm. Thorn ia In town this week from
the Manuel Santera aheep camo.
Roy ''handler, of Crooked Creek, was
in town the forepart of the week on
W. F. I'aine and V. L. Hnellng were
visitors to the new town of Fairport
Mra. James Bernard entertained as
guests her mother and two aisters,
from Willow Ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rinehart
were last Sundsy made happy by the
arrival of a baby girl.
Frank Owen, of Bly, was one of
Tuesdsy'a local vlsitora. He waa ac
companied on the trip by J. II. Owen,
of Round Grove.
Mr. and Mra. E. II. Clark Sundav
went on the excursion trsln to Davis
Creek, where they spent the dsy as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Seager.
S. J. Dutton, of the Davia Creek
hotei, la visiting in Lakeview tbla
week. He baa numeroua friends here
who alwaya extei.d him a warm wel
come. Frank Struck who haa been meat
cutter at the Lakeview Meat Market
resigned his position and ia now em
ployed by the Goose Lake Meat Com
pany. Mra. Eva Rice went to Alturaa on
the Sundsy excursion train where ahe
will visit for a few weeks, after which
ahe will continue to San Franclaco on
an extended trip.
Charlie Comba, of Batchelder &
Combs, wss confined to his home for
seversl dsya the past week with an at
tack of chilla and fever. He la now
aa well as usual.
Clinton Combs of Vanderpool &
Combs, hss accepted a position with the
Forest Service and baa already assum
ed his duties. Mr. Combs waa-formerly
associsted with the Service.
Dentiat W. R. Boyd returned the
forepart of the week from Portland.
He made the trip down from Bend by
auto, as a result of wh'ch he exhibits
a very aunburnt appearance.
Minor repairs have been made during
the past week to the Tucker house on
Msln street. The work was done under
the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Tuck
er, who are now on a visit here from
An enhthuaiastlc meeting of the
Ancient Order of Foresters waa held
Monday evening in the Masonic Hall.
Refreabmenta were served and a aocial
chat enjoyed after the business had
been attended to.
Chas. L, Fulton the enterprising
secretary of the Sunshine-High Grade
Mining Co., waa a businesa visitor In
the county aeat yeaterday. lie reporta
that aeveral leases have been let on
their property for immediate develop
ment. The ateel framing on the Heryford
building is being put in plsce quite
rapidly. A gasoline hoist engine ia
being used to raise the heavy ateel
beams, and it will not be long before
the mammoth structure will be taking
Professor O. M. Gardner, City School
Superintendent of Forest Grove, Ore
gon, is a Lakeview visitor this week.
He came here to attend to attend the
School Board meeting, held Wedneaday.
Mr. Gardner is an old friend of Charlie
Uliver, of the Assessor's office.
In the militsry commissions In the
regimental corpa of cadets at the Ore
gon Agricultural College last week,
Walter Dutton waa appointed Major,
and Robert McKee and Guy Crone
miller were commissioned Captaina.
The promotions were for the coming
Misa CarrenneCarr last week arrived
from Lob Angeles and will spend aev
eral weeks visiting with her sister
Mrs. Jonas Norm at her home below
Lakeview. Misa Carr ia a trained
nurse ai.d is formerly of Morence,
Arizona, where she was engaged in her
Wnile holding down second base for
the Lakeview nine in laxt Sunday's
game, Byron Gravea waa i.bout to tag
out one of the Alturaa players when
the latter leaped at bini, feet foremost
badly mutilating hia tace and cheat.
A doctor was summoned and took
three stitches in Bud's nose, as well as
otherwise fixed him up for the trip
C. A. Howard, of Pine Creek, waa a
Tueaday visitor.
Cblllri:i' white dreswa six 2 to
(I st Mr re until; Co.
M. I). Kice, of the N.-C.-O. R. R.,
waa a Lakeview visitor on Tuesdsy.
found, a psir of automobile tire
chslns. Owner inquire at thia ofllce.
Mini G loster, of the First Nstloiisl
Bsnk, Sundsy paid a viait to her folka
at Alturaa.
Jim Huckelby and Carl McKse, of
the. 7T Ranch, were over from Warner
Friday laat.
K. P. Lane, of the 7T ranch, was over
from Warner last week attending to
varioua busineaa mslters.
It appears that Roosevelt la begin
ning to realize the inadequacy of the
big stick to quell the steam roller.
A. A. Henry, of Paisley, wss one
of Isst week's visitors. He msde the
trip down by auto, coming over the
mountain from Paisley.
Supervisor Brown and Clerk Bren
nan, of the Forest office, last week,
made a trip to Paialey on business con-,
nected with the Service.
Parties from Lakeview who are aub
penoed aa witnesiea in the Willie trisl,
which is set for June 24 at Klamath
Falls, will lesve for thst plsce next
Mr. and Mra. Alden Anderson, of
Sacrsmento, Tuesdsy arrived here in
their auto. They are making a pleas
ure trip through this section of the
The scheme to move the government
mint from San Franciaco baa been de
feated. It is ssid that Judge KaWer
played a prominent part in getting this
Mrs. H. P.. Csmobell, baa leased
the Fred Fisher house on Main atreet
and will begin occupancy thia week.
Mrs. Campbell will conduct a boar a
and rooming house.
Mra. Aleo Macnab, a former Lake
view resident, is now enjoving a visit
here aa the guest of Mrs. Ay res. Mra.
Macnab came up from Fallon, Nevada,
where her husband ia now located. m
One of the most successful Rose Fes
tivala ever held in Portland waa
brought to a close Sturdsy. It is es
timated that 50,000 visitors were
trougbt to Portland on this occasion.
C. O. Mianer, of the Twin Valley
Land Co., left on thia morniug'e train
for Surprise Valley. After a short stay
there be will proceed to Loa Vsgss,
Nevada, where he will remain for
about tour weeka.
A. V, and C. B. Koozer were in from
tbeir Weat Side ranchea thclfirst of the
week. They put 1500 pounds of Sunset
valley corn meal on the market while
here. The meal waa ground at the
Lakeview Flour Mills.
M. Wygant, a United Statea Deputy
Surveyor with main headquartera at
Newport, Oregon, Saturday, arrived
in town enroute to Denio. Mr. Wrgant
claims to have the fullest data obtain
able in regard to landa in Linooln
c ounty.
Jim Iliggina, well known locally aa
pitober of the 1310 Lakeview baseball
nine, Sunday, came up from Alturaa on
the excursion train for a brief viait
with his many friends here. Jim has
been employed for sometime past in
At a meeting of the A. O.U.W mem
bers, held Thursday evening last in the
Masonic ball, William Gunther, of the
firm of Ahlstrora & Gunther, waa elect
ed a delegate to attend the Grand Con
vention which wlil be held in Portland
sometime next month. A. Bieber was
elected an alternate.
S. P. Moss, who had been suffering
from blood poisoning, last week was
taken to the Lane Hospital in San
Franoisco for treatment. Mr. and
Mra. Wm. Mosa accompanied him on
the trip. The family yesterday re
ceived a communication from Mr. Moss
atating that he was improving.
On Fridsy evening June 14th the
monthly aocial meeting of the Inter
mediate League of the M. E. Church
waa held at the home of Misa Ada
Warren on Flower Street. Besides
the young people of the League and
the pastor, Rev. M. T. Wire, there
were also present aeveral friends of
the family. A very enjoyable evening
waa spent.
LaBt week wc received pleasant visit
from II. B. Millard, of Portland, pur
chaser of the Lakesbore property at
the lower end of the lake and who is
interested In Warner Valley Irrigation
project. Mr. Millard waa here upon a
tour of inpection of hia intercata and
apant aeveral daya in this valley as
well aa Warner country before return
ing home.
Athens underwear for Isdiea at
Merrsntlle Co
Ben Shsnahan, the sheep msn 'wss
over from Pluso Mondsy.
The front of the Inn Saloon waa treat
ed to a fresh cost of psint Sundsy last.
Bartholomeu Diaz, the West Side
rancher, was one of Monday's visitors.
C. A. Nelson wss In from his went
side ranch the latter part of last week.
Th Jim Dodson residence wss trest
ed to a fresh costing of paint during
tha past week.
M. E. Eahtman and A. G. Duhme,
Monday ware visitors in the city from
New Pine Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin, of Adel,
are now the proud parents of a bsby
boy, born here on Fridsy morning last,
Paul Drenkel made a flying trip to
Silver Lake lastThursdsy in hia Dorfia
auto, accompanied ty several passen
gers. Now that the real warm weather ia
here, fishing and camping partiea are
getting rather numeroua, and vacation
tripa are being planned.
There will be a apecial meeting ot
the Lakeview Commercial Club Mon
day night. Every member ia urgently
req jested to te present.
Camas 8swmtll la now runolnj;
right along. Any and all persons
waotlog lumber will find li here. All
orders promptly filled. Sttuifilg &
Christie. Ju20-tf
Jim Dodson and family, Sunday,
made a trip in their Dorria auto to Al-
I turaa, at which point tbey joined the
train cxeuraionists from Lakeview and
other points enroute,
I, Andrew Vlnyard, have one bay
borae that came to my ranch June f,
11112. Branded TE on the left shoul
der, owner please come and pay for
ad and take the horse. Jn 20-A22
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shirk yeaterday
returned from a pleaaure trip to Port
land where tbey attended the Rose
Carnival. The drive in tbeir car waa
made in one day from Lakeview to
Contractor Riddlea last Saturday fin
ished grading work on the Fairport
townaite. '1 he ground ianow in good
ahape and construction work wiil soon
begin on the depot, hotel and other
contemplated buildings.
George Reid camp tender for Manuel
Sanders' camp, ia apending thia week
in town while the aheep are being
oborn at the Wilcox corrals at Warner
Canyon. George took advantage of the
Alturaa excursion Sunday.
W. Lair Thompson and fsmily made
a trip to Ft. Bid well the first of the
week. Lair is highly enthusiastic over
hia new Dorris. He made the drive op
the east side of Fandango mountain
on the intermediate at the rate of 15
milea an hour.
Manager T. F. Dunaway of the N.-C.-O.
Saturday came op from Reno in
the "Lakeview" and Sunday returned
on the excursion train aa far aa New
Pine Creek, where he apent the day in
looking over the company's new town
aite, Fairport.
Value of Advertising:
Judge Coke, of Coos county naa de
cided that the court cannot build a
court house on the Hot Spring aite in
Klamath Falls, and that H. F. Mur
doch, the plaintiff, must pav the costs.
The case will be appealed. The court
determined to build, and the decision
means the pushing of the recall pro
ceedings started a few months ago.
The fight against the court is being re
newed by the Commercial Clubs.
"Bije" Has More Trouble
Ft Bid well News: "Biie" the In
disn whose wife waa killed last year
under ciroumatances which finally ex
onerated him. was arrested again Fri
day on complaint of his present wife.
She appeared at the Indian School with
a cut on her forehead and one eye clos
ed. When "Bije" was brought in be
testified that she had started the troub
le. "Biie" ia a sober, industrious In
dian, but is either unfortunate in hia
choice of wivea or Injudicial in hia me
thods of domestio aicipline.
Casebeer Home Burned
The home of E. Casebeer, one mile
this side of Blv, waa completely de
stroyed by fire at about 11 o'clock Mon
day morning. It la said that the piano
was the only thing rescued from the
flames. It is believed that the fire
was caused from a flue in the kitchen.
The building bad been fitted up for a
hotel, and waa uaed to care for the
stage travel before it was changed to
the old Bly atation. The loss ia esti
mated a, about $10,000 which waa
covered by S3, 000 insurance.
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