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Root Is Temporary Chair
manMuch Tlmo Taken
In Seating: Delegates
Chirsiro, Jure 18.--Aginet the
threats, charges and bitter Invective
r tbe Roosevelt forces, the Taft sur
port era In the republican national con
vention today put through the flrat por
tion of their program by electing Ellhu
Root of New York aa temporary chair
nan. In aplte of the fact that Victor Rose
water, chairman of the national com
mittee, conaiatently ruled out of order
every motion made by the Roosevelt
forces, it required more than Ave hours
to reach vote on the chairmanship
All day Wedneady eaa taken up
seating delegate.
Chicago, June 20 (Special to the Ex
amlner.) -Roosevelt member bolt
meeting credential commltU at mid
night. Roosevelt issued statemen
telling delegate not to lie down and
allow convention to vote fraudlent
vote. Statement ay II you are
voted down I hope you the real and
lawful majority of convention will or
ganlze aa aurh aa you will do it if you
have courage and loyalty In your con
Roosevelt bolt ia expected today
Chicago. June 20, (Special to the
Examiner.) Rooeevclt advisee fol
lowera to bolt convention if Taft dele
gate are aeated. Second teat Rooae
velt Mii to 510 Taft hut tbia morning
a malorlly of Rooeevclt delegate have
left bim and gone to Taft.
Nevada Governor Bestows
to Former Lakevlew Boy
Great Honor
On June 12 in Caraon Citv, Nevada,
Governor Oddie performed the final act
of selecting George Wlngfleld aa sue
ceaior to the late Senator Nixon. This
sppaintnwnt of the Governor ia made
until a auecessor ia elected and will or
dinarily run from the present. time to
the meeting of the legiiilature Imme
diately after the tiling of the certificate
Governor Uddie, in letting forth his
reaaona for hi (election to thia honor
ed poiition, paid eome moat glowing
tribute to Mr. Wlngfleld, whose ex
cuse for not accepting the appoint
ment at the preaent time, ia clearly
given in hi following letter to the
The letter from Mr. Wlngfleld to
Governor Oddie I aa follow :
Reno. Nev., June 13, 1912.
"lion. T. L. Oddie, Governor of the
State of Nevada, Canon City, Ne
vada. "My dear Governor Oddie:
"I embrace thia early opportunity ot
supplementing my verbal communica
tion of last evening by recording a
more formal acknowledgement of the
receipt of the commission with which
you have honored me by tendering me
an appointment as a United State
enator to till temporarily the vacancy
caused by the demise of our valued
friend, Senator Nixon. The honor thus
conferred Is heightened by tbe very
kindly and complimentary statement
made, bv you in connection with the
bestowal of the commission.
"I trust that the degree or my ap
preciiitlon of the honor and of your
personal confidence will not bo que
tioned when I ask that you shall per
mit me to consider for a few days the
feasibility and propriety, from my
standpoint, of the acceptance of the
appointment. I am loath to accept a
public office without feeling assured of
my ability to give it an attention, un
trammeled by personal concerns, which
the publla have a right to exact. It
so happens that my businos entangle
ment are many. Associates in busi
ness, who in many cases are men of
large affairs, have on the strength of
their confidence in me, Invested heavily
in enterprises with which I am Identi
fied. I must respeot the obligations
growirg out of such relationships, and
meet fairly, before consenting
to entrust to other the active mana
gement of business Interests for the
successful outcome of which the
friend have been looking to me.
"Another phase of the question,
which demands serious thought on my
part, la the consideration as to whether
I can aerve the state aa well in ofllcial
capacity at Washington aa by private
bualneaa activity within its borders.
From the state of Nevada I have de
rived much ot aucceas and material
welfare, and I feel a deep sense of ob
ligation to the atate of Nevada and it
"If. after a careful aurvey of my
affair, it appears to be possible for me
to accept the eenatorsblp, I will do so,
believe me, with a sense of reaponsl
bility calling for the exercise of my
best energlea In behalf of the state and
its people. If, on tbe other hand, the
possibility of acceptance under right
conditions appears not to exist. I shall
aak you to reconsider the matter and
bestow the honor upon one who can bet
ter aerve the commonwealth.
"Very respectfully your,"
That a young man, 35 years of age,
would for 'me minute aerlously consid
er the non-acceptance of an honor, the
highest within the gift of a State,
seems beyond the imagination, but
that George Wlngeld is sincere in bis
statements contained In the above let
ter to Gov. Oddie cannot be doubted.
A gentleman who ia very close to If r.
Wingflell informs the Examiner that in
a conversation with bim twodava after
bia letter to the tiovrenor waa written,
Mr. Wingfleld stated that it waa very
doubtful if he accepted tbe appoint
ment. .
The people of Lake county feel proud
of the suoetae and honors tbst have
been attended one whose toy hood davs
were pent among them, and they have
bad many proof of tbe fact that we
atlll retain a warm spot In his heart,
and know that with Geo. Wlngfleld in
the U. S. Senate, Southeastern Oregon
would always nave a true and steadfast
friend who could be relied uoon to pro
tect cur interests and one who has tbe
ability and influence to do so.
It takes a big man to till a Senator
ial Toga, but it it takea a bigger oie to
refuae It. and whatever hi final de
cision may ti In thia matter, Lake
view will take off it hat with reapeet
and pride to the boy who has proven
himself worthy of our admiration.
Kuykendall Will Test
Coroner Jury's Verdict
In Frank Cannon Affair
Klamath Herald: At the inquest
presided over by Coroner Wallace yes
terday at Lakeview, Frank Cannon,
the sheepman, who shot and killed t be
editor of the Chewaucan Preaa at Pais
ley, Lake county, the jury exonerated
the (layer of L. R. Jonee.
District Attorney Kuykendall atated
this afternoon, when informed ty the
Herald that Cannon had been acquitt
i'd, ao far as a coroner's jury could do
so, of crime of murder, that he would
Inveatigate into the matter.
'A coroner'a investigation." said
Mr. Kuykendall, "ia preaumed to make
in all cases a transcript of the testi
mony it undertakes to hear. This 1
presume, was done in this case. Tbe
reported exoneration ot Cannon carries
with it simply a preliminray review of
the case. There are some men puahed
to extremities who will use the excuse
for their criminal acts that their home
has been wrecked, but since 1 have not
received any tangible testimony of the
actual nature of the trouble, I cannot
say any more than that I will await
it and be guided accordingly. But
if a crime has been committed 1 will,
so far as I can, prosecute the criminal
to the last extremity, and see that pun'
ishment is imposed."
Ladles' Altar Society
A meeting of the Catholic Ladies
Altar Society was held Thursday after
noon last at the home of Mesdames G.
B. Graves and W. J. Bradley. Officers
for the ensuing year were elected as
follows) President Mrs. John Mo
Auliffe: Vice President, Miss Katherine
Bradley: Secretary and Treasurer,
Mrs. C, C, LofftUH. Refreshments were
served during the course of the after
noon and a general social time was en-Joyed.
First Brick for New Build
Ing Is Now Being Burned
at Local Yard
The first kiln of brick for the new
Heryford building waa fired at the
yard on the Drenkel ranch aoutb of
town. The flrat kiln contains about,
175,000 which will be used to start j
construction of tbe walls, while the re
malnder ia being prepared for burning.
A repressing machine baa been in
stallnd and the quality of tbe brick
that ha been moulded is excellent
The brick for other building including
Dr. Dalv'e and tbe addition to the
First National Bank will also be
burned at this ysrd. A Isrge force of
men is now employed and after the
first kiln has been completed work will
progress rapidly.
Announcmer.t bas been made that
SI, 000,000 lumber mill is to be built at
Bend, in Crook county, and that con
atruction will start within 18 months,
Professor Darnell Petition
Ing For The Auditorium
In High School
Profeaaor J. Darnell, of tbe Lakeview
13 ana is circulating a petition among
tbe citirena of Lakeview asking to se
cure the auditorium in tbe new High
School building for band rehearaals.
The petition Is teing liberally signed
and it seems that in caae it will not in
any way interfere with the school
work, that thia privilege ahould be
granted. The band director and tbe
boys are working hsrd toward estab
lishing a good band for tbe city, and
it ia fair that tney ahould receive the
suoport and encouragement of the citi
A place for headquarters for tbe
band ia necessary. A visit to Alturaa
eonvinoea one or tbe Importance of a
band organization to a town. And
there it bas been brought about by ca re
fill and considerate management on
the part of the citizens. May Lake-
view act accordingly.
Ashland 'tidings: Mrs. E. T. Spence
is here from Lakeview on a visit to
ber mother, Mrs. Dora Cullen. She
was formerly Miss Eva Conard, and
waa for a number of years a valued
member of the Tidings force. She will
return to her home the early part of
this week and ber mother will accom
pany her.
Reno Brewing- Company's
Car Seriously Raided In
Drews Valley
An expert auto crippler
got in his
work on the Reno Brewing
Staver car last week.
While making the trip from Kla
math Falls last week, the machine
became slightly disabled in Drews Val
ley and tbe party was compelled to
leave the car and come on to Lakeview.
They stayed over night enroute and the
next day when they returned to the
scene with Mr. SoutbBtone. of the
Lakeview Garage, the auto was found
to be devoid of several parts, ind the
tires punctured by haviing nails
driven in (hem. The car was badly
mutilated and damaged to tbe extent
.ot several dollars.
While it was not expected that we
hsd anyone in the county who was
mean enough to commitsuch a depreda
tion, it would be wise to suggest to
auto nwners and drivers that it la poor
policy to leave a machine unguarded
out on the road.
An effort ia being made to bring the
miscreant to justice, and in event that
this is accomplished, it would be well
to make an example of the puniahment
as a prevention of any such future
Mr. Riddles Says Fernley
Extension Is Officially
Goose Lake Southern
Contractor H. H. Riddles, of the
Maney Brother Contaruction Co., baa
see a red a contract to grade ten miles
'of track on tbe Southern Pacific's
Fernley Lassen extension. Mr Rid
del's allotted work is in the vicinity of
Pyramid lake in Nevada, and will move
to that place next week to begin work.
Tbe time limit for all contract let on
thia ritte Is January 1, 1913.
Mr. Riddles baa lsaed J. F.Hanson's
construction outfit to do the work.
It is generally supposed thst tbe line
waa to be built to Klamath with a
branch to Goose Lake Valley, but Mr.
Riddels states that tbe road is officially
known as the Goose Lake Southern
end that it is to be extended from Su
sanville north to Lakeview and on to a
connection with the eaat and west
Hsmman line now under construction
acroaa tbe State.
Lakeview Ball Team Loos
Ing Out In Score of 26
to Eight
The Alturas ball team walloped tbe
local nine to tbe tune of 26 to 8 at Sun
day's game in Altures. Tbe local boys
did all that was expected of them, ow
ing to the fact that none of them
had seen a base ball since Isst season.
The game was so repelete with good
playa and errors that it was not only
amusing bet really interesting.
Tbe fact that there waa eome good
metsl in tbe lineup from Lakeview wasi
clearly demonstrated.
If tbey would apply a little more
energy and good stiff practice there
is no question but what they could put
up a good game.
The contest will be repeated on tbe
local diamond next Sunday -when Al
turas will send its delegation to Lake-
view. It is to be hoped thst tbe boys
will avail themselves of the opportuni
ty to do some strenuous practicing be
tween now and that time and thus
enable themselvea to . make a little
better showing at tbe next game.
At a meeting of tbe Degree of Hon
or, A.U. U.W., Mrs. John Arzner was
elected to fill the office of Chief of
Ceremonies, left vacant by the remov
al to Corvallis of Mrs. Sam McKee.
Mrs. X. Arzner was elected Assistant
Over 30O People Board
N.-C.-O. Train and Pay
Visit to Alturas
On last Sunday morning two hundred
and sixty-three of Lakeview's people
packed business csres in the cold stor
age tank and weighed their troubles on
the ragman's scales. In other words,
they declared the lid off and knocked
the head out of the links barrel. The
few who tried to ait stiff and not
wrinkle their hard boiled shirts were
soon pulled down off the pedestal of
dignity, and during the entire Alturas
excursion trip everybody made merry
and enjoyed themselves.
Urn-pah, um-pah, boom ta-ra.
Could you teat it? Sure you could.
It was the old bass drum on tne band
car. The band was there. AH het up,
greased, oiled, manicured, tuneful and
melodious tearing great chunks of
sound out nf the ether. And each mem
ber had a thoroughly developed ambi
tion to make music. The boys made
The entire trip, train and surround
ings were inspiring, wonderful, reveal
ing, gigantic, glorious, bewildering,
spectacular, imposing, keleldoscopic
and well that's enough.
At New Pin Creek th-
ike view
delegation waa joined by
boosters for High Grade.
A. Vow
Ranch we took on fifteen good
and at uavi ureek thirty-five mor. v
About eleven o'clock the train dret
up in tbe bustling little town of
Alturas where ibeir bsnd was awaiting
to serenade the enthusiastic crowd, as
well as a large representative body of
tbe Alturas citizens with auto, tusea,
backboards and all sorts of convey aneea
In which to osber the visitor to hotels.
Tbeir courteous and hospitable treat
ment surpassed expectations, and we
had occasion to expect something good.
Tbey bad ample facilities for accommo
dations. The Alturaa band which waa
assisted by some members of the Lake
view band furnished music throughout
the dsy. Sometimes the band bad aa
many aa twenty-seven pieces and they
provide excellent music. Tbe ball game
in the afternoon afforded amusement
for a few hours for tbo Lakeview erowd
and many of the Alturas people.
The ride around the lake is one of
simple beauty. At this time of year,
tbe track on one side is bounded by tbe
beautiful waters and shore of the lake,
while on tbe other stretching ap to the
foothills of tbe Warner Range, is a
solid msss of vegetation, both domes
tic and wild. Aside from tbe two towns
New Pine Creek and Davis C-eek, this
strip is dotted with eozy farm booses,
all of which bears the stamp of pros
perity. To one familiar with the s sene,
it marks but a passing notice, bat to
anyone not familiar with tbe country
it is worth their time and the expense
to make tbe trip.
Tbe only disappointment on the trip
was tbe unexpected change in tbe sche
dule for leaving on tbe return. Tbe
advertised time to leave Alturas was
five o'clock, but this was changed by
Road Master Rice upon the solicitation
of some of the Lakeview delegation, to
7:30. Tbe disappointment was not be
cause tbe people did not want to stay
in Alturas, but It was because so many
had planned upon reaching Lakeview
on specified time as tbey bad made ar
rangements at this end. and also to
make the ride through the beautiful
Sunset valley in the evening before
As it was we reached Lakeview
atout 10:30 instead of 7:30, all tired.
but everybody bappy.
Fred Melsser's Machine Is
Damaged and Passe n
gers Get Slight Injuries
Yesterday afternoon while making
the return trip from New Pine Creek,
a quite serious accident ocoured to the
staee auto of r red Melsser and the
four passengers, in coming around
Eagle Point two miles south of town.
In nearing tbe curve in the road around
tbe point, a blow-out oecured in the
tire on the front wheel on the lower
side. Such an accident will naturally
occasion a car to swerve, when going
at a rapid gate, and Thomas Barton
who was sitting in the backseat, seeing
this became excited and grabbed the
driver by the arms and exolaimed that
be was going to run in tbe fence. His
grip prevented tbe chauffeur from
controlling his machine and, it was
steered directly against a good sized
bolder near the fence before the ear
was stopped. Tbe stop was so sudden
that the occupants were thrown out,
excepting the driver and Mrs. Thomas
Barton. Wm. Barton who waa also in
the back seat, was thrown several feet
into the air, and when he hit the
ground he fell upon bis right arm, dia
locating the wrist, joint. His
injury j
wss tbe most serious sustained. Guy
Cauzey, who was in the trontseat with
the driver, was thrown through the
glass but received no serious injuries
aside from a few scratches.
Mr. Meisser atated that he waa driv
ing at the rate of about twenty miles
an hour when the accident oecured.
and said that it could have been
averted naa ne not been molested oy
Mr. Barton, His car, which ia a Mit
chell was damaged considerably but he
said it could be repaired at a compara
tively small cost. The greatest damage
was done to the front axle which was
badly twisted.
Such an accident should be a warn
ing to all driver to keep thoir ma
chines absolutely under control in mak.
ing tbe least precarious places.
mlee to Send Up About
. 0 . , jple In Return for
La. view's Turn Out
In return for tbe large delegation
tbat attended Alturas last Sunday, Al
turas bss signified ber intention to
liberally reciprocate. Arrangements
have been perfected over tbe N.-C-O.
to ran an excursion from that place to
Lakeview next Sunday. Tbe same
schedule as prevailed at the last ex
cursion will be in effect. Tbey will
leave Alturas at 8 o'clock in tbe morn
ing, reaching here at 11 o'clock and
leave here on tbe return at 7:30 In tbe
In a letter to tbe Examiner, Mr. J.
P. Csllsghsn states: "We expect to
ring a good crowd in appreciation of
tbe splendid spirit shown by the Lake
view people Isst Sunday." Mr. Negley
telephoned that on Tuesday all busi
ness booses bad signed a petition to
close tbeir abodes next Sunday and
come to Lakeview.
Altuiaa parties predict tbat about
300 people will join the excarson. Let
them all come, Lakeview bids them
a warm welcome.
Aside from the ball game which will
eome off in toe afternoon between Al
tera and Lakeview, game ot doubles
will be played at tbe Lakeview Tennis
Association's Court in tbe Seager Ad
dition, between Messrs. French and
Riesen, of Altaras and E. H. Clark
and C R. Blood ot Lakeview. This
contest will be held directly after tbe
ball game and everyone is invited to
Says The Work Will Begin
When Natron Cut-Off Is
Bieber Gazette: The permanent
survey of the Goose Lake and Southern
railroaa, a branch of tbe Southern
Pacific through Modoc, Laseen and
Shasta counties, has been completed.
Tbe corps of surveyors that hsve been
working in Eastern Shasta for three
years bss broken camp and tbe survey
ors left.
The outfits hsve been sent to three
points. The horses have been shipped
to Auburn, the wagons to Wadsworth,
Nevada, and the camp outfit to San
Francisco. Filing of papers in the
office of the county recorders of
Shasta, Modoc, Lassen and other coun
ties show that tbe Southern Pacific
plans a road from Lakeview to Alturas
hich will connect with another from
Klamath Falls to the county aeat of
Modoe called the Modoo and Northern.
From the junction of these roads in
Big Valley another will be bulk
through tbe Pit nver canyon and East
ern Shasta to a point near Anderson.
As the surveys hsve teen finished,
the residents of Shasta county are
looking for tbe beginning of construc
tion work in the near future.
Those who claim to know state' that
as soon as the Klamath Falls cutoff is .
completed from Natron, Oregon, to
Klamath Falls work on the continua
tion of the line commenced. It is 'also
reported that the Belle Vista road may
be part of the road.
Comes Back To Locate
L. Lyman Hopkins, son of M. D.
i Hobkins. together with hia wita ar.
rived in Lakeview Monday". Mr. Hop
kins was last here three years ago and,
since that time has been in 'Washing
ton, but be now bails from South Am
erica. Ha bas covered most all the
principal territory in both hemispheres
but bas returned to this valley with tbe
intention nf locating permanently. He
will reside on the ranch west ot town,
which he will operate. lie imported
blue ribbon poultry, and says that be
expects to engage in the business of
raising blooded poultry and stock.
Mr. Hopkins says be entered the
matrimonial field of life a little over a
year ago, and the fact that he has
brought bia wife to the Sunt-et Valley
for the future, after such extensive
travels, la Indeed a eomplimtnt to our