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reaches THE PEOPLE
NO. 19
W. H. Wyatt Has Entered
Contract for Five-Acre
The offer of tbe Nevada Sugar Com
pany, of Fallon, Nevada, to aseut the
Lakeview Commercial Club in conduct
ing an experiment aa to the value of
Gooae Lake Valley beeta, haa been ac
cepted. A. II. Hemmereley haa donat
ed the uae of A arrea of land, and Mr.
and Mra. W. H. Wyatt have aliened the
Sugar Company's contract. Mr. Wyatt
la to receive 13. 76 per ton f.o.b. Lake
view, for the beeta, lens 16 centa per
pound tor the aeed furnlihed by the
company. Tbia la a better price than
can be expected In a larger commercial
way, for shipment to Fallon, aa the
freight rate of 12.50 per ton makes the
price offered equivalent to $0 25 at the
factory, while the Fallon grower re
ceive but 14.60 per ton delivered at the
Mr .Wyatt la to keep an accurate re
cord of all time and labor expended,
and the results accomplished will dem
onstrate beyond doubt the truth or
falalty of the oft repeated elngan that
thla la the finest augar beet country in
the world.
L. C. I.C. Will Superintend
A General Cleanup
Of The City
"Cleanup Day" will occur two wceka
from next Tuesday, May 21. when all
that will be neceaary for you to do in
order to get rid of the rubtiah in your
tack vard will be to deposit It In a
place where it can be reached by a
team. The ladiea of the Civic Im-!
provement Club have taken the matter'
in charge and they will provide the
necesaary team to remove the rubbish.
If refuse from atablea la included it
would appear that aome one would
have a job along about the 21 inat.
There ia certainly a need for a general
cleaning up. and if the movement
meet with the success it dcaervea
there will be great improvement in
tha looka of not only backyards and
alley but alio in the appearance of
aome of the principal at recta of the
town aa well aa vacant Iota, and per-
hapa somo that are not vacant.
Harry Utley, republican candidate
for County Clerk, waa in town during
the paat week looking after hi politi
cal Interest.
Makes Bit; Slash In Cost
Of Maintenance Of
Salem Statesman : One of the moat
sweeping changca ever put into effect
by a governor of tbia atate in the mid
die of hla term ot oflioe, became opera
tive on Wednesday of last week, when
Superintendent Jamea of the state
penitentiary and the heads ot several
other departments were auspended, and
one head officially discharged by Gover
' nor.West. The suspensions are effec
tive until after Januarly, 1913, and
were made for tbe purpose of "re
trenchment" and "economy" in order
to prevent a deficiency in the appro
priation for the institution.
Thi officials affected, exclusive of
Mr. James are: Patrol Officer Bauer,
Mra. Curtis, matron of the woman's
department, and Rev. Father Moore
of St. Joseph's church, one of the
chaplains. The other chaplain was
Mr. Bauer, who officiated in addition
to his position as patrol officer, and as
' chaplaiYi he is also auspended. W. 11.
White, head farmer, is relieved of fur
their duty, while Chief Engineer La
beree will act in the double capacity of
engineer and superintendent of new
cells In the state prison. According to
elatementa made yesterday outside the
governor's office, the appropriation for
the Drat year waa over expended by
aeveral thousand dollar, and the aam
authority held Governor Went to blame
for It.
The aalariea which the euspended
officials had received from the atate
were: Mr. Bauer, S75 a month aa pa
role officer and 125 month aa chap
lain: Mra. Curtis. HO a month aa mat
ron: Kev. Father Moore, $25 a month
Superintendent Jamea, $2000 a year,
the atate alao furnliihlng him a cottage
free of rent and provialona necessary
for bimseif and family. Mr. White
received 175 a month, while Engineer
Laberre recelevea $100 a month.
Warden Curtia will officiate aa auperin
tendent In Mr. Jamea' place, holding,
however, the title of warden, and do
ing a wardon'a duty aa well aa that of
superintendent. Thla technically leavea
the penitentiary without an official
head. For the double duty, however.
Warden Curtia will not receive extra
The Alturaa New Era last week
acooped it contemporarlea with the
aale of the N.-C.-O. to the Wee tern
Pacific. According to the New Era
there are no "If" or "anda" about the
aale, and furthermore the track ia to
be made atandard guage at once, etc.
When it romca to railroad newa the
Alturaa papera have teen in the lead
for aometime paat, but the tenor of
their refrain haa changed aomewbat re
Second Annual Sale Will
Be Held In Lakevlew
On July 22
The second annual sale ot Lake
County wool will be held in Lakeview
July 22, thjat date having been fixed by
the Wool Growera Association ao aa
not to conflict with datea already fixed
at other placea throughout the State.
The success attending the aale held
here last year will no doubt reault In
larger offering on the part of the
sheepmen at the forthcoming aale in-
j asmuch as the prices received last yesr
were all the market oould atand, aa
was evidenced by the results on some
of the shipments that were made by
partiea who did not accept tbe price
offered at the sale. The reanlta were
practically the same, no matter whe
ther the wool was sold here or shipped
on consignment, thus attesting the
fact that there waa no collusion among
the buyera and that they paid the top
price. A Prineville dispatch of last
Friday says that datea for the Eastern
Oregon wool aalea have been fixed by
the State Wool growers' Association by
the varioua county aasociationa and by
the wool buyera. These dates conflict
in aome respects . but the differences
will probably be adiuated in a few
The following list of datea, are ar
ranged by the buyera :
Echo, May 29.
Pendleton, May 30.
Pilot Kock, June 3.
Ileppner, June 4.
Baker, June 8.
Ontario, June 10.
Vale, June 11.
Shaniko, June 18.
Metoliua, June 21.
Bend, June 22.
Joaeph, June 25.
Enterprise, June 26.
Shaniko, July 6.
Baker, July 16.
Several large sales of wool have been
made during the past week, the total
beina about a quarter of a million
pounda. Frank E. Rickey, representing
tbe Eisemana of Boston, ia the man
who put the deala through, he having
purchased the clips of S. B. Chandler,
W. K. McCormick, J. C. Shellhammer,
Dan Graf and F. A. FiUpatrick. He
arrived In Lakevlew last evening and it
is understood that he ia about to close
deala with other sheepmen. He la said
to be paying an average of 14) cents.
The warm daya of the past week
have caused the enow in the mountains
to commence melting, and aa a conse
quence the streams are now pouring
their muddy contents into the lake.
Both Deadman and Bullard creeka are
very muddy, Indicating that the snow
la melting raoidly on the divide be
tween here and Camaa Prairie.
Vast Amount Of Business Handled Through
Office And Clerical Assistance Inade
' quate To Take Care Of Work
It would appear that local postal
affairs are rapidly ncaring a crisis, in
asmuch aa notice haa been served to
vacate the ureanet quartera by July 1.
The Department seems loth to make
any change where an Increase in rent
is roccssary. and unless the situstion
changes a very material advance in the
present cost will no doubt result. The
business of the office is rapidly in
creasing, it being practically double
now to what it waa when Postmaster
Ablstrom took charge some two years
ago. In order to properly perform tbe
dutiea of hla office Mr. Ablstrom finds
it necessary to violate the 8-buur pro
vision in regard to working hours, but
be avoids the penalty therefor
working two eight-hour ahlfts daily
and them aome. It not infrequently
occurs that his office force puts in 18
hours working-time in one day, as it
is necesaarv to commence diatributing
the mail at 4 o'clock in the morning in
order that patrons of tbe office can be
properly accommodated. To handle
the money order business and delivery
of mai la two persona are necessarily on
duty the greater part of the day, and
then It being necessary to receive the
mail on the arrival of the train makes
the full allotted two eigl. t-hour shifts
all too ahorr, especially when tbe train
happena to be late.
In order to gain an insight into the
work of the office It ia only necessary
to stste that during the quarter ending
Eiks Will Exhibit Some Of
Latest -Stunts in The
Dancing Line
The Elks' dance Friday night of next
week promises to be a recherche event,
at leaat that la the word Vince Snell
ing uses in attempting to give a gen
eral dsecrlption of it. An effort is be
ing msde to have Jim Heryford give
an exhibition of tbe "Turkey Trot,"
while H. II. Riddles la said to be an
expert In the "Grizzly Bear." One of
the latest dances is the "Jelly Wob
ble," and Pete Grob will orobably
ahow his many admirers how it s per
formed. However, Dick Richsrdson
is likely to prove a close second to Mr.
Grob, aa it la aaid that he has the
"wobble" part down to perfection. i
The membera of the order are leav
ing nothing undone that will in anyway
assist in making the event a success,
while the decorationa will be something
out of the ordinary.
Many Petitions Were Pre
sented to Official Body
for Consideration
The County Court baa been in busi
ness up to "its neck" during the past
week, and with the consideration of
road petitiona and other incidentals the
members of the Court are of the opin
ion that the laborer is certainly worthy
of hia hire. The road petitions were
perhapa the most disagreeable part of
the work, as the Court found it neces
sary to dismiss the petition of E. L. H.
Meyer and others for the establishment
of a road leading from Valley Falls to
an intersection with the Paisley road,
and also reiected part of the road re-'
Continued ou Pnjre Kijjht
March 31, there were issued 3912 money
orders while 1189 were cssbed during
the same length of time. In addition
to that there were many reglatered
packagea handled, the total for tbe year
being 7590, counting all that were dis
patched, received and passing through
tbe office. Any one not iamiliar with
tha vast amount of bookkeeping in con
nection therewith, including reports,
etc., haa no idea of the great amount
of work uecessary in connection there
with. And not only that, but tbe Post
al Savings Bank alao requires more or
less time, and taken altogether tbe life
of the Postmaster cannot be termed a
happy one.
Manv ot tbe patrona of the office ful
; ly realize tbe conditiona existing, and
It ia likely that petitiona will soon be
circulsted requesting thst additional
clerical aid be allowed. Aa. high aa 30
aacka of mail are received in one day,
and with one clerk it ia necessary for
everybody to get buy and distribute
it aa quickly aa possible. At leat one
additional clerk ahould be provided for.
and it will be urged uoon the Depart
ment aa- strongly as posaitle at the
needa of tbe office fully require the ad
ditional service. The present service
is all that could be desired, but in or
der to reader such service it is neces
sary Ar1 uWitoiSter Ablstrom and bis
elerk, Eldon Curry, to work almost
conatantly, and it ia not expected that
such conditions csn continue indefinite
Company Will Appear At
Snider Opera House
Sunday Night
The Lakeview theatre goers will be
pleased to learn that tbe Margaret lie,
troupe will open a bve nlghta engage
ment in Lakeview at the new Snider
Opera House next Sunday night. Tbe
Company ia coming to Lakeview by
way of Paisley, after having finished
an engagement at that place.
It ia said tbe troupe is composed of
eight membera and Mr. Meade ia sti!
associated with the cast Mr. Thomp
son, who for many years has traveled
with the Ilea Company, is not with
them thia season. Some changes have
been made in the makeuo of the com
pany ainoe last seen in Lakeview, and
the publio ia promised aome of the lat
est attractions in the theatre line at
the opera house during the engagement
of this popular company
Supt. Stelner Came Here
to Accompany Patient
to State Asylum
Dr. R. E. Lee Steiner, accompanied
by an attendant from the State Hospi
tal, arrived in Lakevlew Saturday
evening for the purpose of accompany
ing Mra. Sib Harberto that institution.
Tbe doctor ia an old-time friend of
Mra. Harbor's and be considered it a
special privilege to be able to render
her every assistance possible in her
hour of need.
Incidentaly it might be added that
Dr. Steiner met with a hearty greet
ing from hia host of friends here in
Lakeview. Some six or eight years
ago he waa a practicing physician here,
and dined during bta stay a no
compelled to leave without t.
nearly all bia engagements. The docto.
Is now superintendent of the Stste
Hospital for tbe Insane, which position
he has filled for several yea re with
credit alike to tbe State and himself.
He started on bia return Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Seager laat
evening returned from California with
the intention of again making Lake
view their home. They came by auto
and were accompanied on tbe trip by
Mrs. Edward Mason of Sacramento
and Norman Lombard of San Francis
co. Mrs. Mason ia tbe wife of tbe su
perintendent of the Western Pacifio and
Mr. Lombard ia a repreentative of tbe
Lombard Inveatment Co. Both Mra.
Mason and Mr. Lombard atarted on
tbeir return home tbia morning.
New Pine Creek ia now deairioua of
becoming' an incorporated town, and
tbia week the Coantv Court wallad a
epecial election for June 1 to enable
tbe voters of tbe proposed town to de
cide tbe momentous question. There is
searcely'a doubt but what tbe town
will incorporate, and then tbe question
that will doubtless bob up ia wehtberit
eball be wet or dry. Under tbe recent
influx of atrangea it ia generally sup
posed that the wets will easily win
out, and hence tbe drys. are already
planing aa to bow they can defeat tbe
wet element.
Fire Consumed Hay Stack
Of Geo. Jones Near
W. A. Currier, of Paisley, came near
meeting with a serious accident Tues
day while engaged in cleaning up some
rubbisn ana tules on the Geo. M. Jones
place near Paisley. He baa tbe place
leased and ws burning the rubbish,
when tbe wind changed and the fire was
directed towards a haystack. Mr. Cur
rier considered himself aomewbat of a
fireman and started in to save tbe bay.
If reports are true be made not only
miserable failure in attempting to stop
the fire but came near loosing hia life
as well. For a time be was hemmed
in by tbe flames and received a number
of serious and palntul bcrna before be
waa able to make hia escape. The stack
of bay was destroyed, and aome other
damages resulted. Mr. Currier had
on a pair of rubber boots and tbey be
came ao hot that he jumped into a
ditch, and the result was somewhat un
expected. The water forced the heat
to tbe inside of the boot, causing in
tense suffering on tbe part of the wear
er before they oould be removed.
Inasmuch as the Winter has been mild
and besides having sold his cattle last
year, Mr. Jonea will not feel the loss
of bis bsy to any great extent, although
it is not likely that be cares to have
the practice of burning up bis nay con
tinued. Only a few weeks ago Chef
Fitzpatrick of tbe ZX ranch let a fire
get away from him and cross into Mr.
Jones' field, resulting in tbe .loss of a
atack of hay, and if this thing ia to
continue indefinitely Mr. Jonea is like
ly to want to move his ranch into some
other neighborhood.
Much Travel On N.-C-0.
Travel is very heavy on the N.-C.-O.
at present, both Incoming and outgoing
trains csrrylng many passengers. And
not only is such tbe case here at Lake-
view, but the same ia true of all the eta-'
tions along tbe line,
in a way accounted
inis perhapa is I
for by the ex-1
cellent service, for men who have rid
den over the numeroua narrow guage
railroads of the West, will tell you
that the N.-C -O. ia in the front ranka
in point of time, service and equip
ment. The daily train consists of a
baggage car. smoker, day coach and
Pullman sleeper, with buffet diring
service. The meals are excellent and
served at prices lower than the aame
service on the main lines.
The ladies of tbe Cathnlio Altar
Society met this afternoon at the home
of Mrs. C, C. Lofftus. Refreshments
were served, fcnd a pleasant social time
was bad by all present after tbe ne
cessary business matters had been at
tended to. !
and during bia res
innumerable friends,
Holdings Mortgaged To
Raise Necessary Funds
For Purpose
One more chapter in tbe O. V.L. work
waa completed tbia week, when tbe
Gooae Lake Valley Irrigation Co., suc
cessors In the interest to the O.V.L.
Co., bad placed on record in tbe Coun
ty Clerk 'a office a blanket mortgage for
tbe aum of $2,000,000. Tbe mortgage ia
drawn in favor of Thorpe Bros., a firm
of Minnespolia capitalists, who will
probably float the mortgage with other
The document is quite, voluminous. .
covering 63 pages of typewritten manu
script, tbe filing fee for which was S39.
Included in the mortgage are the Drews
dam and reservoir aite, the Cotton
wood reservoir site, canals, ditches,
ete., besides considerable acreage prop
erty etill held by the company, in fact
about everything the company is sap
posed to be possessed of in this neck of
tbe woods. When tbe money is received
on tbe mortsgsge it will doubtless be
used in completing tbe system, when
a large acreage will be susceptible of
irrigation, all of which ia now in pri
vate ownership.
No Action Will Be Taken
Until Regular Election
Next November
The proposition of a new charter baa
been abandoned by tbe Council owing
to the question as to whether such ac
tion can be taken at other than a regu-
lar election. An amendment to the
Charter was therefore passed in lieu of
such action, and under its provisions a
b'onded sewer indebtedness of $75,000
is provided for.
As tbe matter now stands a special
election will doubtless be called to vote
on the bonding proposition, which will
be held in tbe manner provided by law.
At any time witbin 30 days before tbe
election arguments either for or against
tbe proposed bond issue mav be filed
with the recorder, and after the 30 daya
and at least 8 dava before tbe election
takea olace pamphlets containing the
proposed bonding ordinance, together
with tbe arguments for and against it,
will be printed and generally circulat
ed, thua affording voters informstion
concerning tbe same. Tbe Council will
meet tonight when tbe time for hold
ing the election will doubtless be deter- .
Local Savings Deposited
To The Amount
Of $297
By applying on or loefore June 1.
1912, depositors of tbe Postal Savings
system may be exchanged the whole
or part of their deposita for United
Statea registered or eouoon bonds, in
denominations of $20, $100 and $500.
bearing interest from July 1, 1912, at
the rate of 2 1-2 per
cent per annum.
payable semi-annually and redeemable
at the pleasure of tha ITnitri statea
after one year from date of Issue, both
principal and interest pavable twenty
years from that date in United Statea
gold coin.
Postal savings bonds are exempt
from all taxes or duties of the United
States, aa well aa from taxation In any
form or under any atate, municipal or
local authority.
The conversion of deposit.! incc bonds
at a date leas than one year after the
certificates began to bear interest on
deposits, as in case of withdrawal for
any other purpose.
Postmaster Elmer C Ahlstrom states
that on the last day of April there was
on deposit at the local office money to
the amouut of $297. Those deposits
draw 2 per cent interest.