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    Lake County Examiner
Official Paper of Lake County. Oregon
XWnlar tan1ln ada. 11.00 n Inch, ttnU
oiiimn anac. jwr month. All tantln a.. a.
ehantt trr twl- a month. et rompnal
lin rlanr1 for ll itra chtir. AM Mola
oatttonaeiira. AU tbort term ada rtira
Kniln. lorai rolnmna, lOr. tr tin. oh In
tartlnn. warn ada. Sr. a llnaach Itwrtlon
rd nf (hanks II 00. Resolution o. wudo-an-.
l W and nrxarria.
iiVTnnilcnl Adwttalm and. Jo Print
Bti ruk in advanc.
A Mil" mul t rNI th "rat of rl .
v r, la adranca,
lit trnlh.
iirtuonu, "
faF-lt not paid la advance, 1 J. 10 th. r
Natlc t. ftatecrlfcars
OuMnifti to Tha Kxaaitn.r waa
O lwm on locality to auothar, or
Jwd to h rltkt DoaioBco.
' liana
tomftmbor to
tholr noatolHea add
drop ih ! offlc a card ao tholr papvr ran b. ad'
LakeTtew, Oregon, Thurnday, May 2. I12
Regardless of what the retail of tb
Republican nomination for President
nay be, few men would car to under
fo the experience eltner Taft or Rooee
Telt baa bad. Men that were the cloe
eet of frienda are now bitter enemies
and are engaged in slinging mod la a
way that puts the average admirer of
either to shame.
While many are of the opinion that
President Tift was forced into the
game by the rlerrt gatory statement of
Roosevelt, yet at the same time the
office nf Pre Wert should be above eucb
Baying. The result is likely to be that
neither Taft or Roooevelf will secure
the desired plum, although it is practi
eallv certain that Taft will name the
next Republican candidate for Preel
dert. insomuch as he will likely have
enough delegates in the National Con'
vention to dictate the nominee.
While Attorney General Crawford'
pinion to the effect that the delegatea
to the National Convention selected at
the recent primarv convention are not
legally compelled to cast their votes
for Roosevelt may be legally correct,
yet at the same time it is not likely
that they will care to do otherwise
regard less of the statements that fol
lowed their names on the ballot. It
will be a mighty culd day for the can
diriate or official choFen under the
"Oregon system" when he 'goes con
trary to the provisions, implied or
otherwise, of t-at famous document.
The directions say "Take It," and the
dose must be downed, regardless of per
sonal feeling in the matter, and woe
to him who seeks to do otherwise.
Justin McCarthy, the famous Irish
novelist and home-ruler, died last week
at Folkestone, England. He was chair
man of the Irish parliamentary party in
the Ho"?e of Commons, and ha al
ways occupied a prominent position In
politics. His detth will be universally
mourned throughout the civilised
Senator Bourne, on learning cf bis
defeat at the primary election, sent
the following very courteous letter of
congratulation to his successful com
petitor for the position, Ben Snelling:
"I am informed that the Republicans
of Oregon iiave nominated you as my
suce?8or by a very handsome majority.
Accept my sir.rerest congratulations
and assurances of hearty eunport."
Memorial Services
Memorial services will be held at
the Baptist Church next Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock, when the following
program will be rendered:
Song. "Pull for the Shore."
Song, "Sweet By and Bye."
Prayer, H. Smith.
Song, Mrs. Copeland.
Address, M. T. Wire.
Song, "Sometime We'll Under
Mixed Quartette, Mrs. Norin, Miss
O'Neil. Mr. Hunker. Mr. Alexander.
Address. Tcv. Grigsfcy.
Duet. Mrs. Farrell, Miss Hunter.
Address, Rev. Simmons.
Solo, Mrs. E. II. Smith.
"Nearer My God to Thee," congre
gation. Prayer, Dr. Prypc.
Presbyterian Services
At the Mhfcunic Hall next Sabbath at
1! A. M. and 8 P. M , divine Fervic;B
in ! be expected as U Jiial. The Kev.
Six rwond L. Grigtibv, of Medford,
peiitor-evhrgiliHt of the Presbyterey
of Southern Oiegon, represent irg the
Prentyterian H ard cf Hon)'; Missions,
of New York Cit, wi!) preach morning
and evening. Subject of the morning
sermon, "Power From on High." At
night subject, "Hope the Soula Sure
Ancho ." A con' dl inv'4ation is ex
tended to trie general pL.,ii Every
body will be welcome.
News In Brief
Nelson Rounsevell. of New Fine
Creek purchased the first car from the
E. M. K. shipment received last week
by T. E. Bernard. Mr. Rounsevell
bad a Brush car, but it waa unable to
tand up under the work, and hence he
found t necessary to get another ear.
O. W. Robinson and J. F. McGuire,
of Klamath Kalis, who came over last
week to see wbt waa doing in the
High Grade district, returned home
this week. They were well pleased
with the outlook and will probably re
turn again as soon a the weather ia
A. P. Kooier, the Weat Side rancher
and fruit man, brought In about a ton
of field corn Friday, to be ground into
corn meal at the local mill. Thia is the
aecond lot he haa brought to town.
having delivered 1,500 pounds some
time ago. This hxs not yet proven a
corn country, but it will grow.
Friday night the Kebekaha held a
reception in the I.O.O.F. hall for the
local Oddfellows in commemoration
of the 93rd anniversary of the found
ing of that order. A large attendance
was present and elaborate refresn
menta were served. The greater part
or the evening was spent in dancing.
Miss Bessie Brown, the little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Brown,
Saturday afternoon, entertained sev
eral of ber school friends at a party.
Refreshments were served during the
afternoon, various games were indulged
in, and an altogether pleasant time
was enjoyed by all the youngsters pre
sent. The ladies of the Presbyterian Aid
Society met Thursday afternoon last
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
Campbell. A very social time was en
joyed by all present, but the feature
of the meeting was the serving of some
delightful English dishes, which had
been nreoared especially for the occa
sion by George Campbell. Mr. Camp
bell and bis mother recently arrived
here from Texas.
R. M. Boiler, of the City Transfer,
has secured the fcaggage privilege on
the N.-C. O. trains. He will have an
agent on all incoming trains who will
check and handle baggage for passen
gers just the same an is done on the
big railroads. It will prove of much
more convenience to traveler?, as they
will not be bothered with looking after
their bagagge on arriving at this eta
Mrs. Camp, the wife of an eastern
lumber man, was visiting the ladies of
the Presoyterian Aid Society last week
at a Drier rest in a tour oi the West.
Mrs. Camp also stopped to visit Mrs.
L. E. Seager at Davis Creek before
resuming her travels. Her in'erest in
Lakeview was primarily aroused at the
time of their bazaar a vear ago last
winter and she has kept in touch ever
air ce.
T. J. Sullivan, the popular hotel man
of Plush, remembered a few of bis
Lakeview friends thia week by sending
them some fine trout from the waters
of Honey Creek. The fish Bre probably
the best found in the waters of Lake
county, and those who were fortunate
enough to be remembered by Tom
greatly appreciated bis thoughtfulness.
Such kindnesses add much to the plea
sure of living, and it is only to he re
gretted that there are not more Tom
A bunch of mules driven through
town last Saturday attracted much at
tention, from the fact that there is
much construction work in view here
bouts and it was at once concluded that
some contractor was bringing in an
outfit. However on inquiry it was learn
ed that the mules belonged to J. F.
Hanson and were fceing taken from' the
feeding grour.ija ut New Pine treek
where they were kept during the Win
ter to the Point Ranch on the West
I MbfN'b SU1T
EN ns n rule, leave many of the details in selecting ft suit of clothes
to the judgment of the dealer anil the manulactuttr. We sell
Hart Schnffncr & Marx clothes on their merit, and that merit
is the pride of the maker, the dealer and the customer, U.S. & M.
clothes have a marked distinction expressly their own. Kvcry
thinir in the makeup of these clothes is the Tcry bestMaterial
and Workmanship make the fact positive. We sell Hart Schaffncr & Marx
clothes Spring 1912 Models at reasonable prices.
$20.00$25.00- $30.00
LMttvit Spriajr HltH-ks, nil Spring Weight Ribbed Men' Unit hiiiI Segllgrrm
nliHilen, jiaaM Mad cotton light ' lnttrnii, Utrtt nor-
lnltlevi ' rfr
$1.50, S2.50, S3.50 COc to $1.25 75c to $3.00
Grocery and
Fishing Tack I o
Reel, Fly Hooka, Itankr-tit,
Ply Mcnka, I-enlere, Linen,
lUtt, KMi KoU of even !
cr(ptun from $1.20 to $25. OO
Baso Ball Goods M
Full Una of BtaaiUnl Mnjur
trf'tigi" tJuoria, Cu teller, Kirat
llio mi. I Held Mtlta. lint
it $1.25
Bull dors' Materials
New lot of ort Hud Windows
IxH-ka, lilaiea, Hoah Fh tilers
and Ltfta, Drawer Hulls, l)xr
llvlln, Door ItniM.
Fanoy Grocorlos
Frenh Sfiratoa Ohtpn, I IIk
by'a Mleel Hacon, ( rUco, Un
derwood's Deviled flam, French
I Vna, MuxlironuiN.
Of the County TrenMoirr of Lake County, Oregon, lor the nix month
ending March 30. 1912, of the money receiyed nod paid out, from what eour e
received and what account pittd out.
To amount ou hand from liut report.
refund ou liounty.
clerka fti
llijuor llceuHe
ante of material ...
sheriff fur error ...
.. f.11, ars as
.. 1.674 75
,. 1,400 (X)
. 2,HHi Hi
400 OO
.1 AO
. 30.537 77
5 01
Total amount received and on hand
By amount paid for redemption of war ran ta ....
By amount paid for etate taxea
Balance on hand in general fund
To amount on hand from loot report.... i
received " nuea
" " " UtateLand Board...
" " " DIh'j Uoun'ry Hoard
" taxes
. ls.ira ho
M7,m 44
fl.ST? 29
6 OO
1,!K:1 34
m :t
12.H75 :,j
lly amount uuer llevtal on tax roll, ami receipt un
aued to April 1, M2
&H.0KU 22
Total amount received and on hand I21.S14 60
Dy umouut paid for redemption of warrant 0 CIS Oil
Balance ou hand In gruool funl f 15,1'JS
To amount on hand from hint report , $ U,.""H 71
" " received " Bale of material 110 00
" " taxeo 13,4:."i l'
" " " " reluud from inllroad 5 W)
" " " from refund from road dln't M 70
" " from btate Laud Board l.HOIl 31
Totnl $llft,71fl 19
I, W. It. Smilcr, Kherlff of Lain dainty, Ort-jron, do hfivli'v certify that
the foreirolntf aiatemont. rompih-il from tn Ui roll of ltki- Coiiiur, Ore
Kon, for the enr l'JI I, ehoirtim th total tax on Maid roll, t Uo Amount col
lectcd t hereon, tdie lff'a aMOHHu uw, an ) other error., n-tiat. allowed ami
tin balance uocolletud thereon, ia a full, true and correct ut atemeiil of all
matter nffit iliiK my return tlierron.
Dated tin 1st day of Apul, PJ12.
W. B. KMDKK, Hherlff,
State of Oretrou. xhoalnir the aui itiui of capemliturc of lik County,
Oreifcm for the tix moiiilm licKlciuiut October I, lull, and eiulliiK March 31,
1912. ninl nlxo aliowliiit the uitiount of ouUtaiiii and unpaid conut v-Wtr
rant on the Hlt .lay of Mrch. PM2. n imllcated by the book of the ofUr
of the County Clerk a follow, to M;
Paid fr a.birle uto! clerical aNiiauce fr county odlccr. f O.OIS 83
' utile "uppll.'M, mTiiiij. it li'tfraniH, etc 1.IM ili
" " Wood, water, llbt. Janitor hire court liouae. ro-
Plr, etc 1.31.1 M
" " county road uud briil-e u 14 t7
" Circuit court ; , iua 'JO
" " JiiMilee court 2i Oft
" " Coroner court ;m7 g
" " expeline of prlclnuer V'2 40
" " care of poor and limauo K Ul
" " elet'fiou 2v,i 29
" " print Inn and publl.hlliK 3.3:ill 71
" " liouuty ou in auimal . , 4 ih)
" " hi.-pilal hlKht '70,, oo
Total amount paid' out by county clerk
Count v wuriHiit outataiuilutc and unpaid.
iieneral l'iil lt;jJi7
Boa I fnud ',Hv
(2,510 31
Total amount received and ou hand 123.053 00
By amount paid for redemption of warrant H,ht;;i lis
Balance oo hand in road fund $10,18U
ro amount on hand from last report. $ 53 35
taxeH .
3,U.".3 54
Total amount received and on hand I
By amount paid tity treasurer
3.001 VJ
4'M S
Balance un band lu City of Lakeview fund t 2,540 IX)
To amount on hand from lat report t 129 43
liy amouut paid Oregon Library CouimlHlon f
Birthday Party
Wis, fJun?her yesterday eave
12S 03
Balance on hand In library fund $
To amount on hand from lat report $ 42 G.'
1 40
no 00
Total amount received and on band
By amount paid Htate treanurer
Win. La Hater
92 OS.
42 Oi
2 00
Balance on hand in atato treasurer fund $
To amount ou band from hint report $ 2,230 ."
" received " gen. ral road fund... l.tiT'J Ch
25 00
Total a-; rwi?
oiuki oi ureou.
: of OrcKou,
u ty of Lake. )
I. F. W. I'avne. count v clerk of IjiLu r..t ui.i. ,.i
Oregon, do hereby certify that the foreKoln I a corns I Mtateuient of Hit- ei-lnlltun-H,
made through my ollice, for Lake County, Orejron, for the tlx
mouth ending March 31, 1 '.II 2. and alnn the amount of the county warraut
uutalaudinir and unpaid on tb.i 3lt day of March, P.M2, as liidi-ate.1 bv the
record of my olIW c. ,
i rrT I ,n t,'H,l",0"v hereof I have hereiiuto eel ut v hand
jM'.ALf an.l nllUeil the aenl of the county court ihta lat day
' ' of April, 1W12. '
F. W. PAYNE, County Clerk.
of MSahrch 'pJl''10 "D8,ulul c0l"'", "n of I-"k' euuty, On'Koii, on the81t day
Money in bamlof routity treaaiirer, IwlonKlnjr to all fund, a er
a aternrritof F. O. Abltrom. county treaurer. herein .ii;., h.i a r-i no u-i
Taxea unct)llected a p-r atatemeut ol W. B. Bolder, Hherlff, hereto
6H,0 22
Total resource
County warrant outtandliij and uupald 2,507 02
ll2S,ti4l 43
Comity Clerk.
Total amount received ami on band
iiy amount pall for redemption of warrant. ...
3.910 33
2.DM2 07
party in hernr of her mother, Mr.
Koxie ( lehiiid, the ocrxvion beincr the
celebrati.'in of the anr.ivursarv of her
r.irth. Kefrepbrnents were served and
a rnoFt tniovable e"oci;.l viKit hnd hv all
retent. Ti.e eues-i wt re : Mevdaniea
K. A. I', .'.!. T. Whlters. S. T.
(.'Jivwi, I. J. Mayiltoti. E. L. Dut-eri-
b.ry, D.tniel Cror.. miller. C. E. Down.
Mary P.uf-sell. E. J. Jackaon, II. W.
Morgan. K. Cleland. A. McGrath and
J. W. Maxwell.
Chautauqua Circle
The Chautauaua Circle will meet at
the home of Mrs. Wrn. Pryee Monday
May 6. 7:30 P. .M. Pribram: Koll
call, current events. "TolKtoyism."
Adamb, chapter XII, Mit-a Mabel
Snelling. "Public Activities and In
vestigations," Adams, chapter XIII,
Mrs. Vanderpool.
2 Klametb Falls br.Ida L r city election
ontbe 20thinBt. Itipromibea to be a
regular Teddy and 'i'aft proposition
before the election takes place, Mayor
Sanderson baa his opponent for reelec
tion the present'police judge, T. F.
Nicholas, who has opposed some of the
Mayor's 'ideas.
Prize Given Away
Valuable pi Ize will be iriven awav
Flee by Hall & Ku.vnoM. A cl'V lot
iu the town of New l'ine Creek,
woith fc.".00. free to the bolder of
the lucky number. A ticket w ith every
dollar purchase, which entitle you to
a chance on the lot. A duplicate of
each ticket will be dropped int a eal -d
box. Ou the evening of June 30th the
drawing will take place at Krnltb'a
Pi(;ture Show. Out of town customers
will receive their tickets by mull.
Everyone ha au equal chance.
r OK SALE One '6 idltcbell wago",
oneNurrey, one net double harueHH,
medium weight, and one et heavy
work hiirrje. Every tbinit In tirt
l.i.-h e..i.ill!ii.j. l::,iuie Maluluoib
lively table.
WANTED Lakeview City or Country
property In exchange for 40 acre
of finest fnuit land in Kogue Kiver
Valley. 25 acres in cultivation and
fenced, 5 acres pe8ch orchard, value
Jjl500. For lurther particulars write
T.B.P. Examiner office.
Balance on hand In npeclal road fund
To amount on hand from l'it report r,3';0 27
" " rei-lved " taxes 7,41 Ml
" " " " ale of iioudH 15.K.0 00
Total amount received arid on hai.d f2x.01Q
By amount paid to diwirlct clerk li,!s.i$
" " " for lutercMt on bond 1,102
$ 02S 20
Balance on baud In special scbo-jl fund flO,372 4S
To amount on hand in trust fund received from non rcMdcnt 8(! 73
To balance (n hand In di't boundary board fund : 100 00
" " " " "eHcbeatfuml UU 411
" " " " " liiHtltuto fund 277 50
Balance on hand In all fund f73.0.7J 83
I, F. O. A hlMtrjin, do hereby certify that the foregoing i u true state
ment of the amount received, paid out and remaining ou band In the county
treauury of Luke county, for tboelx moritb ending March 30, l!)12.
F. O. AiiLbTKtJM, County lrcaurer.
To total amount tax Koll 1911 112,2!iM 53
To sheriff's annesmneiitH . ,,; 3,4lli 00
By amount collected for which receipt were IwHiied to April 1, PJI2
Oeneral fund I'il.liSl 45
School fund ; . . . , 10,2' 0 5fl
Koad fund 10.G54 2IJ
Town of Lakeview 2,47 04
Bchool dltrlct 7 023 3l
" " 14 181 2s
2 :3 .-,
107 K.J
3,()!"i 23
07 (ill
21 34
1,051) 07
is .
Total collected $55,433 33
By rebate allowed 1,09 40
By double BHhesameuts and other errors 5114 24
Resolutions of Condolence
To the Womhioful MaHtcr, Wardens
and Brethern of Lnkevluw Lodge No.
71, A. F. & A. M.
Whereus: The (I rand M8tcr of the
Universe having been plcuued to call
from earthly labor to elcrnul refresh
ments on April 10, 11)12, our well belov
ed brother, l.eland B. Whoron, who
during the ptriod that he has been a
member of this lodge ho endeared him-
j nelf to us by his courtesy and afTabllitv
; that his memory will ever be cherished
J in our hcarti, therefore bo it
1 Kesolved : That in thia bereavement
, thia ludtfe is deprived of un active,
zeaious ana painstaking member who
was thoroughly imbued with the pre
cepts and principles of our order, who
evinced in a life marked by integrity
and uprightness the cardinal Masonic
virtues and who presented not only to
his tirethern t;ut to the community an
example and an inspiration to better
Kesolved : That bowing bs we do In
humble submission to the Divine will
we mourn the loss of an ellieient and
$115,710 FJ earnest brother, a devoted adherent
or rree .Tiasonry and a faithful friend
whoBe daily life so clearly reflected the
I fundamental truths and tenets of our
Kesolved : That we sincerely, deeply
and affectionately eymputhizo with his
afllicled family in their sorrow, re
minding them that 'lie. who temner
the wind lu Uiu ahum luinb,' looks
down with infinite compassion upon
iiiciu 10 uiu nour 01 ineir desolation.
I Kesolved : That a copy of these res
lolutions be sent to the beloved wife of
I our deceased brother and also spread in
full upon the minutes of this lodge.
Committee: A. W. OKTON,
J. S. FULLEtt.
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