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NO. 17
Roosevelt, Selling, Sinnott, and Olcott, Carry
County --Irwin Nominated For District
AttorneyUtley For County Clerk
Friday opened Ihf ;
gave many startling
Stat and County,
breathing spell It will
lltlcal pot and
results In both
After a abort
te tin) to watch
development! aa they aria looking
toward the November election.
In the State Roosevelt waa the
choice of the Republican party for
presidential candidate by a plurality
of over 4,000. For Senator Bourne
waa defeated. Selling carrying the
State by 7,000 plurality. For the se
cond district Slnnot waa nominated
over Ellis, C. E. Rooeevelt and Rusk.
Olcott defeated Field for Secretary
of State. For I'roaecuting Attorney
for the aerond prosecuting attorney dis
trict Irwin secured the nomination over
Kuykendall. For State Senator W.
Lair Thompson experienced no opposi
tion, and secured the nomination with
out a struggle. For State Representa
tives for the 21st district Forlea and
Smith, the only candidates on the tick
et were nominated.
On the Democratic ticket Wilson
carried the State over Clark and Har
mon by lfiOO plurality. Dr. Harry
Lane waa nominated a U. 8. Senator,
and James B. Kyan aa Secretary of
In Lake County the complete vote
for National, State, and Distlrct
offices gives the following results;
Republican '
For President: Taft, 139: Roose
velt, 177: La Follette, 71.
For I). S. Senator: Pourne, 116:
Lowell, 43: Morton, 33: Selling, 150,
For U. S. Representative, Second
District: Cochran, 31: Ellis, 73
Roosevelt. 23; Rusk, 03: Sinnott 123.
For Secretary of State : Fielda, 129
Olcott, 142.
For Prosecuting Attorney, Second
District, Irwin, 12: Kuykendall, 187
For State Senator: Thompson, 327,
For State Representative, 21st Uis
trlct : Forbes, 209; Smith, 232.
For President : Clark, 94: Wilson
k . r j
The First Nntioni
Hank, Lakeview, Oregon
Lakcview's Business Houses
Tholr Financial Condition Appoarm Elaowhoro In Thl astro
Continued uu pnjre Lnr
Many Experiments Will
Be Tried In Central
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vallls Ore. ADril 20. The growing of
alfalfa on the drv farming lands of
Oregon In cultivated rows for the pro
duction of seed has been the special
dry farming hobby of Prof. H. D,
Soudder of the Oregon Agricultural
College. He has advocated thia plan
widely through Eastern Oregon for the
past Ave years, and is beginning to see
practical rcaulta on a large scale. A
prominent wheat farmer at Ar ington
has planned to put in 160 acrea of al
alfalfa on his dry land, and has asked
the aeronomv department of the col
lege for special Instruction and for the
beat seed. Another man, one of the
larirest wheat farmers in Gilliam
County, la to put in 1,000 acres of al
falfa this soring. The great number
of letters coming to Prof. Scudder
from all Darts of eastern and central
Oreuon on thia subject indicates the
first great change for the better in dry
farming agricultural there.
Claims Staked In all Dl
rectlons and Prospect
ors Scour County
Presidential Vote of Lake
County as Cast By
is the vote cast for Re
Democratic Presidential
Ft The mining fever la certainly conta
gTous, judging from the number of per-
aona hereabouts who are afflicted with
the trouble. Claims are being staked
oft all over the country, and prospect
holes can be seen dotting the landscape
in every direction. At Eagle Point
just south of town some prospecting is
being done, while reports of atrlkea in
many different directions are current.
The present excitement, if such it
may be termed, recalls to the old tim
ers similar occasions of year ago. They
relate how In many instances the aame
ground waa located yeara ago, and more
or lest develooment work done then.
It la said thit many samples have been
ent to Denver, Reno, San Franclsoo
and other places to determine the value
or worthlussneaa of the ore, but as yet
few returns have been received.
The crowds continue to assemble at
New Pine Creek, awaiting the time
publican and
nominees in the several precincts of
Lake County
Silver Lake Taft 12, Roosevelt, 21
La Follette, 11: Clark 10, Wilson 1.
Summer Lake Taft 2, Rooeevelt
La Follette 7. Harmon 1, Clark 4, Wil
son 4.
Paisley Taft 17, Roosevelt 31, La
Follette, 12: Clark 12, Wilson 7.
Crooked Creek Taft 4, Roosevelt 2,
La Follette 2; Clark 2.
North Warner Taft 11, Roosevelt 7,
La Follette 6: Clark 4, Wilson 3.
South Warner Taft 1, Rooeevelt 6,
La Follette 3; Harmon 1, Clark 4, Wil
son 4.
North Lakeview Taft 30, Roosevelt
21, La Follette 8: Clark 15, Wilson 2.
South Lakeview Taft 49, Roosevelt
33, La Follette 6 Harmon 1, Clark 29,
Wilson 6.
Drew Valley Taft 1, Roosevelt 2,
La Follette 1, Wilson 2.
Goose Lake Taft 1, Roosevelt 6, La
Follette 8, Clsrk 2, Wilson 1.
Cogswell Creek Taft 3,
14, La Follette 6, Harmon 1,
Wilson 3.
Thomas Creek Roosevelt 4, Clark
1, Wilson 1.
Lake Roosevelt 11 : Clark,
son 11.
Fort Rock Taft 8, Roosevelt 16,
La Follette 7, Clark 8, Wilson 4.
Totals Taft 139, Roosevelt 177, La
Follette 71, Harmon 4. Clark 94, Wil
son 60,
Clark 6,
2 Wil
Misa Lena McShane haa returned
home after spending some time at
Plush with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Dent
The Paisley Commercial Club, ac
cording to the Chewaucan Press, has
taken up the matter of a different mail
route between Lakeview and Paisley to
accomodate more patrona along the
line, and haa received assurances from
Congressman Hawley that he wilL use
all hia influence to secure such a rRite.
when they can move into the High
Grade distlrct and prospect, which at
present ia greatly hindered by the pnow
which covers the ground to a depth of
several feet. However, many of the
most adventurous propectors are scour
ing the hills in hopea of making a
strike, and it ia pribable that many
new discoveries will be made during
the early summer.
2f --. :
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... . . J.
C s
i," ks!
- .
The Dank of Lakeview, Lakeview, Oregon
Efficiency Of Office Increased By Installation
Of One Hundred New Boxes Mails ;
Handled Very Expeditiously
The raoid growth of Lakeview is!
well attested by the increase of re
ceipts in the postoffice, aa reported by
Postmaster Ahlstrom. The receipts for
the quarter ending March I, 1912, show
an increase of practically 20 per cent
over that of the corresponding quarter
of 1911, the exact amount being XI 404
.35 for 1911 and S1650.13 for 1912. In
postal circles the Bret quarter ia always
the dullest of the year, and hence a
much greater growth ia confidently ex
pected for the three remaining quarters
of the year. All salaries and clerk hire
for the respective offices are based upon j
the receipts for the first quarter, and
aa a consequence Postmaster Ahlstrom J
will receive $100 additional for clerk
hire but no increase in salary.
Owing to the increased business Mr.
Ahlstrom haa found it necesary to in
crease the efficiency of the office, not
withstanding bia aalary remains the!
same, and consequently thia week hej
intalled 1U0 additional boxes of tbej
latest pattern, which increases the
number of call and lock boxea to 283. i
The boxea are of the combination-lock
style, and are self-lockiner, being mod
ern and up-to-date in every particular.
Tbey will prove of much convenience
to the patrona of the office, for there is
greatly increased demand for private
boxea along with the business of the
Since the change in the time of the
arrival of the train, the mails do not
reach the postoffice until after 9
o'clock, thus avoiding any neoeessity
of the distribution of mails at night,
to aay nothing of the fact that the De
partment only requires the postoffice
to remain open until 8 P. M. How
ever, the mails are distribestea early in
the moraine, and it ia generally in the
boxea by 7 o'olock, although the gener
al delivery doea not open until 8. In
thus accommodating the patrona of the
offioe Mr. Ahlstrom is entitled to much
credit, for with hia limited foroe it
would be practically impossible to give
tetter service, and his efforts are cer
tainly appreciated by all familiar with
existing conditiona
Interest! Items Gleaned
From Paper Published
Near District
Right Retained In Case Of
Filings Made Prior To
February 3, 1911
Persona who made homestead entry
before February 3, 1911, and desiring
to relinquish the aame and still retain
their rights are permitted to do so un
der the act of February, 1911. Here
tofore it has been the custom for Con
gress to pass such acts permitting se
cond entries where the entries had been
relinquished or abandoned prior to a
certain date, but in thia instance the
date of entry and not the time of re
linquishment or abandonment ia the
time to be considered In making a se
cond application. Hence an entry is
abandoned or relinquished today or at
any time in the future, a second appli
cation will be allowed if the entry
waa allowed prior to February, 1911.
The provisions of the act referred to
where only called to the attention of
the local land office officials this week,
they having previously been under the
impression that the entries must have
been abandoned or relinquished prior
to February, 1911, before a aecond
application could be allowed.
A. L. Thornton, the popular drug
gist, has quite an up-to-date window
display, which attracts the eye of
everyone of an evening, in the shape
of an electrically lighted revolving
cylinder of colored prisma.
Proposed Bills Are Heart
ily Endorsed by Lake's
Initiative petitions have been
ceived ana are being circulated for the
compromise good roads legislation
proposed by the Governor's conferenoe
last winter. There are six separate
petitions, viz; for issuance of State
Road Bonds and creation of State High
way Fund and State Road Board to
enable counties to vote, issue bonds
and to construct roads: to amend Sec
tion 10 of Article XI of the Constitu
tion regarding legislation of the limi
tations of the powers of counties to
contract debts : to amend Section 7 of
Article XI of the Constitution regard
ing the limitations of the powers ofthe
state to contract debts: to prohibit em
ployment of penitentiary convicts in
comDetition with free labor and pro
hibiting employment of county, city
or town convlcta in competition with
free labor.
These bills were exhaustively ex
amined ty a committee of the Lake
view Commercial Club composed of
prominent attorneys of Lakeview, and
were recommended by auch committee,
and a synopsis of their report waa pub
lished in last week's Examiner.
K, Madsen, a Klamath Falls
dealer, arrived in Lakeview last
with a shipment of pianos.
Fort Bidwell News : We are inform
ed that a stock exchange ia to be es
tablished at New Pine Creek within i
short time. It is said to be installed
by Colorado men.
New Pine Creek will soon be well
supplied with restaurants. One haa just
opened up, another is under, construe
tion and in the near future three more
will be estblished.
It is reported at Reno that W. H
O'Neill bad added aix additional claims
to hia holdings at High Grade and
that hia last purchase waa the Trafal
gar grouo of claima.
C, A. Howard of Loa Angeles, who is
now at New Pine Creek, states that he
has been in the mining business for
many yeara and haa never seen better
Dossibilities than at the High Grade
The snow is fast disappearing and
the mountains will soon be bare enough
to allow prospectors to get down to
business. The rush has started and the
hills will soon be alive with busy min
ers and prospectors.
It is reported that the Searchlight
and HapDy Hill mines have been bond
ed by capitalists. It is said a big fig
ure will be paid for the properties.
These two claims adjoin the Sunshine
bonanza and they will make good.
H. W. Drenkel, the real estate man
was from Lakeview, spent several days
in Fort Bidwell last week looking over
the situation and exoesssed himself as
being highly pleased with the outlook
and for a very prosperous year for this
Will Raise Turkeys
Big Valley Gazette : George Wing-
field, the wealthy Nevada mine owner,
who is investing in ranches and who
now has a rich and well stocked game
preserve in Lessen county, is going to
commence the raising of turkeys in
Churchill county. He has become the
principal . owner of the Churchill
Creamery company, owning two big
ranches in Churchill county on the is
land in Churchill county and ia going
to raise 5000 turkeys on these ranches
this year. He will raise a turkey that
will be a ciosa between the tame tur
key and the Virginia wild bronze tur
key. The latter turkeys will be taken
to Fallon from his game preserve.
LIU 1 llUUULil Liljl
"Teddy" Leads The Way
In Oregon With Taft
a Poor Third
PORTLAND, April 22. The vote at
the Oregon presidential primaries as
tabulated stand : Roosevelt 25,391, La
Follette 20,194, Taft 15,219, Selling
29,697, Bourne 23,692, Wilson 6,387,
Clark 6,493, Harmon 590. Still incom
plete as hown be the returns received.
For congressman, W. C. Hawley,
N. f. sinnott and A. W. letter ty, re
publicans : secretary of state, Ben W.
Olcott, republican: John Ryan, demo
crat: supreme court justice, Robert
Eakm, republican: food commiss
ioner, John 1). Mickle, republican,
William Schulmerioh, democrat; rail
road commissioner, Clyde B. Atchison,
republican. Lew Anderson, democrat.
Ben Selling and Harry Lane are the
respective candidates for United States
The Republican delegates to the
Naitonal Convention are C. W. Acker-
son, U. C. Campbell, C. H. Carey,
Henry Waldo Coe, Phil Metschan,
Thomas McCusker, of Multnomah,
Fred S. Bynon and Or. J. N. Smith, of
Marion, Daniel Boyd, of Wallowa, and
D. D. Hill, of Wasco.
Will Improve Road From
Silver Lake to Klam
ath Falls
Klamath Falls Herald: B. E. Bur-
rell of Fort Rock Is waiting in Klam
ath Falls for the weather to get in such
shape that the work of improving the
new road through to Silver Lake may
be nushed under hia supervision for
Klamath county. So far the county has
spent only SI, 300 on the road, Mr. Bur
re 11 says, and haa about S600 yet to
use. There remains to be done some
grading through Solomon'a Flats,
which is a very Important need.
The Binisbing of this road will mean
a tone thing for Klamath Falls Deople
as well as those of Summer Lake,
Christmas Lake and Fort Rook neigh
borhoods, mutually considered, as it
will bring- them much closer together.
It will give the northerly and north-
Goucluded from uago 4