Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 01, 1912, Image 5

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    Town Property
0,x) ''nr n fine new 0 room houw, wood shed, chicken hou ami lnirn, large
lot I.'i0ilt, all fenced, about one block Ironi IIIrIi School, JiimI built last
yt'iir, eav tcriin,
f.VKMMM Tuki'H 4 tcitN with large linn rloae to iMlxiricm center on Wnter mrwt,
III m'II nil or part. 'I'M I your chance ti get n bumm' locatiou.
Kay term.
IMuO.oO For n litre A rooiu house, nlno kjI barn, laru lot lUOx'll, on Hlaali Kt.,
near tho depot. Knjf ti-rmt. For out of tlw I'fHt IniiiKiU'iwH In th city; al new barn, lirtfe corner
lot, 11 Imrgitlii, don't inNalt. I'.nxy tt rniM.
"Wm Soil Tho float Earth"
Lakeview : Oregon
I.TO.OO 'er acre for IflO arret in mmdow about a rnllo from depot. Easy terwa.
$10.00 Per acre for luOncrra In meadow with house and barn, all fonceI. Easy
$20.00 Per acre for 100 a-re fine g;raln land, seven milts from Lakeview, west.
Kmv term.
$31.50 I'er acre for 240 acres fine grain land, 1 mile from the O. V. L. addition.
Easy terma.
$20.00 Per acre take 200 acres of timber law! 3 miles from the elty. Bny cIom
In and your profit will le large. Easy term
Xahc Count? Eramlncr
TIIUHMAY, r'KliKU A It Y I, 1912.
1, V 'if lie mill) and coat "t the
More Ho.
Walnoit A Htrlplln buy and soil c
ond hand kohU. t(.
I'otatiiea, J I mt pound. Nee J. H.
I.ane or I. It Patch. If.
Salem haa rained .the aloon license
from $&H) to $'J00 per annum.
Nice hue of lnlltH t wo plir and
union underwear at Merc. Co.
Tin l'Ht butter Oliver's W ceiila
pr poimd t llielier' ('ali r.tom.
'ottMM, MlU'k lol. li t tMT fOIItl.
Hee J. H. I.ane r K. It. Patch, tf.
Ifyouwiiiita really ifiMid amoke
fur a uii'kli, try Ht'irkliian'M Leader.
M. It. Hire, or the Herald, made a
abort buninei4 trio to Alturas taut
PoWKoe, Iota ol them, 1 eaik or
1200, at let a pound. He J. 8. Lane or
K. K Patch, tf.
V. O. Morgan, the Paielev stable
man. the foreoart of the week paid
Lakeview a buHinea vixit.
Fiirnlxlii'd (rout riKini, ground fluor,
1 bliH'k from lUHini'Harutr. Kmpilru
Kittiulnrr oHIre. KejM tf
A. G. Duhme. of the Fandango Lum
ber Company, la tuslness visitor In
the city thia week.
Ira MrCoul returned from San Kran
ciaoo taut week whore he haa been for
the Duxt few monthi.
F. A. Kilznatrlck la tho recipient of
a beautiful peacock which waa Rent him
from liakeranoh!. Calif.
(Jeorge and Charley Nelaon. two of
the West Side'a huntlmg farmers, were
in town the flrt of the week.
Good dry 10 inch wood for ante by
1). S. Tatro. I-eave ordt-rn with J.
Nhermuu Hunter. 2 22
Tho Ladies Aid of tho M. F.. Church
will in the near future present a U)0J
Inr clramM ;it the onera houae.
The Citv Trannfer now haa ita head
juarten at Keeno & liurnea' cigar
at ore. The phone number Ih ,')'J2.
The Ladiea Aid of tho Prenbv
terian church will meet thia afternoon
at it he home of Mra. Vandervort.
Minn Doria Willita returned home
Suturdav lant from her arhool at Coga
well Creek, for a atav over Hundiv.
It. A. Solomon and ('. W. Meadowa.
of San FranciHCo, are amonirnt the
traveling men in Lakeview thia week.
J. Krn. travelling renreaentative of
the A. S. Hookina Manufacturing Com
nanv, of Sacramento, waa in town thi"
Superintendent W. A. Dunawav and
hi unfiatant. M. IX Kire. of the N.-C-O..
Sundav came In on a tour of in
aoertion. Mrs. J. W. Nixon hiia returned from
quite an extended atav at SHoramento.
where alio had bean for tho benefit of
her health.
Mra. F. K. Uovd returned to Klam
alh r'alla thia week after a few weeks'
viHit with her nun Dr. W. K. Boyd
of thia Dlace.
J. C. Oliver, the Wont Side farmer
and dairyman wan in town Saturday
and stated that ho intended to begin
plowinir thin week.
John M. Uettemv arrive in Lakeview
thia week from Medford. lie haa pur
chaaed property here and exoecta to
make thia his future home.
Lester, aon of Stonewall Vernon,
wno haa been livinir at Everett. Wash.,
for sometime oast, returned to his
home Dlace a few dava aeo.
The O'Shya houae which was partly
deutroved bv fire a couple of weeks
a no ia being repaired and will soon be
ready for ocouoancv.
Anna M. Neilon. the womans' out
litter, left yesterday for San Fran
cisco, to purchase her aorlng line of
millinery and ladies' furniahinga.
Baker is not pleased with the Com
mission form of government and a pe
tition has boon filed to do away with
it. The petition was signed by 314
A. T, Langell has declined tobecome
a candidate for the Democratic nomin
ation for Sheriff of Klamath County.
deBPite the support offered bv his many
F. D. Loveless, the well known
Crooked Creek rancher, was in town
the forepart of the . week. He reports
the condition of the roads as not of the
beat, the recent mild weather having
drawn the front from the 'ground, and
HBAa vuimeijuoiji-Q mo ruaua o vcijr
soft In some places.
Countv Clerk I'nvrie ventordav Insuod
a marriaue license to Clarence II.
Young and Mlna l.illinn K. I'ike. both
well known and opular young oroide
of 1'ainluv.
Sam ('otfirtmrn returned last week
from a five months' visit to San Fran
vint'o. Sam aavs the city wss plenty
lively, but waa glad to iret bark to
Charley CJott. the restaurant man.
has become tired of citv life and will
try the merits of the farm life for a
while. He leaves for his homestead
next week.
Tho. Alford came in from hia ranch
the first of the week for medical treat
ment. He will remain In town several
duvs. the iruHst of hia dauvhter. Mrs.
Phil Mulkev.
Judge Stephen A. lxiwell of Uma
tilla county has announced his candid
auv for United Slatea Senator at the
republican primaries of 1912 to aucceed
Mr. liourne.
Herbert Lewis of New Pine Creek
and Plumaa Hotchkiaa of Cbewaucan
rame in town Saturday night and were
initiated into the first degree of the
I.O.O.P. lodge.
G. II. Hammrralev. of New Pine
Creek, came uo to the county neat on
business Friday, and took the time to
call and have h's name enrolled on the
Examiner liat.
The revival mcetinva which are be
Intr conducted bv Rev. Melville T. Wire
at the Methoolnt church are gaining
in popularity and are attracting 'laige
attendaneea at each meeting.
Voter of the Crooked Creek Pre
cinct deslrinir to reeiater can do so bv
callinsr at the oflice of the Justice of
the Penc e at Valley Falls, bv brinirimr
two freeholders as witnesses.
Gilbert D. Brown and family return
ed thi week from a six week' trip to
California and Oreiron. They came in
by way of tho N.-C.-O. and report
having sount a moat eniovabla time.
J. F. Hanson, the West Side farmer,
ha purchased the remaining lumber
of ('has. Umbach on the Hervford lot
on Main and Center streets and ia hav
inir it removed to hi West Side ranch.
The first returns from Fort Rock pre
cinct show that out of a total of !:
voters to register 2U are Socialism.
20 Republican and 7 Democrats. For
further particulars, nee Msrt Hopkins.
.1 us Kinir has purchased a 1-16 in
terest in the Mountain Sheen mine in
the Moan dipt riot. Thia property i
handled bv MrClcarv & Shauer and will
probably be hcavilv developed this sea
son. Waldo Mavfield. the voune aon of
Mr. and Mra. J. F. Mavfield of thia
citv. has been quite ill for the past sev
eral davs, tut la improving rauidlv.
Dr. E. D. Everett has been attending
F. FeUch of the Matchless Store is
having the interior of hia building re
modeled and shelving put in. prepara
tory to installing a general line of
cents' furnishing goods in the early
Harry Utlev and wife came down
from Vllev Falls last week for a
short visit with friends and relatives.
Mr. Utlov brought down a number of
deer head that he mounted for Lake
view partiea.
Mrs. Olive tiravce has tanen a room
in the Alfred Smith home on Water
street and will open an embroidery
store. In connection with the store
Mrs. Gravce will also give lessons in
We note Dv last weeks Merrill Record
that it will change hands. W. A. Hoo
per of Jacksonville, to take charge nf
the paper this week. Catherine! Frehm
was the former editor and proprietor
of the Record.
Harrv Vernon, of the Lakeview
Transfer Co., stationed at the Com
pany's Davis Creek ranch.'.came ud this
week. He will take back some horses
with him preparatory to begin the
soring farming.
L. E. Seaaer. who was un from
Davis Creek a few dava since, states
that the ice on the lake has broken ud
as far north as Sugar Hill and that a
brisk wind would probably clear the
lake In a few davs.
F. A. FitPatrick, superintendent of
the ZX ranch, a few davs ago returned
from the Bakersfield ranch of his com
pany, bringing with him a thorough
bred stallion. It ia proposed to use him
in breeding saddlehorses.
The Wizards have announced that
their Leao Year dance will take place
Feb. 14. The vounger set are making
great preparation! for the event, and
it promises to be one of the most en
joyable alfairs of the kind that baa
ever taken place In Lakeview.
Lakeview is surely enjoying fine
nring weather. Warm balmy davs in
ternperned with sunshine, makes a real
representation of Southern California
During the past few davs a number
of the voung men have been unusually
courteous to their ladv friends. Pos
sibly the announcement of the Leao
Year dance bv the Wizards haa a dis
tinct bearing In aueh cases,
Al Smith of the Arcadia Theatre haa
had a sign showing the - changes
of program placed at the aide of the
post oflice window. The aign 'will re
main permanently and each change of
pictures will anpesr on thia bulletin.
Cha. E. Rice returned last week
from a short trip to Warner and Sur
prise Valleys. He will leave shortly
for Alturas where he haa accepted a
position as band director and it .ia hia
intention to remain there permanently.
Harrv Riggs came in from Warner
on his wav ,to meet his daughter 'at
Seattle, who has teen attending school
at that Place. The voung ladv haa had
enough of city life for the time being
and will return with her father in a few
Wm. Burgen. of New Pine Creek, has
been appointed bv Governor Johrmon aa
I Sunerviaor of the Fourth District, to
serve out the unexpired term of J. H.
Dawson, deceaaed. Mr. Rurgun ia well
Qualified for the position and will
make a good supervisor.
Mrs. W. H. Shirk waa called to
Berkeley. Cal.. thia week bv the aerioua
illness of her mother. Mrs. Crow, and
sister Mra. L. D. Shirk. The message
announcing their illness was wholly
i unexpected, and at the time of her de-
! parture ahe was unaware .of the cause
! ,.. ..... -f it.-:. :n...
ui uniuiv vi lucit unices.
J. F. Mavfield. of the Goose Lake
Valley Meat Co.. rmld the company's
hulls that were being fed at New Pine
I Creek to the Nevada Packing Co., at
Reno. Mr.. Mavfield included enough
beef cattle in the sale to complete a
car load and thev will be shipped from
New Pine Creek tomorrow.
The manv friends of J. M. Batehel
der were pleased lo see him able to be
on the street this week after having
teen confined to hia home for several
! weeks caused from the results of a
i broken ankle. Mr. Batchelder is cum-
pel led to walk with arane'but we trust
! in a short time he will be entirely re
j covered from the fracture.
I The official call has been issued for
' an irrigation congress to be held in
Portland February Id. 20 and 21. It is
expeted that several persona from here
will attend, among those mentioned
being Col. F. P. Light Dr. E. D.
Everett, W. Lair Thompson. V. L.
Snelling. G. W. Kiee and F. P. Crone
miller. The preliminary hearing of Jack
i Tavlor. who killed Perrv and Robert
1 Settlemvre at the Elmer Carlson ranch
near Andrews, last December, was held
, before Justice Randall of Burns and
I Tavlor whs bound over to the grand
! iurv charged with murder in the first
degree without bonds. Circuit court
meets in Harnev county in April.
F. G. Burns, father of Mrs. R.
Fetach. of Lakeview. on the evening
I of January 23 died at the family home
in Grants Pass in his 73d year. While
visiting his son. Mark L., at Doris a
few months since Mr. (Burns was
stricken with paralysis, which finally
resulted in death. Besides his wife he
leaves a family of seven children.
The girls of the G. U. G. Club are
preparing a play which will be put on
at the Snider opera house about
February 21. The title of the bill is
"Four Innocents" and thirteen charact
ers are included in the cast. The G. Q.
G. club girls have nuite a reputation in
the theatrical line and no doubt thev
will succeed in giving a very pleasant
It ia reported that "Paisley" Pat
Murohv. who was arrested Tuesday at
Palrilev for drunkenness, accidentally
set the iail on fire, and had it not been
for the marshal's auick return, would
have perished in the flames. The mar
shal not only saved the life of the in
mate but probably the town from a
serious conflagration. Murohv was
taken before a magistrate and fined
$50 for disturbing the peace.
W. Lair Thompson returned from
his professional visit to Alturaa Fri
day, in a highly elvated frame of
mind, having won the case he was en
gaged to try and settled another which
had been pending for some time : and
while he was waiting for bis train on
which to come home he received a tele
gram from Salem telling him that he
had won two oasea pending in the
supreme court. Truly, there's nothing
like luck except good management.
8 port men Beware
The cloned season for geese and swan
Is now on, although it will be lawful
to kill ducks until March 8, while there
is no closed season on white geese and
brant. And ft will not be lawful to
catch trout before April 1. although It
is ssid the lake trout are beginning to
run ud the various streama. There is
no distinction in trout in the eves of
the law, the penalty being the same for
catching lake trout during the closed
season as for any other kind.
Notice to Dancers
To those who have been attending
the Wizard dances and have been dis
playing indecent conduct, we wish to
announce that hereafter that all rules
are to be strictly abided bv. There
fore, hereafter all parties, regardless
nf sex. who do not conduct themselves
in a perfectly respectable manner at
these dances will be rejected from the
club dances. (Signed.)
Wizsrd Dancing Club.
Out of Hospital
Mrs. A. Storkmsn received word
from her husband, who is at the Ger
man Hospital in San Francisco, to the
effect that his physicians did not think
be was troubled with cancer of the
stomach as wss anticipated before he
left . here. The doctors apparently
attribute his afflictions to general
Later reports state that Mr. Stork
man's ohvsicians pronounce bis illness
due from enlargement of the liver. He
has left the hospital and is now in
Chautauqua Circle
The Chautauqua Circle met at the
home of 'Mrs. Leslie Seager. Monday
night. February 4. Program: Roll call:
Current events, "Uruguay, Paraguay
and Bolivia." "The Chautauqua Read
ing Journey through South America,
Mis Gertrude Vernon. "The Ameri
can Poet's View" Tne Chautauquan
as we see ourselves. .Mrs. Leslie Van
deroool. "Compressed Air" the
Chautauauan Engineering. Mrs. J. D.
Reorganizing Band
Jesse Darnell informs us that he is
meeting with great success and en
couragement in his efforts ito organize
a "band ifor Lakeview. Mr. Daroell
thi week placed an order with a Port
land musichouse for seven new band
instruments. The members who have
signed uo and erdered instruments are -Clarionets.
Lovd Ogle. Chester Dvke
man and Ralph Southstone. Cornet.
Walter Dykeman. Saxaohones. Mur
ray Heard and Bvron Graves. Mr.
Darnell now has twentv-one pupils
studying music under his direction,
seven of whom are studying band in
struments outside of the seven who
have ordered new ones. He has five
more prospective band members which
makes a total of nineteen members in
terested in the band.
An effort is being made to secure the
auditorium in the high school building
to be used for band rehersala. The
people are showing the proper spirit
in supporting Mr. Darnell in thia or
ganization and we wish it everv suc
cess. L. C. I. C. Musical
A very successful musical was given
Tuesday afternoon bv Mrs. C. W. Rey
nolds at her home on Bullard street,
for the benefit of the Civic Improve
ment Club.'' An admittance of 25 cents
was charged, and each member of the
club had the privilege of inviting two
friends. About aixtv-five persona Were
in attendance. Refreshments were
served and all report having spent a
very pleasant afternoon. The receipts
amounted to $17.60 which sum will go
into the treasury of the club, to be used
for civic improvement purposes. The
ladies are working diligently for a good
cause and should meet with the heartv
co-operation of every citizen of the
Following is the program :
Piano Solo Mies Emily Ay res
Vocal Solo Mra. L. Smith
Piano Duet
..Mra. S. O. Creseler, Emily Ayrea
Vocal Solo Mra. Thou. S. Farrell
Reading Miss Beach
Piano Solo Miss Alice Liotoa
Vocal Duet,
.........Mrs. Farrell. Mrs. Willita
Violin Solo J. Durtit'll
Vocal Bolo,. ..Mitts llattle Nyswaoer
1'lano Bolo, ,...MIh Katlileeu O'Nell
Reading ....Mrs. E. J. Stone
Vocal Solo, Mrs. Jonas Norlu
The ladies of the club fetl verv
grateful toward those who volunteered
their aervices in the program, and
helped to make the musical the success
that it was,
Colonist Rates
The Union Pacific rsilroad has an
nounced a resumption of its low colo
nist rates to the northwest effective
for six weeks of March and April, dar
ing which time the fare from the Miss
issippi river to all Uiegen and Washing
The "Hunch"
model with the
high, wise toe
and military heel.
We have a
hunch; you will
UK-e u. $5.00 -
Don't miss a look at it, anyway.
Carried in Radium Calf. Vamp,
Dull Top, also Tan Russia.
Button and Lace.
Hlere They Are
Every Ladies' Suit in the House Must
GoAnd Go Quick.
Also a few
1910 Coats
Half Price.
them overthey are bargains.
Lakeview Mercantile Co,
ton points will be $25.
Each dav of the colonist mtes a
through train of tourist sleeping cars
with special dining ear service and
greatly reduced dining car prices, will
be run through from Omaha to Portland.
i' 'i
Look At These Prices:
Regular $16.50 Suits, now $11.00
18.50 ' " 12.50
20.00 44 " 14.25
22.50 44 44 ' 16.50
25 00 44 44 17.50
27.50 44 44 18.50
30.00 44 44 19.50
35.00 44 44 22.50
I' 'I
Ladies' & Misses'
to go at Exactly
Come and look