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VOL. XX XI 1 1
NO. 5
As Signed Up, Paisley Project Will
Be Completed in 1915
All Rights of State as Well as Settlers are Amply
Protected By Measures Incorporated
Within the Contract
That the Irritation system at Paisley
ia assured of construction ia affirmed
bv the copy of contract received bv
the Lakeview Commercial Club, be
tween the Portland Irrigation Com
Dany and the State of Oreiron, or the
Desert Land Hoard.
The contrart provide that the Coin
panv construct a system of reservoirs,
darns, canala. and other worka necta-,
aarv for the Irrigation of 12.000 cres ;
of land : the auec-iftrationa rail for re-;
servoir of sufficient capacity to store
42.000 acre feet of water; approxi
mate area ot water surface to aerure 1
thia atnrave ia 2.380 acre. The dam '
aa maps ahnw It la located In the NW1-4
of the SE1-4 of section 27, township 33
S.. K. 1H K. and" will be 2T.7 lect long
on too, and X feet long on the bottom, (
ul una and aDciflciitione. The comDanv
la romoolled to maintain ita reservoirs,
dama, canala and laterala in gxd re
pair and etiall deliver them between
May 23rd and September lut two acre
foot of water for each acre of land for
ordinary Irrigation purposes and when
practicable ahall also furninh water for
domestic purposes. Approximately t-IG
, per acre baa been declared bv the
: Desert Land Hoard aa a lien airainnt the
; land, apoortioncd according to the valu
' atlon of the several trac'a under the
' All water rights aold bv the com
Danv ahall be perpetual In nature and
with thia ahall be aold to the Durchaaer
proportional ititereat In the reclama
tion work a.
Anv turblua water may be aold, but
Department Designates February 23, 1912, as Day
Upon Which PostofMce Becomes Depository
80 feet hivh from the bed of tho river.
22 feet wide at the too. and 3!) feet
at the bottom, rompnacd of a concrete
core wall five feet thick at the bottom
and three feet at too. with rock fill on
front, and earth fill below the top of
the dam. giving a death of 72 feet.
Sufficient regulation for enlll-wav,
outlet tunnel, and diveraion worka are
provided for In the contrart. The main
and main laterala ahall have a safe
carrying capacity to deliver eimultanc
oualv one cubic foot per aecond of water
for everv aevontv acrea of land under
the project.
A- telephone avatem will be con
atructed along the main canala and
main laterala, and from the canal di
veraion worka to the reacrvnir control-
inn worka for convenience and aafetv
of ooerationa.
The time aet for completion of work
ia within three veara from date of con
tract, work to be beirun within aix
monthi and prosecuted diligently. Two
hundred and fifty dollara per month has
been provided to be uued in defraying;
expenses of an Inspector to insure the
completion In accordance with the
' the landii under thia project ahall have
prior rights. The Board ha fixed the
( annual maintenance charge of tl for
each acre of irrigable land per annum;
anv exceM of tho maintenance coat over
the amount rained ahall bo aupplied bv
' the company.
Tne cornnunv ia compelled to meet
all exenea of advertising contingent
apon proof of reclamation and aonlica-
! tiorr for patent. The lar.d ia all located
in Townahipa 23 and 33, Ranirea 18 and
Hy the alrict regulation provided
in coov of the contract the irrigation
comDanv will be compelled to estab
lish a permanent and practicable irri
tation trxtcm, and at the discretion of i
the Desert Land Hoard, and utxm the
satisfaction of all liens, shall turn the
completed system over to a water users'
r II -. ! L : . I
tion to the Secretary of the Lakeview
Commercial Club haa ahown his per
sonal interest in the matter and, in fso
curing a ST.0,000 bond to the State from
the Company, has insured the stabilit
and early cumulation of the project,
Washington, I). C, January 25, 1912.
Postmaster, Lakeview, Oregon.
Dear Sir: I beg to inform you that your office will
he designated as a postal savings depository, effective
February 23, 191 2. All necessary supplies, including sav-
ings cards and stamps and copies of the regulations will
be sent to you under separate cover and such other forms
as may be required from time to time will be furnished as
occasion for use arises.
You should familiarize yourself at once with the pro
visions of the regulations and instructions and with the
forms to be used. To assist you in so doing, a postoffice
inspector will visit your office before the opening, and ex
plain the operation of a postal savings depository. You
should assume charge of this work and in your absence
the assistant postmaster should act.
Postmaster General.
I 111! IH.I
N.-C.-O. Offers Rare Inducements
to Settlers to Ship Produce
But Thirty Cents Per 100 On Potatoes to Reno
While Freight On Vegetables, Fruit, Etc.,
Is Proportionately Low
The above letter received vesterdav
bv Postmaster Ablstrom. is self-ex-dlanatorv
and its importance to Lake
view will be readily aooreciated. The
Lakeview office does an enormous busi
ness both in stamp sales and money or
ders and with a postal savincs bank tn
connection, it will probably be neces
sary to increase the office space. Mr,
Ahlatrom received no instructions
other than the above and does not kr'ow
whether the addition will necessitate
any more office help or nfct He is of
tbe opinion that all third olasa post
offices are to be designated as postal
savings deoositories.
Prompt Measures Taken
Last Fall Prove Highly
E. 8. Berney Is Confident
System Will Be Com
pleted This Year
E. S. liernevof the Herney Construc
tion Company, tho first of the week
oame in from the Drews Creek dam
and to an Examiner reDresuntative slat
ed that the work ia progressing satis
factorily. Tho force emolovod on the
dam has been Increased and the work
ia now about three-fourths done. The
dam is completed about 30 feet above
the outlet, althoueh no attempt haa a,a
vet been made to store the waters, as
there Is no likelihood that the system
will be completed in time for use dur
ing the coming seBon.
Mr, Herney is of the opinion that
this year will see the completion of
the entire system and that in 1913
water will be ready for distribution
over the lands subject to irrigation in
Goose Lake Vsllev. It might be added,
however, t hut there remains a large
amount of work unfinished which will
reauire the expenditure of many thous
ands of dollars, and thia money Is to
be raised bv means of a bond issue.
There is scarcely a doutt but that the
bonds will be floated in the very near
future, and that the work will pro
ceed uninterruptedly during the com
ing season.
Many Lots Are Changing
Hands and Demand
Is Unabated
Alturas Savings
Postmaster Jamea T. Neglev, of Al
turas. announces that there are thirty
depositors in the Postal Savings Bank
at that place. The deposits total SI 500.
The bank wus opened last November.
Lakeview people are certainly wide
awake when it comes to getting in on
the ground floor in city property, if the
number of sales during the past sever
al weeks ia anv criterion. Thus far
Center street and Walters Addition
have been the center of operations, al
though a tew sales in other parts of
town have also been made. Jim Judge
has purchased the Sam Blackburn
property on Water Street immediately
south of F. M. Duke's residence, while
H. C. Funk has bought from H. W
Drenkel the lot facing X. Arzner'a
property. W. E. Scott has also pur
chased a lot from Mr. Drenkel. it being
located west of L. E. Seager's resi
dence. On ('enter street lust east of
Jack McAuliffe's residence. J. W. Hun
ter, Nat McCurdv and Dave Jones have
purchased two lots, while Jack Mc-
Auliffe has purchased the corner lot
just north of II. O. Kuhl'a residence
A number of other sales are on the
tapis, and will probably be consum
mated in the near future.
A Friend Indeed
B. itevnolds. formerly of Lakeview.
but now in the general merchandise
business at Ontariovtill retains a warm
snot in his memory for his many Lake
view friends, lie freauentlv favors
the Examiner with Interesting bits of
news, the latest being in regard to the
extension of the Oregon Eastern across
the State from Ontario.
That the old iinele of "A stitch in
time save nine" is esDeciallv true as
applied to cattle scab is evidenced bv
reports now coming from the infected
districts. W. J. Proudfoot. Govern
ment Stock Inspector, this week starts
on an official trio of inspection through
out the county, and while he will not
be definitely informed concerning ex
isting conditions until he comoletes the
trio, vet at the same time he has re
ceived information from relialbe sources
that there is little if anv scab existing
among Lake county cattle at the pre
sent time. When it was first ascer
tanied that the ZX herds were affected
strenuous efforts were immediately
made bv that ' corporation to stamp
out the disease, large sums of aionev
No Change In Mail Servics
Now Likely to Be
The splendid weather of the oast
week has changed the railroad situation
and there now seems no danger of it
becoming necessary to discontinue tbe
operation of trains on account of a soft
roadbed. The track seems to have been
at its worst Wednesday and Thursday
of last week, owing to the continued
rainy weather. Since that time, how
ever, no moisture has fallen, the water
alsongside the grade have receded and
everything points to the early comcle
J tion of the ballasting of (he road to
Lakeview. The work is being pushed
as rapidly as possible and the crews
are now at work in the vicinity of
Wendel. While no orders have been
received regarding the transportation
of mails trom Davis Creek north, it is
being expended in building dipping understood that there will be no change
vats and corralls and in dipping the so long as trains continue running.
cattle. During the early Summer and The postal officials seem to be agreed
Fall thousands of cattle were treated ' to permit the very excellent service
in the vats, and pranticalv all cattle
that were suuuoscd to have been ex
nosed to tbe infection were dipped.
Not only were the ZX herds so treated
but cattle belonging to all of the stock
men in that section were also dipped.
As a consequence the disease has
been brought under control and it is
thought tbat but very little further
dipping will be found necessary.
now being maintained bv the K.-C.-O.
to Lakeview to continue, although it
may not be just "according to Hovle."
as it were. There seems to be no pro
bability of the people between here
and New Pine Creek being afforded a
rural delivery until a special service is
On Saturday. Jan. 27. 1912. a delight
ful "500" party occurred when Mrs.
Chas. Umbachand Mrs. D. C. Schminck
entertained at the home of the latter !
with nine tables. Miss Linton rendered
several piano selections and Mrs. Thoa.
Farrell sang, after which dainty -re
freshments were served. Those present
were :
Mesdames Seager, O'Neil, Funk.
Corv. Mavfield. Moss. Britten. Kuhl.
Miller. Florence. Smith. Brattain,
Magilton. W. R. Hervford. Johnson.
Bunting. Shirk. Cronemiller. Farrell,
Stone, Batchelder. Snelling. Faulkner.
Fitzuatrick. MoGrath. W. B. Snider.
Mushen, Bemis. McCurdv. Ahlatrom,
Uarvev. Storkmank Chandler. Thorn
ton. Bailev. McKendree. Beall, Dewev.
Cressler. and Misses Hall. Linton and
Always Make Good
About fifty couoles attended the
"Hard Tim Dance" given at Wizard
Hall last Friday evening. Manv an
prouriate costumes were in evidence
making the dance correspond atrictlv
The real importance of the advent
of the N.-C.-O. Railway to the Goose
Lake Valley and tributary territories is
manifested in tbe extremely low com
modity rates which that line has placed
on produce to beahipDed oat of the val
ley. The promoters ot tbe road are
doing tbe country a great deed in this
commendable move as this will give
tbe country an opportunity for early
development. The establishment of
these rates to southern points ia cer
tainly an inducement tor tbe producer
of this section to begin farming on a
commercial scale.
The following rates to Reno from
Lakeview over the N.-C.-O. are now in
effect :
To Reno Potatoes, car load lot.
30cta per cwt. Alfalfa seed, car load
lot. 120.00 per ton. Vegetable, car
load lot, 40:ts per cwt. Apples, car
load lot, 50cta per cwt.
Passenger rates
Local N.-C. O. fares from Lakeview
to points named.
Wendel $ liZ-
Sew Pine Creek, ftS
Willow Ranch, 1.50
Ramer 1.75-
Davis Creek 2.35-
So. r prise, 3.15
Alturas 3.75.
Likely 5 1V
Hot Springs 10.7!V
Amedee 10.95
Doyle ll.PO
Plumas Jet 12.80
Reno 15.15.
Joint fares from Lakeview to south
ern pointa over Southern or Western,
Western Pacific routes :
8ao Francesco . . . .$21.9fV
Sacramento, 19.55-
Stockton 21 0C
To San Francisco or Sa?ramento : Marys vllle, 19.35-
Vegetables, including potatoes, on- ! Richmond 21 .80
ions, etc, la car load lots. 77c ts per ! 'the railroad despite the adverse con
cwt. Apples in car load lots. $1.00
per cwt. Apples, less car load lots,
$1.35 per cwt. Alialfa seed lo car
load lots, $1.22 per cwt.
The following Is tbe freight rate from
Lakeview to Reno and Intermediate
nolota by the cwt :
Class - 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
New Pine Creek. $ .15 $ .1-1 f .12 $ .10
Davia Creek, 34 30 25
Alturas, 49 47 45 43
Doyie, 1.30 1.23 1 16 99
ditions of weather etc. has given tbe
public credible service since its arri
val here and its officials are deservinar
of praise for their earnest efforts that
have been nut forth to give Lakeviw
these railroad accommodations. C. Wi.
Class, local agent, stated to. an Exam
iner representative that the line since
beginning operations to Lakeview. Jan
uary 12 of this year, had handled fron
$3,000 to $4.00U worth of Pusiness anoV
Reno, 1.75 1 66 1.54 1.32 t Present there was enough freight
Following are the joint freight rates ' Be,cl UP along the road to make tbe re-
from Lakeview to California points
over the Western Pacific or Southern
Pacific lines :
Claes let 2nd 3rd 4th
San Francisco, $2.06 $1 83 $1.70 $1.60
1 63
1 61
tically two weeks time. These fact
are evidence to the outsider of what
amount of business is going: on here
this season of tbe year.
1.50; for the benefit of those unacauaint-
I.49 ed with the officials of the road, we
1.42 give their names and the capacity in
1.42 which they serve: T. F. Dunawav.
L42 Continue! on pam 8
A. G. Duhme Prepares to! Rotting Timbers Make Its
Establish Yards In Presence Known In
Lakeview Middle of Street.
A. G. Duhme. of the Fandango Lura- The old town cistern located nr
ber Company, arrived in Lakeview ves-' Center street teneath the crossing be
terdav on business connected with bis . tween the Bank of Lakeview and Ri;w
proposed lumber yards at this place. ; & Massincill corners caved in this wee
Not onlv will Mr. Duhme establish , as the result of incessant hauling 'of
yards in Lakeview and Alturas but he 1 gravel on this street. No serious re-
ia endeavoring to induce the N.-C.-O. J suits ensued as onlv a portion of the
to construct a nine-mile sour to his too foundation gave way. The dace
mill, which could afford an easy outlet j is being temporarily, yet securely re
for lumber but would also furnish much paired, but the cistern probably will
tonnage for the railroad not onlv in the
way of lumber but also in wood as well
aa freight for Surprise Valley.
Should the N.-C-O. people not care
to undertake the extension at present,
it is likely that Mr. Duhme will nlaoe
with its name. Mrs. Jonas Norin was ' traction engine outfit on the road
appointed judge to t moose the fines between bis mill and the railroad to
tor all violations of the rulea and regu-1 transport his mill products.
latlona regarding wearing aooarel.
She proved a verv shrewd official
executed the law to the letter.
The Odd Fellows of Fort Bidwell
avc decided to build a new hall.
Depot Improvements
lwentv-eight men and twenty-one
teams are working on the grade to con-
neot Center street with tbe N.-C.-O.
freight house. and other necessary grad
ing and filling around the railroad's
buildings. Tbe gravel is being hauled
trom Bullard canvon and the work is
progressing rapidly. About 210 loads
are beng placed daily. When this work
is finished access to the railroad
grounds will be greatly facilitated.
F. M. Green waa a visitor from New
Pine Creek Monday.
Delightful Luncheon
Mrs. George Johnson assisted by
Mrs. E. E. Woodcock entertained at
the home of the former Monday after
noon with a delightful luncheon in hon
or of Mrs. F. E. Bovd. of Klamath
Falls, who has been visiting in Lake
view with her son. Dr. W. R. Bovd.
Those present at tbe occasion were
Mesdames O Neil. Seager. Snelling.
D. Cronemiller. Harris. Drenkel. T.
E. Bernard. F. P. Cronemiller. W. P.
Hervford. E. R. Bovd and A. McGrath.
not be entirely tilled until some street
excavating is done.
The cavity is aboat twelve feet deer
and fourteen feet sauare. The exist
a nee of this cistern was unknown to
manv of the people in Lakeview, but
the opening of it this week recalled
manv interesting reminiscenses amonir
some of tbe older residents. The cis
tern was made for the purpose of stor
ing water to UBe in case of fire, but
never proved practical as it was neither
walled nor cemented and the water
soaked in the ground so rapidly that it
was impossible to preserve it.
Back From Indiana
Chas. M. Faulkner returned fron
Whitney. Indiana, this week where he
was called to the bedside of bis father.
His brother E. O. Faulkner returnee)
with him and we are gltid to state tbev -left
their father greatly improved in
health. Mrs. Faulkner has been witlv
her parents Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Snell
ing. since her husband's
Mrs. T. V. Hall. Monday, returned
from a vist to her parents at Willow j They will leave shortly for Burna where
I they exoeot to remain permanently.