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N.-C.-O. Hade Good Welcome to
Lakeview" Greets the Officials
N.-C.-O. In Return Molds Open Mouse' and Ac
cords Royal Welcome to AllCrowds Swarm
Through Private Car and On Trains
Made Good - Welcome to
Such wa Uie logan that greeted
General Manager Dunawav and Prtv
on their arrival here Lot Sundav In the
private car "l.akeview." That the
cordial greeting extended the Prtv
waa appreciated manifested itself b?
the pleased look upon their fare, to
aay nothing of their word, of surprise
on leaving the car.
The trni klaving gang had reached
a point about a mile eouth of the citv
limits at 11 o'clock Sunday morning
and It was at that point that pcrho
4)0 or ftxi ritixens of Lakeview met
Mr. Dunawav'a private car. All were
decorated with badgra lcarlng the
.hove alogan. and on the arrival ol tne (
pecial It wa greeted bv chcera and)
aelectlona bv the brass band. The;
party at onco left the car and after
greeting acmiaintanres Mr. Dunawav i
waa lntroluced to a large number ore-1
aent. To each he had a pleasant word
ot greeting aial expressed himself an,
highly pleased with the unexpected ,
welcome. !
The uarty waa escorted to Hotel
Lakeview. where lunch waa acrved.
and ahortlv after atarted on their re
turn to Davt Oeck and to Reno.
During the morning about 'i autna
were engaged In carrvlng the people
! the end or the track, and bv the
time Mr. Dunawav'a anecial arrived
a large number of ladiea and gentlemen
were preHent. not to mention the child
ren. There waa no charge made for
tranaoortatlon. and all dav long manv
of the auto remained In service and
nearly everv Demon in town took ad
vantage of the oooortunitv to nee the
railroad and witneaa the ateel gang at
The work train waa literally alive
with oeonle. and every emnlovce from
the conductor and engineer to the
tracklavera themaelvea itemed to con
aider the people their gueata. and no
attcmot waa made to curb the aight-
Satisfactory Contract Is
Finally Complotod
With State
Salem. Or.. Dec. 9.-Neeotiations
bv telegraph between the Desert Land
Board and tho Northwest Townsite
Company todav practically assured that
company that it can take over the
P.llv nrnieet of 12.000 acres, the
contract for which, to the Portland
Irrigation Company, was cancelled
sometime ago. but re-instatement was
allowed under certain condition.
The contract, as recently prepared bv
State, Sonator McColloch and forward
ed to the stockholder of the townsite
company In l'hiladelpliia. waa agreed
kv tnWranh with the exception of
the provision regarding the sale of ex
cess water.
The company has storage capBcliv
for 30.000 acres and under
the contruct as prepared for the Board,
the latter was to have entire charge
of the shIc of this excess water and the
comuanv was not to sell any without
the consent of tho Board. The com
pui.v depended on the sale ot this
water for a large share of Its revenue
in promoting the project and eonse
auentlv objected.
The Board, after considerable discus
sion, acquiesced in the plea of the com
pany under the condition that thoBe
suttkv3 on tlio occrcgation v.'lil have
priority over the settlers outside of the
segregation when the water Is sold
The contract probably will be signed
OVER N. - C.
Brere. The engineer permitted the
cab to be thronged at all time with
kid from 18 month old un. and the
voungter were sure delighted at such
treatment. All (mentions wero an
awered olcanantlv and with smiles, and
the dav will certainly be long remem
bered bv all.
And when the private car arrived
th name era of good will and cordial
ity prevailed, for acarcelv had the sue'
rial came to a halt before it wa
swarming with men. women and child
ren. No attempt wai made to prevent
them fiom entering the car. and it wa
but a few moment until hapov face
wurc lKikinff out the window, while
other were examining the mvsterie
Big Irrigation Project in Northern Lake
Plans Perfected by C. H. McKendree, Backed by the Hewett Interests, for Reclaiming
35,000 Acres Near Silver Lake and Between Arrow and Christmas Lake-Work Easy
I'lans for the irrigation project in tho
northern phrt of Lake county, which
is being promoted bv C. II. Mc
Kendree backed bv Henry Hewett. Jr..
the well known multi-millionaire, are
about perfected. Mr. McKendree haa
not only secured the necessary data,
but has has survevs made, reservoir
sites selected, the necessary filings on
water made, and in fact completed all
the preliminary details. In return he
had been assured that the monev for
financing the proposition is ready and
actual construction work will com
mence in the neur future.
The svstem will cover approximately
3T.000 acres of the finest land in Lake
county land that with proper irriga
tion will produce tona upon tons of ol-
fiilf timothv. clover, etc.. as well as
shortlv after Governor
December 20.
West returns.
Officers Elected
At a meeting of the Degree of Hon
or. A. O. U. W.. held last Thursday
evening in the Masonic Hall, the
following officers were elected to serve
for tho encuing vear : Chief of Honor.
Mrs. Joe Arzner; Ladv of Honor, Miss
Laura Snvder; Chief of Ceremonies.
Mrs. Sam McKce; Usher. Mrs. D. F.
Brennan ; Assistant Usher. Mrs. John
Arzner; Recorder. Mrs. Ernest Brown;
Financier. Mrs. Luther Webster; Re
ceiver. Mrs. C. C. Lofftus; Inside
Watch. D. F. Uonnan ; Outside Watch.
William Arxner. Refreshments were
served after the business of the meet
ing hud been attended to.
Leap Year Dance
At a meeting of their club on Mon
day evening of this week, the Wizards
decided to have a big Leap Year Dance
on New Year's night at their hall. The
dance will be in full charge of tne
girls. In fact, everything will be under
the girls' management, thev being
obliged to pay the admission fee. to
engage the dances and In general run
everything. Girls, here Is vour chance.
Presbyterian Service
The usual services with preaching
will be held in Masonic hall Sundav
morning and evening. The evening
subject will be "Priests in the Chris
tian Church." and Mrs. E. H. Smith
will sing a solo. A cordial invitation is
extended to all.
Chas. D. Fisk at a meeting of the
Commercial Club held Monday evening
tendered his resignation as secretary
and Dr. E. I). Everett was elected his
. n .11 A .1 ...... i
aueceasor. Air. r ibk couiu not uwuia
the necessary time to the work hence
his resignation.
of the rrivatc car. and the oiatiorma
contained manv other anxious to gain
an entrance. Mr. Dunawav enjoved
It I much a any of the kid, but the
. , . . i .t .A m
Cr certainly muai nave uu-Fcmm -diaheveled
appearance when he wa
ready to Mart on hi return. j
A oon a It became known toat Mr.
Dunawav ana party would be here Sun
day Mavor Rinehart at once got busv.
and it wa through hi effort that the
Impromptu reception wa accorded
them. Mi Honor interviewed a num
ber of automobile owner, and all
heartily approved of hi plan to have
them transport free of charge all who
desired to meet the party at the end
of the tritck. Two hundred and fifty
budge were ordered, and it waa gen
erally concede I that that number would
be sufficient, but when It came to dis
tributing them Sundav morning it waa
found that there were scsrcelv half
enough. With that exception every
thing panned off pleasantly, and Mavor
Rinehart is duly thanaful to all who ao
abtv assihte 1 him in his effort to how
the railway official the true Lakeview
Included In Mr. Dunawav'a party
were W. A. Dunawav. superintendent ;
H. V. McNamara. traffic manager; W.
C. Hickv. auoenntendent of con-
grains, vegetsbles and the like. In
addition it is proposed to reclaim Sil
ver Lake which covers an approximate
area of 10.000 acres, tho bed of which
ia known to be extremely rich as crops
were planted therein during the drv
years of '89 and '90. and all kinds of
grain made wondrous growth.
Thompson Vallev in 30-17 and Ante
lope Flat in 2S-12 have been selected
as reservoir aites. the former covering
3122 acres and having a cspacitv of
n.K) acre feet with a 30 foot dBm,
wSih - .imdflr rijim the latter
i . . . rn insv
1 waters of Silver. Bear. Buck. Bridge.
i t ...i. ... ,:n h .innui in th
I nU aJUCK CrVVRO Ttlit v w vv. ...
'reservoirs, while the flood waters of
.,... i AirtA into
Main Line Down and "Y"
and Sidetracks Now
Being: Completed
The N.-C.-O. track reached the Lake
view depot grounds Tuesday, crossing
Center street about 4 o'clock P. M
Had it not been for a car leaving the
track at Funk's Point Monday morning
steel would have been down in the
yards Monday evening. Some of the
more enthusiastic boosters assisted in
laving the track across Center street,
Yesterday morning the track laving
crew laid the track across the Slash
and on into the Guarres tract where
the "Y" is located. A temporary track
was laid around the residence which
is located directly on the line of the
survey. The residence will be removed
shortly bv the carpenter gang, but uw
ing to the need of turning the locom-
tives around the temporary track was
laid. It is likelv the "Y" will be com
pleted tomorrow and then the work of
putting in a sidetrack will be taken uo.
after which the remaining ties will be
placed in position from Funk's foint
The bullasting crew will then follow
uo as raoidlv as possible and prepare
the track for the operation of trains bv
January 7
Take Sleeper At Reno
Commencing Friday night. December
15th. the fast mail train pussengir.
Reno westbound. 12 o'clock midnight
will haul a sleeping car from Reno to
Sacramento and San Francisco. The
ear will be open at Reno for occupancy
anv time in tbe evening.
I B"Bga!BBg 1
atrictlnn; M. D. Hire, road master;
Geo. 8. Oliver, chief engineer ; H. H.
PHHpU .iinrrintendent for Manev
Bro.. conduction Co.. and r. p. j
Eirhenberaer. route agent for Well-
Fargo Exoren (.
"Lakeside Ranch"
Mr. and Mr. K. K. Funk have
chosen the verv appropriate name of(
"Lckeitide" tor their ranch a few mile
aooth of town. Their ranch borders
on the lake for a distance of nearly a
mile and afford a beautiful view not
only of the lake itrelf but of the val
ley and mountain gererallv. The rail
road pauses through the ranch near the
lake, while the wagon road lie on
caxt. making it easy of access
all directions.
All Night Dance
The Degree of Honor. A. O. U. W..
are to give a big all night dance at
Wizard Hall on Wednesday night of
next week. December 20. The men-
. . thc cnniri)jUce re now out
nm)tjjr(r to sell ticket, which may alao
bc Mrw.ured ,t the Post Office or at
the hall on the night of the dance. The
mnib,, 0f the order are well known
for tbeir entertaining aualitiea. and
it ia expected that thev wdl be favored
wilts large attendance. Don't fail to go.
the Thompson Vallev reservoir t-hould
it y found necessary to do so.
The main canal will start west of the
town of Silver Lake and be about 18
miles in length. It will cross the low
lands at the upper end of the lake bv
means of a flume and pass through the
low divide to the Thorn lake country,
being about 15 feet above the lake.
During the high water season the canal
will carrv the flood waters into Thorn
lake, thus reclaiming Silver lake. The
main bodv of land to Le irrigated is
locateJ between Arrow anu
. . i
i.-i, - - aiif nnriinn nf which is now
$10 to $50 per acre. It is es.umar.ea
tht the cost of a water right will not
exceed ?0 per acre.
The proicct is one of easy construe-
Well Known Citizen
swers To Call of
Grim Reaper
A. S. Down is no more. The Grim
Reaper called him to the great un
known Tuesday evening, after an ill
nesa of but a few davs. When death
came he was surrounded bv his loving
wife and children, and his last hours
were made peaceful and hanpv bv lov
ing hands. The cause of his death
was a general breaking down incident
to his vears. although up to within the
PRst few weeks he wss apparently hale
and heartv. and he and his team were
familiar figures upon the streets of
Lakeview. His triends were legion,
and his passing causes a panjr of regret
to all.
Albert Stephen Down was born near
London. England. Julv 9. 1S37. and at
the time of his death was aged 74
years. 5 months and 3 davs. After
coming to the Unrted States he settled
in California, where he was married to
Carrie E. Ballard, who survives him.
Together they came to Lake Countv
in the earlv '80s, settling on some land
on Muddy creek. Later thev took uo
their present farm where thev
living at the time of his death.
The surviving children are Mrs. Anna
Pollard, of Sacramento. Mrs. Mollie
Vernon, Mrs. F.ffie
Vernon and sons
all of whom live
George and Steve.
in this immediate vicinity.
became a
In early life Mr. Down
member of the Masonic order and bia
General Manager
rio in Private
-' a . . v
Announces That Regular Train Service Will
Established January 7, 1912, and That Will
Be Celebrated by Excursion from Reno
January 7. 1912. ia to mark a mot
important epoch in the hUtory of Lake
view and of Lake County, for uoon
that date railroad communication with
the rest of the world ia to be establish
ed to Lakeview. Such is the announce
ment of General Manager Dunawav of
the N.-C.-0. During his stay here
Sunday Mr. Dunawav stated that an
excursion train, consisting of dav
coaches and Pullmans, from Reno
would arrive here Saturdav evening
and that the following day regular
service would be established. Un
evening and that the following dav reg
comes settled trains will remain over
night at Davis Creek making the trio
to Lakeview and return during davlight
tion. there being no rock work or steep
side hills ts contend with. Besides the
Oregon Eastern Railway, contracts for
the consturction of much of the road
having already been let passes through
the tract, which assures transportation
in the verv near future.
The people of that section are cer
tainly to be congratulated upon the
consummation of Mr. McKendree's
plans, inssmuch as it assures the future
wealth and prosperity of that section.
In turn Mr. McKendree is entitled
to much credit for his ability in pro
moting the proposition and thus adding
, efforU that the project here in
T ake Vallev was Dut under wav.
InTZS exleit
tation as an irrigation expert.
, 7, i
ill take place this afternoon
under the auspices of Lakeview Lodge
No. 71. A. F. & A. M.. assisted bv the
members of the Order of Eastern Star.
Services will be held at the M. b.
church at 2 oclock. after which the
Masons will accompany the remains
to their last resting place.
The bodv wss prepared lor inter
ment bv the Willis Furniture Co.. and
afterwards taken to the Masonic hall,
where a faithful vigil has been main
tained bv his brother Masons.
Mav he rest in peace.
Grand Success
A large number of Lakeview people
went down to Pine Creek Fridav night
to attend the dance in Wendt's new
opera house. Among the list were
Mrs. Roxie Cleland. Mr. and Mrs.
James Judge. Mrs. Charles Rice. Mr.
and Mrs. Orrin Dunbar. Mrs. Oddesa
Gibbins. Mrs. William Gunther. Mr.
and Mrs. James Dodson, Misses
Emilv Avres. Nera Vernon. Mabel
Vernon. Ethel Bailev. Delia and Stella
Walker, and Messrs. Kelton Gunther,
Murray Heard. Sam McKee. George
Whorton. Leo Dodson. Marshal Ayres.
Clav Penland and Charles Rice. The
Lakeview Orchestra furnished the
music and the affair as a whole waa a
grand success.
Second Hand Store
R. T. Striplin and Tom Watson have
launched into the second hand busi-
, ness. having established headquarters
, nn th Wfiivlmnn ltf inat north nf Ilia
Colorado House. This is the first
second hand store to be established in
Lakeview, and it certainly fills a long
felt want aa it were. Thev will handle
everything from a toothpick to a saw-
I mill, and if vou want to buv or sell
anything thev will try and accommodate
NO. 50
Dunavvay Made
Car "Lakeview
but just as soon as road conditions witi
permit an exclusive passenger train
will be placed on the through run t
Lakeview makii'g the trip from Rene
on a twelve h iur schedule. The train
will conaist of dav coaches and Full
man sleeoers in addition to the mail
express and bsggage cars.
The excursion is to be advertised I
all the coast cities and as far ent as
Salt Lake, and it is expected thst there
will be reoresentatives from the busi
ness house of San Francisco Sacra
mento. Los Angeles Portland and other
places, as well as manv private
citizens, in attendance. Keno will send
a strong delegation, and already many
Sacramento people have signified their
intention of coming.
As vet no passenger or freight sche
dules have been issued, but for loeat
travel it ia expected thst the rate will
be about five cents per mile, with a.
through rate of S15 to Keno and about
$22.50 to San Francisco. All sorts of
(reports as-to freight rates are current.
' and hence until the tariff sheets arr
issued nothing definite will be known.
Sees Much Quickly
H B. Hall, proprietor of the Bald
win Hotel at Klamath Falls, anent the
oast week in Lke eoantv. He arrived
Thursdsv evening, spent Fridav here
and Saturdav left for Silver Lake,
visiting Fort Rock. Arrow, and other
points in the northern part of the
countv. making the trio with C. H.
McKendree. He was greatlv pleased,
with that section, and to an Examiner
representative stated that it reminded.
him very muen of his old home ia
Colorado. Ha soent two davs in the
north, reaching here Monday eveni g
Yesterday ha startei on his return
home with the announced intention of
visiting us again in the near future.
"Cao" Brown, of the Hotel Lake
view. Monday. Suld his valuable black
mare "Baldy" to Stanley Hansen.
Placed at Disposal or
Lakeview People by
Mfyr. Dunaway
The first passenger train over the N.-C.-O..
out of Lakeview will leave here
next Sundav. General Manager Duna
wav having verv kindlv placed a special
train at the disposal of a number of
oeoole who are going out for the win
ter. The subject was first broached by
J. N. Watson and the proposition wa
turned over to W. Lair Thompson for
consummation. Mr. Thompson took tbe
matter uo with Mr. Dunawav on the
occasion of the letter's visit bwy lr
Sundav and he immediately grantea
the reauest. stating that he would send
an engine and coach up here next
S undav for the accommodation of all
who desired to go to Davis Creek.
Aomng those who will Itake the train
are Mr. and Mrs. W. Lttir lhomnson.
j who will soend the holidays with L'u
I gene relatives; Mr. ar.J M?3. J. N.
Watson, who will spend the next few
months at San Diego; Mr. and Mrs-,
Loren Bailev and children, who art'
going to tho Willamette to reiaiin;
Mrs. S. T Oilvli. who ia going: on a
visit to relative in .California, and J.
L. Wheli'. wh) will refnn to Mr
home at : 1) I: ,., l...t:v a.t
will bs several others aboard the trn'n.
and the i. will m d'i'ibt be pleas
antly remtf'nbi-rid bv all. T'lere pro
mises to'be a large number nf specta
tors to Bn l.i-i ...-JC u-iij.-ijor irairt.
leave Lakeview.